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Sitting in my hot tub, after grounding myself and getting the violet, blue, gold, silver and other flames burning in and around me, I began greeting my esteemed guests. I feel blessed to have in attendance in my meditations, and often throughout all aspects of my life, so many glorious beings. The nice thing about multidimensional beings is that they can be present for everyone, at any time. I certainly have no monopoly on their attention, love, or "time."

So while I am sitting in my hot tub, Gaia in a human-like form sat across from me, Sananda/Jesus in the corner, AA Arial to my right, AA Michael standing nearby, a dragon in another corner, and fairies all around. I focused on directing the flames into Gaia and to everyone and everything in and on the planet. I focused on sharing the energy with the fairies so they could take it and spread it like magic fairy dust wherever they needed to.

The hot tub is a great place for me to meditate as it's warm and relaxing, and honestly being naked in the water is fun, so my meditations don't get as serious as they could be. I keep it not too hot so I can stay in it long enough to complete my meditations. Plus, Sananda chillin' in a hot tub with me is just cool. Dragons in a hot tub with me is just ridiculous, but that makes it all the more fun.

I had recently read Amoran's post about the Dragon Portal, so I asked my Dragon friends in attendance to take me there. They showed me a portal in the inner earth (Agartha), which is very cool, but I thought, that it's not very accessible considering parts of me are on the outer side of Gaia. Of course energetically I could go there at any time, but we are ascending with our physical bodies, so I can't totally ignore my physical humanity.

While thinking about portals, I thought I should open an ascension portal in the hot tub. What a fun idea... Why wait for some other portal to open somewhere else, or whatever?

Ascension is taking our physical body to a higher vibrational rate so it can go with us to higher dimensions. In the big picture of non-linear time, this has already happened. Many of us have ascended in other lifetimes without our physical bodies, so in the big picture, this should be easy, right? I realized that when Ascended Masters say we will "walk" through the portal, maybe they meant it in some literal way.

So I opened the portal, physically stood up, walked two feet through the portal and sat down on the other side "on Gaia's lap"... While this all sounds a little crazy, I felt an obvious and significant shift of energy as I passed through the portal. Clearly something changed as I passed, so I started to evaluate my state of being. I know I've already ascended over the last few months to some degree, but the "big one" hadn't happened just yet. Considering I was sitting there and still had some physical pains, and the world wasn't sparkling in some other-worldly way, I figured this wasn't the big one either (I did expect to be physically sitting there even if the big event had transpired).

I wasn't really disappointed as I was still sitting in a hot tub with Sananda, Dragons, and other amazing beings! I mean how cool is that? But I did have some questions. Considering I had posed some heated questions to Sananda in one of my lowest of low moments a few days ago, I know he can field my questions like a champ.

My first question was of course, why my physical body hasn't ascended in this passage. The answer is that my body isn't ready yet. My response to that was basically "BS" (said in the nicest possible way). I don't think there are such specific rules, for I know Pleiadian and other ships have healing chambers that can deal with anything my body can throw at them. I basically said that I refuse to believe my body simply isn't ready. I reiterated that "I AM An Ascending Being," and other important I AM statements to just about every comment Sananda could make, similar to a child simply repeating an annoying phrase over and over again. So the next factor at play according to Sananda is that I need to hold the energy and ride this wave with others. I had a similar response as the previous one, for it seems I can be as effective, if not more so, by ascending and holding the energy in that ascended form, which I still contend is true. I know the other beings in the tub with me (and around it) were chuckling a bit with my arguing with Sananda. Who am I to argue with Sananda? The answer to that is Sananda embraces it, for we are equals. That is an empowering statement that everyone should be able to make.

Maybe I should concede, that maybe, just possibly, it's not that easy rising up and then dropping back to interact where others are currently sitting. Maybe I don't want my physical body to spontaneously combust if I forced ascension on it before it was ready... Maybe there are some good reasons why the "Big One" hasn't happened just yet. This is when I must trust that all is in divine order, and honestly, I do.

Ultimately this portal I created from my heart, stayed in my heart and is now a continuous portal emanating from my heart in a sphere (or sacred geometry shape similar to a sphere) of energy extending out quite some distance around me. I am carrying my own ascension portal around with me. When I am fully ready, I don't need to find a portal, or be sucked up into a portal, or find a ship to board. Easy and convenient, it is just me, I AM THE PORTAL for me... The other nice thing about this is that the energy will affect all around me in the best possible way, with love and grace.

I also believe that I can duplicate this portal wherever I want. Note that this is different than moving it somewhere else, but rather is creating more of them. So maybe I should create one at my front door and all who pass through it are affected by the energy in a positive way. I don't think I'll be doing too much of that, but maybe in some circumstances I will choose to.

In regard to the Dragon Portal, it can be "anywhere" you need it to be as well, and for anyone that has embraced Dragons, a portal already exists in your heart.

I had recently activated a Pleiadian Portal in my heart, and I've previously opened other portals leading to areas near my home. This idea of opening portals doesn't seem foreign to me at this point.

Although we have free will, I'm certain this will only work (creating portals) when it is in the best interest of all concerned, so no worries about opening negative portals, that simply isn't "allowed" in this timeline.

Everyone is ascending, and many of us are reawakening our knowledge of, and relationships with, non-human, beings. Embracing the idea of holding these energetic portals in our hearts and around us will help us each be closer to them, and more ready to be what we need to be.

Maybe, if more people embrace the idea of ascension portals being in their own heart, when enough have done so, critical mass will take over, and the "Big One" just happens.

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Comment by Sylvia Liney on May 20, 2014 at 5:49am

Nice to meet you Paul and Greetings from Sydney Australia...

This information is seemingly following on for other info I have been 'led to'.....all to do with Multidimensions.....I am feeling quite the novice here....I've never 'seen' an Angel, a deceased Loved One, nor as yet, a Space ship!  But the info is being sent to me....and I am open to it all. I find it intriguing that one could open a Portal in one's Heart.  I 'feel' the concept of even being able to open a Portal in the first place!  Given that we are able to create anything we need to....well, I guess this is something I an resonating with.....

I thank you for posting this, I was visualising you in the hot tub, surrounded by the other beings. (for wont of another word) clever of you to keep it light & it difficult to return? I mean in an emotional 3D way....I have read that others when faced with this wonderful situation, were reluctant to return....

It's all interesting & exciting, I AM looking forward to experiencing more myself, if it's meant to be....not at all sure yet what my 'Mission' is, though....

Blessings, Peace & Love

Sylvia aka Melaynia

Comment by Paul Lange on May 20, 2014 at 7:03am

Sylvia aka Melaynia, you are delightful.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure where you find out just what a magnificent being you truly are? It certainly sounds like you are ready, and with an open heart, you will find out very quickly.

There are some extraordinary people that are so attuned that they can "see" beings such as dragons, angels, and others with their physical eyes working along with their inner vision. For me, I see them in my inner vision, but it is like a seamless day dream that I am conscious of. I can't speak for everyone of course, but the more I awaken, the more I see.

I'm finding that our heart is an open door (if you open it) and as such it is a portal. Where that portal takes you is up to you, as well as what comes through the portal. As an ascension portal, it streams ascension energy in, and is my gateway to higher dimensions. For Dragons it is a way to connect on ever deeper levels in both directions.

I often feel like a novice as well, for there is always more to learn and experience and as an unlimited being, infinity is difficult to fill up.

In regard to being difficult to return, it isn't difficult to return because I didn't "go" anywhere today. When I talk about the "Big Ascension Event" it is when my body, mind, and spirit are truly merged and operating at vibrations of a higher dimension. While I've felt on the verge of this a few times now, it apparently isn't quite "time" just yet.

I have made commitments, contracts if you will, to stay with Gaia until all ascension (for all of us) has been completed. Although I do long for "home" that I often think is elsewhere, lately, I think Gaia, as the glorious being she is, is an amazing place to remain.

Blessings to you as well. :)

Comment by Amoran on May 20, 2014 at 2:44pm

Hello Dear Brother Paul!

Much Gratitude for this most wonderful and deeply personal Share. I loved it! It is so similar to how I, too, often experience the "Others" who surround me on a daily basis ... they are always there no matter where I am or what I am doing. They don't seem to mind whatever "mundane" situation I find myself in ... they are always there having fun!

I, too, have had many "hot tub" experiences. I also agree that this is an excellent way (at least for me) to relax and welcome in the Messages.

Your main theme here - personal portals - portals existing everywhere within and without - is a topic very near and dear to my Heart. I am working on writing up some more recent experiences from these last two weeks which I hope to share soon. This topic of accessing personal portals is very much a part of the story I have to share! The Trees (and Faeries) have been nudging me to also speak to this topic. So, once again, all is Perfect in Divine Timing - and thank you so much for this confirmation!

Blessings to you, Dear Friend, and thank you again for having the Courage and the Love to  share of yourself in this way. I know it is often not easy, however, it is what we are called to do as we all partake in this Path of Co-Creation together, forever.

Deep Gratitude,


Comment by CreativiTea AB on May 20, 2014 at 7:57pm

Driving.. Just another wonderful portal of the horizons of the western deserts. 

I enjoyed very much hot tubbin' with your experience, in spirit.    My friends call bathtub meditations "going to church!"     There are so many ways to hang with high beings, and yes, the serious meditations need segueways into lots of humor!  Humor and happiness, these are some of the highest, heartfelt, belly-tickling states, so may we all have more of them.

May we all also experience the Freedom of the expanse of travelling across vast lands (hey, a train ride would be ideal in that sense)  OR the Freedom of the expanse of travelling across vast spaces... all while just being yogically in our bodies, sitting/lying still.

  Stay awesome everyone, 



Comment by Onura on May 20, 2014 at 9:34pm

Dear Paul,

It was a joy to read your article... brought lots of chuckles... ha ha!

I resonate with portals very much also. My experience has been that we have the ability to open any Portals we wish to open given the possibilities that are present within us. Most importantly 'Being the Portal' has been one of the most powerful experiences I have been given.

To experience oneself as a mighty Portal of Light has brought me to a place of knowing who I truly am in a way that brought unto me a sense of being able to accomplish anything I wish to accomplish. That is who we are.
This is an exciting time indeed, a time to bless our world in many new ways and life seems a little more interesting knowing that we have the ability to co-create anything we wish and to experience ourselves in any way that we wish, in a way that blesses the Earth and all within and upon her. 

As One, the possibilities are endless...! Love is the Key!
My experience was not in the 'bath tub' though... perhaps I will try that too!!  I think a trend may be establishing itself here...
I am grateful for your article. It is a pleasure to connect with you.
Many blessings,

Comment by Onura on May 20, 2014 at 9:37pm

Dear Amoran,

Portals are also of interest to me and I look forward to your sharing.

Many blessings, Dear One.


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on May 20, 2014 at 10:57pm

Dear Paul,

I enjoyed very much the experience that you shared. I love your sense of humor. I believe that Higher Beings have a sense of humor about our experiences. They must be so much more relaxed about our mundane experiences than we are.

Finding these portals in our heart makes sense to me.

I have not had the experiences of seeing any of the beings who exist outside of my present physical experience, but I seem to have others who do see them, just happen to be there to share with me what they see. I was just at my chiropractor's office. She does what she calls a blessing. I was just treated to her vision of two golden angels above my head, lighting my path with golden light. I  do know that these visions are of a reality that is there. They have truly been a blessing to my journey.

I too love driving and allowing my eyes to gaze across the expanse of nature before me. I find much inspiration this way.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Paul.



Comment by Paul Lange on May 20, 2014 at 11:07pm

Amoran, thank you for sharing your support for this deeper understanding of portals. I'm sure we will all discover more about this in the days to come. I look forward to your discoveries you choose to share. I'm sure I will learn a lot. :)

This synchronicity thing is certainly helpful when we need support or just some validation.



Comment by Paul Lange on May 20, 2014 at 11:13pm

Ayden, I'm finding I need to take extra care when driving now as I like to keep an eye on the sky. I've seen many cloud ships mixed in with the "normal" clouds, and occasionally get validation flashes.

On one occasion, I saw a flash and the beginning of a jet contrail. I thought to myself, "I wonder if that's a chemtrail just starting...". I asked my Galactic friends to neutralize it if it is a chemtrail. I looked back at the road (so as not to crash), looked back at the trail and saw a flash of light at the back end of the trail. I had to look at the road again and looked back within a couple seconds. In that short time the entire trail was completely gone. Quick work from them if you ask me.

Namaste, Paul

Comment by Paul Lange on May 20, 2014 at 11:18pm

Violette, I have also had many communications and some pretty impressive visions while in the shower. One of my favorite places to think and relax.

I have to say I have been a "serious" metaphysics person, and kinda serious overall until recently. In a reading with a very trusted local medium (Raven Many Voices and she's amazing) we cleared some major trauma from thousands of years ago (or NOW in non-linear time), that was the source of much grief and sadness. I felt so much better after that release that I would start laughing spontaneously just out of joy. The downside is the trauma was so deep I've been releasing it through my physical body for almost two weeks, and it's been pretty rough... Hopefully that will be over soon.

Namaste, Paul


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