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Dragons, Angels, Fairies, and Ambulances

It's been an interesting and eventful weekend for me, much of it not very pleasant, but some important things happened that may offer insights for others. I'm doing much better now, but I'm still in recovery mode from all of this and trying to get as much rest as I can.

As a result of these events, I've had intense interactions and actions with angels, ETs, fairies, and the dragon I've written about previously (we've agreed on a placeholder name, calling him Obsidian, and there are two more now we've agreed to call Dharma & Ruby).

On the evening of Wednesday May 21st, after some strenuous outdoor work,  I had a sharp pain in my left ribs just left of my solar plexus, which spread around to the backside of my ribcage under my shoulder blade. I described it as being shot with an arrow, as the sorest point in the front aligns with the sorest point in the back and is a very sharp pain extending from those two points.

The following Thursday morning (May 22nd) I went to the local medical clinic to see if I had damaged my ribs coughing for the last two months, or if something more serious was going on. After a chest X-Ray and tentative diagnosis of a touch of pneumonia they sent me home with antibiotics and prednisone. Then after a nap in the afternoon my asthma worsened and I started using my asthma medications to improve the situation.

This asthma event rapidly cascaded in a downward spiral that I couldn't keep up with. As I struggled to breathe, the asthma got worse, as it got worse I had to work harder to breathe and it just continued to get worse in a catch 22 of events. The meds simply weren't working well enough to stop the cascade.

I decided it was time to call for help, so my daughter called 911 for me. It was becoming a really serious situation. I was barely maintaining an oxygenation rate gasping for air when the aid car arrived. They applied an oxygen mask that didn't seem to help at all. I had to apply some minor exertion to get onto the rolling bed and they had to change oxygen bottles in the process. Those two changes made my downward spiral much worse. Once in the aid car, they proceeded to switch to a pressure mask that would force air into my lungs to help open the airways. Unfortunately it took a little while for this to happen, all the while holding this new mask on my face that wasn't pumping air. So now I can't breathe at all, and I'm basically being suffocated. While this state didn't last long, I'm now in full-on panic mode.

Later the EMT's said there were about to knock me out and intibate me because I wasn't responding well enough. I'm really glad it all came together in the last few seconds of that process because I've learned since that having a tube shoved down your throat when your trachea and lungs are collapsing does lots of damage.

Even though I was in a major panic, Arch Angel Arial and Michael were in the ambulance with me and I could see them present at my sides next to the two EMT's. Their presence calmed me considerably. Obsidian was a little frustrated following along above the car. I say frustrated because one of his roles in my life is as protector, and it appeared (to me at the time at least), that I was in a bit of trouble.

I don't know if Michael and Arial had to manifest more than normal to get past my panic state, but I had the impression they were going to extra ordinary efforts to make sure I could see and feel them helping me.

The pressure mask started working and my oxygenations levels started coming up and I stepped back from the panic situation and could think a little more clearly.

Later that night, after a couple hours in ER with an even bigger and more powerful mask, I was admitted to the hospital. They were going to put me into ICU because of the severity of how bad it had been earlier, but my improvements were so rapid they changed their mind and admitted me to a "normal" room sharing with a man also named Paul, experiencing serious lung issues (seemed to be the respiratory wing of that floor). This became an ongoing joke with the nurses over the next couple days (Paul 1 and Paul 2).

I have a large network of spiritual family members and friends, and with the power of some phone calls and Facebook, I now had dozens of people praying for me. I was being bathed in an amazing amount of light and my room was filled with angels. AA Arial (AKA my Guardian Angel) showed me in visuals and feelings the prayers coming in and the images of those praying for me. It was very emotional to feel that love and to have her show me so clearly as it was happening. Just thinking about it brings that emotion back immediately. Of course Obsidian was there and I asked the Pleiadian Counsel to come participate in the healing and they were there immediately. The other times I have asked for healing or energetic acceleration from the Pleiadian Counsel, I've seen blue light descend around me and could feel the energy work and their presence. This time I could see individual beings appear around me and the energy was palpable, even with all the other energetic activity going on. One of the beings knew me personally and greeted me as such. She was absolutely delightful and was so joyous at being there, and with me really being consciously aware of her. BTW, I wasn't on any pain killers or mind altering drugs on this night, just a lot of oxygen and nurse visits.

One of my Aunts who was consciously participating in this healing work said she watched an angel pull a dark energy out of me and then that void was filled with love and light.

With the image and feeling of being shot with an arrow, the fact that this happened so quickly after what was previously a pretty good day, the intensity of the healing work by all of the angels, and the image conveyed by my aunt, I feel like I was targeted in a psychic attack.

I have mixed feelings about this because I believe things happen for a reason and I have amazing levels of protection around me. I also believe I have to take responsibility for what I create/co-create in my life, so I clearly had a hand in this creation. If I was attacked, I believe some extra ordinary measures were taken to fix me up! Regardless of the source of this creation and it's events, the impact it has had on me has been very uplifting.

On Friday May 23rd, while laying in my hospital bed trying to sleep (it was next to impossible to sleep with so many intense energies flowing and asthma meds that amp you up) Obsidian came to me and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course I took him up on the offer. On this ride I climbed on his immense back and he took me through a portal into a foreign and alien place where the dark ones reside. It was very quiet and not at all like anything I had seen before, and honestly could have been an alien place created for a movie or something. It was mostly a gray landscape with some structures and some very bright red "pods" that seemed to be growing in places. As we approached to land in a clearing, I could see humanoid shaped silhouettes of darkness peeking out from hiding places. I should have had a more thoughtful approach to the situation, but  I immediately flared golden light in a sort of explosion outward, which caused all kinds of chaos. It seemed the residents really didn't like this very much... Obsidian joined in by spraying fire/light as well. There were so many that the void of light was just sucking up the light faster than we could provide it. When I started to feel like I was dimming, Obsidian departed and we zipped out of there like a bat out of hell (a little extra drama for you). Dharma and Ruby joined us and helped clean us up on the way back. When we arrived back at the hospital, I asked Obsidian to explain what we saw and why he showed it to me. He said that there are these beings still present and that this is why so many light workers are needed to wake up. But, he also said that we are nearly to that stage where so many are awake and spreading light that the light will easily prevail. I had the feeling at this point that we weren't really in an alien place per se, but a dimension here where these dark beings hide.

Talk about a real eye opener! As an after though, I should have been more deliberate in my application of light as a loving gesture of transmutation instead of an explosion of light that was more like a pre-emptive strike...

Between brief sleep times that night I had several powerful experiences. It's fair to say I was now on some mild narcotics to help with ribcage pain and to aid relaxation and sleep as I had only experienced about 2 hours of sleep at this point. The speakers in the hospital hallways announce to the staff when adverse events happening so they can respond to the correct room, etc. In one case there was a patient being shocked with a defib machine which I knew because it was announced by the system "Shock Administered" both times it happened. As this was going on I saw dozens of angels race into the area. Visually it looked like angel forms flying through the side of the building glowing with colored light and with streaks of light trailing behind. They stopped nearby down the hall and focused on this patient. Laying in my bed I was glowing with golden light and was instructed to just relax and lay there as a light holder, which I did. Later when things calmed down I asked my nurse if the patient that was shocked was okay, but she couldn't tell me about it (hospital privacy policy). I told her what I saw and she was very moved by hearing it. I felt like that was an important trigger for her to hear at that moment.  During this angelic event I also had some clairaudience from a spirit being where someone said something like "I have Eric (some last name) now" but I wasn't sure if it meant he passed, or if a guide was stating intent.

I also had lots of visitors. Many different fairies came to me. The most interesting one was short like the Earth Fairy I've seen and talked with on our property, but had the upper torso and head of an owl. He was trying to talk to me but there were so many beings around and the pain meds made it difficult to focus. He was accompanied by a VERY tall being that was humanoid but feathered in the same colors as the fairy but all over (head to toe) and with a different bird head. He was quiet (didn't speak) and it seemed they work together.

I was also visited by a Sasquatch being that made sure I knew he/she doesn't prefer Squatch or Big Foot as names.

Also had many random beings as the pain meds were opening my vision more than normal. In some cases I think I was seeing ghost/like spirits wandering the hospital. Being on drugs, I found my imagination would embellish the images, but I could ask the angels if what I was seeing was the drugs or real, and the fake would go away leaving the "normal" visions.

After my dragon excursion described earlier I asked AA Michael to stay as a protector with AA Raphael and Obsidian. I didn't want drugs to open me to any negative events. I asked AA Ariel to repair my heart as needed and brought back in the Pleiadian Counsel again. I also called on Ashtar and he told me they were aware of my Dragon flight and that I was in no danger as Obsidian was bringing me along as a form of a vision, not as an ethereal traveler. That made me feel better and lines up with other "vision experiences" I've had.

The following day was all about sleep and rest and the angels basically said that was most important at that point.

It has been crazy with all this stuff going on, but as much as some of this has been very difficult, the blessings are many. I feel like my presence in the hospital had some dramatic affects not only on me, but on those around me. I was careful not to help people energetically with my own energy and rather just shine light, say nice things, and leave the heavy lifting to angels. My friend "Paul 2" seemed to benefit from all of this directly, and the nurses said they "hoped" I would stay another night so they could be my nurses again.

Although I made a return trip to the ER last night (not in an ambulance) when the same kind of cascading asthma event triggered (and my meds weren't helping enough), I didn't stay in the hospital and panic wasn't a factor. That is a small blessing all by itself.

What I am now focusing on is to learn what the core of these events was really about. What about me, my past, or my interactions is surfacing to be healed along with my physical ailments? My relationship with my guides, angels, dragons, ETs and fairies has grown even more and I'm sure that opening myself to find these answers, will bring the information.

Although this has been a very personal journey to describe, and kind of long winded, I hope that something in this is useful or inspirational for you.

Namaste, Paul

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Comment by Amoran on May 27, 2014 at 8:33pm

Dear Friend Paul,

I offer out to you Healing and Loving Support for your physical well-being.

The "etheric events" you describe are fascinating and also in line with some experiences I have had as well when very sick myself, or in the presence of those who have taken seriouisly ill.


May your Dragons and your Angels always be by your side and here's to wishing you a full recovery into Wellness on all levels.


Blessings to you, Dear Friend,



Comment by Paul Lange on May 27, 2014 at 9:17pm

Thank you Amoran, although it was a tough weekend in many ways, I feel blessed to have made it out the other side with many positive changes. When not resting my body, I have been diligently digging and clearing to get to the bottom of this. I must have done over a dozen clearings already, some big, most small stuff, but I'm leaving no stone unturned... I've also had discussions with the two feathered fairies ("Nee" and "The"), had a wonderful experience with an aboriginal shaman aspect of myself in a sacred place, have gone on another dragon ride to Agartha, and had a wonderful discussion with my Eagle oversoul. I'm feeling very open after all of this and much more awake.

My only "concerns" are about missing pieces (or pieces I may be missing) regarding the underlying cause of my asthma, the very dramatic visit to the dark place and how real that actually was (I don't want to empower darkness...), and how real or imagined being psychically attacked is.

I am going back to a spiritual healer for some deeper digging should I be unwilling to consciously go somewhere myself. I'm sure she will help me do so in a safe manner. :)

Thank you again Amoran!

Namaste, Paul

Comment by Amanda Carol Engels on May 27, 2014 at 10:19pm

Applause! Applause! Thank you so very much for your intricate sharing..."long winded" that's funny.  Wishing you full blessings and healing so you can get to the bottom, so to speak of all these experiences.  Very uplifting to read.  Much Love, Amanda

Comment by Onura on May 27, 2014 at 10:34pm

Dear Paul,

May your experiences bring you to a place of understanding all that there is to understand and may they bring  unto you a new sense that you are whole, as you uncover the "missing pieces" that will bring you to a place of Oneness within yourself.

Blessed be.

Wishing pure and radiant health.


Comment by moonglow482004 on May 27, 2014 at 11:19pm

Paul, your account gave me such vivid visions, TY for sharing. AMAZING!


Comment by Paul Lange on May 28, 2014 at 12:03am

Thank you for your comments Amanda, Onura, and Moonglow. :)


Comment by Angel~a on May 28, 2014 at 4:12am

I am glad you are feeling better and know you will get through this. Many blessings of love and light!



Comment by Paul Lange on May 28, 2014 at 5:45am

Thank you Angel~a, I feel I have made it through and I'm comfortable with taking my time with physical recovery. I've already made some breakthroughs on the spirit side and I feel it's important to facilitate the releases this event has brought to the surface.

Everyone's ascension is different and this appears to be part of my path and process, so I embrace it with an open heart. :)

Comment by ArcAmy Angel on June 3, 2014 at 6:19am


I am glad to hear you are feeling better. It was fascinating to share this experience through your words. As a nurse, I often call in additional "support" from the realms you identified during the course of the work day. In fact, the first 30 minutes of my drive in to work involves inviting angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides and teachers, and animal allies to cover us with their energies, love and protection throughout the shift. It is amazing to me how much of a difference it makes. You are a sweet soul for calling in assistance- in alignment with Divine will- for other patients at the hospital. Sending prayers for your continued physical recovery and spiritual insight. I thank you for sharing, it resonated strongly with me. xoxoxoxo Amy

Comment by Paul Lange on June 3, 2014 at 6:30am

Thank you for sharing that Amy. I'm very pleased you take a proactive approach to bringing spirit into your work. I was very happy with the nursing staff I experienced, even when they were busy, they had time for each of us.

If you happen to read my other blog entries you will see that I am doing much better now... :)


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