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Opening The Dimensional Doorway....A Video Message.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 21, 2010 at 6:39pm

Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 22, 2010 at 8:28am
There are no more secrets ever ... it's not possible!

What a lightfilled message, dear SohiniBen! Thank you for posting :-)

I also like Barbara's idea of our wearing costumes in our everyday life ... isn't it a challenge to wear clothes we are not used to wearing usually? And to observe in how far this changes our behavior is most interesting as well! It's a wonderful exercise which facilitates our personal expansion - LOL!

I csn feel the physical changes taking place ... isn't that just great? Going inside and changing yourself according to your Divine Blueprint? And I'm taking responsibility for my own happiness, first, YES! I know that no one else can do this for me - it is about taking responsibility, and this starts out with myself - and as I am the world this is the first step to change the outside world as well!

Let us play well together :-)


Sonja Myriel

PS.: Another thing I simply love about this video is how Barbara and Steve interact ... a wonderful couple they are!
Comment by perola on November 22, 2010 at 9:14am
consegue esse video legndado?.....
Comment by Arleem on November 22, 2010 at 10:48am

Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 22, 2010 at 2:04pm
I am not being difficult I just really want to know. I have been in my spiritual journey full time since Mar 1974. The video is real good and it all sounds beautiful but my question is what is his point.
Comment by Ana Antaka on November 22, 2010 at 3:23pm
What a wonderful experience. I ended up, at the very end, being transformed. Nurture each other. Nurture each other.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 23, 2010 at 5:45pm
Dear Vicente, I think you cannot see what the point is because you are struggling against it ... the point is reassuring us that we are truly on our way - and that things are changing indeed - with every insight we have ... you are not ready yet to accept this because you have been expecting changes long before - and they didn't show up in the outer world ... but they soon will, dear brother, they soon will!

According to Mayan belief 10 steps are to be taken until our creation finally starts appearing in the outside world ... step 11 is about refining the creation, step 12 is the crystal manifest - and in step 13 we are already planning the nest steps which we will take ... that's like creation in 3D reality takes a lot of work which has to be done bofore you see anything of it ... only 3 stepa ut of 13 deal with the manifest creation ... all the other are preparatory steps ... and this concept can be watched everwhere in nature.

For more information, check out our group on Mayan Cosmology. It's most interesting!

Blessed Be,

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 23, 2010 at 8:29pm
Sonja maybe I am struggling with the question of Peace. Maybe you or someone can help me understand better. I have met metaphysical people and groups by the thousands since the summer of 1974. Individually and collective they are all very positive and 100% sure on what they believe in. And for all of them tomorrow and/or the future all looks super great and nothing is really wrong now. We all are going to live happily ever after. Not astrology but astrologers have been the worse. I have been waiting for and seen pass all kinds of planet alignments and configurations that tell us about a great future that is awaiting us. I have been told and have learned for my self about the Apocalypse, the second coming of Christ, the Aquarium age, the Matrix, the keys of Enoch, at least two dozen prophesies, the one consciousness and much more. Now, I believe in all of it because and only because it part of God and part of the process of evolution of God. Now on the other hand you have between 85% to 95% of the United States that is corrupt and decaying and how it was gone beyond the law of diminishing returns. Nothing can be save, it can only be replace hopefully by something better. Now if I am struggling with something it is this and hopefully you or someone can help me. I am an excellent reader and what I read from people that believe like us, the 10%, is that almost over night we are all going to be living in the Garden of Eden with lots of peace and love and lots of snow on the mountains. The other 90% don't believe that. They all believe that all is find now and from that point things are just going to get better. Let me tell you that in the physical world you can not mix oil and water. It doesn't work and it is not going to get better ever. My struggle, if it is a struggle is that if the 10% are right what going to happen to the other 90%. I believe with all my soul and have been told my mystics and many others for the last 30 years that what I believe is correct. I am a spiritual warrior here to help the 90%. And let me share another law of God's creation. If the 90% disappeared they are going to take the other 10% with them regardless how much peace and love they have and how much snow is on the mountain.. What has to happen is that the 10% has to find a balance between what they believe and what the other 90% believe. But they don't. If you save (direct contact) one soul you save the world. The 10% are at peace and full of love and believe that nothing is going to happen to them. My struggle if it is a struggle is that I don't believe that. What do you think. Thank you and may God or Allah bless you for you time helping us all. Tlamatini-vicente.
Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 23, 2010 at 8:35pm
One more thing that I forgot. I am not from the Mayan tree but my roots do come from the Aztecs. My great grandfather from my mothers side was Aztec. In 1972 I studied the Aztec Calendar for almost 30 days at the University of Mexico in Mexico City. And for the last 4 years I have been studying intensely the Mayan Calendar. I also lived for a summer with a small group of Mayans in Columbia, So. America
Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 24, 2010 at 2:14pm
Dear Vicente,
Thank you for your reply and questions. I will now tune in and write what has to be written ...

Man has been struggling for a very long time to break free from the reign of the dark forces. 1987 was a most critical time. Anihilation was very near at that point in time. Mankind was given the chance then, to turn around or be annihilated ... each and every soul living in these days had to take a decision - an unconscious decision in most of the cases - if they wanted to live out the dark prophecies of Armageddon or find an entirely new way of how to solve the problem of creating a New Earth made of Light resulting in LOVE and UNITY. It was in these days that it became clear that Armageddon was not the final solution ... The Harmonic Convergence granted Earth the possibility to find another way out of the darkness of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age. If enough people would gather world wide and show the will that they really wanted to change their lives, that they were willing to live in Peace and exlplore the laws of Unity, a Divine Dispensation should be passed on to humanity, opening help in an unprecedented amount to humanity. I say humanity and not Earth, because for our Beloved Mother it would have been much easier to shake off all the troublesome elements from her body and ascend with the few chosen ones ... so this dispensation is really for HUMANITY ... this dispensation is the cause why we still cannot see more results as well - how paradoxical that may sound - but as we decided to ascend in flesh and body and take as many people with us, showing them the way of enlightened living, being a living example of what Jesus had tried to teach humanity 2000 years ago, this has SLOWED DOWN the process of Ascension enormously! Yet, in this way many more than 140 000 people will be saved.
The problem older lightworkers are facing now is that originally, when they entered the Earth realm, they had been prepared to find themselves in the most challenging scenario of Armageddon. Yet, Armageddon did not happen ... and on top of it all, NOTHING SEEMS to change at all! On the contrary, on the outer appearance the Dark Forces are stronger today than ever, literally reigning the whole world ... You have not been prepared for this possibility because it was like a last minute change in the Divine Plan. Now you feel that you have alredy been waiting for much too long and your faith is faltering. Please know, dear Vicente, that you are not alone in this! Many, many lightworkers your age all around the globe are feeling this very same disillusioning! Those who have been waiting for extraterrestrial intervention are most disappointed that this has not yet taken place ... and many are losing their original faith in esoteric and spiritually oriented messages.
Please understand that this is due to the re-programming of the course of life! The new plan which was initiated by a decision of our collective consciousness in 1987 is not even fixed, yet! This is why we are reminded again and again that we are doing GREAT, that what is most important is to re-member our Divine Power of CREATIVITY and how important it is for all of us now to experience UNITY on various levels of our Being to become able to understand our Divine Faculties of CO-CREATION! WE ARE most literally SETTING THE PATH for future generations - and this is why the whole Universe is attentively watching "Experiment Earth" - because this has never happened before!!!
Mother Earth will definitely ascend in the near future. This fact won't change. What is changing are the circumstances. The goal is to take as many people on this path of Ascension as possible. To reach this goal, many, many Ascended Masters, Angels, ... have returned to Mother Earth, many even taking on physical, incarnated form. The process of their COLLECTIVE awakening will be a challenge to their parents, teachers and family which won't leave anyone untouched!!! OUR awakening process right now is PREPARING the STAGE! We will be those adults who can help understand these children - who can help their parents see the LOVE and LIGHT which their children carry and the unmeasurable BLESSING which their presence bestows on their families and environment!
The indigo children, who are now young adults, are their forerunners. Many of them have been trying to tear down the solid educational structures, yet they were not successful. The next wave of children will do this with LOVE ... You and me and the Indigos - we are here to help them touch the hearts of the unawakened population AND HELP THEM MAINTAIN their light as pure as possible so it will be easy for them to follow their wake up call! The world will change - and those who are not ready for it will rage against it - and exit. But they won't be allowed to return as the vibrations of Planet Earth are steadily raising and don't match theirs anymore. It absolutely depends on us, what we make of it, you see? The change may come in the way as I have just now describing - it may come in a more brutal way if too many of us see that as the only solution. This is why it is so important now to closely observe our thoughts and mind structures as well as our feelings: because they all contribute to the outcome!!!

I hope my inspired writing could help you see a bit more of the bigger picture - as it helped me to become conscious of all this as well!

Thank you for Being and Asking, dear Vicente!

BLESSINGS of LOVE and LIGHT to you and all you love and to ALL HUMANITY, to ALL LIVING BEINGS here on Earth and int eh UNIVERSE / OMNIVERSE,

Sonja Myriel


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