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I am not very used to channellings so I was very surprised when I received a message from Jesus of Nazareth the lasts days. It was like an Utopia he described on the one hand, but leek the reality he experienced as well. He didn't say that mankind would reach the goal, in fact he talked about probabilities and the possibility to open up a space or room of possibilities. 

Jesus said, that it was time for humankind to grow up and to take responsibilities for their actions and the destruction of this planet. To grow up means for mankind to become the guardians of Gaia to shelter our all mother. Without nature mankind cannot survive, he said. 

The next subject Jesus spoke about was the relationship to the Universal source God Itself. He missed the respect in the western world for the gods and God he said. God is not a democrat, God is the power of everything. and anything. If you treat Jesus or Krishna like an idiot, you get the response that is adequate for you, Jesus said. Garbage in, garbage out. He said, God was not the garbage can to throw all shit onto. Men would produce problems, would then ask God in a manner like a slave to solve their shit and then they would give God a kick in the ass. Thats the way you treat God. Krishna at least was loved, but Jesus were only used to save the power of some people or institutions. There was a way to cherish God being in this world, he said, but that has to evolve. 

When Jesus spoke about the relationship between man, he said, that there was no shortness of anything in the world. There was enough food to serve all hungry. The money and resources where just misallocated for the best of humanity. He said that mankind still is working with the slogan "divide et imperar", but it was the other way around: "To share is more wholly than to divide."

Mankind had not been learning his lesson from the last time since , he admitted, he was murdered to early. The love aspect was not fully given, even worse in an unhealsome manner as a sacrificer and martyr. Love was not about being murdered, not even on a cross. The breaking point was in the garden of Gethsemane. There was a Aura Soma bottle with that name, he mentioned. The colors where green above yellow.  Jesus said, this was the question of power and love, between the solar pled chakra and the heart chakra and that there was still a block that would make him pain in the stomach. He quoted the saying from Ghandi  : "The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace." That was the state of art today. It was right at the shift, but  it was not easy.  There he had faied, he said himself.

It was his trust in the creator, the father, he said, that made him loose. Jesus was possessed by the Christ-aspect, means the creator. But he himself was Vishnu he said, another aspect of the single source called God. He explained it with the hindu Trinity of Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu the sustainer, and Shiva the destroyer. There would be a shift in the universe one day from the creator to the sustainer and then to the destroyer. But everybody would cherish the creator in the west. Not so in India. The time would be shifting anyway to the sustaining principle, since we have only one planet. We needed to live sustainable. There is no second earth we could buy with the bargain we got from selling the first. 

For the future Jesus predicted that the aquarian age would be under the sing of the wave: Water and communication. He said mankind needs to be able to swim. Since global warming makes the poles melting, the tide will be high. There might be a lot of flood. But he said too, he was a good trainer for swimming. The aquarian age was the age of empowering mankind, after the second guiding aspect of our planet was given and would be understood: Wisdom. Jesus said, Alice Bailey was right concerning the guiding aspect of our world. It was Love-Wisdom. The love had to be learned in his lifetime when he came back now. And the wisdom aspect would be given during that lifetime too. Love alone is blind, wisdom is cold. Only together the love sees what is right. 

He ended his prediction with a quote from Homer: "And we live on an island and do not have communion to anyone else." He wished that mankind would become a part of the galactic or universal federation when grown up. The alien was mankind. To most other evolved species in the universe. The universal man he said was already a dream by Nieetsche in the sense of the transcended man, not in the sense of the superman. He mentioned when I was asking what this meant, "The dancers were seen as crazy be those who have not heard the music."

He said at the stage of a baby, mankind could be "our everything" the crown of creation. But growing up, its ethnocentricity would be dangerous.  For itself and others. 

He said there were stages of learning  and only when learning took place there would be hope. Fear for change and denial of the problem were usual stages. But in the end the learning took place he said.

When I thanked Jesus for his message, he disappeared. 

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