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From survival to life: The transformation of Christ-Concsiousness into Jesus-Krishna-Consciousness.

From survival to life: The transformation of

Christ-Concsiousness into Jesus-Krishna-Consciousness.


Right at the beginning: Jesus died at the cross because he didn’t master the Christ-Consciousness.


And right here too: Jesus and Christ are two different souls or characters.

Christ is Abraham -  Jesus is Isaak. Christ is Moses – Jesus is Joshua. Christ is Jacob Israel -  Jesus is Joseph Israel.


Christ and Jesus are the main player in the Abraham-Religions. The are counterparties -  somtimes playing against each other – sometimes playing together.


Jesus was possessed by Christ at the end. Connected they where always. But in Jesus case. Christ could dominate Jesus and Jesus followed Christ and not himself: „Father , your will come true.“ That was holly bullshit and poison for Jesus. The garden of Jerusalem was the place where this was „discoursed“. There is an Aura-Soma bottle „green and yellow“ called Garden of Gethsemane. But Jesus task was to survive with his own will, to push trough with his own personality like in birth. He the missed the goal and landed on the cross.


To make it very clear: Christ-Consciousness is the master –program, the spirit of the creator -  and that is to survive. It is not thinkable other than that. From the first 3 Chakras upward (Root-, Sakral- und Solarplex-Chakra), life begins here on earth. It is eaten or to be eaten. It is about survival. Survival (Root-Chakra) – Feeling/Instinct (Sacral-Chakra) – and Power (Solar-Plex-Chakra) fully expressed – this is Christ-Consciousness. The emperor Zeus is the best character to personalize the Christ-Consciousness. And mastering these Chakras, mastering survival is necessary to fully come into love. Who loves when you die? No-one.

So remember: To survive is the first priority.


Then you can enter the realms of Love.  That is Jesus or Krishna-Consciousness.

Krishna to tell a secret was on of the most gifted lovers in history. But with some small hindrances. His soul mate and beloved was Radha – which was married to another king. And Krishna himself had his own wife which was not Radha.  He loved the Gopis – the girls that made the milk and played with all of them, stealing their clothes, when they were bathing. It is said that he had 16.000 „girlfriends“ or women, and when asked he said „I will marry them all“. Se he was really a lover.


While Krishna played out the combination of passionate love and divine love, Jesus played the part of compassionate love and divine love. But in fact there are mainly three or four aspects of love:

  1. The love between mother and child: Both Jesus and Krishna
  2. The passionate love: Krishna and his girls
  3. The compassionate love: Jesus in his try to rescue all souls

- here heart is full in human love with energies streaming up

  1. The divine love from above – love God - with energies streaming from above down.


It is especially funny when you think of practices like celibacy – when you nearly shut down the sexual fire in the root chakra – or at least you do not use it – how do you want to learn all the aspects of human love? It is to understand and to experience fully the whole range of human love – without bypassing one aspect. You came here to experience that. Do ot leave with less!

So what do you want to realize fully, Christ-Consciousness or Jesus-Krisha-Consciousness?

Both of course! You want to live – and you want to love. You need to survive to love and feed those whom you love.

Christ –Consciousness is more about the body – it’s survival, maintenances and ist joy.

Jesus-Krishna-consciousness is more about transcending the body-level and to live from the soul. But the goal is to live both while you are in body. To be 100% to 100% with your beloved means not 50:50, but 100:100. To love and to make love means to share communion totally, not only partly, this even has the power to heal aspects that where once broken.

„There is no drug like love.“ But there is no good, if you don’t do it.“

So while making sex, do not forget to make love.


The key to love is always understanding and tenderness. Understanding what thrives the other person, what makes her understand, what makes her happy – and to act tender accordingly.  


But as long as they eat you up – survive and save the best for last.


On a collective level, this means Christ and Jesus-Krishna are working together simultaneously and each for himself. Most people on earth want  to survive and are able to do so. So Christ feeds nearly 99% of all humanity. Jesus-Krishna feeds a lot less humans, since not all humans are able to experience the love in it’s full range of all four aspects. They have not enough experience or not enough energy.  And as Jesus said „You will not come to God other than trough me.“ Means when you managed to survive (Christ) you need to understand Love (Jesus-Krishna) to ascend further up to the crown (Love Divine). From the heart-Chakra upwards, you can feel love in quite different qualities, getting more and more divine. On the level of the heart-Chakra, you can feel human love fully. On the level of the 3. Eye you can feel the love of angels. In the crown you feel love divine – communion with God. 

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