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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Close, But No Cigar

Bearing Down

"We're in the thick of it" is what the unseens said the other day while I was frantically trying to balance myself in the shrinking space between electrocutions. While on some I level I felt semi-relieved to hear those words, the smaller, less reverent, and definitely-more-frustrated-part of me couldn't hold back a "yeah, no shit."

I mean come on...these transitions are far from subtle and we can all feel the thick of it...but what we are all violently screaming to know is: where will we land and whennnnnn?

And here's what those voices in my head said: there are two major portals left to walk arising at the end of this month and one in the beginning of August.

These two major gateways are purportedly bringing us in deeper harmony with the "master creator within"..."the reconnection of your inherent creational powers will come forth through these gateways and in doing so, the next level of transformation and resurrection of physicality will commence."

If you've been on this journey long enough, than no doubt you have been stripped down to either complete apathy or cynicism...or both...but either way you should have enough wits about you to realize that those words above are always much prettier than the physical reality we will most likely consider this fair warning that though we are close, we are still climbing...and if it's not obvious, I despise that fact more than you do.

Here's what I am being shown... and please bear with me as I try to find clarity amidst generous amounts of vertigo and fatigue:

In the coming 2 weeks, there are magnanimous energies flowing toward earth as if some miraculous force of God is landing to ressurect the planet and her people. This energy, which culminates in the full expression of major planetary bodies will directly and indirectly energize all forms of matter to step further into the realm of oneness.

Unless you live under a rock...which I guess accounts for most of have most definitely caught wind of the astrological foreboding emanating from astrologers and metaphysicians in relation to the cardinal T-Square alignment involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—a rare alignment and profoundly suggesting societal and socio-economic transformation.

Well, according to the Pleidians, July 26 is one of those major portal days when Saturn opposition Uranus becomes exact, which also incidentally falls on the first day of the 13 Moon Calendar-Mayan New Year and directly following the full moon in Aquarius on July 25-26.

Then, soon after, on August 6-7ish a cardinal grand cross is activated between Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto, the Moon and Saturn-Mars-Venus...and, if all that weren't enough, the Lions gate opening directly follows on August 8th.

Now I am no astrologer...and barely know what any of that means... but it sounds & feels like some big forward moving stuff. Truthfully, I am hearing that these astrological events will be especially impacting on the outer world, but we are experienced enough to know that we will also need to anchor and stabilize these energies within ourselves as well.

Luckily, I am also hearing that for those who have cleared the bulk of their karmic-goo... peace of mind will accompany this passage of great change.

Collective Rebirth

No doubt we are smack dab in the middle of birthing a new reality....and it hurts like hell...but I am told that the contractions over the next two weeks of labor are the impetus for grand physical restructuring by which we will merge into deeper union between spirit and matter and which will initiate a restructuring of all physical bodies of matter, including the planetary body. This usually amounts to upheaval on one level and breakthroughs on another, where some (those aligned with love) are able to climb ahead and others (those still unawakened) will fall deeper into the abyss of cause and effect.

This merging of polarities, which peaks on the 8/8 gateway, results in a deeper realization of our god-self. As these masculine and feminine energies merge, the left and right hemispheres of the brain unite to form a bridge between worlds and a flow of new-level information streams between physical and spiritual reality where we are able to see and know things we didn't before and which will also give us the insights needed for creative solutions to clean up our messy lives...and as always, just in the nick of time.

As a result of this incoming energy of merging worlds...which, incidentally is already beginning to seep into our personal energy the next two weeks there will be a resurgence of divine love which the unseens are referring to as "a uniting of your inner-god with your outer-form."

For us to become complete through this move beyond karmic creation and into resonance creation... requires that we are able to absorb the encoded light quotients cascading down from the great central sun into our pinneal and pituitary glands. Unfortunately, our physical bodies are recoiling at the thought of downloading ANY more light, so it is imperative to remain neutral to these energies, let them flow through you, and not attach any human thought to their inevitability.

Using Discernment

For those of us who have been working toward the actualization of our divine potential, there is much to be considered during this time... especially as it pertains to our thoughts. The most influencial aspect of these astrological, solar and galactic forces will be our ability to initiate come unstuck...and to realize our capabilities as co-creators of divine intent...and this begins with the increasingly more powerful energy of thought.

The quarantine that each of us has been protected by over the last several years is beginning to lift which means manifestation is becoming nearly instantaneous... the space between thought and procurement is disintegrating and we are slowly beginning to see signs of this in the physical. (think phone you really need that caller ID anymore?) Though sudden miracles are appearing, ironically, this is mostly true for things we don't need right now....but an indication of what's behind this clearing cycle nevertheless.

All in all it is very important that we use discernment and self-responsibility by not giving our power away to fear based thinking... especially during these gateway periods when collective frenetic thoughts moving up and out and are swarming us. You may find that you need to lay low for a bit, stay in a safe space or with friends and loved ones to regain your composure or to steer clear of these energies during transmutation periods.

The End of the End

For the time being, the pressure is definitely still building and we feel all but ready to pop, yet we are still wrapping up much of the past and any old business in need of resolution. So much to tend to, so little energy.

"The completion of all wayward elements is drawing nigh and there is only a short window of opportunity left to finalize details....arriving in mid-August is an influx of energies that will need space to fill up the vacuous void of your past lives and carve the new potentials for your future."

This preparation the rest of this relentless journey.... seems to go on foreverrrrrrrrr and tho it is all completely necessary to take full advantage of our new beginnings, it is exhausting to try to work within these dense energies of the old paradigm when so much of ourselves is firmly planted in the new.

A perfect example of this in my own life is a seemingly never-ending bankruptcy finalization. In order to save my home from foreclosure last year, I filed bankruptcy to apply for a much-needed loan modification and restructure. This was first supposed to be finalized in March, then got adjourned to May, then got adjourned to July and today was just adjourned AGAIN to September.

Even tho I just. want. this. to. be. over. with...I also know in the bigger picture that everything is undergoing a major vibrational upgrade....readjusting, restructuring, and realigning to match the new energies so that when the time comes to fully move forward, everything will be in sync with my our new and completely authentic lives.

This energy of the old with the new pushing through is apparent everywhere right now...important things keep getting postponed, moved ahead...then behind...then ahead again. Plans (if u can even make any) change at the very last minute, we think we are going one way then suddenly we are not...well aligned opportunities arise and just as quickly, disappear.

Its pure insanity really...yet, many good things do come from these universal adjustments. For instance, because my bankruptcy kept getting postponed, I was miraculously able to align with the timing of the government equity adjustment plan and my loan...which was $100,000 upside down... qualified for a market value adjustment saving me thousands and thousands of dollars in the end. This was COMPLETELY unexpected at a time when I had NO IDEA how this situation would resolve itself.

Moral of the story? When in doubt, get out the way.

So yes, this waiting and uncertainty is the pits, and letting our higher-self take control has been sooooo boring...but I promise it will all be well worth it in the end when we are smooth sailing in our new lives.

Physical Happenings

As usual, purification symptoms abound. We are still integrating the energies from the recent eclipse period as well as some new symptoms that are arriving from the influx of the next incoming wave.

The most uncomfortable changes seem to still be taking place from eclipses and are manifesting in the base of the neck/head/shoulder/upper back area with tons of pressure that can feel like your skull bones are fusing together. I actually said in a recent post on the TWYH forum that I felt like Neo being plugged into the new matrix through the base of my skull. The jaw (TMJ), teeth, ears, throat and gums are all healing from this intense download in a major way so you may be having all sorts of related issues in these areas. But that certainly doesn't mean we are relieved of all the other symptoms like heartburn, middle back pain, nausea, intestinal discomfort, siree Bob...they just get piled on top and counted as bonus symptoms.

Also, the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses were challenging all of us at the base levels of financial security and physical safety which kicked up TONS of fear and stress around mortality and financial failure.

You know that stress I am talking about...the kind that keeps your jaws clenched when you're not paying attention and makes everything in life seem impossible. This was evident everywhere and in everyone (even if you don't have financial challenges) during that potent portal period, and the physical body really took a toll. Insomnia, restlessness, jitters, vague anxiety, soreness in muscles, cold sweats, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, etc.

And now we have the lunar energy of the full moon on Sunday coming at us and kicking up increasing levels of anxiety coupled with the solar energy of the Lions gate piercing our pituitary/pineal glands as they attempt to merge in sacred union, so the usual Leo sun sinus/allergy-type symptoms are slowly creeping in.

The pituitary/pineal glands govern a lot of bodily functions and hormones including body temperature and sleep, so this is some unfun stuff....these detox symptoms vary in intensity and can include hay fever type symptoms, feeling really cold, then hot...sometimes with sweating, vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, feeling spaced-out, deep fatigue, sinus congestion & pressure, itchy-watery eyes, sore/dry throat, congested ears, headaches, etc.

If you are challenged by these symptoms (or any others), self-nurturing will obviously still be required as is the need to rest and ground these powerful surges of energy into our lives and bodies for a bit longer.

What's left?

To complete this journey, there is only one thing left that is required of us...full presence in love.

This means that it is beyond crucial that we continue to remain neutral, clear and keep ourselves centered in love each time we feel a spike in earth's electromagnetic field.

The amount of love and fearlessness that we are able hold within our bodies will determine the level we are catapulted to through these remaining portals. This simply means that in order to fly, we must step off the path of known in full faith of the unknown...wings outstretched...and with the absolute knowing that the wind will support our flight.

These next two weeks will collectively bring us to a point of jumping into seas of untold depth where at any given moment we will have two choices: we can get swept up in the undercurrent and fight to stay afloat, or we can relax into the momentum of the swells and body surf those waves with pure excitement as they guide us effortlessly to the shores of our new lives.

In the end, we are all exactly where we need to be and at this stage of the game there is nothing left to DO but BE.

So I guess we'll do what we always do...BE patient.

Until then....

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Lunar to Solar Eclipse-the big push

Solstice Recovery

I don't know about you, but the few days leading up to the solstice, I thought I might spontaneously combust. There was so much energy running through my body that I was positive I would blow a circuit... and if there was a self-destruct button on me, I definitely would have pushed it. From the 19th-21st I was so played-out and genuinely miserable that I found myself day-dreaming about what it would be like to be dead.

I guess I should have been prepared, but naively, I wasn't. It's not that don't know how powerful these gateways & portals are, its that I forget. Every. Single. Time.

But this wave officially left me capsized. Inevitably I started to think...and unfortunately, NOT with my heart. When I was completely overturned, I began to wonder if the indigo in me had become too idealistic??? Worse yet, did I fall prey to, and eat a giant piece of that pie-in-the-sky?

And just when I was starting to stabilize and tuck those weary, exhausted and please-god-let-this-be-over thoughts away in a safe space...BAAAM! A new wave of energy (I think this may have been from that earthquake in Ontario) came creeping around the corner and knocked me back on my haunches in a head-on collision with hell.

To top that off, the upcoming lunar eclipse is hanging over us like a smiling cheshire cat, pulsating with the potential of life-altering change that is just aching to tear into any remaining limitations that we honor.

I mean, seriously...what does the bottom look like?

For those of you unfamiliar with my updates, I really try, but just can't help talking about the ridiculousness of this process and why we agreed to partake in it. I am not trying to be fatuous, this journey just pulls it out of me. And honestly, this shtick is getting just as tired and played-out as I am, but these experiences are so over-the-top and relentless that I find myself facing the same two choices each time I report to you:

1) I can release my frustration with the absurdity of this process through transparency, humor and inanity...or...

2) I can do to YOU what the unseens do to ME...tell you how amazing and revolutionary this whole process is...while you throw tomatoes at my website.

And if you do anyway...well, I TOTALLY get that. (Secretly, I wish I had someone to throw tomatoes at.)

Luckily tho, I hear there may be some things to look forward to, starting with the Lunar Eclipse this week.

The unseens have been chatting a lot about our physical vessels lately...probably because we have all been looking for the eject button...and I think its because the grounding process we have been working through is in fact, a very physical one. (The lower 3 chakras, which are clearing and therefore pushing the hardest right now, are those responsible for balancing our spiritual selves in physical form.)

The Lunar Eclipse

The latest information goes something like this....there is an upcoming partial lunar eclipse happening on June 26th and I am told this eclipse is a great harbinger of hope and healing for humanity (and not a second too soon). Apparently, it represents a demarcation point for those who have completed the reconnection phase as well as for those just beginning their new-human genetic activations.

With it, will most likely come some global upheaval, but as always these will be the impetus to create lasting change.

For those of you connected to and conscious of the energies streaming into the planet, you may be feeling it already, but we can expect a period of unrest that surrounds this lunar event...a feeling of unsettledness, but one that will dissipate as the moon wanes.

The Big Push

There is a timed solar activation (I'm pretty sure they mean from the solstice gateway to the solar eclipse on July 11th) that is triggering a biological purification completion for the path-paver group, and from this period on, as I understand it, we are officially rescinding from this phase of the journey.

"The recent, incoming solar waves carry with them the diagnostic codes required to release humanity from dross. These codes are also responsible for lifting those with elevated light quotients to soul embodiment. As a result, those who have yet to complete the 4 phases of DNA reconnection and activation will begin their journey into wholeness, and those who have completed the DNA reconnection and activation will be catapulted to the realms of oneness." --Pleiadians

Unlike any other activation that we have experienced to date, I am told that this activation is the "big push" and one of "purposeful retreating from the lower realms of physical existence." (I guess the commander-in-chief...aka God...has finally decided to pull the battle weary brigade & first infantry division from the front line. Boy, that didn't take long.)

The most important component of this activation is the reconnection of the 12th strand of DNA (as discussed in the last Galactic Times post), and the physical changes that we will eventually feel will be a direct result of this refusing.

Together, this timed solar activation and the completion of our DNA reconnection is slated to anchor us in zero-point and propel us to physical stabilization.

"In an instant, all disharmonious energies that kept you in a state of dis-ease will be lifted from your energy field and will initiate a deep genetic and cellular mutation."

What we have experienced up until this point has been simultaneous clearings and ongoing physical detoxification for the recalibration of our physical vessels to allow for the body to handle the incoming frequencies of light...but the starbeings are saying that this activation portal is one that is taking us from physical clearing and detoxification to full harmonization with the soul...which they say equals stabilization and physical homeostasis.

"The many years of physical sickness that you have been experiencing resulted from clearing the environmental, genetic & emotional toxicity that you have inherited and acquired. This clearing is experienced as unwellness, but in fact it is the path to wellness. To release yourself from this level of unwellness requires that you rise above the dimensions of physical purification... which is precisely what you are doing through these powerful gateways.

Think of the experiences in your earthly realms that you consider to be miracle healings. These healings take place not because the physical body has been altered to a point of balance, but because the energy field has. This balancing is a result of the harmonious flow of energy running through the physical form uninterrupted by electromagnetic distortions or implants. This is the type of healing that we refer to as quantum, and does not require linear time to be achieved."

Much of this, in fact, is what was reported to us in the 2010 update in January :

"When you arrive fully in 5th dimensional frequencies, that is to say...when you have fully reconnected to your soulular-self from the intensive cycles of physical, mental and emotional purification...your physical body undergoes a radical transformation to enable the full embodiment of higher energies. What was known to many of you as illness or dis-ease can no longer exist in the 5D human form due to the rapid vibration of ascended reality matrices. Those with long-standing impairments or dis-ease due to the accumulation of energetic and/or emotional discord & toxins will be released from lower dimensional suffering as the body "clicks", or settles into, its rightful position."

From Lunar to Solar

Following the lunar eclipse will begin a period of distinct biological mutation as well as a time to make important choices.

...these new channels and neural pathways are being created, activated, and becoming usable for the first time in your new human template ...

I am hearing that this mutation process will be marked by feelings of balance & stability as we effectively pull out of the energies that were initiating and supporting our purification process during the last astrological cycle.

"After these new channels are fully functioning, the new-human form will receive energetic nourishment in ways it never has before. It will receive the dynamic and eternal source of energy that sustains its biology and functions in complete balance. Never have you known this type of wellness, and with it comes incredible capabilities."

For those with the light quotient required to maintain physical equilibrium in the new energies, you will begin to notice a subtle but growing increase in mental & emotional stability and a deeply anchored presence in neutrality, or no-time. This will encourage the physical re-balancing and release of remaining toxins that have been stored in the human genetic blueprint for centuries.

Tapping into this new realm of zero-point consciousness also allows for a deeper level of creativity and with access to new ideas, information & tools so that we can finally see and utilize the many solutions to our long standing life challenges...both individually and collectively.

Our experiences between the lunar and solar eclipse will vary depending on our stage of genetic reconnection, but for many it will be a time to make the permanent switch from depending on external sources for sustenance, to becoming completely self-sustainable and relying on the inner-self to not only survive, but to thrive in the new environment.

Physical Happenings

We are definitely still in between the new and old. On one hand you may continuing to wrap up past details (finances, legal matters, relocation, old business endeavors, relationships,etc), and on the other, your new life is coming more clearly into view...albeit one piece at a time...and patiently waiting for you to make the full transition. Kind of like you moved to a new house but you are still unpacking your boxes and have not quite settled into your new life, met your new neighbors, or figured out where the grocery store is. Flashes of new opportunities may be popping up on your new landscape & you may be feeling intense pressure to get a lot of things done (so much to do, so little time), however, we can't quite move fully forward with one foot still in the old world.

This will change soon and we will be supported to embark upon those journeys that we have dreamed about for years, but not until the integration is complete and we are completely cut loose from the past.

And the same energy of the eclipse period that is restructuring our outer life to match our inner being to become self-sustainable, is also happening on a biological level. As we cut each cord completely from our past, our biology shifts...or align with our future. We are becoming self-contained energy pods capable of re-energizing ourselves from our core source of power.

Physical Symptoms

The symptom list is a long one this time around, so I will offer a truncated version of the most disturbing: We are still clearing the physical, base-level chakras, so there is lots of discomfort to be found down there...urogential discomfort, frequent urination & elimination, intestinal distress and cramping, BLOATING, extreme lower back back pain, soreness and vulnerability, sore legs and feet.

There is also a lot of energy running down our antennas (spine) which is causing anxiety, restlessness, disconnection, back pain, spine soreness from neck and shoulders to tailbone, flue-like aches all over, profuse sweating & chills, inability to get and stay warm, night sweats, in addition to heart palpitations, crown buzzing, pulling & vibrating, ocular (3d eye) headaches & migraines, burning/itchy/watery eyes, indigestion and nausea, ravenous hunger bouts, then indifference to food, sore throats & ear aches, deep unreasonable fatigue, insomnia, etc.

There is also more inter-dimensional access so you may be noticing lots of psychic activity, visible beings and energies, lights and orbs, and even time-line bleed thrus, etc. This has increased since May and is a solid indication of the increase in your rate of vibration.

I could go on and on with this list, but the bottom line is we are shaking off lots of old energy on every level of our being and as always this requires a period of adjustment which equals discomfort.

The Pleiadians say that right now its very important to not keep this energy stuck or contained within the body...we do this by worrying or getting attached to the process. To ease the discomfort they say to visualize the energy running thru you and into the earth continuously when you are downloading massive currents. And if it gets really unbearable, it will help to move your body so the energy can move on out and bring relief.

The most important thing to remember is that detoxing is hard work and most of it is try to stay out of fear whenever you are taken over by a healing crisis as this will allow for the energy to pass thru you much more rapidly. These god-awful days always pass and are now passing VERY quickly, so be sure to stay in your center and... instead of dreading these inevitable changes, try to look forward to them : ))

(NOTE: That may have warranted a tomato toss ; ))

Happy Eclipse(s)!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Running Out of Time

Just a mini-update to check in with anybody who may be feeling like June is no better, or possibly much worse than, May....

As mentioned in the last energy update, June is a major gateway amalgamation of both new and old it can feel pretty tumultuous with regard to extremes. I am hearing that the entire month will be like this...especially with the eclipse period approaching...sort of toggling between feeling all "new-earthy" and completely awful.

Of course, nothing I or anyone can say will take away the discomfort of the healing we all have to go through to get to the other side, but if we can expect that there will still be some "rough" days as we inch into more of the "smooth" ones, at the very least this perspective shift can ease your mind which is always searching for answers when we feel thrown off balance.

Physical Happenings

On a physical level, things are simultaneously getting better and worse...meaning, as our new lives get closer and closer in the physical (and as the energies intensify into a cosmic crescendo), the more physical toxins we must realease to accept and allow these new creations into our lives and bodies. Which can amount to feeling connected and "there" one minute and down-and-out the next. Like an inflatable punching bag, we get nailed with a blast of cleansing energy and then we suddenly bounce back up and prepare to be clobbered again.

The physical (grounding) chakra cleansings have been feeling pretty dramatic and intense because we are more grounded in our bodies than ever before which means we are feeling things more than ever before. We are also right now clearing those issues/dis-eases/e-motions that have been with us and stuck in our cellular memories the longest. It's helpful to remember that in healing, that which has been with us the longest is the last to heal, so if you are feeling deflated, depleted of hope, or just plain fed-up with it all, know that you are right on track as we are all being pushed through this deep cosmic rinse cycle.

Looking up

On the positive side, we are aligning with our true purpose as never before and literally running out of the "old time framework" that we used to live/create by. This means that suddenly, everything we do has to be fully conscious because the result, the backlash, will be immediate. Each and every time we step outside of our integrity now, we will feel it pretty quickly, so its important to continue to align with and make decisions that honor the highest good and avoid all decisions made from a place of lack and/or fear.

So far this month there is also more energy (especially mental energy) available to us for productivity with regard to our new paradigm creations (well, that is on those days we are not flat on our backs with detox symptoms)....but we are also running out of time/energy for the completion of old stuff.

The gauge for this is to notice how little energy and ability you have left to deal with the dense/heavy old-world creations that we are still working to dismantle and reassemble or release themselves completely. (This can be with regard to old relationships, residences, jobs, businesses, legal/ financial matters, etc.)

Because we are so finely tuned to universal energy now, for the most part we can only accomplish that which is supported by the universal cycles...which means, you may find that the tedious paperwork sitting on your desk for months, and in need of resolution, just won't go away. And unfortunately it won't, unless you take care of it. Luckily, we still have 5 or 10 minutes left of supportive energy for past creations available to us to wrap things up.

This wrapping up energy/support will continue to dwindle as we work our way into July, so try to jump on those rare moments when you feel "able" to call your lawyer or accountant. You will be so happy you did because come July, you will want to spend all of your time/energy playing in the new fields of potential.

Action Call

I am hearing that this new moon to the solstice period is the "action" call for the pioneers and wayshowers to launch the implementation phase of our new level creations. With it comes a new pace, new information and new creative energies which will attract many new opportunities and situations that we have been waiting on for a long time.

The confusing part is still in the healing. You may be thinking..."how in God's holy name could I possibly keep up with all the new level inspirations and opportunities coming my way while feeling like THIS?"

And the answer can't...from this point in time/space. Luckily we are being catapulted to a new, higher point outside of time & space where healing is not linear, but quantum. Think of those days we have crawling around in agony when suddenly a thunderstorm comes, resets the grid, and we shift back to neutral without the faintest memory of how sick we were 20 minutes prior. This is how fast we respond to zero-point, or scalar wave frequencies.

Whereas we are obviously being propelled into motion with this all-star celestial line-up, we still have those days when we feel like the universe is mopping the floor with our it makes sense that we are not yet completely convinced that all of our life's circumstances...including our health... will come together and tie-up in a neat little bow. Some days...with intense symptoms...this path seems very FAR from over, so the challenge will be in containing those days of excitement and fiery passion that are building inside of us with a pace that our bodies can handle while we finish up this unbelievably long and complex purification period.

Stepping into the Flow

The new tide is beginning to flood into the lives of those in position with the new time-line and is manifesting as sudden bursts of clarity & creative insight, excitement for a new level phase of sharing our gifts with the world, and new opportunities very aligned with our future intentions... followed by brief periods of integration and decision making.

Remember, energy just IS, it doesn't respond to negative or positive so this fast moving energy means things could soon could get overwhelming as the universe dumps so much new information for us to sort through. Overall, things will be much easier to handle if the past is completely cleared much as possible anyway.

It's like we have one foot in the flow of all good things, but one foot stuck in the mud which can create feelings of being pulled at both ends. This is actually a opportunity to taste the new and rev our engines, which gives us the very needed fuel to finish out the end of a really played-out and challenging era.

New Moon to Solstice

And if I am understanding things correctly, as of today's new moon, the integration periods of decision-making will also begin to shorten as we are taken through a whole new realm of choices. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly more important to know what you want, but even more importantly, to know what you don't want so you don't waste any time trying to create with expired resources.

Overall, those things with a stable foundation based in love and that still feel good to you...whatever is left after years & years of purifying....are those things that you will be taking with you to your new life. Everything else will be sand-blasted by these new energies (hopefully along with our fluctuating fat suits) leaving you purified, self-contained and energetically sustainable.

This sand-blasting process is intense, can hurt, and at times is REALLY confusing...and even a little when the ride gets bumpy, just keep in mind that you are only being buffed and polished for the emergence of the YOUniversal YOU and in preparation for your re-birthday!

Incidentally, do you know what your wish will be when you blow out your candles?

I know mine...and you probably know mine too.

My re-birthday wish will be to see my ankles again.

Keep on trucking...

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Have you played THE GAME???

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

WARNING: This post is rated PG (Personal Guidance) by the Light-Worker Association of America. Some content may not be deemed suitable for many woo-woos, cloud-jumpers & self-proclaimed love-n-lighters. Personal Guidance is strongly Suggested. Contains: cutting sarcasm, brutal honesty & brief scenes of non-sugar-coated content.

Surviving May

I don't have many words for the month of May, other than to say...up-yours.

Though the beginning of the month teased us with a short burst of creativity and connection, the last three weeks were like trying to kayak in quicksand. At any given moment we were given two choices: 1) to keep paddling, knowing quite well we were going NOwhere... OR ...2) get out of the kayak, sink and suffocate.

May was masochistically forcing us to stabilize in these increasingly volatile energies by helping us to deeply a visceral based way.... that we definitely could not bail-out of the work we signed up for while being barraged with any remaining fears we were hanging on to so we could effectively move on into the action-packed pace of the upcoming summer months (in the northern hemisphere).

It was, quite literally, a month of left-right punches every single time we stepped out of neutrality. If we even attempted to waddle to the extremes, voluntarily tasting the bitterness of duality one last time, we were given a swift universal upper-cut to remind us that we are no longer treading those polarized waters.

Translation: we were given many opportunities to transcend duality, to merge with the infinite in our pursuit of higher consciousness. These opportunities were laced with the temptations to venture back into the old ways of being and feeling and yet if/when we did, we were met with an overwhelmingly oppressive force of opposition.

In other words, there really is no choice left but to move forward at this stage of the game...but all month long we were definitely baited into thinking that we had a choice (sike) just so we felt "in control" of our process. As if.

Last month was crafty, cruel and insidious. And thankfully, its over...but now we all need a shot and a prozac to deal with the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that accompanies these clearing cycles.

New ground

On the eve of June 1st...the first day out of that horrid month of May... and right before drifting off into insomnia land, I noticed quite a bit of ether-chatter penetrating my desperately-trying-to-be-still mind. "We have so much to share with you!" is what I was attempting to ignore in pursuit of a decent night's sleep... but as always, I just couldn't resist the ol' hook-n-reel.

My hope was that the invisibles were just as delighted to be out of May as we are and wanted to let us know just how ridiculous the month had actually been. But probably not. They are way less jaded than those of us trapped in these inflated flesh suits and chained to this particular point in time & space. As a result, they are always bursting through that very thin veil with relentless optimism.

But they did have some valid and enticing points...namely, that we just may be (finally) climbing out of that ridiculous rabbit hole, just as many of us have been feeling, expecting and anticipating the last few torturous months.

Could it be?

Well, they are asking US to decide. They say that we are walking on new ground but they want to know if WE feel it...if we feel the difference in our mental and emotional stability? If we can suddenly feel a greater distance between peaceful centeredness and the lower dimensions of chaos and fear.

I know for myself, the lower thought forms that used to torment and chase me around... up until this past Monday... are suddenly faded out and seem very far away. I mean, I can summons them if I really want to, but the distance is great enough that I don't feel I need constant protection and shielding. This is really good sign.

Literally, as of the first day of June, you may have started feeling a general sense of calm, especially in comparison to May, but also a feeling like everything is finally in place, with a sudden side-dish of focused productivity.

Last month catapulted us into a new world, a new reality, new level of being and a new framework by which to operate. This month, many of us we will climb out of the hole and get our feet firmly planted on new ground. We may look at our familiar surroundings, but with feelings of unfamiliarity. Surely we entered the rabbit hole in the same location we are exiting... but nothing is, or ever will be, the same.

The new space by which we now inhabit has many portals to grand opportunities. Akin to a maze, I am being shown that we will be exploring many twists and turns and the accompanying excitement that comes with surprises and new beginnings around every corner. There is so much to be uncovered in this new space, and each of us with the light quotient required to access these portals of potential are beginning to realize our long-held dreams...and more!

Staying in Love

Though June promises many life-altering changes, it is still a month of transition and the good ol' foot in both worlds scenario. The 5D connections are increasing in length & depth... as is our focus and connection to creativity... however, we are still grounding, stabilizing and finishing up many physical changes.

It will therefore be another month of maintaining the balancing act, but with so much celestial support and many powerful astrological alignments, we will have WAY more connection and ability to move forward than last month (hopefully with milder symptoms), deeper integration of authenticity and even sudden blasts of new information/inspiration that will take us further into the making of our dreams as the next steps reveal themselves.

I am seeing June as an important segue between May and July. May was all about severing ties and separating ourselves from any and all cords binding us to 3d...July is about immersing ourselves completely in our new lives and ventures...and June is kind of like a gateway month, an amalgamation of both energies.

There will most likely be a visible split between realities (on a personal and collective level)...a balance of wrapping up past details while at the same time negotiating all those new ideas, opportunities, and projects that will be part of our new lives. There will also be clashing and erupting of outworn cycles and thinking for those still on their way down the rabbit hole, so anchoring in your center-point and staying in love will be very helpful.

Speaking of falling deeper down the rabbit hole, a very common question I receive often from many of you is..."how do I know where I am with regard to this universal process?" ...and the best way I can answer that is to say that climbing out of the hole should feel like the next "logical" should just make plain sense on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

On a psycho-spiritual level you should feel like there is nothing left to uncover, that all options have been exhausted and no stone has been left unturned. You would have faced every fear at least 14,000 times, left behind all of your be-lie-fs and delusions, become completely simplified & transparent, healed all relationships...especially with yourself...and feel so burned out that nothing can really faze you anymore. You basically would have been boiled down to your authenticity, comfortable with yourself in all ways and to the point that you could care less about most things.

In other words, your ego will have been pulverized by your higher self and beaten into a proverbial pulp where you arrive at complete surrender to what is. In fact, you should be void of resistance on all levels (mostly from exhaustion) and able to go with the flow feeling supported and in faith of your highest good.

On a physical level, you should see things wrapping up and finalizing in your life (endings you have been diligently working toward) and should have at least a vague idea of whats next for you...even if this means spiritual retirement or a time of PLAY...but for many this will be a time of birthing new creations, forming new partnerships, starting new jobs and/or businesses, moving to new geographic locations, all of the above, etc...and for the most part you could have been working toward and planning for this in a physical way for a long time while stringing along the slow-moving pieces to your overall cosmic puzzle.

For the bridgers, your next-level creations should be about to birth in the physical world, or maybe even birthed already, and there is most likely some form of visible understanding of how this will play out for least in part. At the very least, the skeleton of your contributions will have been created and waiting for universal support to fill in the "how", but you may have all of the connections, partners, and systems in place and ready to move forward with the incoming tide.

Most are somewhere in the middle.

Physical Happenings

My definition of miracles has certainly changed. With all this lower chakra cleansing, a miracle to me now is being able to sleep two hours without getting up to pee. Late April and all of May (coupled with a visit to webMD) had me completely convinced that I have prostatitis, when in fact we are just dumping and eliminating toxins.

Seriously people...we are kicking up so much debris in the lower three (physical based) chakras that it can be confusing, disconcerting and frightening at times....which is partly the point since we are releasing lots of fear-based realities of survival and thwarted expressions of creation.

Many of us have been living in a state of constant healing crisis since 2001, yet each time we go thru one, its so easy to be convinced that we are actually getting sicker, when really we are healing. It's such a mind game. To me, there is not much difference between healing and sickness since they both suck, so it's a constant struggle to determine which way I'm headed. To eliminate this confusion, I just chalk everything up to healing and get out of my way. This has saved me dozens of times.

The most intense symptoms the last 6 weeks or so have been pouring out from the 1st and 2nd chakras as we physically bolt ourselves into the new earth. This means we're still clearing our intestinal & urogenital systems and this can be quite uncomfortable. Bloating, urgency, frequent elimination, lower back pain, lower abdominal cramping, menstrual irregularities, yeast flare ups, kidney soreness, leg pain & numbness, feet pain & numbness, feeling heavy from the waist down, etc.

The heart center, our new earth communication devices, are still expanding, adjusting and preparing for the full expression of our authentic selves (throat center) which is creating the usual heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux, pain behind the heart (middle of back), bronchitis, shortness of breath, palpitations, increased heart rate, and throat clearings (sore throat, earache, neck stiffness/aching, etc.)

We are also burning off lots of old energies/connections/realities in dreamtime which can create bouts of insomnia/restless sleeps coupled with deep/far away sleeps where we wake up confused and soaking wet from night sweats. Those are my favorite.

But on the positive side you may be finally climbing out of that depressive/fatigued funk you were in, starting to feel some joy/peace/love...or finding the ability to create again. If not, you will soon. Overall, we will be able to accomplish many more physical things this month as compared to last.

Depending on where you are on your journey, these symptoms will begin lessening and fading out for some, increasing in intensity for others. For those that are finishing up the reconnection and rewiring phase (those leading the new timeline), I am hearing that we will still be physically balancing and adjusting for much of the month of June, but apparently will stabilize around the solstice/eclipse portals. As always, we will know more as we get closer.

All in all, be sure to give yourself and each other a big pat on the back for making it thru one of the most difficult and challenging months of the journey.

You warriors have some hard core staying power...

still kickin',

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Breaking Free or Cutting Loose?

Breaking Free

How's your May been so far? Anything like you expected? Well, that is, assuming you have any expectations left in this process.

If May is a messy month that you just can't figure out how to clean up, then welcome to the misery of "breaking" free!

We are in the process of literally...and in some ways, suddenly... breaking off from our old selves & lives, dismantling the remaining outworn vestiges of our past and with seemingly no support to fix anything...shocker.

If this is happening for you, if the bottom is falling out of your life and you see/feel/know of no way to fix what's broken, no supports are always on the back end of the dismantling process, but first we are forced to sit still one final time and take solid inventory of our lives and wants, all that needs to go, and all that needs upgrading.

In other words...this is IT...the last hurrah from this insane cycle to deal with, face, release, and break free from our mis-created goo before a new cycle of creation begins.

I am hearing that the most important thing to consider during this time is: "What do I want for my new life?"

Now, granted we have been pondering, imagining, speculating and contemplating these desires for a decade however, at this time...from mid-May until July...we need to revise our desires one last time to be sure they are the absolute highest version of what we want as we begin to take the logical steps to creating and implementing them in physical form over the next several years.

This breaking free business has been no joke this month...especially with all the grounded and earthy celestial support, much in our physical lives is undergoing radical and rapid transformation.

On a personal level, I will share how these "wrapping-up" energies are manifesting in my own life:

Since the beginning of May my push lawnmower died; my riding lawnmower exploded; the bottom of my Jetta fell off on a highway; my brand new computer...that many of you helped me to purchase! needs repair; a class action suit for my car just arrived requiring me to replace the carpet & padding (at my upfront cost) before July so I can file a claim to get reimbursed; I received a loan modification settlement for my home which is in the negotiation stages; my student loans just came out of forbearance after 15 years of deferment, and then I got summonsed for jury duty for the last 2 weeks in May during what was going to be the launch period of my brand new website that I have been working on for 2+ years...(more on that coming soon!)

All this piled high on top of that giant Nagasaki-like dirt pit I call a yard from the broken water pipe disaster that I wrote about this past winter...see photo for effect:

So yeah, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to "fix", tend to and pay for without knowing what's next on the horizon or how we will make it happen, but keep in mind that endings & beginnings happen simultaneously.

Luckily, life is a upward spiral of evolution...which means each time we come full circle we are not only at the end, but at the beginning again. Only glitch in this system is that the end arrives first.

So like the rest of you out there hanging on by a thread, and swimming in seas of uncertainty...I too must patiently? wait with detachment. And not by me, I fight the urge to "make things happen" daily...but until support arrives, there really is just no point. In the meantime, we just have to hang on, stay focused on our new creations until they manifest, and manage the chaos.

Luckily, for most of you reading this, we have mastered the art of "waiting" and "watching" our own lives crumble beneath us, so this is getting to be old-hat.

And just to be clear here...its not as if we are waiting for any THING to happen, we are waiting for universal and energetic alignment and support in the form of inspiration, clarity, motivation, ease, grace, opportunities, etc....all those things that come TO us in the natural flow of forward movement as opposed to reaching out and forcing things to happen.

I think Francis Lucille said it best: All effort is ignorance.

The reason so much is crumbling at once, is because it's crunch time! Some major planets are switching some major gears, so anything unresolved that needs our attention will be rapidly surfacing until late June so we can tend to all practical details and tie up loose ends. And know too that it doesn't let up until we've resolved it all...the last week of May the pace will increase even more prompting us to clear the clutter for the incoming wave of new energies from the new celestial cycle before us (Late May-early June) where we take our first solid steps in our brand new lives.

Cutting Loose

If you are not currently breaking free (or down) there is another scenario present that you may be experiencing...similar to breaking free, I call this one "cutting loose". The difference between the two is that cutting loose is more of a feeling of being dangled over a river of rapids with nothing to grab onto and no one to assist you. It is a feeling of "this life is over" ...but now what?

In this situation, your endings are clearly here or in sight, but your beginnings are NOWHERE to be found... and if they are, you have NO IDEA how to get from here to there. You may have quit your job, for example, or sold your home or business, or left a relationship, but with no connection to whats to come. You may be left hanging in thin air with no vision, no inspiration, no money, no home and worst of all, no intuitive foresight. Just a random act of faith that defies all logic and might even have you questioning your sanity or if you've done something wrong or missed a sign with regard to following your heart.

You may be thinking: "I did all this work to end up HERE?"

If you are in this space, know that you are right on track...we all are. We are simply cutting all chords connecting us to the lower dimensional reality matrices (our old life) and once we wrap up all the details of our past, we are poised and in position for our next level creations.

We were baited here for many years by that dangling carrot we relentlessly chased in pursuit of what we deeply know to be transpiring, yet with out any physical proof. Now that we're here, the carrot is gone...but unfortunately, so is everything else...including our past & future which makes us floaters with an inability to move in any direction...that is, until we learn how to fly.

We have purified on so many levels of our being that any excess time spent in the past or future can derail us...and we have become so present-focused that the past & future are like figments of our imagination. The only thing that sucks about this is that the present still sucks...but not for long. The incredible feeling of lightness and freedom from being severed from the old timeline is just about ready to blow our minds.

Over and again I am hearing that we are literally straddling our soul transition...we are at the end of a MAJOR celestial cycle and at the beginning of our new lives...and that the the changing of tides, the shifting of universal cycles is not just available for those who are anticipating & conscious of them, but for all of earths inhabitants.


One thing that has been nearly impossible to maintain the last few weeks is b a l a n c e. The energies are increasing and fluctuating so rapidly that finding and keeping your center may have been a serious challenge. Just when you think you're stabilized, something new comes along and knocks you off your center again. Luckily, this seems to have let up a bit for the time being.

When the energy kicks up like this it is SO important to protect your energy field by remaining neutral to external events & toxins (detachment) and maintaining strong boundaries through presence. Lower energies that seep into the field of a highly purified (open hearted) soul can feel very violent and damaging since they vibrate so much lower than our natural state of being. These lower thought forms and lodged reality constructs that get lifted during major downloads are a starseeds' proverbial kryptonite...they can quite literally suck the life-force out of you and bring you to your knees in an instant.

As we complete our grounding and reconnection we will become much more stabilized and resilient to these energies, but in the meantime, be sure to seek refuge in nature, love, laughter, creativity, or anything that can keep you present-focused until the storm passes and the dust settles.

What Now?

We are at a major crossroads...a turning point in our lives. We are still emerging in our full authenticity, but pushing through to the other side and preparing to enter a brand new cycle of physical creation which will build the framework for the new earth.

Chunks of the new are definitely arriving and even if we can't yet see how they will fit together or feel our way to the other side, we can or will soon see the physical and logical steps that we need to make to get there. And this is just the beginning, the known changes we have worked for...we haven't even touched on the quantum breakthroughs and unknown opportunities that are soon to blast open our next level adventures!

Our new directions will become clearer in the next several weeks and as we turn the corner many long-awaited changes will begin to click perfectly into place. Now that we have all but fully aligned with the rhythm of the universe, we will begin to live our lives as the fulcrum of presence and perfect timing ensuring that each choice is of the highest. This new state of being and creation will enable us to finally make the physical changes necessary to create the outer version of our inner visions.

What Next?

Moving ourselves out of the past and into the future will be the focus of the next 6 weeks.

For the remainder of May and into June we will be continuing to wrap up the old and leaving much of our past behind. If we are successful in tying up all loose ends, then the beginning of June offers us the ability to step into a whole new reality. This transition may be swift, unusual or unexpected for some but the end result will be total alignment with our authentic selves in an authentic life.

The next leg of the journey is about bringing our fully integrated & karmic-free selves into the world at large.

As stated in past articles, there are also those who will be retiring from service all together...these souls will be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls and it will be for this group to now bask in the playfullness of life. These souls know well who they are and I am being told that you are "no longer required to uphold the energy pillars of new earth".

We would also like to mention that those who held the mission to create forcefields of electromagnetic energy around certain geographic locations on the planet will be set free to utilize their higher gifts of creation. No longer is it required to uphold your service to the planet in this way, the next wave of energy workers will be stepping in to fulfill these roles.

And for those who had contracts to serve as the warrior brigade, you are now turning over your roles to a new wave of warriors. These new warriors however, will be stationed in the physical world. There is no longer a need for the silence that the first wave of warriors held to...a time of great action draws nigh. -Pleiaidans

Physical Happenings

In addition to the usual aches and pains and HOLY NIGHT SWEATS, we are clearing out a lot of gunk from our lower (1st & 2nd) chakras. This can mean a lot of LOWER BACK PAIN, leg aches & joint weakness, intestinal & urogenital flare-ups and clearings (IBS, candida, parasites, colitis, Crohns, UTI's, kidney stones, bladder & yeast infections, etc.) These are coming up and out to be healed as our lightbodies "touch down" into the most physical parts of our lives. These imbalances will not "go away" until we have purified, integrated and grounded into our full physical form...which is what many are completing now.

On a bioenergetic level, what is happening now is the finalization of the switch over from carbon to crystalline... electromagnetic to scalar. This month and into the June Solstice/eclipse period, you are completing the reconnection to enable these (scalar) energies to fully activate in your auric fields. Those with the light quotient required for full activation will be harnessing the potentials within these scalar wave frequencies and beginning to apply them in the outer world. -Pleiadians

On an emotional level, we are clearing truck loads of fear which is what triggers the release of these deeply embedded cellular memories, dis-ease & imbalances within our physical bodies. Lots of anxiety and feelings of restlessness or unease have been hanging around as well as erratic sleeping patterns, fatigue, lack of motivation/inspiration & general feelings of disconnection, and even depression. We should begin to feel a lift in these energies momentarily.

See you next month!


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Thursday, April 15, 2010
The Final Stages of Grounding: life thru new eyes

The Gift of Grounding

Since the last update, we are definitely still grounding, grounding, grounding. Ouch.

We are basically being drilled into the earth...hence all the unbelievable leg, back & neck pains... while experiencing earth activations and the opening of major chakras and higher octaves of universal intelligence...all of which is providing us with the option to openly reveal our true nature as fully integrated beings of love.

Roughly speaking, in the space of time provided for the finalization of these major activations, many of us will be presented with swift and grand opportunities to align with our next level creations and share our gifts and expertise with the world.

In the mere moments ahead... mainly the time cycle that is presenting itself through the remainder of this sacred season of completion (from the equinox until the summer solstice)...those with contracts to serve the higher good in physical ways are quickening and beginning to put their newly acquired universal intelligence into tangible form.

From this perspective, those who have had limited access to the earthly dimensions, the grounded energies and applications needed to live a fulfilling life, will be once again in the throes of great earthly support and forward movement.

New Earth Rules of Conduct

There is a celestial timeline of completion rapidly approaching that will sever all energetic ties to the lower dimensional field matrices for those who have completed their "inner" work. These souls will be freed from disharmonious energies and aligned with the source of greater potential to apply their "inner" work to the "outer" world.

Those who have completed the journey into oneness ... the forerunners in ascended consciousness...will not necessarily be provided with "rules of conduct" for new earth living, however. (mostly because we make this part up) This is notable because for those of you who have completed the "work", honored your personal evolution and the sacred laws of creation, you will be progressing at speeds and levels previously unknown to the human experience. In fact, this quickening process may have already begun for you.

I am hearing that this information is not to warn or discourage us from forward movement, but to make us aware of how effortlessly and fast energy works in alignment with "right timing" and without karmic resistance in the upper realms of human consciousness. This fast moving energy is the energy of a fully reconnected being. Pretty exciting stuff....well, except for all those lingering physical symptoms....

Creative Surges

The next level of creation...the physical manifestation what we have been tirelessly working toward for so so so freaking long. It is the proverbial reaping of our meticulously cultivated crops. This stage of creation will be an acute reflection of the mastery that we honed through relentless hardship and in many ways, will feel like the next logical step on your journey. This phase gives us the key to unlock the gates to the ripening fruits of all our divine labors.

There are many opportunities beginning to surface for us to explore new potentials in physcial form... a plethora of new ideas will be gifted to those tapped into the new matrix and through the reunion of soul family, these ideas will begin to quickly materialize in astonishing ways.

All this information coming at us can be a bit overwhelming if you are in tune with these surges of creativity. They can come on sudden and strong, so you may find it helpful to rely on the earthy energies surrounding us at this time to keep balanced and at peace with these tidal waves of new and exciting ideas. For the next few weeks there will literally be a multitude of creative endeavors swimming in the hearts and minds of awakened souls everywhere. These ideas will inevitably bring the physical framework and new earth structures into full form and it will be the first wave of partcipating souls who will have the role of relaying these concepts to the world for the next act in this r-evolutionary play.

The Script-less Play

Each of us has a unique part in this divine play, but the beauty in its creation comes from our ability to write it as we live it...real time creation. This is because there is nothing in place rules, no guidelines, no structure, no format...only the fluid fields of creative potential waiting to manifest through us, into form.

The pioneers who will lay the laws of this new land...the purified vessels of Source creation...are the first to have access to it and are arriving now to announce and proclaim our individual visions of this beautiful new earth. As each of us applies our individualized vision of perfection in this fertile soil, we will be awestruck at the rate and ease by which things grow.

What Now?

Right now we are finishing up a particularly arduous and physically painful cycle of grounding and detox, and while learning how to master the application of our new perceptions in the physical world. Everything now is about bringing our point of perceptual awareness to the physical realms of creation and learning how our expanded potential fits into our cellular form.

This new framework by which we are learning to operate is familiar, yet new...operational, yet dormant...mundane, yet other-wordly. It is the juxtaposition of these energies that are now merging into one...where spirit meets matter... with the sobering realization that we have come full-circle and that nothing, yet everything, has changed. Our outward life may or may not look the same, but suddenly the eyes we are looking thru are not.

This grounding business is almost like waking from a dream by which we were removed from reality and tortured for a decade and then popped back into our life again to make sense of it all. It can be confusing, foreign and may be wondering "where you have been" and "why you were even on this journey" as you look around you with no connection to what is your so-called-life.

Undoubtedly, life is growing increasingly more surreal by the moment...very Truman-show-esque...but this will pass as we settle into ourselves fully. During the early stages of awakening we are deliberately removed from life-as-usual as all of our energy is focused on developing the upper energy centers, expanding our consciousness and developing our higher aspects.

As we complete the reconnection phase we drop back down into our lives and bodies and begin to work within the physical dimensions again...albeit with our new and expanded sense of self. This is why it may seem that we are waking from a dream because tho we were on the earth during the last several years, we were not fully participating in it.

It will definitely take some acclimating to understand how all of our inner-schooling will apply to the outer-world, right now we just need to take one step at a time and help our still-morphing-bods to catch up. As we begin to practice using our authentic selves in our daily living, things will get interesting...for sure. We will realize that we bump up against familiar situtions, people and places...but with a new way of seeing, being and experiencing. We will notice a significant increase in confidence, a surety we haven't had in a VERY long time...or ever.

As we climb back into these changing bodies we are starting to see the magnitude of what we have accomplished...mainly because we finally have a context for it now that we can relate to the outside world. In fact, we are beginning to see this whole remembering-our-divinity game as more real and as a result, those around us will now begin to respond to us in different ways.

Because we are becoming more certain and assured of who we are, where we've been and where we are going, we will now have a greater impact and believability as the masters we truly are. In other words, we are beginning to really SEE, understand & know ourselves...the whole of who we are...for the first time. This new clarity is also enabling us to understand more fully how others see and relate to us...whereas for the last several years, we were so immersed in the process, we couldn't see outside of it.

Practically Speaking

We are at a major crossroads...a turning point...and literally bumping elbows with our new lives. Many of us are about to take a serious step in the direction of our long held dreams and heartfelt desires...and once we do, there will be no turning back to the life we knew. Amen to that.

This means a lot of "spring cleaning" and practical, down to earth biz...a time to bring old projects to completion and to hone new projects to perfection. It is also a time to harness the multitude of incoming ideas and information (at the very least, write them down) for our new beginnings and the start of a brand new life. A time of review is also upon us with Mercury going retrograde on the 17th and will best be put to use thru reorganizing and restructuring our foundations once more before building the new framework upon it.

We are being completely supported to create a radically different life for that is based on the full integration of our authenticity, but very grounded in earthly structure with the blessing of the divine masculine energy here now to support the free-flowing energy of the divine feminine that we have been nursing for so long.

Renaissance Revival

Those who will be utilizing the new earth freqeucny codes for the purposes of enjoying a better way to live will be those who are providing others with the inspiration, scope and understanding of whats possible as a whole and integrated being. We are not only approaching a time of inspired work, but a time of inspired play...a time to make life beautiful and fun again...a time to resort to our childish ways of playfulness, imaginative creativity and to induldge in the deeply physical and sensual pleasures of life.

Beginning at the end of April... and in light of our renewed physical desires... there will be strong celestial support for beauty and healing. Akin to a modern Renaissance period we will begin to witness new levels and highly inspired creations of art, architecture, music and even some creative sciences at the fore.

We are being supported to integrate new systems that support uninhibited creation, love and beauty, reconnecting with our bodies again, and working from the sacred connection between spirit & matter...a time to honor our own finally and fully create a beautiful and abundant life here on earth.

In addition to all this feel-good stuff, many new gifts of our multidimensional aspects are beginning to pop through, and in some cases are taking us to greater levels of expertise in our known field or talents. These gifts may come as a complete surprise, or may be a part of you that you were vaguely in tune with...either way, they are now surfacing for us to fully explore and share.

What Next?

Planetarily and numerologically speaking... if April is all about stillness & inner exploration, then May will be about stepping further into action. Our inner renewal process will wind-up (after Mercury goes direct) and our outer transformations will begin to solidify...maybe even through the ability to adhere to a routine!...remember what that is?

We will continue to have access to really supportive earth energy that is grounding, stable and practical and we should be able to move into a new life-rhythm with greater ease. The new moon last night was a potent (and really painful) blast of energy that is literally pushing us on our new path. This energy can be felt in every cell of our bodies and is restructuring our daily lives on fundamental levels, helping us to create new balanced systems for living...both personally and collectively.

From now until July we will have the opportunity and support to continue tying up our loose ends, finish up our healing, resolve any unresolved personal issues and while simultaneously launching the first phase of our new-level lives and creations.

Physical Symptoms

See the last 100 energy updates.

In Closing

The unseens are hammering two things in my brain:

1) A great divide will soon be very noticeable in the world and those who are activated and cleared are beginning to hold a very bright light for newly awakening souls.
2) This cycle we are entering is a time of great power... but also great responsibility. Those with pure hearts and minds will feel driven in ways that will uplift and inspire large masses of people during the continuation of great planetary dismantling. It is their wish that those with the gifts of ascended earth use them wisely and consciously to prepare the foundation of a new society based in love, sovereignty and with strong structures of support for the many who will need it. those taxes : ((

With Love,

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Friday, March 26, 2010
Letting Go of Our Ascension Story

The Ascension Story

So by now we know that there are two ways to ascend beyond duality consciousness: thru physical death or through physical upgrades.

The latter, by which we have termed physical, or biological "ascension", is not foolproof by any means, yet it is the most highly supported and regarded endeavor at this time of rapid evolution. And those who have chosen this route to higher consciousness are the frontiersmen, the pioneers who have founded a new world...a new perceptual reality... and are preparing to share in the untouched bounty of its limitless abundance.

The final trek was a steep, slippery slope. Some weren't able to hold on thru the recent blast of equinoctial energy, but those who did...those who led the brigade to its vibrational destination..are no doubt tired as hell, worn out, and battle-weary. Yet, it is also this group who has mastered the ability to steer clear of illusion, even in the final hour, and hold tight to the mast thru the punishing winds each time the seas get turbulent. It's these brave souls who have taken the hardest hits, faced the harshest elements, weathered many unbearable storms and as a result, it is these souls who are finally stepping into retirement.

The end of this soul-contract is not like retirement in earthly terms, more like a feeling of indescribable accomplishment and far reaching new beginnings... a time of graduating from spiritual warrior to earth master....from carbon to crystalline....from polar to scalar...from linear time to unified NOW time.

Transcending Time & Space

I have been hearing that the solar gateway of the 2010 vernal equinox...within the sixth night of the galactic wave movement... is providing us with the opportunity to enter into timelessness. This means that those empty vessels who have released the burdens of duality are now in the process of transcending time & space and preparing to operate within the compressed fields of zero-point energy, or unidimensionality.

Unidimensionality is used here to describe a unilateral point outside of time and is the result of merging into completeness thru collapsing timelines and operating from the perspective of ONE.

The Next Phase

The next act in this ascension play is all about the outward expressions of our internal rewiring. It is the phase by which we get to apply our knowledge and workings of energy in physical form. This part of the journey duly requires that we access the fields of pure potentiality, also known as scalar wave energies, to procure the blissful results that we have been working for years (and lifetimes!) to manifest.

The Vernal equinox was a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity and played a significant part in restructuring the entire earth and cosmos . The solar surge came cascading down from the great central sun to instill new codes into the planetary grid.

This amazingly powerful event caused a necessary recoiling of our energies for a final regrouping & readjustment period before we externalize our energy fully into our physical lives. This served two major purposes:

1) to ensure that the final ties of genetic karma have been severed and dissolved prior to creating again.
2) to ensure that all wayward elements of past creations have come into plain view for the purposes of physical completion as we finish out the purification phase of our personal ascension.

As we begin to flow with the the universal tides and not against them, we will suddenly be pulled along in a sweeping current that will seem to wash away much of what we considered burdensome over the last several years. This wave of love is permeating every aspect of our life and body and carries a light quotient never before absorbed by human inhabitants. It is also prudent to mention that this wave of "love" energy will expose & destroy much in its path, that which is not aligned with the vibration of love.

The Sacred Completion

The first phase completion period, which is what we are currently undergoing, is also a time of deep cellular re-patterning in preparation for the new cycle and thru the sacred season of rebirth. As mentioned in the last update, we still have a foot in both worlds (the old & new) but this sacred passage...between now and the June solstice... is POTENT, and gifting us with many new capabilities & opportunities. If we are able to manage these increasing energies wisely, by staying neutral to them, we will find ourselves well-prepared to sail new seas.

The Pleiadians are giving us three ways to effectively utilize this sacred time:

1-Allow yourself to bathe in the light of renewal with self-nurturing and care, remembering that there are many physical changes needed to complete your biological upgrades.
2-Where possible, wrap up old energies, complete old projects, resolve financial & relational hindrances
3-Create space for your new life by letting go of all memories of struggle...both in your mind and in your physical life and relationships.

Granted...for most path-pavers, anchors, grid-workers, light-workers, star-seeds, and all divining rods here with the role to clear negative earth energies & genetic karma... letting go of struggle can be like letting go of our entire earth experience in this lifetime.

For these souls, struggling was the only option available since most of us were dabbling in dimensions that we weren't genetically coded for. This is not to say that the struggle wasn't valuable, surely it lit a great fire under our arses and fueled us to escape the extremes of polarity...however...for some, this has become such a a way of life that anything outside of struggle is completely foreign and unknown.

This group of warrior souls is so used to pushing through, fighting, clearing and resisting the outworn ways, that it is nearly impossible to imagine a life of ease. Which is exactly what we are being urged to do now.

Releasing Your Ascension Story

As the warrior brigades complete the physical transition from carbon to crystalline, much will be melting away. The pain, the battle-scars, the suffering, and the constant struggle to stay afloat in the intense energies of a planet we never felt we belonged to, will be evaporating as if by magic. This is because we are finally approaching our "home dimension" now that we have achieved our "destination vibration".

These cellular memory imprints are the result of our battle-wounds from embarking on the long journey home, but now all memories and scars will be brought to the light of transmutation and healed through the power of our unidimensional, or present moment point of perception.

This means that we are being urged to release all attachment to our ascension "process" and "war stories" so we can arrive at galactic consciousness with no strings. Time to brush ourselves off and get aligned with the dignity of a job well done. The pain and suffering has become so acute, that wiping our hard drive clean may seem impossible, but keep in mind that these shifts are quantum in nature and therefore release us from those linear time lines which tie us to pain.

Ever notice how some days (when riding the crest of an energy wave) you find yourself so present that you are completely disconnected from all the years of work to get to that moment? Well that is what it will soon be like all the time.

The ascension "process" is so all-encompassing that it is easy to get lost in it all, to over-identify with it and to be-lie-ve that it will go on forever. But the equinox energies are pushing us beyond suffering and beg us to see outside of that reality now. The new codes for the second phase of the journey...the outer materialization phase...are here now and reminding us that our personal ascension is only a means to an end, and that the end is really just the beginning.

How do you know if you are in the process of shedding your ascension story, stepping out of the "climbing phase" and moving on to the "materialization phase" ?

Here are some tell-tale signs:
you have completely lost personal interest in things like healing, spirituality, metaphysics and especially ascension....even the word can turn you off. (this is not the same for those with contracts to serve as healers/metaphysicians/spiritual teachers/etc. for the next wave of awakening souls)
you have lost interest in any channelings or ascension related articles & any information that comes from outside of yourself (yes, even mine ; ))
you're bored as hell with everything in this realm
you no longer wish to remain isolated and trapped like a hermit
you've been re-prioritizing your external life, simplifying & streamlining everything to match your internal self.
your long held-desires/projects/partnerships are starting to peek thru and materialize in the outside world (this is still on the slow side, but little signs are popping thru the ground like the first signs of spring)
you are tired of being alone and want deep meaningful relationships.
you are desperately longing to live a "simple, normal" life doing simple, normal things again.
you are feeling like things are less "serious" then they seemed before.
you just want to PLAY!
What's happening from an energetic perspective is that we are fully grounding and stepping into our roles as the "physical" guides for the next ascension waves, and to be that...the guides...we need to be completely detached from the "process" so as to not get tangled up in someone else's goo. And, yes, there will be plenty of goo flying around as the energies continue to intensify toward 2012 and beyond.

Physical Happenings

Because we are still integrating and vacillating between worlds, we are still experiencing the highs and lows and intense physical symptoms. The most prevalent extremes
right now are a result of the equinoctial energies which are stimulating every cell in our bodies and can result in feeling cracked-out and over-caffeinated with over-the-top stress, sleeplessness, and restlessness... to extreme heaviness and sleepiness each time we recover from being electrocuted by God.

As we adjust to these highly concentrated solar blasts to the crown & 3d eye, our pineal/pituitary glands are on hyperdrive which can cause insomnia/deep sleeps the famous words of Austin Powers...some freaky-deaky dreams! Add to that all kinds of detox "seasonal allergy-like" symptoms: sinus/ocular headaches & pressure, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sneezing fits, runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes/ears/nose, sore throat, high-pitch ringing in ears, vertigo/dizziness, etc., etc.

Also present is the relentless soreness/aches and pains, indigestion/heartburn from thymus stimulation/heart openings, pain behind the heart, lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, sore/hot feet, crazy food cravings, ravenous hunger/loss of appetite, nauseousness, digestive imbalances, fatigue and O-MY-GOD-THE-BLOATING. Some serious water retention here to protect our cells from being fried...compliments of the afore-mentioned electrocution. So if you look like a water-ballon right now you are so not alone. All I can say is thank god for sweat pants.

Things to do to help ease the discomfort during this time:

1- When the energy is building up and intensifying (hence, when you feel like someone slipped cocaine in your chamomile): get physical... move the energy thru your body and into the earth... stretch, exercise, drink lots of water, use nature to ground yourself.
2- When the energy is integrating: veg out & sleep (as if you had a choice).
3- Take as many showers/baths/swims as possible to keep your energy field clean (and to wash off that nasty detox slime)

Some other (more positive) side effects from the equinox punch are occasional deepening of present moment awareness....which is giving us the ability to finally focus attentively on our creations that we have been dying to birth and without scattering our energy/focus elsewhere... the slow return of passion (sexual & creative) as our sacral/root chakras wake from deep slumber, and the occasional/random/fleeting feelings that our long-held dreams are actually possible.

And that's a wrap...

Happy christ-consciousness ascension season!


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