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10th January 2017 - Tonight, is the first trance group session of this new year.

Immediately there were changes to Eileen’s face with a fluorescent glow around her head and a darkening of the neck and chin.

Eileen was aware of a feathered headdress and could see mountains in the distance, she held up her arms waving her hands and fingers. Lesley wondered if they were being scattered with Star dust.

We are savouring the energies, we feel you coming home to us in your hearts, blending those energies. It is so wonderful that we can meet together in this way, to hear your voices and to feel yours hearts beating as one with the Great Divine, the Great I Am presence that is within you all. Our ancestors call to you from over the mountains and far, far beyond, listen!

At this point the voices could be heard very quietly from a CD Eileen had played called 'Emergence' by a Native American called Nakai. It had reached some haunting tracks called 'songs of the rainbow world'

Peace be with you both.

We register your concerns and ask you to have more faith in your abilities to bring through that which we honour you with, and this shall be your greatest achievement, to win the favours of your counterparts in the higher realms, who wish to bear witness to the greater good of all. We ask you to take a step back sometimes because in this we need to recuperate and to recharge our batteries, but when this has come about and you are then ready to step forward once more, we shall be there waiting to give you pride of place beside us. And those of the council are here waiting for you to fulfil your mission and this shall be given with much strength from those here who wait upon you. We are known to come in different attire from time to time and this is because we want to open your minds to accept the impossible, to accept that there are vast amounts of life forms out there in the universe, your universe and far, far beyond. We hear you calling to us and there are many who want to come home, and so they shall, but there is more work to be done, there is much more that needs your help and assistance. We bring you aboard when the time is right and we shine light on those issues that have become muddlesome of late. Prepare for action for there is so much more to come and we would not want you to miss out!

We take the initiative and ask you to come closer and listen, listen with your hearts, take notice of that fluttering within your breast. You will be guided and shown the pathway that you tread. Stick to what you know best and allow those thoughts to permeate into your very being, it is here you will find the guidance that you seek. We open up the pathway, we clear your vision, we draw the veil from your eyes so that you may see more clearly. Do not underestimate what we bring, we ‘can’ do this, we ‘all’ can do this together and be sure we shall never leave your side, never in a month of Sundays, and we bring this expression so that you may understand! Peel back the veil from your eyes, open up that innermost part of you. Do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear, only fear itself, for you are Love, you are the epitome of Love, never forget that! Believe in yourselves for you have the power within you. Know thyself!

Turning to Lesley.

And we speak to you child. There is much for you to do and you will be guided and shown the horizon before you is bright, and you are most cherished, most loved, do not underestimate the powers within you. Go now into that Light of greater, purer understanding and give vent, do not hold back but share.

Turning to Kay

And we see you travelling my friend to other parts, to other lands and you take the strength and energy with you. And you too shall not hold back, but give vent to those thoughts and feelings that can empress a nation to seek for the highest good of themselves and all those around them. We shall spread this Light and Love around the globe and it ‘shall’ be seen to be done.

These are the services you bring to mankind and we are forever grateful and thank you for all that you do, for all that you have done. We chaperone you from morn to night as you go about the world in your day to day business. We are always there for you to call upon, and though you may not hear us at all times, nevertheless we are there right beside you! We are doing all we can to make these connections stronger and more powerful to slip into more easily and readily and we are happy with proceedings thus far. We are all learning to grow and growing together at a much faster rate than before and this shall empower you to move forward, and we bring in the flavours of the orient, we bring in the Love and the joy to uplift your spirits and keep you in good company. Go now my friends in Peace and greatest Love. Thankyou.

Eileen started to sing: -

This little Light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, I’m going to let it shine, I’m going to let it shine. This little Light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

After a few moments, different energies came forward. Welcome friend!

Eileen coughed.  It’s always better to get things off your chest. Better out than in they say and so it is. Sometimes, it’s better to keep your own counsel! There is something we need to speak to you about. Go ahead!

Our sitter here is resisting, she thinks she’s got to come up with something now! But she is merely the channel, she can sit back and let it all happen. Wise counsel is what we are aiming for and to bring you into our jurisdiction. There are a lot of matters that have been swept under the carpet so to speak. We need to bring in that strength and that courage to face your convictions and to put into practice what you preach! What you give out to others must also come from that truth within your heart and we avail ourselves to you to make this possible, for in this connection between us we come in that pure Light from the God force. Nothing can be hidden from the eyes of God, for God is all knowing and all seeing and He feels your hurts, He feels that pain within you that needs to be brought to the surface and given resonance.

How can there be a healing when you are holding on so tightly to that hurt? There is no good keeping it like a stone in your heart to cause rancour and irritation, it must be looked at in the cold light of day for what it is worth! And there is nothing other than LOVE that can heal the rancour there. Love is the be all and the end all, Love is the answer, the remedy that can give you the Peace that you deserve, for how can you live in Love and harmony if there is not that Peace within your soul?

Love dissolves all hurts, all innuendos, and it may seem like a clique to those like you and around you, but it really and truly is the answer to everything! For do we not Love you, as little children that are sometimes lost and stumble on the pathway. We do not chide you or scold you, we gently take you to one side and ask you, why do you torment yourselves so?

Rise up! Do not be scornful of another for we all have our own place in society. We are all given a certain amount of gifts that we can nurture or abuse, and we hope you will nurture them and become the glorious beings you truly are. If you could see the radiance, the radiance and loving joy that is the true you, most beautiful to behold! And we want you to progress and take your rightful place, amalgamating your energies with that truly beautiful essence that you are. And we come to help you, to show you the way, we will never give up, we will never push you to one side, we will always guide you gently but firmly along that pathway you are now on. And softly and gently we come around you, soothing and calming your fears, and we oversee the connections that come your way, that can help you in whatever way is right for you at any given time. And these shall come to the forefront and given expression, and you will know when the timing is right to take that next step forwards that will help you to polish up your auras, to bring some excitement and joy back into your lives.

It is true that the winter is time to hibernate and to learn from what you have been given, what you have stored within from the previous year, but we want you to be ready for the beginning of spring, and like the bear to throw off the old and to stretch forth and reach out for the new that is coming. And it is coming, be sure of that, and we know you will be pleased and happy with the outcome! Throw of those manacles of self-doubt and loathing, let them fall away, unfettered. See yourself lifting higher, away from the dross of Earth, lifted into those higher dimensions that shall enfold you in the brightest Love and Light, and we shall unfold like the petals of the most beautiful flower. You may feel vulnerable for a time but this shall pass and you will come into your own and shine like the brightest stars that you are! Go now, chaperoned, into that great Light and we will walk beside you as we have always done!

Eileen went back into the stillness and held up her left hand for quite some time, looking at it. She could see a small face of greenish hue, and had the urge to open her eyes and look at her hand, expecting to see just three fingers. Eileen then looked around the room for a while and shut her eyes again.

Would you like to speak to us?

We would like to thank you for participating in this exercise, we thank you!

You are welcome!

May God bless us and keep us safe forever on this pathway!

Afterwards, Kay said it was like a Light show of many different faces coming forward. All the time Eileen was speaking, different faces were coming in and out. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, light skinned and dark skinned, at one time her hair and face were quite luminous.

To read further messages from White Cloud and Star friends.

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Comment by Sylvia Liney on January 18, 2017 at 3:15am

Thank you, Dear beautiful....

Much Love & Blessings


Sylvia Melaynia  xxx


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