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I NEVER EXPECTED THIS - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

Lately during my meditations in bringing down the golden light through my body and into Mother Earth, I have felt the desire to explore the network of passages beneath Earth’s crust. Today before I explore, I’m making sure I’m centred and my heart is lit up; at this point I can literally see a beautiful green, heart shaped jewel. I can also see the figure of someone with long grey hair who looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, he is hovering, in the background where I can also see a big tree; I am following the roots of this tree down deep below and can hear the following words echoing in my mind.


Oh gosh, I’m not sure I want to go down here it’s so dark and dank. I feel as if I’m in an old castle but the scene is far different from the one I saw recently where everything was warm and cosy. Determined not to be afraid I take a lantern and am now going down narrow stone steps that curve round. The walls are running wet and I am going deeper and deeper, it seems to go on forever into a deep black hole . . . a void of darkness and despair!

Dear Angels, am I meant to be down here? It looks like a sewer . . . why am I here, why am I looking at this? If it’s of my own making then I’m sorry! There are people down here that are wrapped in rags and covered in filth. I dissolve the darkness and shine a spotlight of LOVE down into these lower levels. I call out to the people - look up my friends . . . follow the Light, there is hope for you all. Follow me up the staircase to the higher levels . . . see it all fall away . . . the darkness and disease shall be no more!

I’m seeing purple and gold once more and as these creatures are coming up to a higher level, they are beginning to look more human, rather than just lumps of rotting flesh . . . they are being reborn! I’m visualising the muddy dirty waters draining away from the dungeons below and the walls and floor are now painted white. There is a doorway with brilliant white light, like a portal that has opened up and the brilliance is blinding! Why are you showing me this, is it to have the courage to face our innermost fears?

Forgiveness is the key to your own sanity. Forgiveness and Love of self will bring your health. Understanding is the key to set you free and Love will guarantee all three!

This feels like a riddle!

We step onto the highway and byways of life, registering your hopes and dreams for yourself and all mankind, and we lift you out of the catacombs. We lift you out of your dark and dismal days and bring you into the sunlight, into God’s Light, manifesting the greatest joy. We know it has been hard for many of you on the Earth plane ‘struggling to make ends meet’ and we know that old saying has stretched many of your resources to almost breaking point! We reach out and touch you!

I’m seeing a hand with the finger pointing out and sparks of light streaming forth, like the hands from Michelangelo’s painting ‘Creation of Adam’.

We give you the strength to stand firm with those reserves of energy bestowed upon you to help in your quest, and we make no bones about it. We shall deliver to each and every one of you, as promised, a greater bountiful harvest. We take you by the hand and lead you to those pastures waiting and we fulfill our destiny. Be at peace my child. Welcome the Angel within!

Sometimes when I meditate I fall asleep and that is okay as I obviously need that rest, or I'm whisked off somewhere that I don't remember. I love the adventures I do remember though, going into that stillness through the heart portal, travelling into those inner dimensions for self-healing. They obviously knew I felt safe with the Mark character from ER and as beings of Light they were able to morph into that image to put my mind at ease. I feel the dungeon episodes that I have experienced and shared will help others to look at locked away pain and release into the Light. Forgiving ourselves and others is the key to unlocking the disease within us, setting us free!

The journey continues!

Today I am struggling to tune in for my early morning meditation. I always sit with a cup of tea first thing and day-dream before I settle down for meditation. I love daydreaming and often used to get told off at school for gazing out of the window and looking at the clouds. I think I got carried away this morning, thinking of problems I need to sort out. My mind then drifted to an old episode of ER which we watched last night, where a nurse called Carol Hathaway gave birth to twins. I felt so happy watching her with her new-born babies, remembering the bliss that comes with being a new mother; this has put me in a more relaxed state of mind and my visions began.

Instead of in the dungeons, I’m outside a castle in the meadows on my white horse. I am now looking from a different perspective and can see the character from ER on the white horse with her long dark hair streaming behind her. This lady has such a compassionate face she reminds me of Mary Magdalene and the castle reminds me of the one in France called Carcassonne. They are gently meandering through the long grasses and wild flowers, recuperating from their journey. The horse is swishing his tail and now I’m aware that it’s me once again sitting on the horse; I can sense the presence of someone sitting behind me; I can’t see them as they are cloaked but feel safe knowing they are there. They are not revealing themselves at the moment but it’s as if they will in due course.

We fly on the wings of Angels to pastures new, opening our eyes wide in wonderment and joy. We behold a new world where we can run and play,
expressing ourselves with great tenderness . . . to dance with freedom!

Sigh . . . I’m dancing through the fields, laughing with joy and happiness; the sun is shining and a light breeze is in my hair. I take off my heavy cloak and run barefoot through the grass towards a pond where the light shines on the water like a mirror. As my heroine (Carol) looks into the water the person’s reflection beside her is not the one she is expecting, instead of her boyfriend Doug, played by George Clooney, it is her closest friend Mark Greene, who helped her birth her babies; it isn’t a romantic liaison . . . it is true friendship.
I’m starting to sing – I wanna sing, I wanna shout - from the song ‘read all about it’ by ~Emilie Sande.

Ahead of us I can see a massive golden dome with the light shining on it, almost like a mirror ball and I know it’s going to take me home! As I say this I feel tears flooding my eyes. In this analogy Mark is holding out his hand to Carol/me and it’s OK, I feel safe, I feel happy and we are walking towards the golden dome. There is a huge door that has opened and we walk towards it. Now I’m surrounded by purple light and the pictures are gone. There are still tears in my eyes and I feel as if I’m floating. I’m seeing Mark’s face again and he’s saying it’s alright it’s OK and I feel I am going up, I don’t know if it’s in a space ship or a pod but I’m just going with the flow. All I sense is moving upwards but I cannot see anything. Ah yes, I can see it now . . . a tunnel of golden filigree and at the end is a purple light. I am suspended in a void of peace.

Continuation of journey

For today’s meditation I asked if I could go back into the golden dome where we were yesterday and settled back to relax. Wow - my dragonfly chime has just made three little dings and it has never done that before with the door shut. I’m now seeing the same friendly character of Mark Greene, who makes me feel safe, and we are stepping into a lift; he is asking me if I am ready for this?
We have stepped out of the lift into a huge dome full of people, all busy doing their job - it’s a hive of activity.

They said I would open my eyes wide in amazement but I was not expecting this! I can see some people in white coats like doctors; they look like ordinary human beings at the moment, unless they are showing themselves as such. I can see lifts which are cylindrical and going up and down in huge glass tubes. Literally anything is possible here and I’m thinking of Leonardo DiCaprio in the film ‘Inception’. At the moment I can’t see anyone who looks from another planet. There is so much to look at and in a bizarre way it reminds me of the turret room in the castle which was so magical. As I type these words it’s just struck me that I could have been in the dome while I was experiencing those sensations, like a holograph deck!

We make further discoveries about ourselves, opening up the boundaries that hold us back from achieving our true status. Don’t be surprised at what is coming your way very soon! We fly through fields of disbelief, drawing the film from your eyes and we make way for a new generation of sensation seekers, a paradox worthy of this connection that enables us to sally forth.

There are so many different levels, it’s almost like I can see a cross section of the ship with everyone getting on with their work, like a cross section of a hive. Please can I see someone from a different dimension, I’m sure I won’t be shocked after being down in the dungeons and seeing the creatures down there. I’m sure those from other realms won’t strike fear into my heart. I’ll hold the Love within my heart; can you show me please some of the friends who draw close to speak to me who are not of our countenance?

We align with you and make our connection, drawing closer. You are expecting little green men in suits but we shall show you something more remarkable than even that! This is no holier than now approach that we are making, this is rectifying past differences and we shadow you from other galaxies bringing you into alignment with us.

I’m seeing purple clouds now. Oh my friends . . . I just caught a glimpse then . . . I’m not afraid, your beautiful come closer. I caught a glimpse of a big head little nose and mouth and large almond eyes.

I will be your ambassador . . . I will be your connector. Are you like a grasshopper only bigger (Mantis)?

It is a challenging time for all of us as we make our connections with those on Earth. We beam you aboard and welcome you to our domain, relying on you to shed those inhibitions about a race you know nothing or very little about! We are temporal beings of greenish hue and we issue you with certain guidelines that will enable a massive drawback of issues that have arisen for scrutiny, and we would like you to trust in our abilities to do this.

Okay let’s see how it goes shall we, I’m ready if you are!

We see this has challenged some of your circuits!  (I’m now getting the word ‘bravado’ and underlying fear)!

We help you to see with clearer vision and this you will come to accept as the norm, believing in a creditable surge of stories being given to us to pass on to you. We benefit from a whole minefield of opportunities and the exploits we have chosen have far reaching consequences!

Good, I’m seeing purple and gold again and that confirms I’m still connected properly. I feel as if I’m in some kind of antechamber, a kind of pressurised cabin where we are able to converse.

We lay claim to sanity and a prime example of how we shall forge ahead, registering your thought streams and amalgamating with ours to forge a new human. We are endowed with the possibility of exchanging data and initialising your greater acceptance of what we have to offer.

I’m being shown a long necked being now with a wide oval head, big eyes and little nose, rather like in the film E.T. A moment later I saw the back of a dinosaur stomping through the corridors with his tail dragging behind him and wondered if it was my imagination rampaging out of control.

We open up a network of programmes that will see us through wider discussions and we ask you now to free-fall into our arms as we open up those conduits to make this connection. We open up this connection and stop you worrying about your perimeters. We know exactly what it is you are after and we will do our best to accommodate you in the near future!

If you enjoy reading about my journeys, these channellings can be found in my book 'We Come as One Voice' available on Amazon or to order from your local bookstore. thank you for reading, please share these words, the time is approaching when many more will awaken to the reality of our off world friends. Love and Light Eileen

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