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I have some unusual guests that come to me in my meditations sometimes. These two were quite interesting and showed up on different days. I'm sharing this because I believe there are far more beings and far greater diversity than we realize in the universe. Of course, don't invite just anyone to join you. In my case if a being doesn't pass muster with Archangel Michael and Dragon Obsidian they won't be joining anyway.

I am not a big arachnid fan, but I don't mind them either. I regularly save them from the fear induced madness that comes from my wife and daughter as well. I'm sure the spiders are much happier outside anyway. We don't have any scorpions in western Washington state that I know of.


Let's start with the Scorpion King. I met him when I was asking Mother Mary for some wisdom and guidance regarding my father, who is slowing down and declining as he slowly starts the transition to the other side. I had just started this conversation with Mother Mary when another being "butted in" and was very persistent that he wanted to speak with me about my father. I told him that I was busy speaking to Mother Mary and he would have to wait. Mother Mary said I should go ahead and talk with him and bowed out until later.

I asked who he is and he said he is the "Scorpion King." I said "okay... and what would you like to tell me?"

The gist of what he said is that he is also watching after my father for he was born under the sign of  Scorpio (which I already knew of course). That he is well cared for by Mother Mary and his guides, and will make a graceful change over time. However,  he also said that he will use his stinger to help him on his way if that is divinely called for.

I took this last part to mean his passage would be accelerated, if needed. I hope he will not need such help, but I had the distinct feeling the Scorpion King was saying this with compassion.

I had no idea that there are beings that actually represent the zodiac symbols. Who knew? He did also say that together all 12 of them are one being, and that he is only the aspect that makes up Scorpio. Kind of like all of us being ONE with our own unique aspects.

Now for the Spider King.


Isn't he cute...?

Unlike the Scorpion King, whom I didn't ask to talk with, I specifically asked to speak with the Spider King. This is my moniker applied to him, not a name he offered.

He certainly appeared for me, and wasn't as cute as this little bugger above. He wasn't menacing or scary, but he was VERY big. In my mind he was as big as the hot tub and just kind of hovered in space just at the edge of it.

I had asked to speak to him because of my daughters abject fear of spiders. The previous night she came to our bedroom in the middle of the night, royally freaked out because a large one was crawling on her in her sleep. Honestly, most people don't want spiders crawling on them... so I understand her feelings about it. I told her I would talk to them about it the next day.

By asking for the Spider King, I was really asking for the leader of the pack if you will. Someone that could represent spiders as a whole.

He was very direct and asked me what I wanted from him. I told him that my daughter is fearful of him and all spiders and that we really needed to have the spiders around our home stay OUTSIDE rather than making their home inside. I told him that any spiders that come in are likely to be killed on sight, and that I couldn't always save them.

He said he couldn't guarantee that spiders would not enter our house, but he did agree to speak with them and request they stay outside. I couldn't ask for much more than this as he was respecting my request. I thanked him for his help and I continued my meditation with other beings.

After this our house has had far fewer spiders and no complaints from my daughter, until yesterday. She came to me upset because she found a jumping spider near the dog water bowl and told me how she killed it, and I didn't do anything to help her (she recently became a teen...). I explained that it probably rode in on a dog and a few will get in the house from time to time. Then she said that she wonders if I am lying about talking to the Spider King and the other beings I communicate with. I think she eventually believed me when I told her I wasn't.

I also saw these two kings yesterday when I was starting my meditation and acknowledging different realms. When I acknowledged the animal kingdom both of them showed up on the deck side by side (as well as many other normal sized insects). I stated that all beings gathered for this meditation needed to adhere to sacred universal law and at that they disappeared. I don't feel they were malicious in any regard, but that they didn't really want to deal with rules... I found it interesting anyway.

As an aside, a few years ago we had a family vacation in Key West to attend the Key West Songwriters Festival and we stayed at a vacation rental owned by some friends. When we arrived it was dark and we had to find the key box on the outside of the house. As we were walking around in the dark my daughter mentioned how she hoped we wouldn't find any spiders or scorpions. When we went in and turned the light on, guess what we found. Pacing back and forth on the top of the refrigerator door was a scorpion that was about three inches long! My daughter's manifestation powers are amazing... I captured and released it outside, but I don't think she slept much that night and we had to a detailed sweep of the whole house including under every piece of furniture. We asked some of the locals if they ever see scorpions and nobody had EVER seen one. Here's a picture of it which proves just how big it was. Enjoy :)


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