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Iridescent Hawk

Hmm, where to start? How about my neck hurts... Not a revelation, but pain aggravated by my guitar strap cutting into my shoulder.

But, that physical issue had me sitting in my hot tub trying to get the knots out (yesterday morning). As you likely know, I have a magical hot tub that triggers me, almost automatically, into higher states of consciousness. So even though I really just wanted to relax my muscles, I also needed to acknowledge the group of guides that gather when I go there.

I had decided that I would keep it simple and not tax myself too much, because I had my chakra class to go to later in the evening. I didn't want to get too burned out and then spend three hours lit up again while trying to pay attention and actually learn.

So I did my acknowledgments and rather than invite one of the other guests to anchor in my body, I invited my Archangel aspect Everian to do it instead. Normally when I AM Archangel Everian, it is a one-with-each-other kind of experience. Something I can do anywhere for I'm not leaving my body but rather he/me is joining, well..., me. This time I did what I've been doing with the other archangels and various guests.

I surrendered my body to Archangel Everian and stepped out to try and watch while "outside." What I found was that the Iridescent Flame was just as spectacular, blindingly brilliant, and amazing as I've found from each of the Archangels I've "hosted" more than once. Usually the first time with a given being, the chakras aren't fully lined up and it's a bit of an adjustment act. Then the second or third time, it's a spectacular lightshow. So with Archangel Everian yesterday, it was a lightshow. So fun to see the Iridescent colors swirling within the white ascension flames. It was more difficult to stay separated from my body because he is me (more closely than with the other Archangels). I found a desire to join back in as one. Seeing the brilliance and vibrancy of the energy from the outside really sets the bar higher for what I am capable of. He and I discussed that a little during this because I popped back in and the energy dropped. I commented on that and he said it dropped because I expected it to. When I dropped that expectation, it shot right back up even though I hadn't stepped back out yet.

Staying true to not overdoing it in the morning, I ended my session after about 15 minutes (seems to be my current comfortable limit for this exercise with any given guest) and proceeded with my day.

In the evening, I was rushing around to get to my class early (we are supposed to arrive early) and it's a 30 minute drive to get there. I had to skip eating to make sure I wasn't late and I showed up early as planned. Good thing too, because I had my schedule mixed up and there was no class, and Raven was just leaving. If I had arrived later, I would have wondered where everyone was... She mentioned "The spirits must have wanted you out here." Since I hadn't had dinner, and I was a bachelor for the night (wife and child both in other places), I took myself out for a nice dinner. I was kind of dressed up in my violet sport coat and bright yellow shirt (in honor of chakra colors) so it just felt right to do.

When I received my food, I decided to share it with some of my guides. Raven had taught me about sharing chocolate with your angels. You hold it to your heart and offer for them to enjoy the food with you. When you eat it, the chocolate tastes sweet and richer. In this case, I wasn't going to hold zucchini to my heart, but I did what I've been doing in the hot tub, but now in the restaurant. However, I did keep my clothes on, and I didn't leave my body. We were sharing. So, I sat at my table and savored the food with Archangel Everian and then a few bites with Archangel Michael. I was having Chicken Marsala, so for the remainder of the meal, I shared with Obsidian the Dragon and then my Dragon aspect Luna. I really feel quite different when I'm a Dragon, and as Raven says, Dragons like meat. Unfortunately they like meat that isn't cooked very much (like a rare steak), but I wasn't about to ask for undercooked chicken.

Sitting in the restaurant sharing my body with Dragon's is pretty interesting. I really wondered if anyone was noticing me as different. I think non-awakened people would notice something changed, but not be able to put their finger on it. I looked around at some of the patrons and I felt there were at least two others that are also Dragon people, but don't know it yet.

If you start doing this type of work with your guides, I recommend trying this sometime.

When I got home I did some more guitar playing in prep for my lesson the next morning (today), then headed out to the hot tub to close out the night. As it so happened, I entered the tub at 11:11. This has been happening a lot, and isn't planned.

I spent a lot more time with acknowledging my guides this time, vocalizing aloud why I love and appreciate each one of them. When it came time to have one of them anchor in my body, I turned to Archangel Raphael again. As I said earlier, it seems the second or third time I do this with a being, it is much stronger than the first time. If you remember, the last time (which was the first) with Archangel Raphael, was mild, comfortable, and soothing. This time, it was just as bright and intense as it has been with Archangel Michael, but green instead of blue. I was honestly surprised at how intense it was. I had pins and needles on my hands and arms throughout the whole experience and I got very hot, very quickly. The water temperature hadn't changed so it was clearly the uptick in energy intensity. I had to bow out a little earlier than normal it was so intense. I had asked for healing in several ways, so maybe some of it was feeling that work being done.

I had promised Archangel Arielle that she could do this with me tonight, so now it was her turn. This was the first time with her, and I felt a little guilty, because as my Guardian Angel, she is always there supporting me. Her energy always brings tears as the love I feel is so strong from her. When she joined in, and I stepped back, I was expecting to see pink light, I guess because of the Divine Feminine aspect of her. But what I saw was lavender. I don't know if that is a color associated with her or not, but that is what I saw and felt. Being the first time with her we were having difficulty getting the chakras lined up. She was predominantly in the upper chakras and the lower chakras weren't merging.

I asked Shiva to help us out so he was working the lower half. We would get lined up for a second or two and I could feel the obvious "swoosh" of energy ramping up, then we would get out of alignment again. She told me that very few people (maybe none) had offered to let her do this anchoring exercise, and it was a new thing for her. That reminded me that Raven said working with our guides isn't just good for us, but also let's them learn and grow in ways we don't expect. I think this is a good example of this in practice.

I was also struck by how the other Archangels, in particular the ones that had successfully done this with me (AA Michael, AA Everian, and AA Raphael) came to her aid to align the chakras and "stretch" her lower chakras to meet up with mine (easier to stretch her chakras than move mine around). Throughout this I would get the periodic swooshes of sudden intensity changes then back to the lower intensity, on-going flow. After about 10 minutes of this, and my eagerly watching and learning, we decided to call it quits for the night with a promise to try it again soon. I know the second time will be very different.

When I walked back into the house, it was 12:12, again something that' been happening a lot.

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