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Its specifically suited to these vibrations that people are experiencing at present

The beginners can just do the first section however this does not have to be the case all can do this if they are able. I have included some basic knowledge of symptomatic ailments when energies are out of line as my hope is that people who have these problems can work the individual chakras whereby balancing the energies and illuminating the problems.

Activating the chakras William Abbott

During these times of extreme energy it can be useful to work the energy into your chakras systems

A very easy simple way is to visualize the energy in the lower stomach this can be by thinking of light or Love or a point or ball that moves it does not matter the visualization used as this will generate the emf that the energy will travel along just imagine it moving in a direction and the energy will follow wherever your Yi (Mind) is, your Chi (Energy) will follow.

Its a good idea to start at the energy source in this case the flare energy imagine this energy coming in through your third eye chakra If its not open this exercise will fully activate it over a 3 month period.

Draw it in from the source then in through the third eye chakra down the front of the body and into the area 3 inches below the belly button this is the no 2 Sacral chakra.

If this kind of meditation is new to you this will activate this chakra and after 1-3 months it will be permanently open . This exercise will also aligns the other chakras as they can have a tendency to shift there alignment it is dependent on ones life course so to speak.

If you have activated the chakras already it will align them correctly if needed and this exercise will also activate all 8 of the chakras within the body . The 7th and 8th we can activate next it is the base root chakra and the 0 chakra.

Now draw the energy from the sacral chakra and send it down into the Base root chakra withing the groin area right where the pelvic bone is , Now hold the energy here and go out to the source energy again and repeat the exercise .

Do this a number of times and you will feel like the area is full now use this energy to activate the Earth chakra split the energy into 2 and travel it down each leg into the heel of each leg Now using your Yi (mind intent ) Form a inverted triangle a Triangle that is facing into Gaia earth place the point about 1-3 feet within Gaia If you are new to meditation only make it 1 foot as any more and your Yi will dissipate.

IMPORTANT If you need to be on the ground actually connected to Gaia as you need a connection as your abilities increase over time and practice your triangle can become longer and you can ground from basically any where.

Now send the energy down within the center of the earth Gaia lives within giant Crystal Dwelling.

Gaia will acknowledge your presence and invite you to accept a connection (I will say that I have never experienced a depend unconditional love and acceptance before that even comes close to the BLISS that one attains when within the presence of Gaia.

Its life changing !

Now lets all remember that its Gaia that is ascending and we as her children are being given the opportunity to ascend with her This is how I react around Gaia I see here as my mother and She sees me as her child and attends to me as a loving mother , One of my favorite things is when I am lost within her loving arms its takes me back to the memories of previous life's where I am in the embrace of a loving mother where we just get to be and exist within LOVE.

The experiences will differ from person to person but don't be afraid to let go and experience any expression of love as there are no limitations as long as its your true expression of love Gaia will except and return it .

I then thank her for all the hardships that she has experienced in the past and at present and I offer my assistance Just being in the presence of such love is a healing experience and your energy will be balanced and multiplied depending on the vibration her radiate.

A truth to know (If you want to increase your vibration the best way is to work with love ) Make it a job if you like your job (as is mine) is to awaken love in others and deepen it within the consciousness You will find as I am every day that The depths of love is immeasurable the good news is that the more you understand lover the closer you get to becoming one with the divine.

I then ask if I may ascend with Gaia when she does as its my wish to ascend to my level and live within the one love with Gaia and all my other parts within the one .

Gaia gave here acceptance and she connects a spiritual cord to my body we share another experience and I bid her farewell until the next time I visit.

The energy that returns is amazingly abundant and the essence of Gaia total love

You may now stop the exercise here or get into a comfortable position lying done with a pillow to continue the activation procedure.

Lie down and for the first activation bend the knees and have the feet flat on top of our Gaia earth

You first draw this energy into the point of the Earth chakra triangle it instantly illuminates the Triangle with the love and balanced energy of Gaia This is important as this energy will activate the Chakras its the perfect combinations of energy and programming designed for activation so bear in mind that after this exercise is done you are in for one heck of a ride .

Allow the Triangle to illuminate and continue to fill but don't draw the energy withing the body as yet.

It will take a few moments to work the activation of the Earth Chakra. Normally it would take up to 1 year but at this time and with Gaias compassion and acceptance she has given of herself so you her child can ascend with her when she does as he is in the process of doing just that.

Now the energy within the Earth chakra has reached its capacity and over the few minutes at least 4 earth minutes has encoded the Earth chakra and it is now activated and open .

Now before moving the energy into the next chakra which is the Base Root Chakra Think of this chakra as a a wheel like a cart wheel and this wheel has 4 spokes now see the wheel turning slowly (the way does not matter) just allow your feelings to pick the direction Now allow the energy within the Earth Chakra Triangle to flow into the Root base Chakra and as it does the wheel starts to spin slowly increasing speed and as it speeds up you start to see red and dark orange appearing within the wheel still the energy from the Earth Chakra flows into the Root base chakra and the wheel now is glowing red and orange and spinning so very fast and this spinning now draws its own energy from the energy within and without of everything.

This chakra has now activated and will funtion on its own just as the Earth chakra has Hold this process with the minds intent on the root base chakra see the red and orange light illuminating from with in the 4 spoke wheel.

Now you can see the both the earth Chakra and the Root base Chakra glowing

with the earth chakra glowing now a color of brown green and some yellow as its now activated and vibrating at the right frequency.

with the Root Base Chakras wheel spinning and glowing red and dark orange.

Now leave the Root Base chakra and take the mind intent into the sacral chakra see within this area 3 inches below the belly button a cart wheel with 6 spokes now the same as before allow the wheel to spin the same direction as the earlier chakra.

Its now time to send the energy from the root base chakra into the Sacral chakra allow this to happen now.
Now as the wheel starts to spin you notice that each spoke within the wheel is of a different color

they are RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE VIOLET if you have been having any problems with the following imbalance of the endocrine system

muscle tension

poor vitamin c absorption


bed wetting


depression This will fix them :0) Now allow the wheel to spin faster and faster and as the wheel spins you see the colors within the wheel gaining brightness until just as the other chakra did this one starts to draw its energy from the energy within and without .

Now as before allow the mind to hold its intent for at least 2-4 minutes I like to have a gentle bell sound or soft music set at the correct intervals before starting the activation and ascension exercise.

Now we draw the mind intent into the solar plex chakra and alow the energy from the sacral chakra to flow into the solar plexus chakra Just as before see a wheel within the solar plexas this wheel has 10 spokes now just as you did before start the wheel spinning in the same direction that the other chakras spin now as the wheel starts to spin see the spokes glowing the various shades of red with the odd bit of green here and there .

Now this one also starts to draw its energy from the energy within and without .

Working with this chakra will heal the following


nerve tissue

skin disorders






re elimination




diabetes anorexia body PH menopause flushing etc...

Once again hold the mind intent for 2-4 minutes this chakra is now activated.

Now allow the mind to become aware of the Heart Chakra

Now allow the mind intent to draw within the Heart Chakra Now just as before see a wheel within the chakra and this wheel has 12 spokes the color within is Golden Yellow with pink and light orange This chakra is near the heart

but has a tendency to float left or right so just have a intent of centralizing the wheel and that will suffice.

Now just as before allow the energy from the Solar plexus chakra flow into the heart chakra and as it does see the wheel start to spin in the same direction as the other Chakras see the golden light with pink and light orange start to glow as the spinning becomes faster and faster.

this spinning now draws its own energy from the energy within and without of everything.

This Chakra is often used for healing as it can transmute the illness into a more dense form which passes through the earth chakra for processing.

The term broken heart refures to this chakra breaking of at the stem that connects the front part of the chakra to the back this then causes the person to experience emptiness that we all know of if not aligned this chakra can cause heart and lung problems especially angina from over exertion.

also assma epilepsy fibrosis chronic bronchitis depression mid-rift pain and claustrophobia.

Now see the heart chakra spinning and glowing with the other chakras.

Throat Chakra This chakra is within the neck

Now it is time to draw the mind intent into the Throat Chakra Just as before see a wheel within this chakra this wheel has 16 spokes The spokes within this wheel are mostly blue but at times green and blue.

Now alow the energy of the Heart chakra to flow into the throat chakra and as it does see the wheel start to spin and see the 16 spokes start to glow with the blue light at times with little bits of green showing here and there.

this spinning now draws its own energy from the energy within and without of everything. and you now see the troat chakra joining the others as they all glow with there colors of light and the spinning of there wheels with the exception of the earth chakra just glowing with its brown green and yellow light.

This chakra processes the internal feelings into external words and expressions.

This chakra if not working correctly can cause persistent colds or flu,s that take a long time to heal also tonsillitis and acute infections vocal and communication difficulties also at times a under active thyroid it also effects the sternum throat and endocrines.

Now draw the mind into the 3rd eye chakra Now allow the mind to see the wheel within and this wheel has 96 spokes (Note don't let this overwhelm you) Just see the number within your mind and it will activate the rest By now your divine self is helping you otherwise you would not even be able to follow this exercise that you are performing it is a sign that you are ready .

Now allow the energy of the Throat Chakra to flow into the 3rd eye chakra see the wheel starting to spin and as it does see the colors of dark blue with or without Violet now see the eyes relax and the tissues around them relax also now see the pineal and the hypothalamus pituitary glands relax and start to glow with this blue light now see these glands within the wheel and drawing energy from this chakra. Now this one also starts to draw its energy from the energy within and without .

Don't forget to spend at least 4 minutes on this chakra after the activation has taken place .

Now draw the mind into the CROWN CHAKRA this chakra is positioned just above the head connecting with the top of the head

Allow your mind to find this place the crown chakra and see within it a wheel this wheel has 960 spokes (Note don't let this overwhelm you) Just have a thought of the number and the higher self will do the rest.

This Chakra is the most magnificent to see fully opened as its the only chakra that has 2 wheels so to speak one on the outside has 960 spokes and vibrates the color of violet and in the center there is a vortex or whirl pool its amazing and its color is golden sunlight

Allow the energy from the 3rd eye chakra to enter into the Crown Chakra as this happens see the whell spin the same direction of the other chakras as this happens see the wheel start to glow with a beautiful violet light now as the speed rotation increases and it starts to draw its energy from the energy within and without you start to see a vortex form in the center like a whirlpool made out of golden light see it form into a powerful and abundant sorce of energy . This chakra serves as the spiritual conection and the place where life force enters the chakra system.

Allow this mind intent to remain for at least 4 minutes.

By now your energy will be very high expect the odd twitch or electric current sensation and also the hair may start to lift at times also the minds energy will enhance and you may experience the odd aura around the head visible even in daylight .

Do this daily over 6 weeks and the effect will be amazing. You may experience a few life lessons just to ellevate the energy levels and vibrations but this is desired.

Points to remember For the first part of the exercise

1 Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth when breathing and breath through the nose.

2 Keep eyes open and do not blink (this will be difficult and your eyes will water and sting ) Good as this will benefit the organs.

3 Try not to swallow as the sliver has a magic quality of healing and other amazing qualities.

Have the hands shoulders and toes all in alignment and facing the front this will align the bodies natural chi channels.

When you draw the energy or dot or ball move it slowly and smoothly (remember it does not have to move with the breath (I mean the dot moves interdependently of the breath use the Yi (mind to move it) Remember if you think it it will manifest.

By keeping the eyes open you will learn to separate the consciousness from the 3d reality and this will help with light body exercises later in the life experience.

By regulating the breath but not connecting it to the movement of the energy within the body it will be easier to separate the light body from the physical body and also perform exercises within the light body with no reference to the 3d reality .

There will be a great benefit to the physical body also as the bodies magical elixir (sliver ) resonating with energy will cleanse and heal the body and this will increase the energy thereby manifest natural 3d based higher abilities Health Strength brain activation rejuvenation of cells etc etc...

This will also greatly increase your Yi Abilities Minds manifestation abilities.

And it will stimulate the following glands


hypothalamus pituitary






That is about it any questions just ask


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Comment by Patrizia on July 17, 2012 at 3:56pm

Thanks William!

Love, Light and Wisdom


Arleem, your i mages make my heart flies...



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