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How expectations can get in the way of healing processes
We all have expectations about the way we want to see our lives enfold. Whenever we go through an experience we want the best outcome. That is the outcome we want to happen, which not necessarily means we get the result we expect. For sometimes our healing doesn't come with a healthy body, or ability to do whatever we want to do in order to express ourselves.
The way I was raised with the motto, a strong mind has a strong body, was something I really had to work on to let go of that expectation for myself. With all the physical disabilities I was confronted with through my life, I really doubted my self. For I had a strong mind, how come I didn't had the body to match it. It took me years of acceptance to realize that my body was my best friend, my own guide, and probably my own Merlin. You know, Merlin as in King Arthur and the Round Table. He was the adviser and magician for his young king. I learned to see my own internal wisdom as well the magical ways my body is engineered through Nature.
This magical and wonderful expression of Life and Nature we call physical body holds the very imprint of my soul's expression for me to learn through this lifetime to balance my spirit with my heart again in a way a never ever had expected. Actually I have been fighting this every time it didn't meet my expectation when the outcome of a shift in perception didn't had the result I expected. It took me a while to come to the understanding we all have our own limits and limitations, connected always with our own life experiences we are creating for our self in order to expand, align, heal in ways that sometimes are mind blowing to say the least.
Every one who is being confronted with a life experience that is creating a disease or disability, will learn the meaning and complex system our cells hold, our organs function, our nerve system and blood vessels are connected within the field of the physical plane. We are more then the physical, when we learn how connected all of this is with our emotions, our psychological state and our mental being. It is impossible to see one and not connect it with the other, let's call them bodies as well. We are more then the sum of the elements
Yet with the ability of the physical body to heal, its own self regulating ability as well as evolving the link with the magician of all times, for me that is, I can compare my physical body with the gifts and talents Merlin had in connection with the spirit world, as well the elemental, travelling through time and space in order to connect the dots so to speak with the dimensions. Our way to learn through the life lessons can be compared with the lessons young Arthur received from Merlin, growing up and learn the way his material world around him could be integrated as well expanding.
Now I know, not everything Arthur wanted for his country, read body, was succesfull at times, so were the steps I took and the lessons I learned similar to his steps through life to become all he could be. It took me a lot of courage at times to perceive and not give up, every time I thought I had found a way to break a cycle and step out of a pattern that was creating an illness within my body. I had to learn the hard way at times my expectations were more of a blockage in order to heal. Actually this for me was the hardest part to come to terms with.
Not being in control, even though I was listening to the signs that were given me, the emotions that showed me, or the practices to find inner balance and silence, I had to surrender to the inner wisdom that needed to bring forth this ability in order to balance out the disability of my physical life as it was and still is. It pushes me to be the best all I can be, Love myself unconditionally and have faith in an outcome, even if it is not the one I thought, wanted, imagined it would be.
So what can I do but listen to my own Merlin, my physical magician, with its own inner wisdom, knowledge about all the chemistry that comes with it and with all the self regulating possibilities as well. My trust in Merlin grows over the years and my expectations are not fully gone, yet I have more faith and trust that it all works out for the best for me when I let go of the result. I can make a conscious choice and make a conscious decision, either to fight every step of the way, or choose to let the healing proces within all the bodies come to alignment and balance.
In the middle I will find Me, in my own Heart Center, connected with the physical plane at this time and age. For the cooperation between my soul and my heart have brought me more joy and happiness then I ever had expected.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 28-10-2015

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