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Scientists speak of Love, Alma.

Interview with Dr. Jorge Carvajal

Bioenergetic Medicine Pioneer
March 10, 2009

Health and Emotions

What ill first , the body or soul ?

The sick soul can notBecause it is what is perfect on you , the soul evolves, learns.

In fact, many of the diseases are quite the opposite: are the body's resistance to emotional and mental soul. When our personality is resisting the plan of the soul is when sick.

Are there unhealthy emotions ? What hurt us most ?

A 70 percent of human diseases come from the countryside emotional awareness.

The diseases often come from unprocessed emotions , unexpressed , repressed.

The fear , which is the absence of love, is the great disease , the common denominator of many of the diseases we have today. When fear freezes affect the kidney, adrenal glands , bones , the vital energy, and can turn into panic.

Do we understand the strong and neglect our health?

From heroes cemeteries are full . You have to care.

You have your limits, go no further. You have to recognize what your limits and overcome them , because if you do not recognize , you will destroy your body.

How anger affects us ?

The anger is holy, sacred, because it is a positive emotion takes you to the affirmation, to search for your territory, to defend what is yours , what is right . But when anger becomes irritability , aggression , resentment , hatred, turns against you, and affects the liver , digestion , the immune system .

" The joy on the other hand helps us stay healthy?

Happiness is the most beautiful of all emotions because is the emotion of innocence, the heart, and is the most healing of allBecause it is not contrary to any other . A little bit of sadness with joy writes poems. The joy with fear leads us to contextualize the fear and not give it much importance .

" Joy soothes the mind ?

Yes , joy softens all the other emotions because we can process them from innocence . Joy puts the rest of the Emotions in contact with the heart and gives them upstream. The channels to reach the world of the mind .

And the sadness?

Sadness is a feeling that can lead to depression when you engage in it and do not express, but also can help. Sadness takes you to contact yourself and restore internal control. All negative emotions have their own positive side, the negative when we repress.

Is it better to accept these negative emotions that we consider as part of oneself?

As for conversion , ie when accepted flow, and did not stagnate, and can transmute. We need to channel them to arrive from the heart to the head.

What a difficult! Yes , it is very difficult. Really basic emotions are love and fear (Which is no love) so all that exists is love, in excess or defect. Constructive or destructive. Because there is also the love that clings to the love that overprotects , love toxic, destructive.

How to prevent the disease?

We are creators, So I think the best way is to create health. And if we do not create health or preventing the disease or be attacked , because we will be health.

What if the disease appears ?

Then we have to accept it because we are human. ill also Krishnamurti of pancreatic cancer and was not one to take a disorderly life . Many people valuable spiritually sick. We must explain to those who believe that illness is failing. Failure and success are two teachers, but nothing more. And when you're the apprentice, you have to accept and incorporate the lessons of the disease in your life. More and more people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of emptiness , which sometimes becomes a hole in the stomach , a feeling of shortness of breath. It is an emptiness that comes when we look outside instead of looking within . Arises when we look at external events , when we seek crutches, external support, when we have the strength of the inner search. If we do not accept the solitude and we became our own company, we will experience that void and we will try to fill it with things and possessions. But as you can not fill with things , every time the gap increases.

What can we do to get rid of this anxiety ?

Anxiety can not be passed by eating chocolate , or more calories, or looking for a Prince Charming out.

The anguish is passed when you walk inside you, accept yourself as you are and you reconcile yourself. The anxiety is that we are not what we want , nor what we are, then we are in the "Should be " and we are neither one nor the other.

Stress is another of the evils of our time. Stress comes from the competitiveness, That want to be perfect , I would be better , that I give a note that is not mine, that I want to imitate. And I really can only compete when you decide to be your own competitionThat is, when you want to be unique , original , authentic, not a photocopy of anyone.

The destructive stress impairs the immune system. But a good stress is wonderful, because it allows be alert and awake in the crisisAnd to seize an opportunity to emerge as a new level of consciousness.

What we recommend to feel better about ourselves ?

The loneliness. Be with yourself every day is wonderful. Be 20 minutes with oneself is the beginning of meditation is a bridge to real health is to access the inner altar , the inner being.

My recommendation is that people put your alarm clock 20 minutes not to steal time prior to their occupations. If you spend , not the time you have left , but those first few minutes in the morning , when you're fresh and rested, to meditate, this break is going to reload, because in the pause of the soul inhabits the potential .

What is happiness for you ?

It is the essence of life. It is the very meaning of life embody to be happyNot for anything else. But happiness is not pleasure, is integrity. When all the senses are devoting themselves to be, we can be happy . We are happy when we believe in ourselves, when we trust in us when we commit ourselves to a transpersonal level that transcends the small self or ego small. We are happy when we have a meaning that goes beyond everyday life, when life do not postpone , if not we move ourselves, when we are harmless to life and consciousness.

Living the Present.

Is it important to live in the present? How?

We let go of the past and not forfeit the lives of future expectations when we turn in being and not having. I tell myself Happiness has to do with the realizationAnd this with the ability to inhabit reality. And live in reality is leaving the world of confusion.

So we are confused , in your opinion?

We have three enormous illusions that confuse us . First we believe we are one body and not a soul, When the body is the instrument of life and ends with death. Second, believe that the meaning of life is pleasureBut there is more pleasure to more happiness, but dependence. Pleasure and happiness are not the same. pleasure must be allocated to life and life to enjoy. The third illusion is the power; we have the limitless power of life.

What we really need to live? , does the love?

Love, so and so been brought , and so maligned , is a force for renewal.

Love is great because it creates cohesion. In love everything is alive, like a river renews itself. In love, you can always renewed, because all orders . In love there is no usurpation, no displacement, no fear , no resentment, because when you order because you live the love , everything has its place , and then harmony is restored . Now, from the human perspective, it assimilate with weakness but love is not weak. We understand that weakened when someone we love does not love us.

There is great confusion in our culture. We believe that we suffer for love, love our disasters are. but it is not love, is falling in love, which is a variety of attachment. That which we call love is a drug commonly . As it depends on the cocaine , marijuana, morphine, also depends on the crush. It is a crutch for support, rather than bring someone in my heart to free and liberate. True love is a fundamental essence is freedom, and always leads to freedom. But sometimes we're bound to love. If love leads to dependence is eros. Eros is a match, and when you turn it on quickly consumedIn two minutes and you burn your finger. There are many lovers who are so pure spark. Even if that spark can serve to turn the log of true love. When the wood is on fire occurs . That love is impersonal, which produces light and heat.

Can you give some advice to achieve true love?

Only the truth. Trust in the truth, do not have to be like the princess of the dreams of others, do not have to be neither more nor less than what you are. You have a sacred right , which is the right to be wrong, have another , which is the right to forgiveBecause the error is your teacher . Amato, sincérate and considerate. If you do not want to , you will not find anyone that you might want . Love produces love. If you love , you'll find love. If not, empty. But I never look for a crumb , that's unworthy of you. The key then is to love yourself . And your neighbor as yourself. How do you no the amas , no amas a Dios, Nor your son, because you're sticking these conditions the other. Accept yourself as you are; We do not accept we can not transform, and life is a stream of continuous transformation.

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