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The harmony singing is an ancient technique that enables a singer to produce two or more sounds simultaneously with your voice. Although the origins of this technique are partly veiled in mystery, recent research has revealed a wealth of information regarding current uses of technology and certain information regarding their origins in different parts of the world.
The harmonic singing and musical art form technical and cultural or spiritual , was developed in Mongolia , Southern Siberia and Central Asia, Tibet, and South Africa. It was also used to a lesser extent in Sardinia , the only way old European harmonic singing is still practiced. There are many theories about whether the harmonic singing ever had a spiritual ritual and cabalistic ceremonies in Masonic lodges in mystery schools and Sufi practices . Some theories go so far as to say it was used long ago by the civilizations of Atlantis , ancient Egypt and the Maya of Central America. Unfortunately there is little information in this regard.
The harmonics were first discovered in the West by Pythagoras 2600 years ago . The famous Greek philosopher and mathematician was also a master of music, and together with his students spent years studying the sound and vibration. He found, after studying the monochord , one-stringed instrument , that all sounds were composed of multiple-frequency vibrations , not just one, as our ears usually hears .
Almost the same way that white light is composed of a wide range of colors , which becomes visible when light is refracted through a prism , the sound can also be refracted so that its constituent parts can be perceived . As the rainbow is composed of the colors the human eye sees as white light , the harmonics are the colors of sound. These harmonics , which normally go unnoticed , are in fact of vital importance to all human beings , and allow to differentiate between a sound and another. It is the richness of harmonics in certain parts of the infinite spectrum of sound that helps us tell the difference between a musical instrument and another, even when both run the same musical note.
Our brain can tell immediately if a certain note is played by a flute, a guitar or a piano. If the harmonics are filtered out , we become unable to distinguish between these instruments.
The human voice is the richest musical instrument in the harmonics , due to our ability to make the tiniest of possible adjustments , sharpening and the voice beyond the capacity of most musical instruments.

Most music students and musicians learn theory of harmonics , and some are even able to produce harmonics with their instruments. The guitar harmonics occur when ripping his strings while finger on the other hand regulates the strings along one of the dishes. A flute , saxophone or other wind instrument can often produce a harmonious when over- blowing , that is, when you apply too much pressure air , the sound skipped a one octave higher complete, or more. The bass is perhaps the best known producer of modern music harmonics amplified. Jaco Pastorius, who played bass in the jazz avant-garde wheather Report, played all the melodies using only the higher harmonics of the tones of his bass, as in the song "Portrait of Tracy. "
Are harmonics of the human voice , however , the most interesting , magical and mystical to listen. The singer produces a simple and powerful zoom, and then, through various techniques , convert all your upper body in a vibrating soundboard . By using the skull , nasal passages , throat , chest , abdomen, and diaphragm, and all parts of the mouth : tongue , lips , palate , soft palate , glottis and epiglottis , cheeks and jaw, singer begins to channel the sound differently than it does a singer according to the techniques of "normal" singing.
The sound that still must be heard to be believed , in fact, many people do not believe at first what they're hearing : a clear sound , beautiful and piping that appears on the singer's voice . A trained singer harmonics can sing up and down the harmonic scale , reaching, in the case of a singer with a deep voice, up to harmonic 16 or even higher. These harmonics are an arithmetic sequence sets , provided they conform to the same principle. If the singer sings a note with the frequency of 100Hz (cycles per second), the first harmonic vibrates at 200Hz , the second to 300Hz, the third at 400Hz, etc . This is what Pythagoras found by dividing the string of his monocordio equally. The harmonic scale within each musical note is infinite, but we can only hear and audibly produce the first 5 / 8 or so, and only in the case of a harmonic singer expert.
Although harmonics can be isolated and amplified one at a good singer of harmonics , it is important to realize that each and every one of us has the same harmonics in our own voices all the time, only that they are hidden , such as Rainbow is in white light.
Once one has learned to follow the movements of the mouth, and produces a good loud humming , the rest is really quite easy. Most can learn to sing some harmonics in just a few hours, but need a little practice to listen to the harmonics of yourself, and then slowly increasing it.
Once one has mastered the scale and is capable of singing up and down the harmonic series , the next step is being able to choose your favorite harmonic , so that you can compose or improvise a melody. Most can be done in a few months after learning the technique, although I have taught many people who have been able to improvise in just a few weeks. It can be as easy and unconscious as a whistle. The results depend on how it is practiced.

Once you are able to sing and improvise clearly the scale (almost the same way that many people whistle improvised songs , composed as they come out ), the next level of harmonic singing , mainly practiced in the West, is to change the fundamental tone voice , rather than holding a single buzz.
A singer is then able to create a melody with the voice, and a second voice on the flute melody is essentially a self- accompaniment. The ragas are Gregorian chants and musical forms that lend themselves easily to this style of singing harmonics. While this is admired as a successful completion by a few people , can also serve to lose the effect deeply meditative and spiritual music. Change the fundamental and the harmonic tone is by its very nature, a more mental and intellectual exercise that requires intense concentration , and the resulting music can wear his usual powerful trance- inducing effect . It is also extremely difficult to sing from the heart when everything has to go first through the intellect .
One of the most healing , meditative and spiritual harmonic singing is the key buzz : the invariable base note or root note that boot from the harmonics. A buzz unchanged is the basis of most Indian music , and some instruments have been designed in India and have been used for millennia for this purpose, such as simple box or shruti harmonium and Tampura . A buzz is also fundamental basis for the harmonic singing Mongolian (called khöömii ) and many other forms of harmonic singing . Other zoom tools are rich in harmonics Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo , the lyre of mouth ( or plow Jewish lyre ) and the smooth arc of the mouth ( known as berimbao in South America, and as uhadi or umrubhe in southern Africa, where originated ).
It is important for us to realize that , while the harmonics represent natural divisions of a musical note , Westerners have taken in more recent times a musical system that is unnatural. We have chosen to divide the octave ( the " October ", which means eight) into twelve semitones. This is as designed the piano, the foundation of all Western music. Johann Sebastian Bach, in 1691 chose to use this system, which was quickly adopted as the standard system in the West.
The ancient instruments mentioned have mostly one thing in common : when touched , produce the notes of the harmonic scale . The piano, and most modern western instruments produce a scale that , although mathematically it is understandable , does not fit exactly to the natural laws of harmonics. This tuning is called "temperament . " This has allowed us to create classical music for large orchestras , and music of increasing complexity , while at the same time prevented us resonate in harmony with the beautiful simplicity of creation and the natural scale of harmonics. This is one reason why we are musically "lost" and always looking for something we can not define.
Although Western music has spent hundreds of years to develop the melody , harmony , rhythm , tone and other aspects of musical structure , the only thing that has been neglected is the "color "or harmonious sound. A musical form that uses mainly the color or timbre of the sound , it sounds strange to us , and requires a re-education of our ears and our capacity for musical appreciation . The strange thing is that our brain is actually responding to harmonic all the time, and is tuned in many ways the relationship of the harmonic scale . We have simply forgotten on a conscious level we know at a subliminal level , unconscious. Most, upon hearing harmonics for the first time experienced a strange feeling of familiarity, as if they had heard these sounds before.

It has been found that the harmonic singing has many therapeutic applications. Perhaps the most obvious one is a trance -like effect with both the listener and the performer.

This effect, essentially a form of deep meditation , relieves stress , balances and cleanses the chakras ( energy centers of the body) , and creates a sense of lightness and wellbeing. The sound of the harmonics helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, it involves both the logical part, ringing in the left brain, because mathematically precise proportions of the scale of harmonics, and the creative and intuitive right brain through musical expression possible , once you become sufficiently skilled in the art. This may be partly responsible for its appeal to a larger percentage of men than women. Women are generally better balanced , neurological and conceptually , their brain hemispheres than men.

harmonic relationships found in the harmonic scale are , not surprisingly , in all nature , and reflect the natural structure of all life on Earth. Humans are no exception . Another famous Greek mathematician and philosopher , Plato, discovered that all things on this planet are composed of five basic building blocks . These forms, called Platonic Solids can be found at the molecular level of all animate and inanimate objects . This is logical if one believes in a Creator, since the same building principles can be applied to ALL of creation , and are an integral part of it. By listening , or create harmonics , we begin to resonate in harmony with the vibrations that are key facts and that reflect our own atomic structure , molecular and cell biology.
Most people feel like they are vibrating out of harmony with their surroundings, their neighbors, and most importantly , out of harmony with some vital aspect of themselves. When we are out of harmony , often suffer from illness and discomfort, which in terms of sound therapy can be a state of " dissonance. " This occurs when parts of a body are vibrating at a different frequency or disharmony of the rest, a frequency that is not " in tune "with the set. One can compare this with an instrument in an orchestra that is out of tune . Even if 99 of 100 instruments are tuned , a badly tuned instrument affects the whole sound. There are many reasons why human beings experience this discrepancy and one of them is the " tempering "of the musical scale. After all , music and sound are an essential part of human life, and has been since prehistoric times. It is only in the last 350 years of this period of 50,000 years that the musical scale has been " tempered "(ie , adjusted so that all musical notes are the same distance , even those created synthetically , which does not happen in Nature).

Other reasons for discomfort, for which Sound Therapy may help are:
The incredibly high decibel levels to which we are exposed in the modern world , particularly in cities;
The negative belief systems that are programmed by our teachers , politicians, religious, commercial, pharmaceutical companies and medical and educational system as a whole;
The negative belief systems originated with our parents , family and friends
Greater consumption of toxic foods , chemicals and a lack of adequate nutrition.

These are just some of the reasons why we might vibrate " tune " and thus experience poor health or illness at the physical , mental , emotional or spiritual.
The harmonic singing , when done with intent , can serve as a powerful tool for a " remodeling " vibrational , in other words , a way to reprogram our physical , mental and emotional with a more harmonious , natural and " tuned .
The miraculous beauty of this technique is that it avoids the intellectual mind and goes right to the essential self unexamined before. (I use the word miracle in the same way in the book " A Course in Miracles " that is, if you do not experience daily miracles in your life, then something is not working !) . The analysis is an ancient human defense mechanism that helps us make decisions based on experience, in order to survive. But what happens when our experience and information with which we have been programmed is based on incorrect information how can we tell what is true for us or no?
When made aware of harmonic singing , one begins a journey in the Voices of the Voice and Sound in the Sound. When you hear or practice the harmonic singing know if it's good for you or not . You'll know at a level much deeper than the analytical deduction . You will feel it resonate deep within you, which is home to other key human qualities such as intuition , instinct , unconditional love , compassion and joy.
Vibrates in harmony with Creation and feel one with it. You'll return home safely.

source: Nestor Kornblum / Michel Averard

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 31, 2010 at 7:59pm
Mantra Chanting is a great option for anyone who would like to experiment with Healing and Sound!

Here's a link to our Mantra Chanting group:

If you know your soul name, you can also experiment with CHANTING it - and layer after layer of the true meaning of your name will be revealed to you ;-)

Blessings of Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel Aouine
Comment by Sunspiritsmiles on September 1, 2010 at 1:19pm

Thank you for your wonderful sharing
Blessings, Blessings, Blessings


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