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Dear Tu,

The following image will head up each of these messages at the request of Father God. For those unfamiliar with it, it is part of Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in The Vatican.

Today is Wednesday, 14 July 2010 and I am here to take a message from Father God for today, and he is saying;

There has been much happening upon your planet and with the energies coming forth into your world. Much change has unfolded since the time of the solstice until now. Apart from the solstice itself, there have been two key energy gateways; the full moon in June which was a partial lunar eclipse and the new moon on 11 July, which was a total solar eclipse and all of these events have unfolded under the watchful eye of a Grand Cross, which in and of itself brings great power to all of these events. So when you add together the impact of all of these events, the change that has come forth through these energies has been quite extraordinary; and I assure you that the changes that were foretold have indeed come to pass.

Some of the energies which were due to come with the solstice as they were foretold by Jeshua and Mother Mary and myself were interfered with by those of the dark. They were delayed to some extent and those delayed energies have all now come forth either via the full moon in June or the new moon and solar eclipse in early July. So all of the intended energies are now present upon your planet and I want you to understand the consequences of these energies. These energies provide the basis for the ending of the interference of the dark upon your planet, and I use those words carefully because there are some other triggers which need to be invoked, you could say to bring forth before the final conclusion of their impact, and these will be undertaken over the next few days. So we have now entered the time when all of this interference that has been ongoing on your pla net since the fall in Atlantis some 12,500 to 13,000 years ago, that this interference is being brought to an end.

It became clear that this was very necessary if the preparation that is required for humanity to participate in Ascension was going to unfold, and so those steps are firmly in place. So I want to alert you to this because you will now begin to see some of the changes unfold in your world that will be related to this preparation. This preparation will move into the public eye and I say this because much preparation has been going on in the background and the time is now where it shall come forth into the public eye; and so, so many events, so many structures, so much that has been associated with the interference of the dark upon your planet will begin to fall apart, will begin to be corrected, will begin to be healed. All of this will begin to unfold within days upon your planet and so I wanted to come forth and share these words with you, because it is a marker. The key preparatory work for this to unfold has been completed and so the unfolding into the public eye of these changes will now begin. And so it is.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God, and might you give us some preview, so to speak, as to some of the events that will unfold on our planet, you might say that the pertains to the unravelling of the dark in the affairs of the planet and humanity. Can you do that for us?

There are many areas in which the dark has been involved in the affairs of your planet. They control the monetary system. They control almost all aspects of government, and by and large their control within government has been by threat. Even those leaders who have come forth as positive leaders for change have been muzzled in one way or another and usually that has been by the combination of the threat of the death of themselves and their families, and on the other side substantial payments made in a manner which is not visible to the public eye. It is usually a combination of these two elements which is used to ensure the cooperation of all political leaders of whatever persuasion and this is not particularly evident, and so in that regard you will see those who have been threatened, that the threats will dissolve and they will begin to come forth and be the lea ders that you have expected them to be.

The dark have also been responsible for all of the wars upon your planet for many centuries and this will become evident and those driving forces will dissolve. We have spoken before about the oil spill and I have said as much as I wish to say about this; however it is an example of their interference, as you now know. So these are some examples where you will begin to see change.

On the other side of the ledger, so speak you will begin to see much more of the secrets of the light begin to come forth, because as has been foretold this is the time when both the secrets of the dark and the light will come forth for humanity to understand.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God. You mentioned controlling money, I believe, that the dark have been involved with the control of finances, they wish to corner everything, and so I think about these individuals who are struggling today. They’ve lost jobs, homes and some people talk about changes in the monetary system, one world bank, one world government. Can you give us some idea as to what will come forth when the dark fall away from the money supply? What can we expect from your perspective?

Firstly, I would say that the notion of a global, single currency and one world government were agenda items of the dark, not of the light, and so you can expect to see a lot more freedom, you could say between various groups to operate their own agendas, their own communities and the way that they interact with others will become a lot freer. With time, and I'm talking as you move beyond Ascension, the whole requirement for individuals to work for the basic elements of life will dissolve; but that will take some time and as that happens, it will transform the nature of what it means to live upon your planet. So in the shorter term, we will see the truth behind so many of these so-called financial support organisations that have global reach, the truth behind those organisations will come forth and people will understand that their agendas are very different from that which they express publicly. So it is perhaps the dismantling of those hidden agendas behind those organisations that will be a major force. There will be forgiveness of debt, because the creation of debt between countries has been, by and large driven by the agenda of the dark and I don't wish to go into the detail of this, but that is the nature of things. It is about control. If you have a country in debt, then you basically have them in your control and so that whole debt structure will get dissolved. So these are some of the elements that will change.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God. There are so many indications of dark activity in our lives, and perhaps we can discuss this another time, if you’re willing, I’d appreciate it.

I am willing and I would rather approach this on the basis that, as these pieces fall away we explain what they have meant and how it is that they are now crumbling. But we can unfold this as you wish.

Carolyn - Thank you, Father God.

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Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace,

Richard Presser

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Comment by Tu' Laria Su' Laria on July 15, 2010 at 5:17am
Peace: " Shanti"
" Amani"
" Pace "
" Shalom"
" Damai "
" Kapayapaan"
" Salam "
" Runyaro "
Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 15, 2010 at 10:17am

Comment by Tu' Laria Su' Laria on July 16, 2010 at 1:46pm
Wow! What beautiful Picture SonJa! YOU Have to let me know how you retrieve these beautiful pics and put them here on this page? ( : I'm still not knowing how to figure this out?
Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 25, 2010 at 3:10pm
hi :-)

Above the text box yopu see an icon which looks like a camera - the black one. Click on it, choose the pic you'd like to upload and go for it :-)

I'm looking forward to your pictures Tu' Laria Su' Laria - LOL!

Sonja Myriel


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