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25th September 2018 – GANESH JOINS US

We are in the cave with the healing pool in the centre giving off a beautiful bluish white glow. There are Angels around the pool waiting for us, draw close to this pool of healing energy and slip into the waters, feel yourself luxuriating in this wonderful healing balm. The Angels stand around and generate the healing necessary to invigorate you and uplift your spirits. It is warm and beautiful, slip deeper down into the waters, feel the energies growing and supporting you. Be aware of the connections between you, reach out and touch the hand of those next to you and join as a circle, gently moving around in this energy. There are many more who come to join us and they stand watching over us from the side-lines, wishing us well.

I felt the urge to use the singing bowl and struck it a few times.

In the centre of the pool there is a pulsating light within the water that shoots up like a fountain, it’s changing colour, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, all the colours of the rainbow! The fountain showers down upon your heads, surrounding you in the colours, sink deeper into these energies, allow yourselves to relax and go with the flow, your perfectly safe, perfectly loved.
Be attuned to the energies in this beautiful cave. The vibrations rise higher and higher, filling the cave with the echoes of this vibration. Circles of energy, circles within circles.
(I felt impelled to pick up the bowl and played it, circling round and round, gaining speed, faster and faster, louder and louder). The energy seemed to be rising higher and higher up to the ceiling and beyond in a spiral of sound and colour).

We light your path in the darkness of night, we ignite the flame within you burning bright.

(I put the bowl down to concentrate more on channelling).

We drift in oceans of Love, reaching out to one another fulfilling your destiny, becoming one with the creator. Do not despair or drop back in anguish for all is as it should be, all is happening in divine timing, all will be accomplished! Stay to the straight and narrow, do not be put off by those nuance’s that irritate or demand your attention, we are reaching a time of fulfillment. Irritations come and go, all can be vanquished, calmed and soothed over, there is nothing to fear but fear itself! Rapid movements of the heart cause distress, go into the stillness and know that all is well. We bring about a grand renewal and all shall feel the Love and the energy, all shall be brought into the fold. It is a question of timing for some, there are many who stand back too afraid to take that step forwards.

We anoint the heads of those that come to kneel and we portray a tear or two at times when we see that anguish within your hearts. There is a Light burning, a Light so powerfully strong to overcome all misgivings and we shine that Light around you this day, manifesting greater glories and initiating you into this Light stream of love. You are the grandest initiates and we come bearing gifts to those that follow, asking you to be prepared to lay down your lives for us! And we do not mean this in the physical sense, we mean only that you use your time wisely and be prepared to sift through those problems that surface from time to time and to send Light into the situation so that it may flower and grow and be healed!

There are many on this journey, this great learning curve that we are all on and the manifestation of this power and energy shall circumference the world and allow a flowering of the minds of men. They find it harder than the female form to understand and manifest the energy that shall comfort all ills, and be brought into open arena where we may discuss and allow a flowering of the fruits upon the vine. This has been preordained and we come into your midst to help you shine, to help you understand your true worth and what it is we expect of you in the weeks to come.

We tremble at times when we see what is in front of us and the obstacles that face us, this brings strength and courage and wisdom! Do not give up when all seems to be hopeless for there is always hope on the horizon for a better life for all. There are many who are despondent in this world of yours, not knowing which way to turn. They wonder how they will cope with what is being flung at them from the administrators of your world, the politicians and those that would weave a spell around you!

We say unto you be strong, be calm, stand your ground, do not let others decide your destiny, you are in charge of your life! There are simple measures that can be taken to help you do this, and one is to stand with the Spirit within, first and foremost, harken to that voice within that comes from your heart. This is the portal of greatest reference! There are those that try to bar your way but they shall be misled and swept aside, there is nothing that can stop a pure heart and mind from going forward, this is our wish for you that you should hearken to the Spirit within in all matters, in all locations around the globe. We keep you safe in greatest Love. We will see you through to the end game of that there is no doubt, we vanquish over all thoughts of doom and gloom and tell you now to go into the mist, into that Purple Light and be reborn. This shall be so, oh dear anointed ones, this shall be so!
There is one who wishes to speak. Do not be afraid to come forward for your thoughts are valid and we allow you a taste of what is to come and what can be accomplished with strength and purpose. Let us hear your voice my dear, a word or two will suffice, be not afraid!

Long pause, but no one came forward!

There are some who consider this to be a worthwhile cause and others who are afraid to launch themselves in this direction. There is of course always free will in this and we would not push you, and yet we encourage you to venture forth. Your heart will glow with loving pride at this accomplishment, to be forewarned is to be forearmed!

We narrate a story for you!

There was a lamb who came into the fold, alone and beleaguered with thoughts of a dubious nature. He whimpered and cried not knowing which way to turn and yet the gentle Master came and laid a hand upon his head. The lamb nestled against the Masters legs and slept in peace, knowing he was safe. All who come into the fold shall be sheltered there is no need to fear for all is well, all is as it should be.

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, look upon a little child, she has come to Love you so and, on this path, her Love will grow!

Step up to the alter and claim your just desserts, for you are born from Love and to Love you will return one day. The Love within your hearts shall grow and grow and there will come a time when all fear shall evaporate, and there is only Love left as the binding force that brings us together. Sweet dreams, sweet cherubim of Light!

You are welcomed into the Light and take centre stage

Q. Would this be an appropriate time to ask some questions please?
You may come forward and speak!

Q. Can you tell us what you know about the collective who channel to Earth known as Abraham please?

Abraham, the Father, the giver of Light and Love! We open up that connection. We speak with greater clarity.

(It was here that I could feel my face changing and my voice became deeper and slower).

We speak for the masses and enlighten you, there are many upon the Earth plane who ignite the teachings of the greater Masters and those that have come before. There is an abundance of good cheer here for you in the realms of Light and we ask what it is you want to know about this character Abraham, the Biblical Father?
When I refer to Abraham, I talk about the collective that is known as Abraham that channel messages to the people of Earth!

There are many entities used to channel these energies, frequencies of Light that gather information to pass on to the populace of Earth. We ignite the energies within and stream forth further vocabulary that will help enlighten the mortals of the Earth plane. Abraham is one who is party to this broadcast and there are many, more like him who come forth to aid and abet the people of Earth. There is so much more to learn and the people of Earth do need a label to address us by, but in all truth, we come from the main source of Light and Love, we are not separated, we are merely an apparition of the physical entity. The Lord Jehovah could just as easily be called upon or your Messiah, whatever you want to call us, we are merely here to help you understand.

Q. How do people of the Earth determine which messages are genuine because there are many out in the public that pass on messages, how do we know which ones are genuine?

We would say to you to go within and listen with your hearts, this is the main focus. It is not good enough that someone should tell you that this or that way is the right way to go or not, or who you should listen to and who you should not. It is always for you to decide, to examine and to look within the clarity of your hearts. The frequencies will vibrate that will allow you to comprehend whether something is fact or fiction! There are many who set out to hoodwink and disguise themselves but there are also just as many who vibrate from that eternal Light and come in all sincerity. It is a question of looking within and making comparisons to what feels right and what feels wrong!

We do not wish to trick you in any way at all, we merely come to test the waters and to see if you are ready for that next step forwards. There are brighter paths ahead of you all, should you follow with open hearts and minds. You will be channelling yourselves one day, and though you may doubt yourselves, which of course the human race are often apt to do. But if you trust yourself and those around you that are here to help you, there shall be no dispute at all, for it will ring clear and loud within your minds and to let go and join in that energy and bliss. There can be no other greater way to spend your time with us.

Q. Do Spirits of Light only experience one time clothed in flesh on the Earth plane or do they return many times?

It is entirely up to you my dear! If you get that pull to come and help a particular planet where there is trouble and strife, it is not only to this Mother Earth of yours that you have been, many times before. But there are many, many more dimensions where you have been challenged and aborted many exercises that would have caused futility for those destinations. You have saved many peoples by coming into that time frame and escorting those to other worlds where necessary. It has been a worthwhile task on many occasions and this should be taken, into account when you doubt yourselves here on Earth, for this is only one frequency and many others that you have delved into.

Long pause with deep breathing.

Q. Have we been joined by another energy that has a message for us please?

(This energy had a lighter feel and spoke softly and slowly).
We float into your time frame . . . and give assistance. How best may we help you?

Q. Do you think human kind will ever see the Light, will ever redeem themselves and stop fighting and creating war and hatred against other men?

They shall indeed be brought to a halt where they can go no further, they will be held back from the brink to allow a transformation of their energy fields that will stop this happening that will stop the mayhem and destruction. This is what we are hoping to achieve with people such as you, who come here to garnish and to bring those rays of golden energy, transforming the lives of those around you. This is an opening gambit that will allow us to move among you to bring in greater clarity and reserves of energy that will manifest for all to behold. We are Super beings of Love and Light, manifest in your creation as Angels of Light, we hover among you and bring in the Light necessary to make this work. To amass the power and energy needed, we superimpose our thoughts on yours and ask you to believe in us, to believe and know we are doing the best we can. And the more you believe the more powerful we become. We sanction a blessing from the Great Divine.

You come into our energy fields and feel us. We create greater positivity and an indulgence on your part to manifest the energies around you. There are a great deal more in this room, in this sanctuary you have created with your energy fields. There is a fluttering of energy on the wings of Love. We envelop you all in this powerful beam of Light that circumferences this space, a support system you have created that will enhance your productivity, your reason for being, for all is in accordance with God’s Holy plan, have no doubts upon this.

Long pause.

We propel you to a land of dreams and these shall help and guide you along the pathway. You are most deserving. There is an allotted time span and we feel this is coming to and end, so we wish you Bon voyage! We shall catch up with you again soon in the foreseeable future. We ask you to go gently and carefully along this highway of Love.

We thank you for joining us today, journey well yourselves!

It has been our greatest pleasure and we thank you for your assistance, and it is wonderful to see your growth and the magic that abounds around you. Go easy, go safely and go with the Love of the Great Divine within your hearts. Thank you!

I thought I was about to say a closing prayer but Spirit were still with me and suggested the healing flame.

We thank the Great Spirt for drawing close to us today and we would ask that you visualise the beam of Light within the centre of this room and place those you love, those who you know who are in need of great assistance, place them in this flame of growing energy. See them walking into this flame to be re-energised, to be reborn as all past ills and hurts fall aside, extinguished in the flame, leaving only the pureness of a healed body.

We thank the Great Spirit!


One of the ladies had felt themselves floating up and words came to her that Peace is there within the soul and the Love connecting us all to the Divine. Because of feeling under par, she chose not to speak this time and declined to come forward.

(As Spirit tell us it is all about free will and no-one will be pushed, just encouraged if the time is right).

The first energy looked like the character who had a very long nose who has been before. One of the group said it sounded like Ganesh and another saw a big face with bulbous lips, she also had been aware of people sitting next to her on the sofa.

One of the group members had the impression that the sanctuary had become enveloped in an orange glow on the outside, and all these entities were being drawn to it, coming through the ethers to join us.

Another kept seeing a stairway to Heaven. We felt there was a lot of healing in the sanctuary today.

A few nights ago, I woke in the middle of the night and heard some words: - “We initiate a trial coming together. There is one called Shanuka who comes bearing gifts “and I felt she was a Star Being. I then got the name Shanada and was shown a sign like a labyrinth. I’m wondering if the lady with floaty voice could be Shanuka in this session as someone who came bearing gifts. Shanada sounds a lot like Sanada, which is another name for Jesus who was mentioned in this last session.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 29, 2018 at 1:22am

Thank you so much Eileen for binging us these inspiring messages.

With gratitude and love,


Comment by Laurel Ann Browne on September 29, 2018 at 3:49am

Wonderful, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was listening to the healing colours and sounds of Jim Oliver "Harmonies of Light" at this exact time. There are no accidents, truly His music is heavenly, healing and beautiful.

Love & Light, Laurel Ann


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