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A couple nights ago, I decided to explore some of the Dragon Gifts it seems I have access to. There is some Dragon blood running through my veins (along with some other bloodlines...) and I have Dragon friends, so the many blessings and abilities Dragons possess may be available for me.

Again, in my magical and sacred hot tub I asked Obsidian about Dragon Vision. I asked him what it is, and what to expect from it.

He said that Dragon Vision allows them to see through time and dimensions and to see the multiple frequencies of light that make up the dimensions. I asked if this is like looking through the Akashic Records, and the answer was that it is similar in that the same information can be accessed, but that the experience is not the same. He also said that there are many ways to see time and dimensions and that Dragons and Dragon Vision is not the only way.

I asked him to activate my Dragon Vision and to do so in a graceful way so I don't get overwhelmed with physical issues or stimulation overload. Upon asking for this, I immediately started feeling that familiar energetic motion in my head...

At this point, I decided to stop asking for more on this as I knew it would take some time when easing into it.

The next night (last night), I decided to revisit this with Obsidian. While I had experience a headache and my usual energetic flows, I hadn't noticed much difference in vision. None really.

I asked that all three of them (Obsidian, Dharma, and Ruby) to participate together in activating my Dragon Vision. Honestly, I am not known for being patient with my awakening gifts... ;) My feeling was that with three working together as a group, maybe it would work better or with greater clarity.

This is the first time I have asked Dharma and Ruby to actively participate in this way. Obsidian was happy to oblige and allow for their involvement (As their guardian he needed to approve of it).

I asked Obsidian if I needed to "Be a Dragon" to have Dragon Vision. Not surprisingly the answer was YES.

So there's the rub I guess, I hadn't really been thinking of myself as a Dragon, but rather a Dragon Friend. But not to be disappointed, I do have Dragon blood in my bloodline, and it is one of the forms I can take.

I was about to be birthed into my Dragon Form!

I was face to face with Obsidian. His eyes burned with fire as he stared into mine. (I know this sounds overly dramatic, but I am honestly conveying how this felt...)

As I stared into his eyes, I felt myself changing. I could feel my snout, the ridge of my brow jutting over my own flaming eyes. The fire brewing in my belly. I could feel my Dragon wings coming alive on my back. I could feel my legs and arms turning into tree stumps and growing talons. I was swishing my tail from side to side sloshing water in the tub.

I focused on feeling each aspect of what being a physical Dragon would feel like. I breathed in and out with fire on my breath. I breathed in and out the fire and magic from Obsidian just inches away from my face. I bellowed primordial screams of energy from my belly (spiritually so as not to wake the neighborhood).

I was feeling pretty darn awesome to be honest.

When I had fully immersed myself in being a Dragon. Obsidian, Dharma, and Ruby flew into a nearby clearing where they started flying in circles into an upward spiral of energy. It was time for me to take flight with them into this vortex/tornado, this Dragon Portal they had opened.

And so I did! And it was breathtaking and amazing.

I flew from the hot tub in my new Dragon clothes. I swept in at the bottom of the vortex and streaked upward through it and into the sky rolling in a lazy spiral at great velocity directly into space above Gaia. There I hovered, looking back on the planet, glowing with the warmth and love of her being.

Although I am a male human, I am pretty balanced in male/female energy. As a Dragon, I felt decidedly more female. Odd that is...

I got a chance to see myself as a Dragon, and at risk of sounding too egotistical, I AM BEAUTIFUL. Not surprising to me, my body is iridescent white, glowing with the Iridescent Flame. I like it, a lot... :)

I also feel like my appearance is the opposite and perfect match for how Obsidian appears to me.

I returned to the hot tub and transformed into feeling like a human again. Obsidian, Dharma, and Ruby were waiting for me and greeted me warmly as one of their own. It was at this time that they could activate my Dragon Vision. I saw them "place" three gems in me. An Emerald from Dharma, A Ruby from Ruby (as you may have guessed), and a Diamond from Obsidian. They arranged them in a triad around my third eye (pineal gland) and they will work in conjunction with my "normal" third eye and connect directly to my Crystal Heart as well.

They said it will take some time and acclimation, especially considering I asked for this to be activated with grace. I will also need to learn HOW to even use it, which I will take on when I feel I am ready for it.

So far, my "night of rest" has been very active, and as you will see in my next post, far from over.

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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on June 3, 2014 at 11:48pm

Thank you fo another wonderful share Paul,, which I resonated with a lot as I assumed my dragon form as well....awesome, but not totally unfamiliar to me, (enen thought it was my first time), because this was my original form of my soul in my home galaxy.

Blessings of Love & Light,


Comment by Paul Lange on June 4, 2014 at 12:24am

Cool Steve, sounds like there may be more stories to come on this...


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