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The Chain
(channelled message from ‘The oneness’ through Whitefeather)

Christ is alive within you all, Merlin is alive within you all, Mother Mary is alive within you all, Buddah is alive within you all, as is the Goddess of a thousand names. You are the same essence as the stars which are the same essences as the rocks and tree’s and plants. All life, all forms of being, are of the one essence. How you choose to manifest is irrelevant for all aspects of the one essence are as important as the rest for a balanced eco-system upon the Earth.
Humans are not the top of any chain, for a chain by its very definition is a series of independent links coming together to form a chain. Therefore, humans are but one link in a vast chain, from the smallest article to the largest solar system, and know this, in the larger vista of things, humanity is infinitely small by comparison.

This is a simple matter yet something humanity is failing to comprehend in any depth. Many nod their heads and say “yes I understand this, we must love all things”, then turn around and add their energies to the very problems the Earth is facing, by your everyday actions and choices.
Do you ride your car because it is kind to the Earth ? Or do you have it because you like it, want it, need a status symbols or simply believe you cannot afford to change it ? Can you afford to continue your selfish destruction of the Earth ?
Conscience, does modern humanity have one ? Is it only available in a select few ? Or does it operate in personal selection ? Do you choose to be a conscious being all of the time or do you choose only when it is of direct benefit to yourself ?

It is time for humanity to question everything about their entire existence, about the thousands of choices you make each day and how those choices affect the future of yourself and all humanity. Make yourself aware of the history behind everything you do or purchase so that you can make informed choices. Yes it may be time consuming, but your time will be spent enlightening yourself to your own plight by your own actions. The need for this has been highlighted in your physicality recently by the oil disasters happening almost daily, though few make your awareness, such as the recent Gulf of Mexico.
Disasters such as this do not need to continue to happen and will not continue if only humanity would awaken to themselves and realise you can be a vital link in the chain because your actions globally, locally and personally affect every other link in the chain.
The creatures, plants and life forms of the Earth except for humans, continue to work to maintain their roles in the chain, but increasingly, because of the actions of the human link in the chain, they too are learning to deviate from their normal patterning in an effort to survive. Each time a vital link in the chain is lost, the efficiency of the whole is compromised. No other life form is having such a detrimental affect on the whole delicate system of balance, as that of humans right now.
The time has come for humanity to again become a ‘team player’ , a part of a sustainable whole, rather than the destroyer. This comes from understanding you are at once an important yet unimportant link in the chain, for without humanity the world would continue and some new creatures would evolve over time. You can have such an impact for good or for worse upon all the other links in the chain. In this way you may begin to understand the impact you are capable of having on life’s fragility, then you can become aware of how your choices affect the whole. Even the simplest of choices - “What shall I cook tonight ?” “What shall I wear today ?” “What shall I buy ?”
When you come together and understand the power behind mass consciousness, you may begin to understand your own personal impact, from your own thoughts through to your purchasing power and into your voting systems for global decisions. Every choice you make in every second of every day of your life, has an impact upon the larger chain, you may not be able to see it instantly, you may not be able to feel it instantly, but in the longer term, your actions come back to you at some point, and not just to you in this lifetime, but to the children of the future, maybe even your own self as you reincarnate and return for another Earth journey in the future. Just because you cannot see it does not mean your thoughts, words and actions are not having an affect.

It is time to stop the petty issues you all seem to fret so much over, in the grander vista of things, these are really very unimportant, you are unimportant. Your family may grieve when you transition this lifetime but your impact to the chain would be quickly absorbed and replaced by another. Yet, by your choices and actions you can make the chain stronger, leave a lasting impression, you can assist others to act for the greater whole, rather than just for your own gratification, and so by, strengthening the chain.
Perhaps it is easier for you to continue to wear a hooded robe, so that you cannot fully see what is happening all around you. Perhaps whilst you are safely wrapped in your cloak of self absorption you feel you cannot work for the greater good because you have too much weight within your own cloak to contend with.
Have you not thought of casting off the cloaks you wear ? Would you not be lighter ? Less encumbered ? What do you fear from freeing yourself from such a heavy weight ?
You fear ‘just being’ . Just being an ordinary link in a chain, the same as everyone else, you would have much power available to you, but no more than anyone else. You would be vulnerable, yet no more than anyone else. A link on its own is weak, a link in a chain is strong.
Currently there is two opposing ends of the chain pulling in opposite directions, a chain, like the individual links, should come together in a circle in order to create total strength. Currently there are two ends to the chain of humanity, one pulling towards destruction, rape of the Earth, intolerance of differences, domination over one another, control issues and greed, whilst the other pulls towards balance and harmony, walking within the ancient Earth traditions, tolerance and acceptance of all life forms and thought forms, love, joy and beauty. This battle has raged for many years. But time is of the essence now and you must all choose which end of the chain you wish to pull with and against because sooner or later the chain will join in a circle. But will it be circle of Love or one of Destruction ? The choice is with the individual links as to how the circle comes together.
Namaste, Aho, Blessings. The Oneness.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 14, 2010 at 9:59am
Wow, very thought provoking ans true! We DO have a big impact on everyone and everything around us - on all the other links in the chain - and yet we are INSIGNIFICANT in comparison to ALL that IS ...

EVERYTHING we do or do not do matters - What kind of products do we buy? How do we travel? How often do we really need to take the car? ... If we choose to become more conscious - all these decisions of everyday life should be taken consciously as well! I see how much I still have to learn. I WANT to always do the best - but often it's sooo much easier to take the car, to buy fast food, and so on ... and another important thing: once you succeed in taking the better decision most of the times: do you expect everyone else to do the same and if they fail, do you judge them? ... Judging them makes it more difficult for them to evolve ... WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, and as we know how difficult it is to change one's accustomed life style, we should be patient - and do not judge.

Thank you for this inspiring message!

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 14, 2010 at 7:44pm
Comment by Glenda Suzanne Brockel on September 15, 2010 at 3:28am
I choose the latter as my link into the Cricle of Love.
This is a beautiful transmission
In much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude
Comment by Cristina on September 22, 2010 at 6:34am
Thank YOU !


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