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Breaking down the major effects of emotional wounds
When the topic came up for the past couple of days about how healing energy can help release emotional wounds it seemed so complicated to break it down in easier steps to handle. When we take a look at the proces we also have to take a look at the effects of the root causes in order to know and understand what we are dealing with.
There are many life experiences that can create a sense of not being loved, not being heard or understood, yet not everybody will have the same type of response to it. Not energetically nor emotionally. Every act that is creating an negative energy field around your energetic body will find its way in the emotional, physical and mental body as well. For we are whole, not just different aspects that creates a persona.
That also means we all come with a different agenda enabling us to learn from live experiences in order to bring back balance between our whole being. The way we learn will also address the way the different fields will react to it in order to process. For instance the most subtle energy of negative input will not be able to recognize as easy as when you fall from your bike and land on the floor when you forgot to watch where you are going.
That is pretty logical won't you think? Yet the proces that lies beneath both incidents can come from the same root causing at the end the tumble if we ignore the nudges we receive. Or if we are not used to listen to our inner voice that tells us what's right or wrong, which way to take. Specially when the environment we live in, is crowded and loud. Then being in Nature and feel the silence creates an opening in listening and understanding easier this inner voice.
I have come to understand by learning the hard way, if I ignore my initial hunch next time it will be addressed a little louder. Usually it will be through my emotional field, creating some kind of irritation about the event that brings it up, or the person involved. I have a choice, I can address the emotion and hunch and act out or I can make the choice to look what really is taking place within this experience.
If I am able to do so, I will express this in a more easier and loving way. No layers placed upon the experience or need to hold on to the emotion. Yet I am not aware of the impact it has had and let it slide. So the next warning will be a bit harsher or harder to make the cause even more visible. We all know what bottled up emotions can do when triggered. They are way more difficult to control or even to address them in a loving way. Our healing comes through a loving heart, mind and soft body, not by hardening up every time we feel the dis-balance within ourselves..
Actually when it comes to the point where healing is needed, in any way, heartbroken experiences, emotional wounds of denial, humiliation, fear or the physical wounds that we are having, it seems we have to break the pattern that created this journey into pieces we can handle to address. Our body has a self healing quality as well does our emotional body.
Our mental body can either co-operate with us, or make it even more difficult, hence the way our mind works is necessary in coping with the reversing of the pattern we are in. Yet, the first and foremost necessity is awareness. We need to be aware of the relation between the effects the emotional and physical experiences are having on our total being.
There are some tools that will assist in this tracing back to the root cause of what is happening within those bodies and how they correlate with each other. Some are more easy to address then others. By meditation or music, yoga and mindfulness we can train ourselves to become more aware of the harmony we can create between each aspect.
Breathing for one is a very powerful tool to be used in order to calm the mind, relax the body and allow the emotions to come up. Love is the master key in all of this to over come the anxiety and hurt within that is causing the pain and is denying yourself to be the best expression of yourself. It is also about choice. We intentionally make the choice to be aware of the process and our need of healing every aspect we come across along the way.
Even the most difficult ones we rather like to avoid or deny they exist. In order to bring in healing energy, their is a need for release and detoxifying. Releasing of emotions that are connected with the experiences that caused the internal damage. Our Heart is the best compass in this journey. Where there is Love fear cannot exist.
We may walk this reversed path in a gentle and kind way towards ourselves. This might be the hardest thing to do when the lessons have been telling you the other way around. That will be the first thing you can address then, right there and in that specific moment it will express itself. You are worthy to be alive in every sense of the way, loved and beloved, and it all starts within.
We can heal ourselves when we apply the law of Love towards ourselves first and foremost in order to bring in this energy that will enable you to create a new pathway, a different road through life. We may accept the assistance life has to offer, presenting itself every moment you need it, although it might not be what you expected. It may come as a person, a pet, a child, as well a rock on the sidewalk you hurt your toe on. A book that your eye picks up, any kind of signal is being presented.
It's up to you to be aware of the assistance you are being presented. For you are not alone and the force of Life will always bring in the right inspiration to apply in this healing process. Break down the walls that you have place around your heart, in order to break down the tension in your body, bringing in relaxation and softness again.
Bring in the positive energy in your mind, your train of thoughts, stop the negative mind about yourself and add the positive energy towards your inner world. Make a commitment to your self healing quality, your mastering again over your own life and the choices you make. Let Love be your Compass.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 19-10-2015

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Comment by Lora Farlow on December 13, 2019 at 1:13pm

"Where there is Love fear cannot exist."  Hello Rhea!  How do we move into this Divine Love?  I feel like I can not remember to surrender to this Love All the Time as I long to do.  Fear creeps in.

12/12 helped me to remember to catch each negative and fear based thought--but it was a full time inner job!  Self Love to us All!  Thank you for your beautiful writing.


Comment by Rhea Dopmeijer on December 13, 2019 at 1:35pm

Hello dear @Lora, I think it is about self love, self worth that are keys to the unconitional love we are growing into. It all starts within, for each one of us, and there are different tools available to use. I always recommend to use that which fits you the most. The triggers are the tools as well to become aware of what lies beneath the surface, like you said, to catch each negative and fear based thought, yet remember, every negative thought holds the gift of light, every time you are challenged, it offers the gift of healing. Thank you for you loving response 

with love as well Full Moon blessings 



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