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Auric Shielding - Taught by An-Hu-Nu

In these times a lot of light workers are being energetically attacked from the dark side.  During these times I want to give other light workers who are also under the fire of the dark side a possibility to protect themselves.

How to create an aura protection shield. 

We must learn to wrap ourself with a layer of protection that is positive, and latch into your subconscious so that you don’t need to focus on it constantly.

As a Healer I have used this technique, in my knowing…. Its something I have used since I woke up and when someone was under attack once I helped them see it and use it.

It isn’t hard to install this shield and it is important to clean your body and auric field first.  I use Golden light as its very strong for me, though you will use the colour light that suit your level of consciousness.  Many I come across use either green light or white light.  For me as a seasoned user, I prefer Golden light as its unconditional love for me, and it’s very strong.  Other times I will use the full spectrum of light.  It’s a matter of choice and preference and don’t really matter.

Close your eyes and breathe deep steady breaths.  In through the mouth and slowly release through mouth.

Focus on the light you are choosing then move counter clockwise inside your aura from your crown chakra and spiralling down through your whole body and auric field.  When it reach your feet turn the light clockwise and again spiral upward through your whole body and auric field to your crown.  It will form a patch of light over your crown and below your feet.

Now pull those patches of light from the crown and from the feet towards each other, inside your body, till they meet at your heart.  Let the above and below meet and mix in your heart.  Focus on the most powerful memory you have, that make you happy and feel warm loved and glowing.

Let that expand through your entire body, it will become so strong that it starts to fill your auric field.  Now focus the light to clean your bodies, your auric field, every cell of your physical body and your mind from all negative and lower energies, darkness and shadows.

Let the icky dark energy that almost look like old oil leave the body through hands and feet.  At first it may be dark but after a while it will get lighter till it will hold the same colour as the light you are using.  That would be when you will stop.  You will now stand in a pool of really icky energy.  Push it away from you, making sure none stay behind stick to your feet. (I usually gather them in a orb that I transmute later)

Bring focus back to heart, then change the light in heart to pure white light and let it fill your body and pass out through your chakras.  Let it flow from your heart till it reaches the edge of your auric field.

Now focus on the edge of your auric field and let that light wrap around your field closing you off in a type of cocoon of energy.  Let it settle till it become a clear shimmering field.

You have now successfully made a shield.

It take long to make the first one, after that your body remember what you did, and it will be easier as the mere thought would activate it.  It would automatically do a cleansing sweep then set the shield in place.  Locking your shield into your heart, will make sure that when it needed or you come under attack, your heart will react to the treat, and activate the shield without you realising it.  It will become a reflex action that will save you much trouble.


The bad part about the Auric shield is that when you are sick, or you indulge in negative emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, etc…. it will deactivate your shield and then you will have to redo this installation into your heart.

The protection shield must allow your energy to pass through to the outside, as a healer I need it to filter my energy when I heal others also in receiving energy from others the shield will filter out the negative energy and only allow in positive and healing energy.

You can however close it completely to receive and give off no energy, but that is not advisable on a long term basis.  If your entering a area where you don’t want to be noticed then it’s a great tool.  You have to however unlock that once you leave the situation.  Otherwise your own negative energy will start to take you over, and you will also be disconnected from the source or divine energy that is always feeding into us through our crown chakra.

Don’t fear or doubt the workings of the shield as it will weaken your shield, and leave you vulnerable to attack.  The stronger your confidence in your shield is the stronger your shield will be.

Next we will look at the different ways to use your Auric shield in service of you

There is about 13 diferent ways I use my auric shield, here is the ones that is the most effective.  The rest is ways I have created in service of the work I do, so those I wont share.

The Mirror shield

Notice how the edge of your auric field is turned into a hard line, the outside shimmer like a mirror and in this way it will diflect ALL energy, yes all even love.  So be mindful to only use this in dire cases or for short periods of time.  It is rather affective when you are in a group of people and the energy is toxic.  it also help Empathic and sensitive people to not get overwelmed when in large groups od people.

The Wall Shield

It works a lot like the mirror shield, but this is more solid and it dont reflect.  When energy hit it it will run down the shield and pool at the bottom.  So be mindful when you drop the shield later that the pooled energy at the bottom ont get stuck to your feet.  The best way would be to gatehr that energy into an orm before dropping the shield and then to transmute the energy into positive energy that you can release back to the flow.

The Spike Shield

This is a very useful shield.  as its a hard shield and let no energy enter your aura.  it dont just diflect the energy coming at you, but it also return it to sender.  It will amplify the energy comming at you and return it to the sender amplified x 4.  In thsi way it will hit the sender harder.  So use this shield very responsibly as it can be quite dangerous.

The suit shield

This shield is the same as the Mirror shield, the only diference is that it is pulled really close to the body.  Doing this you adjust the energy flow from your chakras, in this way you almost dull your chakras.  This shield are extreamly useful if you want to blend into a crowd, and move about unnoticed in groups.  It conserves and consentrate your auric strength and might leave you feeling dizzy if you use it for long periods of time.

The Skin Shield

This is a more advanced shield to the suit shield.  It pulls so close that its part of your skin.  So if anyone look at you it will seen that you have no Aura or chakras.  This will consentrate your energy even more and you will have a very high screaming tone in your ears.  Not many can manage this shield for long periods of time.  So use it carefully.

The Corsham shield

This shield is a combination of all the above shields.  This is super advanced energy use, and it is very intricate to manage, If your auric structure was not laid correctly you will NOT be able to use this shield.  As it would crush you. This is a 5 layer shield that interlace into each other.  If you get the combination wrong it will either make you feel really sick or totaly break your balance.  When this one is done correctly you will have incredible control over all these shields at once.

I hope this give you an idea of just how useful the auric field can be.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Copyright Anush

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Comment by Amoran on July 2, 2013 at 6:18pm

Blessings to you, Dear One, for offering your wisdom and guidance on this very important topic. I am often asked about this but I am no expert and now I can refer several others here to your information.





Comment by Mark Anthony Ryder on July 2, 2013 at 6:47pm

You can also ask for protection such as; Archangel Michael I ask that you surround me in one hundred orbs of blue light and armor and I ask that you make them undetectable and invisible. If you think a negative thought or have feelings of hate, anger, jealousy it will drop so ask Archangel Micheal for protection again. 

Comment by tamela lashawn mccain on July 2, 2013 at 7:06pm

i need to do this constantly because there are entities that sit in my skies in the united states and when I get that unpleasant feeling I look outside I see things that try to scare me I will not be scared any more they scared me as a kid I will no longer give them power over me I just awaken December 28 2012 and jesus came to me I also can understand how they feel so I asked for protection and use the violet flame to trans mute all negative entities forces whatever you want to call it.i love them and gaia so much I will be praying....

Comment by Phillip Westbury on July 3, 2013 at 12:16am

Yes it sounds very interesting and a useful   tool for the chakras, and energy system, As crossing your

legs is not good for your energy, it can cause medical problems in the future, and so many people

do this.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 3, 2013 at 2:49am

THANK YOU so much!

Actually, we have a group here at lightgrid where this discusion would fit perfectly -

Dear An-Hu-NU, would you mind to post it there, to, so it is easier to find again when in need?

If you need help or want me to do it for you, just let me know.

LIGHT is our protective shield and wisdom,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by An-Hu-Nu on July 3, 2013 at 8:21am

Thank you all.  I am working on another one that is a step by step one that take you through a complete rebuild of energy, the laying of a foundation, increasing your balance and flow.

I rarely ask Angels for assistance, as I feel (personal choice) they have enough work as it is, I dont need to add to it.  They teach us to do all this for a reason, so we can start taking responsibility for our own lives and energy use.  I just feel the more I can do that the more they can help others that need it more than I do.  In essence stepping into my role as guardian, healer and Shaman/Druid.

Sonja I have placed it in that group as well.

Comment by Param Gian ~ Kathryn on July 4, 2013 at 1:44pm

Dearest An Hu Nu ~ I so appreciate your wisdom and have familiarity with the shielding you explain so clearly and lovingly ~ very helpful information and I also appreciate and resonate so deeply with your perspective for assistance.  my experience is that the BeLoveds that we are meant to be "working" with as we assist ourselves and "others" spiritually and through healing etc., the Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters with whom we are Family ~ we are already a part of Them ~ there is no separation with "Them" ~ "They" are with us all the time in any case and as some "point" in our development or Remembrance rather we become aware that in some way we are simply merged with Them, and there is no "other" ~ the usefulness then in this world of need of upliftment and healing is exactly what you stated ~ that instead of always asking for assistance from "the outside" we trust and Be it "ourselves" ~ for this we incarnated ~ and this is most "helpful" for "Them" too to reach more and more Beings and bring into Love and upliftment ~ so yes, I so resonate with what you are saying about taking the responsibility ourselves.  and yes, there are "times" when we need to assert a request to assistance ~ Wisdom will know what is "needed" at any time ~ and I am so so glad that you stated this understanding ~~ very uplifting and hopeful for all LightWorkers :-)    perhaps it matters not from some point of perspective because if we have experience of Feeling the Divinity of our own Beingness and/or merged with Our Masters, Angels, Guides, or we call upon them ~ either way we may tune into a more Radiant Frequency and most importantly the Unconditional Love that is the Greatest protection of all ~~~~  Loving you All ~~~ Ever so much Love ~ kpg

Comment by martha nance on July 5, 2013 at 5:09pm

Bless you for sharing xxx

Comment by Patrizia on July 12, 2013 at 5:30pm

Dear An-Hu-Nu, i did the meditation and the results were wonderful! After my 'cleansing' the  thoughts or the low vibrations that made me think to some situations, were totally GONE, and the right words to say are that when WE change, everything around us, CHANGES!

I don't see the comments i wrote here, do you where did they go?

Love, Gratitude and Peace


Comment by An-Hu-Nu on July 12, 2013 at 7:52pm

I really dont know where your other posts went, there is however 2 of these blogs one in a group and one in the forum, you may have comented on the other one.

This things is very useful, I have however made another one that is far more intricate, its calledStep by step Auric activation and balancing


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