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I feel this is an important breakthrough for myself and my energy work, and may be important for others as well. I explain why I feel this way at the end of this post.

In my meditation last night, I was already at a high state of energy, had already grounded with Gaia, and the ascension portal was already open and humming. I started this meditation with the intent to flood the 4th dimension with light to assist those that have not chosen to ascend, in prep for wherever they will continue learning in lower dimensions. 

I don't recall being "told" to do this next bit, but I was inspired and guided just the same.

I asked for each magnificent being that was with me, one at a time, to merge their energy with me so that my physical vessel could "attune" the energy, as it was sent to the heart of Gaia to be distributed to all beings in the ascension process.

I started with Archangel Michael and worked my way through the other Archangels in my presence. With each energy added, the stronger the energies in my physical body became.

I physically attuned the energies of the Dragons, Faeries, Elves, Elementals, Galactics (multiple groups), then finally Prime Creator, Mother Father God, and Source.

It sounds like I'm reciting this very matter-of-factly, but in reality, this was very much an over-the-top experience.

By the time I was halfway through this parade of energies, I was already vibrating at very high rates. By the time I got to source energy, I was genuinely concerned. My hands physically hurt as the nerves were so excited.

I had fear pop into my mind a few times. Fear that my body was going to fail in such high and sustained energies. The thought I might spontaneously combust or that my nervous system would fry would creep into my awareness.

When this would occur, I could see and feel Archangel Michael right next to me. I knew that I was protected and no harm would be allowed.

Throughout being connected with, and attuning the energy of Prime Creator, Mother Father God, and Source, I was very adamant that the energy pass though my body with grace and not damage any of my systems. I specifically asked each one of the Archangels and Ascended Masters to balance my physicality to be as attuned to these energies as possible. I also kept asking Gaia and the Dragons to help me ground myself.

Eventually, as the intensity of the energy reached it's apex, it became unbearable. I had to shut it down. I felt strongly that if I didn't shut it off, I would have been physically harmed. I likely would have ascended in that moment, but without my physical body. I didn't want that to happen, and honestly I don't believe it would have been allowed anyway.

Now with the escalation of energy stopped, I had to gracefully get back to "normal." I reinforced my grounding, asked for each of the beings with me to help me assimilate the energies into my body successfully. I just relaxed in trust that I was in good hands. 

With such high energies around, I worked on some healing of family members before ending my session. Then about midnight, I crawled out of the hot tub.

I had received the message that I needed to stand on the lawn for a few minutes and let Gaia clean me up a little, so I stood in bare feet on the lawn before going to bed. As I laid down, I was told to put my Goldstone pyramid in my forehead, which I questioned, as I didn't want to escalate energies again. I was told again to do it for just a few minutes. I did it and when I felt the energies start to escalate, I got the message to take it off.

I awoke this morning feeling fine. No headache or unusual body pains. The last moment advice, and the loving work to balance my body and ease assimilation of these energies has helped tremendously. If this experience had happened a month ago, I would have a pounding headache in the morning and probably all day.

I now feel that channeling this energy through our physical bodies is a powerful tool that can benefit everyone. I don't really understand how the energy is changed in the process, or what exactly happens, but I feel the energy becomes more useable and can be more easily assimilated by others that are awakening. Maybe it is more gentle for them after being attuned through a physical vessel first? Kind of like predigested food...

I can say from first hand experience that the ascension of my physical body is farther along now after doing this. I had several moments during this that I was getting a major activation/upgrade in the process.

I don't think I will do this again immediately, but rather let my body settle into this first.

I don't recommend this for everyone to do, at least not until guided to do so, and with a loving support group to aid you.

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Comment by Faunaserene on July 25, 2014 at 10:58pm

WOW> this is so intense and what amazes me is you were able to sustain this focal point.....WOW all I can say is you are such a blessing to know.....I dont feel the least bit bizarre for the happenings Ive experienced because the rapidity of likemindeds Im finding that are having similar encounters and they are encounters ......REAL.. contrary to what professional doctors have termed hallucinations and dellusions..That I have visited becasue of anxiety and trauma brought on by an unpleasant encounter. that has me scheduled for a life sentence of taking an antidepressant for anxiety disorder and depression ..I work daily to keep my equilibrium through means of healing frist andformost mind....But since Ive been channeling Kuan Yin, theres been no need to buckle down my anxiety casue shes nipped it in the bud with the wonderful eppiphanies that have come through me channeled by her..and I am certain awake and aware this is no delusion or hallucination....How can something so beneficial to ones being be a hallucination....Ive realized the difference between the psychiatrists and psychologists with there fanciful degrees..THERE NOT SELF REALIZED THERE NOT ENLIGHTENED THERE NOT AWAKE and THERE NOT AWARE.......I just had to interject that.....because the beauty that comes to those who are awake and enlightened is unmistakeably REAL and more real than they can assume to teach or to offer help..All they do is let you talk and they write.....I say this now because my experiences happen while awake and aware and I know yours are very very real.........and you are an inspiration to me and my resolve ....YOU have quite an amazing spirit Paul..THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for being such a light unto us all here.....

Comment by Paul Lange on July 26, 2014 at 3:02am

Wow right back Faunaserene! It is a pleasure to help however I can.

I agree with you about western medicine, most doctors are not awake or aware. I had a couple of appointments with a pulmanologist (lungs) after my time in the hospital, and he asked me about my dragon pendant necklace. I told him I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. He insisted that I tell him about it, so of course I did. In this case, he is waking up, and I am glad to see it. Others are as well, it just takes some longer than others.

I'm sure the beings that merged their energy with mine were carefully adjusting to what I could handle, or I may very well have vaporized on the spot... I did ask for grace and care, so I'm sure they adjusted for me. I also think that it became too uncomfortable to continue because somewhere buried in me is some resistance that will undoubtedly surface soon. I welcome it. :)

Enjoy your weekend with love and joy,


Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 26, 2014 at 9:46pm

Wow, Paul, this sounds like quite an experience you were guided to bring up!

I suppose that with every human being who embodies as much of the Archangelic energies and God Source LOVE and LIGHT as s/he can hold, MORE of these high frequency energy enters our world and thus makes it easier - a) for like minded people to do the same and b) for open minded people to benefit from these incoming energies - even without knowing anything about where they come from!

One of the most important things to ask for is that we may only be confronted with what we are able to TAKE at each moment, as you have so graciously done!

I suppose that anyone can volunteer for this kind of work - but we should not expect to experience the same as you describe, neither in intensity nor in imagery. Each of us has to find their own ways. And all it really takes is to LISTEN to our own inner guidance, so we know what to do, where to go, whom to ask for help and when to stop :-)

I had quite an amazing and intense experience when on the rainbow gathering in Italy. Each of us is bringing in the LIGHT in his/her way - and we are SHARING it through our words here at lightgrid - and through our PRESENCE in everyday life ... so much is transmitted to our brethren when we are AMONG them!

So much is transferred through the words we speak and WRITE.

So much connects us when we INTEND to create UNITY.

So much healing, love and blessings can be brought to those who we think of, feeling the LOVE in our hearts :-)

May the golden Light of CHRIST Consciousness UNITE us in the act of bringing MORE and MORE of it down into the sphere's of 3D Gaia!

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 26, 2014 at 10:28pm
Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It is an inspiration to read about what is possible.
With gratitude,
Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on July 27, 2014 at 4:38am

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Sonja & Paul! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)


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