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 1st July 2014 – I can see the soft lilac coming in now as I call down the golden light and I can feel my face changing. I thanked them for coming and asked if they could tell me if they were from the Pleiades, the Hyades or Sirius.


We are well pleased, well pleased. We need to sit up and take notice of what is around us, of what is happening to our energy fields!


Oh gosh there is such beautiful pulsating purple and gold here, thank you friends.


This is our purpose to register that which is within you as being true for the purpose of our mission, and we shall be accepted into the fraternity of souls that gather around to share with us in this greatest endeavour. We come to your shores and open up the minds of many of your persuasion and we chime our messages across the great beyond, peeling out our joyous connection.


I feel as if the bells are singing out with joy!


And indeed they are little one, indeed they are! We open this connection and point you in the right direction. We have gathered many souls here today to join with us and we feel your excitement, just as you sense ours in this grand connection of minds, joined together to become as one. We make it count like no other, spreading our joy across the world, and yes we shall have our say of that there is no doubt, my child. (There were tears in my eyes here).


We would like to say a few words at this opening! We have charted our course for many territories in the past and we deliver to you, by courtesy of those on high, a mammoth production of services that shall see us in good stead and we prepare you to honour this connection with us, your friends and allies from all those Star systems you mentioned and many more! Our connection has been a most joyous one and we give thanks for this, and to all the friends and helpers who have allowed this to happen by giving their personal services to us, amalgamating with that life force that helps us to harness the energy needed for operations such as these; and you are indeed sheltered from harm on all occasions!


A large flock of chattering crows flew over at this point.


We have sentinels who stand on guard, allowing this operation to commence; we do indeed have your best interests at heart and ask you to stand down when the time is right for you to do so. We shall bring a flavour of energy.


I’m seeing the Lion face again. Yes, I sense the Lion connection but dear friends, can you confirm to me that this feline, Lion connection is from the Hyades. I thought the Lion people were from Sirius, can you help me here please!


The Hyades connection has and always will be studded with many different characters from different time lines, different associations with other worlds. We are not strictly one race as we have amalgamated and joined forces with those from other star systems, who all come to share their energy. We are delighted that you strive for truth and clarity for this is our way also.


Again I can see the proud head of a Lion. Oh I do love your Lion face, I love the strength it brings – you remind me of Aslam in the film ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, the most noble Lion.


We thank you for this comparison . . . we strive always to make this world a better place to live in, where we can honour one another and accept one another, flaws and all! We are a most becoming race of soothsayers, expecting and delivering a keener sense of vision to all who come to our shores seeking for help, seeking for greater knowledge.


The gold and purple has become more vibrant here.


We do chastise you my dear for doubting yourself, for losing faith in your abilities and there are many of you that do just the same! We come to tell you to trust your instincts, trust that inner knowing and you shall expand and grow in greater strength and energy unsurpassed.


Dare to seek the truth and be not dismayed when it slaps you in the face! Don’t cower in the corner, hiding your light under a bushel - come out into the open and shine! You are gorgeous being of Light and the mortal part of your mind would be shocked to see how beautiful you actually are.




Relax and let go, let go of the pains and suffering, let go of the doubts and fears - be the Light you truly are!


(This reminds me of a song by ‘Bliss’ called ‘Say Goodbye’ with the line - ‘Become the Light you are’.


We exchange our frowns for joyous solitude. We beam you aboard, softening your advantage, bringing in greater reserves of energy that will instill a sense of peace and tranquility to your inner mind . . . to those depths within that hold on to the past. And we shall browse through the corridors within your mind, bringing to light the core essence of your being. We have been put on the back burner for many years but now is the time to ‘shine’. Hold on to that essence of Love that is burning bright for all to see and it shall grow and expand within your hearts, making a difference to all those around you, and they shall gasp at your vitality at your strength of purpose.


We access finer dimensions and light the candle for others to follow, and we see you growing in numbers, casting aside the fog . . . the veil of uncertainty.  We have been mentioned in high circles and we are indebted to your perseverance to forge ahead. We are right beside you and we flush out that which is not needed and cast aside, ready for this influx of energy to make its connection.


We are aided and abetted by those in the know, and we bear you with us aloft to complete your journey so that you may give others a chance to shine. We welcome you back from whence you came in all love and sincerity. This has been a most troublesome journey but we have conquered over the bumps, the cuts and grazes and we have shone the Light, so brightly. Go now my child with our Love and grace, accept the love we bring you and share it with your contemporaries; do not brush aside that which needs looking at in greater detail. All obstacles shall be dissolved and we shall be here with arms wide open ready to receive you and to give you the guidance that you deserve. We take it upon ourselves to brighten your connections and suffice it to say we have grown accustomed to the rhythms of your heart. All is as it should be and we settle you down in a finer location where your heart shall sing.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 9:13am

Oh, THANK YOU so much, Eileen!

Again, could you please post it onto the Hyades group!

So much resonance in here :-)

Do you like this picture?

Is it representative ? If so, I will post it onto the Hyades group, too.

GOLEN LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS on this most auspicious day :-)

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Eileen Coleman on July 4, 2014 at 10:19am

I love the Lion picture Sonja, do you know who painted it? Yes please could you add it to the Hyades group too, not sure how to do it.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 10:38am

Ok - Done :-)

I'm looking forward to sharing the post when you have put it up there, too :-)

All My LOVE,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Frank Ludwig on August 1, 2016 at 7:10am
When the dolphin rises:
You see the lion image in golden color here. Archetypically it is the lion that represents the strength of the chakras up from the base to the solar-ilex-chakra. Therefore you have basic instincts, the courage to face your emotions and the strength and power of the solar-plex. That means it encompasses the image or archetype of Christ. Christ the lion is not Jesus. It is a distinct entity, that rules the world; like the creator Christ made this world, he stands for survival. But his rule is solely survival of the fittest, a message that Jesus did"t understand in the garden of Getsemaneh. Christ is survival - Jesus is her. Jesus are the chkras from the heart chakra to the throat. Therefore it is Jesus-Consiousness. Jesus and Christ, two big souls of the universe worked together when Jesus came around 4 b. "chr.". So this must be clear.
When Jesus is the Lion in gold, with ll his instincts, courage, power and wealth. What is Jesus?
Jesus is the dolphin. Often he is said to be the lamb, but no. Jesus is the dolphin. He likes to play, to be in communion, to communicate and to love. He never attack but defends himself in other ways. And it is no coincidence that at the edge of the age of aquarius, the thing turns from the Christ lion of the desert or african landscape to the water element of the aquarius. There is the wave, the symbol of the aquarius. That stands for communication and for water.
WE are on the edge between the ages and between the two. Sustaining comes more and more important, so the all permeating, all universe encompassing Vishnu-descendent Jesus becomes more important than before. It is no that Christ is in pension, it is that Jesus was hired too for the Job to guide man. We are on the edge between solar plex-EGO and Heart. Jesus is the teacher of love, and whole societies learn to transcendent ego-needs to get into love, compassion and mercy. You see this in Germany with the refugees. This of course is experimental ground like jesus crucification shows. The message is: Love without being crucified. Love - but first always survive. Do not use yourself up, be a cup or bowl the only gives overflowing, but not sacrifice oneself.
That would be the message of Jesus too, I think. The means we are collectively just facing a heart opening. When your blocks in the lower chakras have solved, the way is free and it opens automatically more and with the intention to receive you can deepen this. Love is all around. I think that the 3 degree Kelvin Background radiation in the universe is the frequency of love: It fills all the universe, permeates everything, no lack - no block. The it is easy: You just turn into this frequency of love and open your heart. the result should be a lift in well being, energy and perhaps the growing feeling of love. Never use your heart to bull or push, it is not a machine, it could break. It is a being of love that wants to be, not to function. The being wants to connect of course, but not via energy canals but via this field called love at 3 degree Kelvin.
When we are collectively at the heart chakra, means a society that is wealthy and healthy and able (Christ is working) and have accomplished the ascension of mankind collectively into the heart, the way goes on to the throat chakra (even more communication, a flowering lyrical and musical society, the arts in tone) and even further to the forehead (the arts visual, communication and connection, buddha/higer logics) and finally to the crown: The fulfillment in God. Then Christ and Jesus have done their jobs and the heaven is brought to earth.
These are the days of the heart-chakra, after 2000 Years of waiting. So the message is clear: Clean yourself up, clear your respective chakras so that the chakras can open permanentlylet yourself flow. Healing & Love.
Comment by Frank Ludwig on August 1, 2016 at 7:11am

The universe at 3 degree Kelvin: The background radiation called love.

Comment by Frank Ludwig on August 1, 2016 at 7:36am
The adäquate mantra for our times is: OM RAM - OM Krishna, OM RAM - OM Jesus. You can japa this.
It balances the Solar Plex Chakra (OM RAM) and the Heart Chakra (OM Krishna -OM Jesus).
Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 2, 2016 at 11:58am

Thank you Frank for your input.


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