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RAINBOWS and LIONS more words from the Hyades

25th June 2014 – As I sat for communication I saw a white haired man who looked a younger version of White Cloud. 


We call to those who seek out others of like mind, others of our persuasion; we cultivate what is necessary and more comfortable for you to tame the senses.


If you come in all Love and honesty then you are most welcome.


We give our thanks to you my child. We have adjusted our frequency to coincide with yours and we bend to whisper in your ear.


Oh gosh I am being shown the most beautiful patterns of gold and purple that have just swooped in; can I ask what these patterns are, they seem to come and go and I can’t quite make out what they are?


They are common place in our world and we adjust the frequencies so that you may see and hear with greater clarification. In this bargaining process we have brought in a remarkable entry to our domain and it is this we give reference to, so that you may see for yourself how we live and how we operate in this dimension.  The fluidity of movement is a common stumbling block for those making their first journey with us. We do, however, install an itinerary of great worth, checking and balancing that which needs amendment, asking you not to lose your sense of direction. We are beholden to those who come to help in this endeavour and we suggest that we may be able to liaise on this and many more occasions.


We pulsate across the universe bringing joy in our wake. We are granted temporary access to your soul and this will make us more aware of what it is needed for us to harness the energy as carefully as we are able. We do learn from our mistakes and we adjust our frequency, allowing a pattern of resonance that can be understood by all. We are temporarily put on the back burner so that we may adjust our settings and we ask you to do the same in a format that is recommended for us all. This may be but a short stumbling block and we initiate greater access in just a short moment of time. This will demonstrate our allegiance to the cause and we note that you are well spoken for, having achieved this many times before!


We rally round for the cause of mankind and depend on you to set the record straight. We are a lost race but we are well prepared to take you on board with us any time you care to visit. This brings us great joy and we venture further forward together to sense and feel, right down to the last letter what is expected of us. We hope you will join us in the not too distant future as we share our tales and we are glad to be back on track, honouring those conditions we find ourselves in at this present moment. Feel the elation . . . feel the joy . . . feel the certainty of God’s word!


During this transmission there was interference and I lost part of the recording but the following evening I sat once more and received the following words. Before we started I could see the face of a Lion.


We are summoned from a higher quarter . . . we regulate your breathing, asking that you join us in prayer!


Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to receive your energy, to receive your love and to receive your wisdom. Please grant us these applications so that we may become true advocates for the cause of mankind. We offer ourselves and deep within our hearts we pray that all will come to fruition.


There is a management of lies and deceit that have caused great consternation in our world, and we prepare for you, in triplicate, a mandala that we shall use to allow us the access to the beating hearts of mankind. We spread our résumé right across the world, gathering disciples and this has been our mission, to bring you all back into the fold of true and everlasting life.


We will begin by asking you to take a summary of the events in store and we broadcast on a network of fine frequencies . . . a vibration of light and colour.


This suddenly struck me as a being a RAINBOW!


This shall be our symbol and we balance the harmonies, adjusting our frequencies to coincide with yours, each and every one of you, and we will broadcast to the nation our hopes and desires for the future of mankind, and this has been in preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I’m now being shown somebody in a long striped tunic with sun streaked hair, tending the sheep.


This has become a greater fusion of minds, tailored to fit our verse and we come in all earnest prepared for this labour of love. We register your true intent to deliver as promised our messages as we reach out across the universe and hand them to you. We are delighted with the uptake of all who listen and we prepare a documentary of considerable worth, aired for the masses to take on board, and this will be our greatest strategy. 


I’m now being shown a line of people dressed in long tunics, some with donkeys, carrying bedrolls and very little else; they are climbing up the hillside. One by one they come and this line stretches on as far as the eye can see, they are people who are drawn to the light, drawn to God’s word.


We welcome in a whole host of stragglers, preparing to shed their inhibitions. Seek and ye shall find - it is written and it shall be so! 


We ask you not to be in the shadow of our Lord, we ask you to be in his embrace; we ask you feel the full force of his Love and compassion and gentility of spirit that reaches out to touch you, his children, who come home with a heavy heart. We shall lighten your load and the heart that is heavy shall become ignited with love and joy, soaring to the heavens in all majesty. And we give you sustenance, we give you back your self-respect, we give you back the very core of your being so that you may live life to the full.


It is wonderful, we are out on the hill tops with the wind in our faces and it reminds me of something I have done before long ago with disciples of Jesus, come to listen to his words. I then thought it could be my mind playing tricks.


Oh ye of little faith, draw not on those words that enter your mind, draw those words from your heart and listen more carefully. We override your status and bring to the surface that which is hidden, we bring to the surface those final measures to be taken, to be heeded, and we rally round to make this journey worthwhile.


Be not afraid lest you fall into the mire of scorn, for we will pick you up and carry you, we will not let you wither and die. We take the weakest among you and hold you up in the eyes of the Lord and we beg you to listen most carefully to what we have to say, for this is in truth the words of the most holy. And we shall rant and rave no more but give good measure of truth and justice, filling your heart with joy as we come among you, listening to what you have to say.


We come armed with the power of Love and project our voices onto that trail of Light that carries all around the world, and we will be heard in each dimension, spreading far across that rainbow. And we do in all sincerity thank you for opening your heart and listening to us in the same fashion as you did long ago, on a hill top just as this, recognising in one whom we love the true advocacy of our brother Jesus and he is born again to bear witness and to tend to his flock. We bide our time and listen to the words within our heart, transcribing at a faster pace and honouring this connection with the unseen.


Blessed be, those who come to hear our words and blessed be, those that give them voice!


I’m finding it hard to hold back the tears here and can hardly believe the words I’m bringing through.


Listen to that true voice within, accept its guidance, honour the value it brings and treat yourselves gently upon this pathway. Do not be put off but maintain your course, retain that spark of unity!


I can see Jesus now, even though my eyes are open he is in my mind’s eye. I don’t know what question to ask you. Is Jesus from your Star cluster or is it that he is a man for all peoples from all Star systems? I didn’t expect this; I don’t know why but I didn’t expect the people from the Hyades who have feline features to be talking about Jesus.


We are permitted a summary and ask you to stand tall, for we are given to believe of further revelations that shall unveil that which is hidden, and we prepare you for this unfoldment sooner than you think! Just accept that we have your best wishes at heart and we raise you in stature to come join us on this and many more occasions to fulfill our destiny and to bring you full circle. We impel you not to lose heart for all is well - all is as it should be. Please accept this accolade and bring it into your heart with the true realisation of a greater future for mankind, promised from those on high. And we bear witness to a greater study of the human race, helping you to set foot in our domain and to become one with us your brothers and sisters, fulfilling that which was written – ‘And Man Shall Walk in the Path of the Chosen One’. Again I doubted my words and asked for help.


We welcome you to our domain, curtailing the mischief within your heart. We align ourselves with you that we may understand the human race, more completely. Love is the only prerequisite we ask you to bring, love and honesty and these we have in mammoth proportions, and we know you bear that resonance of love within your own heart, and though we disagree at times on various attributes, we ably connect.


Gosh I’m feeling rather cat like myself now as the energy draws closer, my eyes feel quite slit like; I can’t open them properly and my top lip feels puffed up.


We pre-empt your thoughts, shying from the realities that face you head on, and we do conspire to entice you from your work to come with us and play. We do make marvellous friends and allies and we are the most loving of creatures.


I’m getting the sense of a full blown Lion with great mane and he is rolling on his back with legs in the air.


We are nothing more than big pussy cats!


I’m confused are you the same ones who were talking to me about Jesus?


We are those avengers from the past who now bring ‘Light’ into all situations. We are conduits of energy.


I’m confused,  I think I am going to have to close now, I need to relay these messages clearly and precisely, I can’t allow for mistakes to be made.


As I looked up into the sky I could clearly see the face of a Lion in the clouds. I can now see ET with his big eyes and long neck. They are all out there in different shapes and sizes; different faces all working together to help one another.


Rejoice for it shall be so!


Thank you my friends I think we should call it a day here. Thank you for your words and I look forward to listening back to them and I’ll tune in again soon for further updates. I’m signing off now in Love and Light and Happiness.


As I left my healing sanctuary and locked up I couldn’t believe my eyes – there at the end of my garden was a black cat! We very rarely see cats here as none of my neighbours have any. This reminded me of the black cat that ran across the road in front of me as I drove home yesterday. Surely this must be confirmation of contact with my feline friends from the Hyades. 

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 29, 2014 at 9:23am

Oh Eileen, could you please pot this as a discussion to the Hyades group? I have to leave now. Will be back tomorrow and would love to share this discussion with all our members and simultaneously invite them all to the Hyades group :-)


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Eileen Coleman on June 29, 2014 at 11:30am

Thanks Sonja, will do! xxx

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 1, 2014 at 11:15am


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