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About the window of opportunity between 12-12 and 12-21 and Akasha and Asun

I would like to share a conversation with you which I have just had with Dev Anand. Maybe someone can help me find out more about Akasha?

Here we go:


My dear Sonja

Loving Salutation.

How are you doing dear?

I just wanna ask a few questions. Hope you can shed some light on them.

What about the impending popularly called "Doomsday" of the 12th Dec 2012 or 21st Dev 2012?

I personally don't believe that there will be a real doomsday when the whole world will be drowned.

I also believe that this end of the world as it is commonly believed will rather be a transit to a new world of transformation.....Plzzzz comment dear....

However, when Christ mentioned the end of the world in the New Testament, did he really mean a transit to a new world of Golden Age?

I believe he was actually talking about doomsday, what do U think dear?

If we insist that Christ wanted to convey the idea of a new world transformation, then he should have been more clear when speaking about doomsday.

What about AkashaAsun? Can U say a few words about them?

By the way, do are you a trance messenger through whom the ascended Masters speak?

I am very keen to hear the truth dear Sonja.

More next time.

Hope to hear from you through message.

Thanking you so much

Enjoy a beautiful and colorful weekend filled with the violet colors of love

Hugsssssssssssssssssssss and kisses

Yours Lovingly Dev Anand

My dear Dev,

Thank you for asking which gives me the chance to explain :-)))

About Christ and doomsday: According to my information an apocalyptic ending of the world as we know it had always been planned - but in 1987 humanity changed its destiny. It was the Harmonic Convergence which started the first wave of spiritual CONNECTION on our beloved blue planet - and each soul was given the decision: would we like to ascend in body, enlightening the flesh - or rather end the world as usual in an apocalyptic scenario? 

We decided to do it the hard way, lol! So all the prophecies of former days and times were made obliterate - and we started to re-write our future changing our consciousness.

This is why 2000 passed and nothing happened

And if we are still on course, 2012-12-12 and 2012-12-21 will pass as well - as if nothing had happened ... as if - because we perfectly well know that this period is decisive. It is like a deadline - in my understanding - but I'd say there is no need for fear at all! But the window between 1987 and 2012 - these 25 years were given to us to SEED the CHANGE in consciousness and thus civilization.

I'd say we are well on course - although "we" is still a minority. But we are the forerunners - those who are SEEDING. And what we have done or have not done will be decisive for the future because Gaia is now bound to ASCEND - and how difficult it will be on us, on humanity, depends solely on ourself.

The window between 12-12 and 12-21 is one of immense possibility for us lightworkers! Nobody knows exactly what's going to happen or not - Will there be 3 days of darkness? Who knows? I suppose it's not even known in the higher realms, really - that is, because it all depends on which time line we are / will be ...

Our perception of time is FLAT - to say the least .. lol! Actually, we are jumping timelines with each decisive step that we take in our lives. These timelines are all parallel realities - how can anyone tell us WHEN exactly something will happen if it all depends on US???

Jumping personal timelines is easy - as I said, we do it with every decision we take. The window of opportunity between 12-12 and 12-21, however, is about jumping timelines in a COLLECTIVE and UNIFIED effort - we want to jump right into 5D - New Earth! It's waiting ... some have been visiting already ... actually, we all have - when we are in JOY, feeling LOVE in our HEARTS ... and in these moments we are adding our portion of the dream to New Earth. 

When the window opens on 12-12 those who are ready will move to 5D resonance. Some will be able to stay - some will fall back - just to climb up again. Slowly we will all ascend - through moving out of FEAR and into LOVE ... cleansing out all negative patterns of resonance to the 3D game.

I personally think that we will be given the choice if we prefer to move out of the 3D field totally and thus "disappear" for those who stay - or to remain in our bodies and continue to live with our friends and family as if nothing had happened although, actually, we are already resonating to the 5th dimension - first more and more and then fully. This is necessary to elevate the vibration of ALL ... living among those who are still dreaming the dream of fear and subordination will not always be easy - but I see it as a training: to keep our frequency HIGH amidst chaos - which, naturally, has an effect on everyone around us.

So far on 12-12 and 12-21 :-)

Now about myself:

No, I'm not a trance messenger - at least not to my knowledge, lol ;-)

But when I answer questions like yours I start writing and soon the flow of words carries me along revealing insights to my 3D self which I was not conscious of before. This is the reason why I thanked you right in the beginning - because answering your question has created the need to connect to my Higher Self and I AM presence.

What I wrote above is my very personal view of things and I do not claim any copyright for it - lol! Nor do I say this is the absolute truth. This is the way in which I see things - adding my higher insights to what I had read from many other sources. It is not channeled information in the sense that a specific master speaks through me - or at least I am not aware of it ... but as we are ALL ONE - I AM part of all ascended masters, too - and they are part of me.

Your question about Akasha and Asun is a very interesting one, because TODAY, just a few hours ago, I did some research on them, inspired by a video posted by Steven in a group message (link to his group). 

I realized, that the Rose Pink LOVE LIGHT with which we have now started to work is directed by Akasha and her male counterpart Asun

I will dive deeper into the question of Akasha's NAME ... as I find it very intersting that she, who resides in the Great Central Sun, to which those of us who felt the call are now connecting daily, resonates to the name of Akashic records ... maybe someone can help me here?

I hope the answers have helped you see me :-))

If you don't mind, I would like to post your questions together with my answer in a discussion so everyone who is interested can also read it. Please let me know if it's ok with you, to post your message? With or without name? If you say rather not - ok. I will then write the questions myself - and paste my message to you there ;-)

MUCH LOVE and LIGHT to you, dear siSTAR, who I can feel in my heart,

Sonja Myriel

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Comment by ayana on September 22, 2012 at 11:50pm
Hi :). Love and Blessings to you Both ~

I AM en joying reading your convo; thank you, for sharing.

For me, Akasha is the infinite templated energy, on which all of existence takes place; Akashic records. Asun, is the energy of existence, in motion. Similar to the infinite void, which holds the energy of ALL of potential existence & polar energy bodies (mother/father God), creating existence. If interested, also look up Isis and Osiris, father-son-holy ghost. Joseph Campbell relays info, of these archetypes, beautifully.

In most language, there are repeated symbols and stories of a represented 3: the infinite, the created existence and the energy between the two.

Surely, there are other understandings. Embrace that which speaks 'truth' to your heart and soul.

Many Blessings ~ Much Love ~

~ A ~
Comment by Kali Daniel on September 23, 2012 at 5:28am

Thanks Dev for asking the question and also Sonja for your response.

This is the fist time I am led to share openly here my experience since the Harmonic Convergence. 

I began my conscious choice to Ascend in 1989.....focused only on Ascension I became aware I AM Ascended in 2001...and as my Soul Contract was to stay within the 3D field to invite more to Ascend... I chose to be simultaneously in 3D and 5D energy fields, seemingly having 'descended' again only now I was consciously aware of the truth as I lived 'around' 3D energies and yet truly was living in the 5D energy life still looked 3D to those around me....and felt like it to my mind at times as being in both fields I could choose to have my attention on 3D or 5D - the choice being mine...

I intuit there were many who made this choice. As we collectively through our personal choice to dissolve any remaining 3D beliefs and energy patterns from our own energy fields, are doing so, a silent invitation is beaming to all humans to come home, right here, right now. 

Lord Sananda told me ' in a point in time you will be given a choice to leave the 3D energies all together, you can stay on Earth or return from where you originated. If you choose to  stay and co-create the new Earth, know you will be here for a very long time; you could choose to make the Earth your home and you are free to go - it is your choice'

During July /August this year, this opportunity to leave 3D completely appeared.....I have chosen to leave 3D yet stay on Earth in 5D... I am only attracting people in my life who are choosing Love. People still see my body yet discern something is different...I no longer attract negative vibrations.  The difference now is the 3D and 5D energies are no longer  'pushing against each other' as I am choosing to only Be my Ascended SELF - a fully Sentinent Being living in 5D. 

In our Own Authority we live with our I AM Presence, continuing to flow as we step into a Pioneering Role  - co-creating with Source, with each other - a new Earth - new ways of being, new systems, new societies - unknown's never been done before AND many are joining together now to share the piece of the jigsaw that is their unique contribution. In ONE  moment in time these new ways will slot into place and the Earth will be the full picture we've been visioning for eons.   

We cannot say when that moment will happen across the earth - as it can be for you personally any moment you make the choice AND there is a collective opportunity here for December this year. You will 'see' either what you choose to believe in 3D fear or choose to tune into your I AM Presence and 'see' from there...What do you choose?

Already my world is ripe with Love, support and opportunity to join and connect with others making the choice to remain on the Ascended Earth for that is how I am experiencing Her NOW.  I am available to anyone who is drawn to ask for whatever will move you closer to accepting your Ascension has already occurred.... will you embrace it in your God given INNOCENCE. Wherever you are in that journey and whatever your beliefs, you are welcome. 

I invite you to check into your true intuition and make your own choice from your I AM Presence and what you choose will be perfect for you. 

Many Blessings 

Love Kali 

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 23, 2012 at 8:03am

Dear Sonja,

There are storie for this day and the demolition of our Planet Earth...No...We are Ascending side by side and our consciousness is on progress to reach the next Dimensions....Mother Akasha And father Asun are helping all of us to remove our negative blockages and emotions by the Violet Fire and helping to give Golden Christ Energies for our Ascension.....

Good Discussion....but we are all who are ready will Ascend with our Planet....very soon....


Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 24, 2012 at 12:38pm

Yes, dear SohiniBen, that's what I say :-)

Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 24, 2012 at 12:45pm

THANK YOU so much, dearest Kali, for your words of love and inspiration!


I, for my part, am still struggling a bit to release what no longer serves - or rather, I am loetting go of the struggle now that I realized what is actually going on ... I am opening my third eye more and more ... daring to see what there is - including the shadows which are still longing to be set free. To look and see what IS is the only way to be able to accept, love and release ... and all this can only be done if we stop judging ourself. And in this course we stop judging anyone ... Well, these are the lessons I am learning right now ... and not to expect anything - but accept everything with GRATITUDE :-)

I hope that I will soon be able to join you fully in the 5D frequencies of New Earth, dear Kali! I have had very important insights now this equinox - and tomorrow I will have to embody this truth, living it. Please wish me well!


Sonja Myriel


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