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Hello Dear Family and Greetings!

Well, it is Friday and the Trees and I wish to share.

I am still a bit shy about such things, but our Brothers, the Trees, are not!

On another forum, someone asked me to "interview" the Trees by submitting solicited questions from the reader populace. I was not all that excited, but the Trees were! Laughing now .... I shall surely desire not to do this for aliving.

When I publicly accepted I was immediately attacked and asked to "prove myself as a true channel" .... WHOA!! Hold the ship steady, everybody, let's just talk about what we each are experiencing ... no pressure and no worries!!

I almost didn't do it .... but, you see, Trees surround my house and office and they can be pretty relentless.

To point now. The Trees wish to have their "interview" shared with you also in the immediate now as you are such Dear Family of Nature.

They reach out to you and embrace you each as Brother and Sister:

~~~~~Begin Tree Interview Article~~~~~~~

Greetings to you all. My apologies that this has taken me a bit of time to put together. Dean had sent me the list of questions from you all about two weeks ago. At that time (2 weeks ago) I read the questions with the Trees and, as you will read, the Trees were anxious and excited to start their dialogue with us. The delay has been solely on me as I have had several work and family matters that I had to attend to.

Thankfully I now have the time to transcribe the conversations and post them.

Just a bit in the way of background:

Many of you are already familiar with my other Tree messages and Tree postings. I don’t consider myself a "channeller". I am just a normal person like all of you. I don’t pretend to know any more, or any less, than anyone else. I was actually quite surprised when I first heard the Trees speak to me many years ago. I honestly thought I had gone "crazy" and was in need of therapy. Over the years, however, too many things have been validated for me.

I have encountered many others out there, like you, on spiritual forums who also communicate with the Trees and/or Nature. These other folks have corroborated much of what I have heard the Trees tell me. In short, I believe that I am communicating with the Trees and other aspects of Nature. I am, by nature, a cautious person and I have looked deep inside myself to make sure that I am comfortable with the messages I receive.

I understand if there are some folks who may "scoff" at this or who may not believe any of it. That’s perfectly fine and I respect that. If you don’t resonate with this or with what I am saying then it is probably best to move on to the next article or posting where you do find value and benefit.

All of the Tree messages I have posted, including the conversations below, tend to occur at a very "large" or "macro" level. It is seldom that I receive very minute details of any specific topic matter. Further, the telepathic communication that I experience with the Trees tends to be with large numbers or groups of Trees. I do sometimes speak with individual beings, but more often I experience them as an entire Group Consciousness. The trees will most often select a single individual tree to be the "designated speaker" on their behalf. It makes it easier for me to interact with them in this way and I can tell that the individual speaker is relaying messages on behalf of the whole group.

You will notice that I have just said "I experience" a couple of different times. That is what this share is all about – "my experience." Your experiences may be different than mine and I respect your experiences for what they are – your experiences. I would kindly ask that you do the same.

Below you will find certain things are in parentheses (). Those are things that I was thinking or am adding to help clarify the situation. The specific questions that the Trees are addressing are in brackets [] before each section/message. I only read them the questions one time …. They chose themselves what topics they wished to address, in what order, and how to respond.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEGIN TREE CONVERSATION~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amoran: Greetings, my Brother (and Sister) Trees!

Trees: We Greet You in Strength and Honor, and with Grace and Love. We Welcome You with Gratitude and Compassion and in Joy and Love!

A: I know that you have all been anxious to respond to some of the questions we humans have asked of you. I am hoping that we may do that now. I thank you for your patience with me in finding the time to do this.

T: Yes, We are anxious and excited to begin this dialogue with our Human Brothers and Sisters. We are Honored and Blessed by this opportunity which has been presented to Us.

A: I have heard you all discussing these questions over the last couple of weeks. I sense that you have some things that you do indeed wish to say … wish to share with us. Please feel free to proceed as you desire.

(At this moment I now "see" a single tree "step forward". His name is ‘Barjor’ and I have had many communications with him in the past. I can tell that he will be the "speaker" for the group.)

T: We are Barjor. We are the designated speaker. We wish to begin now.

Q: [How sensitive is a tree to changes in it's nearby surroundings? Is it effected by movement of objects around the tree such as rocks & could a tree locate a buried object within it's nearby locale?]


T: We wish to now speak of hidden objects – of "buried treasure".

(I smile to myself as I didn’t know whether or not they would take this question).

T: We wish to explain to our Brother and Sister Humans, that We are of the Guardians. We are Watchers, Observers, and yes, even Warriors! We are acutely aware of all that transpires within our spheres (environments) – both that of a physical nature and that of an energetic nature.

Our leaves and branches are mighty transmitters of energy – for communication as well as for energy exchange.

Our root systems are sensitive detectors – interfaces – to both the physical and energetic grid of Gaia Terra Shan (planet Earth). We are very much the outer (sensory) membrane ("skin") of our Beloved Mother/Sister Gaia Terra Shan. As Above – So Below. We observe, listen, watch, and yes, actively participate with all that transpires within our environment.

What is now of most interest to us is not that which is buried beneath our soil. That which we wish to address is that which is buried within your human Hearts – your forgotten connections to Us, the Trees, and to Source Creation.

We are sentient, Soul Beings, just as you humans are. We share much in common with you, our human Brothers and Sisters. You may very well be surprised at how alike we truly are. For us, this is not at all surprising nor difficult to comprehend for we – both Humans and Trees - are all of Source Energy – of Source Being.

We choose our lifetimes just as you do. We live life after life just as you do. We share emotions just as you do. We sing; we laugh; we are sometimes sorrowful; we are often joyful. We are proud; we are strong and we desire more direct connection to each and every one of you!

Q: [Do the trees have any recommendations on how we humans in general may unfold a closer & more aware relationship with them? Is there anything we can do for them or be of more assistance to them?]


T: We wish to now speak of Awareness.


We observe that many humans are not truly ‘aware’ of our existence. This is the first barrier which blocks our unfolding communication and connection to each human soul and to your larger human soul group.


We simply ask for you to be ‘aware’ of us as the sentient, soul Beings that we are. We reach out to you – always and in all ways. However, without your awareness, our connection is created (started) but not completed (received).


We are overjoyed that so many of you (humans) desire a deeper and more meaningful connection to us! We ask that you do speak to us – whether verbally or telepathically. We ask that you do acknowledge us with your human touch – a gentle caress against our leaves; or a branch; or our trunk.


Please know and understand, Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, that we do hear you! We do feel you. We can ‘see’ your awareness when it (the awareness) becomes active.


Please also know that we do respond to you! With awareness must also come trust and belief. Trust and belief that a message sent to us never goes unanswered. Quiet your minds. Open your hearts. Feel our energy. You may hear our words; your may sense our energy radiating back to you. You may ‘see’ or ‘sense’ some other vibration – a fleeting vision, a color that enters your mind, a joyful feeling.


We ask that you practice this with Us. You are never forgotten Dear Human Brothers and Sisters.


Awareness. Open-ness. Belief. Trust.


Greeting. Sending. Welcoming. Receiving.


A Beneficial Circle of Interaction – a Circle of Exchange.


We are with you always, in all ways. We are of the Guardians.

Q: [ To what extent can trees recognize & interact with the world around them? For example, do the trees detect & acknowledge the world with the same filters & restrictions as humans, or is it that they can detect & interact with beings & deities from beyond our limited scope of detection, such as faery folk, 'green-men' & any other vegetable habitat life forms?

If so, what can they tell us about these deities & folk? Are they in 'service' to the trees for example? Do the trees have any knowledge of beings from other dimensions or the angelic realms who may have interacted with them?]

T: We wish to speak of Connections.

We are directly (and physically) connected to our Beloved Mother/Sister Gaia Terra Shan (Earth). We are directly connected (energetically) to Source Creation.

Like you, Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, we are multi-dimensional beings! Our energy interacts with this plane of existence, as well as with many others (other dimensions), in order to create, foster, and maintain your (physical and energetic) environment. We are in control of the environment – we protect and nourish you in all ways (physically and energetically).

We are a Telepathic Race. We are a Group Mind. We are One as individual souls and also as a single Soul. We easily share and transfer energy, information, and resource within and among our Group – both locally within our spheres (regions) and also all over the surface of Gaia Terra Shan.

Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, we wish to share with you that you are also like us – a telepathic Race; a Group Consciousness. You are slowly remembering this. You are slowly beginning to interact with each Other in new ways – in new ways of Oneness. You are often not aware of this occurrence. It is still a tiny seedling which must be nurtured and nourished. We are assisting you. You are our Seeds. You are in our Care. You are slowly blooming. We are confident (you will grow and mature).

T: We wish to speak of Caretakers and Guardians.

Some of you, Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, are aware of our Caretakers – of our Guardians. You name these magnificent beings as ‘Devas’ or ‘Faeries’ or even ‘Angels’.

Like you, our Human Brothers and Sisters, we, too, have our caretakers and guardians. These Beings tirelessly and lovingly support and energize our energetic (and auric) field so that we may maintain the Strength; the Wisdom; the Balance to support ourselves; to support you; to support the (physical, spiritual and energetic) environment.

Our caretakers are often at play for in their Joy we receive Joy. We share Joy together …. (long and intense pause in the conversation …. I sense that something is happening) …. We are now in MOVEMENT!!

(Amoran: during this part of the discussion I was astounded to see something I had NEVER seen before! Often I have seen "faeries" being playful – they will run and jump and "pig pile" on top of one another. The faeries were doing this but as soon as the trees said ‘we are now in movement!’ something rather amazing happened: I could see the trees as light beings and they began to "walk around" my back yard! I could see them being escorted and guided by their "angels" as the trees became "mobile" to my energetic eye)

T: Do not be alarmed Dear Human Brothers and Sisters should you someday sense our energy moving ("walking") along side of you … if only for a short distance. For, it is TRULY Us!

We are with you always, in all ways.

Q: [Is it a preference for plants to be asked for permission before trimming them or walking or on them & what is their view on being used a food for human consumption? Is there a preference to be asked before picking their fruits & nuts or their whole selves being eaten? Do they hold objection or is consent for such action already automatically granted?]

T: We wish to speak of Offerings – Offerings of Self.

Like you, Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, we have soul contracts – soul missions. We choose our lifetimes and the lessons we wish to experience. Like you, we are here to experience the physical and the spiritual; to live; to learn.

We enter this plane of existence with full awareness of Self – of our Oneness. We enter this plane of existence with the knowing that we will willfully and consciously give of ourselves for the best benefit of all. We willfully and consciously give of ourselves to you, our Human Brothers and Sisters, for your food, your shelter, your protection. This is all part of our soul agreements (pre-birth contracts).

All non-human beings (including animals) enter this plane of existence understanding that it may be necessary to give of Self for the best benefit of all – for your benefit.

T: We wish to speak of Intent

We all (trees and animals) simply ask for your awareness of our offerings of self performed on your joint and collective behalf. We simply ask for your awareness and for your gratitude.

We hear those of you, those humans, who offer gratitude and thanksgiving for all that we offer to you. Your gratitude, thanksgiving, and awareness sustains our efforts and makes us strong – makes us always ready and willing to support you in this way.

For us (trees and plants), many times our offerings do not terminate our physical being (such as picking fruit or vegetables from a tree or plant). Other times we all (trees and animals) must offer our entire physical existence for the best benefit of all. We do this willingly and consciously.

We ask for your understanding and your compassion. We ask for your Gratitude and Blessing.

We ask for your Awareness.


T: We now have completed this first circle – from Awareness (start of conversation) to Awareness (end of conversation).

We stand in Gratitude and Service to you all, our Dear Human Brothers and Sisters.

We are with you, always, in all ways. We are of the Guardians.

We Greet you in Strength and Honor, and with Grace and Love.

We Welcome you with Gratitude and Compassion and in Joy and Love.

We are in Love.

~~~~~~ End Discussion~~~~~

Hi All,

It’s me (Amoran) again.

Well, I must say that I was pretty amazed at how this all unfolded. I was amazed at how the trees masterfully and eloquently wove so many of our questions seamlessly into one coherent discussion. Please understand and remember that I just sat and listened and allowed them to speak as they wanted to – in the order and sequence that they wanted to address our topics of inquiry. I inserted the actual questions after the fact in order to make it a bit more clear for all of us reading this what questions/topics were being addressed.

As I explained, I read the questions to the Trees two weeks ago and I could hear them discussing them as I went about my own daily, routine (3D) business. They would remind me every day that they were "ready" and "anxious and excited" to begin.

Thank you all again for your patience. I have never done anything quite like this before and didn’t really know what to expect.

I, too, learned a great deal from this and the vision of the trees actually "walking" around my yard like that was really profound. That was a definite gift and I express my gratitude to you all.

Dean had asked me a personal question which he wanted me to address as part of this "interview".

Dean’s question was the following:

"Does having a communicative relationship with the plant kingdom in the way that you have, effect or alter your thoughts or approach about eating vegetables? Is there a guilt to it, like there might be towards eating animals?"

I know that we will probably have much discussion about a lot of what the Trees said here but just as a small beginning I would offer out this:

I really don’t think this should be about ‘guilt’ over eating anything – whether it is meat or vegetable. I am primarily a vegetarian now for health reasons but I grew up in a large Italian-American family where meat was always the center piece of every meal. There are so many different people on this planet – all from different ethnic backgrounds and different soul lineages. Some can thrive on a vegetarian diet and others find that they just can’t. As the trees described, non-humans come here knowing full well that they may be required to offer of themselves for us and our survival.

For me, it really revolves around intent, attitude and awareness. I always offer gratitude to "all beings" before I eat anything. When you think about it, so much has gone into everything we consume for our diets – the energy of the sun, the grass/wheat that fed the animal, the plant that produced the vegetable, etc. I was comforted by what the trees said about "simply wanting sincere gratitude and awareness" for their sacrifice. It gives meaning and blessings to their sacrifice for us – it completes a beneficial, energetic "circle of exchange": a giving and a receiving which is at the core of this Tree message. It provides them comfort, support and Love to continue a sacrifice that is still necessary for the survival of us humans. Well, necessary that is, at least until we humans can just sustain ourselves on sunshine and water like our plant and tree brothers!

Thanks for reading and taking part in this sharing.

Peace & Blessings,

Your Brother, Amoran

Part II of the conversation can be found here:

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Comment by Michelle O'Meara McMullen on January 19, 2018 at 12:45pm
I have a photo album titled "My Tree Family" and it is forever growing. I also have a very dear friend tree whom could be no less special then my own children. I so love this majestic old timer and spent much time creating a beautiful sanctuary around my friend i was building a drem of healing many people there. Blood sweat and intention and meditations and nsps and moon time and children and always was i thinking of this wonderful friend and when i would next be there as i was leaving to go take care of my other things. And then something transpires which was out of my control and i my special home with my tree became owned by someone . And thatvwas that i vould not trsspass or go back .i always have this love thought for what i became part of and the beauty i created with intention and my most beloved tree my most dear friend that i miss soooo much. I love you Master Bowdock my one true friend.
Comment by Amoran on January 27, 2018 at 1:17am

Blessed Greetings, Michelle!

Your Sharing Warms the Heart and Motivates the Soul. It Inspires Awareness of the Truth of our OneNess and for this, We are Deeply Grateful.

We are Honored, and Blessed.

Deep Gratitude.

Tree Blessings,



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