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A Tree Conversation Part II: Cross-Streaming, Nesting, and the 5th Sun (A “Mirrored” Tetrahedron)

Hello Dear Friends and Family!


Thank you for your patience. I have been wanting for quite some time to share the second part of this story. However, our Tree Brothers gently asked me to "please wait" … and then more things would happen … and more Sharing would occur … and I could sense that "timing" was somehow important.

I am so very pleased that the Trees now wish for this part of Their Story to continue. It is comprised of several different parts and is a bit lengthy. My Gratitude to you and to those who may wish to comfortably stroll down this story lane of Nature’s Kingdoms …



The Trees introduced me to this term, "Cross-Streaming", many years ago as they assisted me in remembering and enjoying "telepathic protocol." It is my personal strong sense and belief that the Tree Consciousness wishes to assist us all as we remember our heritage as Telepathic Beings. They are here to assist us in a loving and nurturing fashion.

The Trees explained "Cross-Streaming" to me in this way:

"As the Wind blows the many seeds of Spring into and among each other, so do We, too, share our thoughts of Energy Exchange into and among Us both (humans and trees).

We Send and You Receive. You send and We Receive. You also send and Receive among each Other.

We are in Exchange (with you; with each other)

In this way, Seeds of Love and Knowing are Planted and take Root. This Cross-Pollination of Thought Consciousness will then stabilize and begin to bud. The bud becomes a bloom and the bloom becomes a new Flower within the Fiber of Existence."

Below is a sample of the "cross-conversation" that occurred among 4 different forums about the initial tree interview. The original tree conversation thread is located at .

Each forum was "self-contained" unto itself … however, it struck me so very strongly that we were all having this conversation together somehow. Hence, my desire to share this "Cross-Streaming" that was, and is, occurring among us even if we are not consciously aware of it. The comments from the other 3 forums are below.


Forum #1:

One Friend writes: ...."Always and in all ways" has become my personal mantra for anything evoking gratitude! The original "Always and in all ways" just happens to be the last thought from our Creator Source in the Neale Donald Walsch rendering Conversations with God, Book 1! So thanking you always or (wherever trees are growing, nurturing and protecting us all!).......Trees Bless!"


Another Friend says:

"I am stunned with great awe and deep gratitude since this share is something I always have sensed in my life ... as I myself see so many faces in the trees of our yard signaling me and I have lived with them for more than 13 years."


A Third Friend describes this miraculous story about a trip she took with her husband:


"As we were leaving the Grand Canyon park, we pulled over to the side of the road and walked out into the forest to a stand of pines about 20 to 25 ft tall. I knew which one called to me as soon as I saw it.

I took off my glasses and gave them to him to hold on to, and stood in front of this glorious tree for a few moments just getting quiet and asking permission silently to enter its field and hug it. When I felt its energy reach out to embrace me, I went and pressed my whole body against the trunk and placed my forehead against it too.

I got the impression right away of being very split in my head or brain. I let myself be pulled down into the roots of the tree and ground with it into Gaia. I turned my head to the left, and put my right cheek to the tree with my eyes closed.

On the left side of my head space there appeared a green color and a triangular 'rabbit hole' like the one Alice went into. I was delighted! My husband was going around and around the tree in a circle and all of a sudden I realized it was not the right time yet to go into the rabbit hole and he was like my anchor.

I breathed deeply with the tree for a few more moments and then turned my head to the right and laid the left side of my face against the tree. This is when I could feel very clearly the pulling of energies between the left and right sides of my brain. It felt like there was a net being pulled back and forth from ear to ear.

A few more moments and I knew it was done. I stepped away from the tree and thanked her for her love. I felt very different and sort of off balance in a way I never had before. It was somewhat difficult to walk like I was off balance.

Here is the really miraculous part of this story. When I put my glasses back on they were completely wrong. I couldn't see out of them. I have always had an astigmatism, one eye being completely different from the other, and also near sighted. Now, I could not see through my glasses. Both of my eyes could see the same! And also I could see very far with absolute clarity!!

I am talking eagle vision here. I could see the tiny tips of the trees on the ridge of the mountain range! "


Forum #2:


A Friend writes "My first thoughts, as you relayed the messages from the trees, was that we are all so interested in messages from extra terrestrial, but still there are so many beings right here on earth that we have not even acknowledged. I vow to do better. We have closed ourselves off from our environment in more ways than we had imagined.


I too was very surprised to learn that, in spirit, that trees (and plants) could actually move about. It is kind of like an out-of-body experience.

I am so happy to hear how excited the trees are to communicate with us. They spoke of their contracts for their lifetimes. Surely, part of their contract is to help us to advance via their communication."

Another Friend shares:

"I thought the trees responses were not only awe inspiring but clear & concise & their ability to bring everything to a level of 'source' is to me an indicator of just how well connected to spirit & the finer energetic vibration of existence these wondrous beings really are.

The part about them moving was way in excess of anything I expected them to divulge to us & I can honestly say my view of a tree/plant has been greatly enhanced for them having shared this with us.

This communication has inspired me to make more effort to acknowledge & connect with our tree/plant brothers & sisters on all levels, physical-touch, mental-telepathy & heart-felt energy in the hope that we may include them in a wondrous journey of discovery as we unfold into the higher nature of ourselves & our surroundings."

A Third Friend describes:

"A neighbor of mine just had a large maple tree cut down that had been damaged from Hurricane Sandy and the big ice storm we had a year earlier. When it was all cut, I said to the tree, in front of the guys that cut it down, something like "Bless your soul; rest in peace".

I got a chill after I said that, and I think the tree-cutters did too. Since trees can move around (which I hadn't known) maybe their soul moves on after they die."


Forum #3

A Friend shares "This was a profound synchronicity for me, as I planted a tree yesterday, thank you for sharing. … I was feeling confused about two years ago, and I was out of tune from planet Earth. There was a beautiful pine tree outside in the garden, and I asked it what should I do? I am confused I can't blend in. I thought the answer came like "strengthen your roots" or something like that. And that piece of advice I remember from a tree, I was not sure of that until now, that you are telling us about the wisdom of the trees."


Another Friend writes:

"Thank you for sharing your conversation and giving us further insight into our connection with trees. I love to hear that they want us to talk with them. I do this now, and today practice 'feeling' their vibratory emanations by just standing beside them. This is the 'feeling' / 'perceiving' sense that I am learning to develop from the book I am reading (see below).


… This was a type of OBE with the classic feeling of 'rapid inner movement'. You really need to read

Multidimensional Human by Kurt Leland. He describes the necessary skills that must be developed in order to connect, perceive and understand these inner planes (of ourselves). As we develop these skills we also develop our psychic abilities.

Amoran's trees also mentioned these planes:

‘Like you, Dear Human Brothers and Sisters, we are multi-dimensional beings! Our energy interacts with this plane of existence, as well as with many others (other dimensions), in order to create, foster, and maintain your (physical and energetic) environment. We are in control of the environment – we protect and nourish you in all ways (physically and energetically).’

There's a lot to learn about what is being referred to here by the trees.

A Third Friend explains: "Everyone has the ability to experience this connection through an exchange of energy with them if they would but open their Heart and their mind to it, and simply feel….and listen. It is so with our entire natural world…..physical and non-physical.

A Fourth Friend also shares the same article, different website: "Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated"


A Fifth Friend writes: "Seth on the benefit of trees: ‘The proximity of so many trees also has considerable health value, and to those doing psychic or other creative work; the effects are particularly conducive to a peaceful state of mind. Trees are great users and yet conservators of energy, and they automatically provide much vitality to areas in which they are plentiful. This is physically obvious in scientific terms. Besides that, however, the consciousness of trees is remarkably kind and enduring.’

Hugged a tree yesterday, got an odd look from a passerby, so what?! J "


A Sixth Friend provides us this last sharing: "Reading "Seth Speaks" and came across this line where Seth is explaining that 'they' at his level do not experience our time sequence.


‘In the infinite varieties of consciousness, we are still aware of a small percentage of the entire banks of personalities that exist. For our "vacations" we visit amid quite simple life forms, and blend with them.

To this extent we indulge in relaxation and sleep, for we can spend a century as a tree or as an uncomplicated life form in another reality. We delight our consciousness with the enjoyment of simple existence. We may create, you see, the forest in which we grow. Usually however we are highly active, our full energies focused in our work and in new challenges.’

....which suggests to me that a tree can in fact be inhabited by a very high consciousness."



This concept of "Nesting" is also one that seems to keep popping up from the Trees … especially recently. I hear the Trees outside happily singing, "We are Nesting!"

My bonsai Tree, Zenny, who stands on my little circular coffee table keeps shouting out to me:

"Inter-dimensional Hybrid Protocols are Active!!"

What does that mean? Good question! I am not entirely sure. However, my sense is that we are all now settling into a new and dynamic interaction with our "environment" at all levels. Inter-dimensional awareness is increasing among us and the Tree/Plant Kingdom – said another way, between us and Nature (with a capital "N").

I know the Trees as Mighty Energy Weavers and Mighty Warriors of the Light. I see that they have placed their energetic Warrior Shields to the side and they now focus upon Nesting … on Nurturing and Loving the Energetic Environment within which we are all seeds slowly blooming into beautiful flowers. Like the Birds who busily find branches to build their nests and resting places, I sense a new calm as many of us prepare our own sacred places, or nests, for the long term here within this "mixed Realm" or "hybrid" Existence of the intense Physical and Spiritual.


The 5th Sun: a ("Mirrored") Tetrahedron

I recently shared about an "energetic star" I have been watching the Tree and Dragon (Elemental) Energy create here on the EarthPlane. Here is a quick recap:

The Element "Be"

For some time now (the last several months)  I have been observing the Master Energy Weavers - the Trees and the Dragons - as they are aiding us in constructing a "Star" here on the Earth Plane.

I have watched as they have over the last several weeks tirelessly "pulled" 3 white glowing orbs into orbit around each other. Somehow I knew I was looking at a "nucleus" of some sort ... I was often prompted to go look at the "elements" being assembled but I was wasn't really into it ... but , I recently witnessed a 4th "sun" of the "atom" being hauled into position. These 4 suns create the 4 vertices of a tetrahedron … !!

So, curious, I went onto Google and here is what I wish to share:

"Beryllium is the chemical element with the symbol Be and atomic number 4. Because any beryllium synthesized in stars is short-lived, it is a relatively rare element in both the universe and in the crust of the Earth. It is a divalent element which occurs naturally only in combination with other elements in minerals. Notable gemstones which contain beryllium include beryl (aquamarine, emerald) and chrysoberyl. As a free element it is a steel-gray, strong, lightweight and brittle alkaline earth metal."


Now, many asked "what is the purpose of this Star?"

Good question!

Here was my response:

"I don't pretend to fully understand it, either, but I would like to take a first pass at explaining that which I do feel I understand:

The Trees (and Dragons, too) are Mighty Energy Weavers who help to create (weave), maintain and sustain the very Fiber of our (energetic and multi-dimensional) existence.

I have seen the Trees create (energetic) Interfaces before - primarily back to the Spirit World. This "Star" is also some sort of Interface - some sort of Massive Generator of Source Energy. However, this "interface" is a connection being created here on the Earth Plane which bridges into the entire Cosmic (Multi-Verse) System.

I also agree that this is directly related to the Earth "becoming a Star (energetically)." I believe that this planet, Gaia Terra Shan, is indeed a central "heart" to the entire Cosmic (Multi-Verse) System and she continues to evolve in both strength and sophistication in her very central role.

This emerging "Star" is all about connection and inter-connection; about sending and receiving massive amounts of spiritual energy (aka. love, wisdom, support, etc) throughout the entire Cosmos. It's really rather fascinating and also very intense!

This is, in the end, just my own experience and understanding, as limited as it is. Thank you for allowing me to the opportunity to share a bit about it."


I have recently witnessed  a 5th Sun which has now taken orbit among the tetrahedron of the other 4 … this 5th sun appears to me as our combined (human) consciousness from all other realms where we participate … and this 5th Sun has now situated itself directly underneath the tetrahedron (triangular pyramid). It now creates a "mirrored" or "inverted" tetrahedron underneath! This diamond shaped "crystal", made up of 2 tetrahedrons (pyramids)  joined together at their bases, with six triangular faces, rotates and spins and vectors all sorts of intricate light patterns into the larger Cosmic System. It is truly a wonder to behold!


There have been several posts on a number of different forums talking about the astrological forecast for July and the fact that the 4 slow moving planets, including Jupiter, will create the 4 vertices of a tetrahedron on July 29th.

Just the other day I also received the most recent Metatron channeling. Here is what the intro paragraph said:

"Emerald-Flame/ Green Ray Activation

 The Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune Trine (June 18-August 16)  leads directly to the activation of the Earth-Kingdoms, with emphasis on the support of the Plant Kingdom & associated Devics, as well as the opening of the energy of Trees in support of Humanity & the Master Beings of the Sequoia, Redwood & other majestic arboreal capacitors! 


It is the Infinity Gate Portal of the Green Ray and Emerald Flame. It is a heralded part of the expansions afforded by the Ascended Earth and a grand service toward expanding the conscious reach of  humanity. It will frequencially upshift the Plant  Kingdom and equally upshift humanity in their ability to symbiotically merge into the intra dimensions of Gaia &  the Kingdoms and Elements of Earth. Trees are conscious , and the Master Trees are of Divine Intelligence. The Sequoia are ancient ' Record Keepers' and 'Conscious Spiritual Councils' of the planet. They are far more healing far more important to the planet & humanity's advancement than you currently realize.  The Green Ray Activation opens the door. A doorway  that has been somewhat closed for millennia.


This Green Ray Gate occurs between 13-20 August, and is embellished by the Perseids Meteor Shower and the full moon. It is the activation of the Emerald-Flame, a higher aspect of the Green-Ray , correlating to the new coding of the 8th & 9th Chakra, and the 8th & 9th dimension."


Well, isn’t that all just a humdinger??!! J

Our Brother/Sister Trees seem to be right on the mark with their "timing" and their "request" to pull this post together NOW – in preparation for the unfolding in the very near future.



The 5th Sun and Mirrored/Inverted Tetrahedrons.


Tree Blessings to you all, I remain,

Your Brother, Amoran



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Comment by Amoran on July 19, 2013 at 8:55pm

Blessings of Love and Light to you All! My Gratitude to you all for joining me here. It truly is an HONOR to walk this Path with you, Dear Friends.


Much Love Always,



Comment by Phillip Westbury on July 21, 2013 at 3:16am

Yes TREES are wonderful  and put out a lot off energy and the air we breath. I have in

the past hugs trees and they are wonderful, but man kind with there stupity and hunger

to make money from them, is a sad. And the cutting down the trees in the Amersion  forest

is going to cause more problem with the weather, with the HARRP that  is doing a lot off nasty

weather all around the world. Yes the longer our space brothers and sisters take to arive, there

will be more distruction on this planet, they say they care, but i am not to sure  about that. NZ

Comment by Onura on July 22, 2013 at 10:16pm

Blessings Dear Brother Amoran,

I have enjoyed your post and wish to thank you for sharing your experiences with us, they are most beautiful and a great reminder to always pay attention to that which dwells within us, and around us.

Much love,


Comment by ArcAmy Angel on August 3, 2013 at 7:24am

Lovely Amoran.

Thank you for sharing <3


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