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Greetings from Home

We speak with you this day as you stand at the edge of a precipice; you are at the edge of a wave of energy that will change every single life on planet Earth. You have been aware of its coming and have created opportunities to experience the new light that is now coming into planet Earth. The wave is here as a result of your desire to see it. You are beginning to create a new reality for yourself to become more empowered, to live the way that you truly are when you are Home. This is one of the journeys that each and every one of you is starting to make now. It has already begun; you are in the process.
Creating Our Story

We have previously spoken of this in order to plant some seeds. Now, those seeds have grown, they have sprouted and they are producing fruit of their own. So, now we will take that to another level and explain the condition of pretending to be a human. When you were born, each one of you carried recollections of Home, vivid memories of who you really were and the path your soul was to take. You re-membered your own plans you set for yourself even though you quickly forgot them once you pretended to be the human. That was your job as a child, to look around and emulate everyone who was older than you. In doing so, you created the first version of your story. Do you re-member us speaking about your story? Each one of you has your own personal story and we wish to bring it to your attention today.  It is your vision of yourself that creates this story and it does not like to change. So, it is your story that can most experience growth pains as you move from one level to the next.
What is your story and what does it mean? You dislike having to have rules in your life, yet we tell you that each one of you has your own set of rules about what you expect in the world around you. You have rules for the people that enter your world, your friends, family, and coworkers. What do those rules look like? Well, if one of those people came up to you and slapped you in the face for no particular reason, it would violate your rules. What do you expect from people? That is what we ask you to look at. When you open your eyes, what is it you are looking for and what would allow you to be as free as the child that you once were? You have built your story, which was very important for you in order to build confidence. We know that humans typically learn anything through repetition, yet many times that repetition becomes its own trap. Even though it repeats success, sometimes that repetition keeps you from seeing even greater successes that are just beyond the scope of your own belief systems.

The Wave and the Story

Now, the wave of energy is coming in and it is cleansing planet Earth and every spirit here. Suddenly, you will find that you do not have the need for the story in the way you once did. We hope you become conscious of your story, for that is all any creator needs to become conscious and aware. The biggest challenge you have on planet Earth is that you have total free choice, so you have the ability to doubt yourselves. What an interesting set of rules for planet Earth—a creator that can slap their own creations in the face and doubt themselves. How interesting is that? We never thought of making a rule like that, but you did. Now, what are the other rules in your life? What do you expect from people? Re-member, it is not wrong to have those rules. We simply ask you to become aware of your own story and rules. Many of those rules or your story’s circumstances will be changing as you move from one level to the next. You have seen it happening already, for several adjustments have been made and now you are just at the beginning of this wave of energy.

You have created a magnitude wave that is beyond what you were originally expecting. It is because so many of you are awakening from the dream. Yes, it was  suggested earlier that only 5% of humans on planet Earth currently believe the way that you do, but we tell you that is not even close. More than 80% of humans share what you believe to some extent. You are much more united as human beings than you could ever know. It is only your stories that disunite you. Your stories make you pretend to be separate and have arguments with yourselves. It plays out on the large screen of Earth and ends up as a war that nobody really knows why you are fighting. It happens over and over again. Now you are in charge and you are holding your own responsibility. That is what we ask you to consider in making your new set of rules for yourself, in re-scripting your story to fit an empowered human.

Using Harmonic Resonance

We have worked with harmony on this planet and many of you will find the art of harmonic resonance quite useful in the future. Harmonic resonance is a very simple concept: Harmony is an extension of yourself and allows you to reach farther into the universe around you.

Your stories quite often cause disharmonies and make you lose harmonic resonance with the universe around you. That happens when your world becomes very small, and because it does not quite fit into your expectations you have disharmony or difficulty communicating with the beings of Home. You carry two beings in your body right now. You carry the spirit of Home that is absolutely pure, the part of god that you hold which is your unique expression and responsibility to use. But you also carry the part which you have been carrying from childhood, your story or idea of who you think you are.  Please know that the story is a very necessary component on planet Earth, for none of you had the confidence to step forward or stand up with your part of the puzzle without your story.
Even though those tools have gotten you this far, now they need some adjusting as you step to the next level.  They were there just to give you the confidence, energy and support that you needed energetically around you in order for you to play your part. That is happening now and many of you are saying, “I still do not know what I am supposed to do. I think I am just a normal person that walks around every day. I do not really carry any important role.” You could not be further from the truth, dear ones. This is a very large puzzle of re-creating what you call heaven and what we call Home. It does not currently exist on planet Earth except in the memories of your spirits. Would it not be amazing if this next step of humanity and evolution could incorporate every part of your being, instead of only the part that you believe you have to put forward? Well, let us explain a bit further.

What Are the Rules of Your Story?

Do you not get up every morning? Do you not go in front of a mirror and comb your hair and prepare yourself with paint, deodorant and other preparations in order to play the game of pretending to be a human . . . to another human? Is that not part of your rules that you play with every day? Do you leave the house without your makeup sometimes?  Good. We hope you bend the rules, but they are your rules and they are not wrong, dear ones. They are simply yours so all we ask you to do is to become conscious of them, for they have shaped your lives more then you will ever know. Become conscious of those rules and of what you expect when you open your eyes. You are discovering that you are creators on many levels that you never understood before.

When you open your eyes, dear ones, you create everything you see in front of you in a sense. What you see is in many ways your own beautiful reflection. You do not create them but they come to attention when they are being observed and you call them in, and when you harmonize with them.  It is similar to tuning in a radio to a single station.  All stations are present as possibilities, yet you harmonize with one when you tune it in.  So, what is the greatest harmony that you can include in your new stories? First, we ask you to look within for unsettled or discordant energies and then take every opportunity begin looking at the origins of those, what we call an energy rub. What does an energy rub look like? Well, you pick up the phone and someone is on the other end. You have a conversation but you did not really like it, so you hang up and then have an energy rub. Something was not quite complete there. Examine it for your expectations about how it fits into your story. Which of my expectations were not fulfilled in that phone conversation? What was I expecting that did not happen, and how does that fit into my belief systems? Do you know what happens when a creator examines their belief systems? They begin creating on all new levels as conscious creators.

Awaken the Child

This is what we are asking you to do for you are at a very critical juncture. You have options as to how this energy wave will be accepted. Many of you have already felt the changes that are now occurring for you in different ways.  Some of you have been taken out of your job that you thought was safe and comfortable, only to start a new life. Others of you have found yourself face-to-face with your own teaching and healing abilities, even though you never thought you had any. You are beginning to awaken from the dream in mass consciousness, dear ones. It is happening to every soul and spirit who is pretending to be a human. You are going to have to make some adjustments in your belief systems and rules about how that will be accomplished and what that feels like.

Recently there was a channel about running naked, which stirred a part of the child within each  of you because that is being totally free. There were no belief systems or expectations at that point, for you are simply being. You can return to that childlike attitude, and do not need to lose your knowledge to be childlike. There is a part of you that becomes incredibly excited when the spirit comes through you, when you get to do something creative that you love to do. That is spirit channeling through you, and we tell you there are billions of spirits waiting to jump in at the very first opportunity. You make those choices yourself, but you are moving at the speed of love, which is substantially faster than the speed of light. All of humanity is evolving at an incredible rate at this moment. It is very beautiful to watch and it is fun to see.

However, many of you are experiencing what you would call difficulties or challenges and all of that has to do with your own story. What we ask is you to do is to recognize and own your story. Do not try to judge it like you would a book you read that was written by someone else; this is your story and is much too close for you to judge. God does not ever judge himself/herself. Simply be, for that is the point that we ask each of you to step forward with. You knew before you were born that you had a very important ray of light to carry to Earth no matter what got in your way, and it was the mission of your spirit while you were here. You are right at the verge of that now, and some of you already know where your ray of light is. You may already have a hold on it through teaching or putting it out there in different ways. Some of you think you are not teachers and that you are simply there to hold energy tin a different way. We tell you, dear ones, that you choose your place in the world according to your confidence and who you think you truly are. We ask you to examine your belief systems around that as you start moving forward. All of humanity is taking these next steps and they are going to be huge for each and every one of you.

Conscious Evolution ~  Home with a Capital "H"

There have been many planets that have evolved like Earth, yet none of them have done it consciously. You are not leaving your bodies to take this next step. You are doing it right here, which means major changes for many of you beyond what you even understand at this moment. Know that you are ready for it; humanity is ready and that is the part that was not there before. It was not that long ago that a big shift of this energy came in and tried to anchor itself on planet Earth, creating a huge wave of fear. Fear is often the result when truth is ahead of itself. Humans usually react in fear to things they do not understand, which is what happened around the year 2000. It is magic to see what you are doing and we hope you can see it too. Because if you include that magic in your belief systems of what you expect to see when you open your eyes, you will create exactly that. You are creating Home with a capital H right now and it has never been done this way before. The strife of all times is there and the Akashic Records are writing down every moment of every detail of your lives, and yet you thought you were hiding and that nobody could see you. It is being documented, dear ones, as to how it was done on planet Earth. This has never happened in this way before. As you look at your belief systems and stories , know that you have made it happen at this magical time. You had a very definite reservation to be here right now and we are happy you made it. Now, what are you going to do with it?
First of all, we ask you to stop thinking and start feeling. Return to your childlike self and let child’s expectations determine what you see. Your power as a child is much greater than as an adult. That has to do with your own belief systems blocking your power, but it can change right now. Your focus has always been on, “How do I become a good human? How do I get a good job? How do I make my money? How do I do all the things I am supposed to do as a human?” If you shift your focus to “How do I evolve as a spirit?,” then what are your expectations when you open your eyes? What do you expect to see? Do you truly expect to see a miracle? Do you expect to see yourself having a miraculous lifestyle of synchronicities, with everything simply falling into place at the last minute without effort? And so it is…if you can hold that for seven seconds, it is yours. A pure thought for seven seconds is yours in any form that you hold it, but do you know how hard it is to hold a thought that long? You are counting five, six, seven…no, it did not work! It is very difficult to hold a vibration like that, or at least is was until now. Now you are going to find that it will happen anyway with less effort through the use of Harmonic Resonance. Your focus is going to improve, your own mental abilities and acuity will start taking jumps with gentle nudges from technology. The challenge is that you do not know why. You cannot figure it out so you do not know what is happening. Literally, dear ones, you will become smarter in your own definition of that word in a very short time as each of you will start to see things from a much larger perspective. This is what is causing all the frustration on planet Earth. Right now it is erupting in the Middle East from the frustration. It was not long ago that the same sentiment was expressed at Wall Street’s problems, as people wanted to camp out all over the world to express their frustration. Nobody really knows exactly what they are frustrated about, they are just frustrated because they cannot be the kids they know they are. Their belief systems do not work when they open their eyes for they see something else. It is time to return to who we truly are…all of us.
We know you are going to deal with anger on planet Earth; you have been a polarized planet. You have come from a field of duality where you have seen everything as light and dark opposites, the ends of the spectrum, and now you are starting to see the whole ray of light in a different way. Take it. Let it fill your being full of the most light that you can hold. In those moments when you start to doubt yourself, there is a tool that we will give you. Take your hand and slap yourself in the face, for it is not appropriate for god to doubt god. It is a vicious circle that many people get into. If there was one piece that we could give you, it would be confidence. Since that is something that each one of you will have to earn yourselves, we will be happy to give you that little push, nudge or carrot that shows you what is ahead. We are not teaching you anything. We are helping you to re-member what you already know and who you already are.

Many of you will feel pressure as you take these next steps, but know that those pressures are from your belief systems and the energy that you are holding. So, hold joy out there first instead. Dare to look in the person’s eye you are meeting and find joy before you open your mouth to say, “Hello.” Dare to send joy and passion in everything you do. Do not ever think that it is too much of an advertisement or too much about you. It is your passion and it should be completely overflowing your being in every moment.  And for those of you who cannot find your passion or have not been able to anchor or connect with it in a way that suits you on this side of the veil, know that we will bring you Home if we have to and show you your passion. For it is now possible to do even that. Each and every one of you as a spirit has a passion that you could never dissuade. You have a life purpose as a spirit. Now you are trying to fit that life purpose through a physical body and to create it during the time that you are in physical body. Bravo! Good job. Step forward, for it is time. We will put the wind beneath your wings, but you have to put them out there when it is time. You have to dare to be you – the real you – for that is what you brought from Home and we know you. We see your spirits as the brothers and sisters that you are. You are making a huge difference on this planet one heart at a time. You are getting closer to Home and drawing all of humanity with you.

It is with the greatest of honor to remind you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and open every door you can for each other for you are helping yourself. It is a brand new game you are playing. Play well together.


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:)) Namaste :))

Thanks, Angela.

I'm beginning to see the bigger picture, thank you so much for posting the above Angela. Lots of Love and Light XX

What great inspiration :-)

Ang, I know for you and me that this message speaks to our hearts and I AM with you dear sisSTAR as we re-write our script.



Dear Angela,

I have no patience to read the whole as not feeling well.

Thanks for your message....




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