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   Elementals, Devas, Fairies and Nature Spirits are all in dimensions not ruled by time and space the same way we are, and live in a lighter state of being. They are still connected to the physical plane through the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms; as well as allsentinel beings and all objects. They are in go-between worlds and a very good relationship that is mutually beneficial to everyone can be gained by being open to them, and working with them. This can be anywhere from solving the Earth’s pollution and other im-balances due to human abuse, ignorance and arrogance, as well as clearing specific areas, or within the human body itself.

       The Elementals are the soul or essences of the wind, the clouds, rain, the trees, the plants, the rocks and crystals, the sea and rivers… 
   The Devas who are the goddesses of the particular species of tree or plant, or the Deva of the snakes, or rats or of a lake, all natural beings. They are the guardians as it were of a particular tree type or plant and we can hug and send love to a tree and it will go though and connect with all the other trees.
     Nature Spirits and Fire salamanders are the spirit of the trees, plants and fire.

   The Elementals also run the weather and so honouring them and working in Divine Will means they will always support you with the perfect weather for whatever it is you do. I always experience this, especially when I take groups on journeys and its too difficult for people to have to deal with extreme elements and hold the energy as we work outside. So the Elementals open a window even if it has been rough weather.

   I used to ask the rain to come or go once, as where I lived it was very dry at times and the trees would almost be dead. I was the guardian of that land so had the right to ask. It would take only about 15 minutes and suddenly clouds would appear and would give a decent rain. Once it kept raining and I realised I could ask it to stop and it did. 
     But that was a long time ago and now I just trust completely and allow, knowing that it is all perfect, and at that time too I knew not to interfere in the drought that was on. It was a purification and so none of my business, there are always bigger reasons for things.
       The Elementals also assist us to travel the waves and waters, I have experienced that across lakes traveling in record time. 
     They are our friends and we co-create the New Earth together with them and all the other beautiful beings and creatures we live within in all dimensions. The elementals are able to connect with us very easily as we have the elements within us and are one with nature.

     Fairies and Elves operate in the elemental realms and are immortal compared to us, but just live a lot longer as they are not bound by density, and are light and experience so much joy in nature.They are here to help us as we help them, so we all exist in harmony with nature, and they will not show themselves to those who are blocked off or destructive to nature. 
     I used to ask the Fairies for help with clients with issues of guilt, sexual blocks, as well as blocks to mortality when I did one on ones, and in nature workshops. Fairies are not caught up in the limitations that affect us, they are free, light and joyful, qualities that we can always open up more too.    

   So ask for them to help, or if they feel negative in some way, what help can you give them. 
   Fairies like to be given a gift for their service such as a flower, crystal, shell or feather. So if you are working with them have a special place in your garden or home where you connect to them and leave a little something as a thank you.
You might also find that all you give them now is your love and acknowledgement as they have moved into higher dimensions just as we have, especially since the Great Shift December 2012.


      For too long has most of humanity ignored these beings, that without them we could not live here. As they support our integrated wholeness with all and our ability to survive in the physical realm. 
       In more recent times especially in the materially developed world we have bulldozed, detonated, fracked, and dumped toxins in their space, displaced them and created much dis-ease in our own body’s and disharmonious living.
   They know there are many more conscious people now and so ask to be aware what’s happening with them, or you will sense it. 

     Elementals are present in places and objects, as well as our body for good and negative reasons. 
If there are Elementals causing mischief in a person or a place it is because they need help and are trapped and traumatised. 
It could also not just be in one person, but in everyone in a house, or a whole sub-division of houses where they have been displaced. Or they coud be causing accidents on a piece of road that’s has been built by bullzozing a hill that is their home. Or a swamp that’s been filled in for houses or industry. If they have been displaced then they will cause problems until they are helped.

     By simply asking them what they need to help them go to where they belong, and then giving it to them visually or with your intention. This is just as real to them as if you were giving someone a physical object, they will be free to go back to their own dimension.

     Some times they are not traumatised, but are actually with you to help you understand other energies, as well as nature, your journey and other spaces.
   So be open to what they say to you. 
   Go within and get a sense if it feels there are any in you or at your place. 
   If so do they feel trapped and traumatised or are they on a mission and want your attention? 
   Can they assist you with a health problem or im-balance in your mind or life that you are experiencing?

   Hopefully by taking time to be with them, you will have more awareness of other beings that co-exist with us and be able to work with them, not against them.

     As for illness and accidents there is an elemental there created from the trauma and energies of im-balance. 
     So too with the body where there has been trauma, an elemental is created through your pain, negative thoughts and fears. This elemental can be communicated with, and with its help the energy can be brought back into balance. The elemental is happy to be gone from you and off into a higher dimension as it feels trapped just like your pain and guilt, fear and rage is trapped in the cells that are traumatised. 

     So go within and connect to this elemental and ask it what it needs to be free and so your body or area of im-balance can be brought back to radiant well-being. Trust what ever it says it needs. Then with your intention and visualization/imagination give it what it needs and wait until it, or all of them have gone.
What they need is not complicated often its as simple as Love.

       Elementals are created by us as well, they are not just the ones in nature. There are the ones in all man-made objects. 
     For example your car often has a name, or you talk to it or thank it, it’s like a person. The same with your computer and all objects that you have a charge with and use and work with closely, you are creating this.
They are happy when you acknowledge and thank them, even stroke them lovingly. They always seem to look after you. An example, cars get old and worn out like everything in gravity and density. But if there is a breakdown your car will always make sure its convenient, like at home or somewhere like the front of a place you can get help.
   On the negative your car for example could take on all your stuff. I know when I was going through my time of really seeing my dark aspects my car used to have lots of things go wrong with it, convenient but still it happened and I knew it had taken it on as I was on overwhelm as it was.

     The biggest thing to be aware of is that every thing is consciousness, and everything is energy. If we love and respect it it loves and respects us.

May you always have awareness of the elementals 
and other beings, and live in peace together.

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Dear Sonja,

Very good Article !!

Thanks to Soluntra King !!!

Dear Sonja,

She has explained the subject very well...

Thank you for the post,

I find this information very helpful.

Love, Ishema



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