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Frequency ~ Resonation: We Create and Re~Create constantly, via our Vibes


We are creating our lives, all the time, based upon our resonating (energetic) frequency ~

We resonate and create consciously or unconsciously ~

The Law Of Resonance Provides The Answers As To How Life Operates And How we Create The Events, Conditions and Circumstances In our Lives

The Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance states that all energy resonates at a specific
frequency enabling only energy of a harmonious frequency to attach
to it creating your physical results.

‘ (We can experience a)...renewed and activated reality. That which no longer fits in the picture will be removed or will remove itself out of this activated reality and shall transfer itself to a matching vibration of the same kind.

It is of utmost importance to remain centered and to allow that to emerge what has to happen; the emergences will be compelled to let issues disappear from the collective as well as from the personal form.’

The Law of Resonance, like all other Universal Laws, once understood, will provide you with a greatly enhanced ability to begin "consciously", intentionally and consistently attracting and experiencing more of the desired outcomes that you desire to experience and envision for yourself.

Once this conscious awareness of The Law of Resonance is attained, it will enable you to clearly understand the importance and necessity of consciously directing and maintaining the kind and quality of the energy that you project through your thoughts, emotions and beliefs which in turn will enable you to begin attracting and experiencing the desired "tangible physical results" that you may currently be "unconsciously attracting" and that so many "perceive" to be random acts of nature that fall outside of their ability to consciously control.

Although a widely held many beliefs held today, as you'll discover, it is and can only continue to limit you if you choose to allow it to.

The Law of Resonance will enable you to break free from the mindset as well as the limitations that the vast majority place on themselves and enable you to begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that the majority "unconsciously" choose not to.

A deeper look into The Law Of Resonance will provide you with the "seemingly" hidden key of all the keys concerning the unwavering process of manifestation...meaning how each of the events, conditions and circumstances are drawn or attracted to you and created in every area of your life, whether physically, relationally, emotionally, financially or spiritually.

In fact ALL physical (or seen) as well as the unseen events, conditions and circumstances which make up your personal life experience as well as those which are continually being created in the entire Universe, are only possible and happen as a result of the Law of Resonance.

The Law of Resonance which is closely interconnected and works in harmony with the Law of Attraction is the Universal Law which determines precisely what it is that you will attract into your life based on the resonance or frequency of of the energy that you are projecting.

Although many have become aware of the Law of Attraction recently. The Law of Attraction is the perfectly constructed, immutable and unwavering law which makes certain that "something" is attracted and created based on individual choices that are made by you.

The Law of Resonance is the law which determines precisely WHAT IS attracted based on the resonance or the frequency of energy that is chosen by you through your emotional response system and as a result of that choice determines the kind and quality of the resonance or frequency projected which the Law of Attraction utilizes to determine precisely what IS attracted.

The simplest way to put it would be to say that  Resonance assures that all energy continuously vibrates at a given frequency and depending on the vibratory output of this emitted frequency is what the Law of Attraction uses to determine what additional energies are attracted to one another which join together. Thus, possibly resulting in a transmutation of the energy from the unseen or spiritual realm, producing outcomes in physical form.

To provide more clarity, the Law of Attraction will attract to you every event, condition and circumstance experienced in your life which is determined by the vibrational resonance created based on how you perceive what's going on around you.

 Attraction makes no judgments, distinctions or determinations between what you might perceive to be good or bad, right or wrong, etc. and is TOTALLY unbiased in what is attracted to you. It only serves and acts as the delivery system, delivering to you precisely what you are asking for based on your resonance.

 Resonance simply determines the vibrational intensity of what you choose to project which determines what you are asking for.

As we've covered in The Law of Vibration article everything which exists in the entire Universe, whether it be those things that can be experienced with your five physical senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, as well as those which are above or below our ability to comprehend and experience with the physical senses, when broken down, studied and analyzed in their purest and most basic form (subatomic particles) exist as a result of energy or light.

In other words ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, whether physical objects, your body, sounds, colors, feelings, oxygen, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. etc. exist as a result of energy or what science refers to as Quanta which exist as vibrating energy packets. The outcomes or effects of both the physical and the non physical are determined by and constructed of the varying vibrational output of these sub atomic particles.

The only thing that determines the difference between let's say water and the chair you're sitting in is the varying vibrational intensity's of the energy which make them up.

At their core, they exist of the same energy, it's simply the vibrational output of the energy which makes them appear as different forms or physical manifestations.

In the same way, YOU determine what you'll experience in your life based on the resonance that you choose to project.

So what determines this resonance that you emit from your physical body? Your EMOTIONS.

The emotions that you experience, as has been covered in the Power of Thoughts as well as the Power of Emotions articles creates a specific vibratory frequency or resonance which once created is projected outward which activates and enables the Law of Attraction to do it's job and with unwavering certainty creates what you experience in your life.

The result is that you begin attracting to you precisely what you are asking for based on the resonance or frequency of energy that you are projecting.

The job of the Law of Attraction is to attract to you and bring into your physical existence precisely what you are asking for as a result of that projected frequency or resonance which is created and projected as a result of the emotions that you choose to experience.

The Law of Resonance is quite literally the law that determines how ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is brought into (manifested in) your physical world.

If this seems a bit hard to grasp and If you haven't yet, it would be best to first develop a basic understanding of the Law of Vibration as well as The Law Of Attraction and it will all become crystal clear to you how it is that The Law Of Resonance operates. You might also find the Science of Success article to be of assistance as well which explains in simplified terms what Quantum Physicists have discovered with respect to how ALL things are brought from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm into physical existence.

As it pertains to you personally, resonance is the outgoing frequency that you project based on the quality of your "consciousness" which determines what you will attract much like the outgoing frequency from a radio determines which radio station is picked up and heard through the speakers of that radio. It is the outbound frequency created by the radio which harmonizes and resonates with the frequency emitted from a radio tower which attracts and combines those frequencies and enables the sound to be heard.

So what do radio frequencies have to do with emotions and resonance?

Your quality of consciousness determines the quality or vibrational intensity of the energy emitted and projected which determines what is attracted to you.

Emotions of fear, apathy, grief, anger, and anxiety emit a much different resonance or vibrational output than those emotions of love, joy, gratitude etc. just as tuning to 96.9 FM emits and as a result attracts a different outcome or frequency than 104.7 FM on your radio dial.

Resonance is merely a process of initiating and amplifying a vibratory response (a link) in a receiving system that is attuned to or in vibrational resonance with an emitting system which creates an outcome.

Your individual thoughts, emotions and beliefs determines the vibrational intensity of this emitted frequency which in turn determines what you'll attract to you and experience in your life.

It is very important to understand that resonance starts only when the frequency of the two systems (the receiving and the emitting) are very close or identical in frequency and harmonize, which then determines what the Law of Attraction will draw to you.

In other words, you can't expect to send out a frequency of fear and expect to draw to you something that you love.

A frequency of fear and a frequency of love vary in vibrational intensity. A vibrational output of something feared can only resonate and draw to you a harmonious frequency which produces in your life more of what is feared.

A vibrational output of what is "loved" or "desired" can only resonate and draw to you a harmonious frequency resulting in a physical manifestation of the thing loved and desired.

In a nutshell the Law of Resonance determines the varying frequencies between these two predominant states of being whether it be fear or love.

Love emits and projects a much higher frequency than does fear and is far more powerful in attracting to you things that are loved or desired. Fear on the other hand although it does emit a vibrational frequency does not have the same attractive force as does the higher vibrational intensity of love which more easily attracts what is loved over what is feared.

Ok, now with that basic understanding what can be done to begin resonating at a frequency which attracts more of what it is that you love or desire to experience in the physical world?

Knowledge is the first step and once understood, grasped and internalized, the next step is beginning the process of consciously controlling the resonance that you project.

How exactly do you do that?

The first step in the process is becoming conscious of your thoughts.

Through practice you will begin the process of achieving self mastery which enables and empowers you to allow yourself to only think thoughts and as a result of that choice only experience emotions that are in alignment with that which you choose to attract and manifest in the physical world.

Although there is some mental work and self discipline involved initially, as you'll soon discover based on what you begin attracting into your life, the long term rewards FAR outweigh the short term effort necessary to begin consciously and intentionally using the Law of Resonance to your benefit.

While many believe that their emotions are uncontrollable, this is absolutely not true. Although it does take some self discipline initially and the developed ability to learn to consciously and consistently remain aware of the thought processes that regulate an individuals emotional response system, learning to consciously control emotions can be easily achieved once a basic understanding concerning how to achieve it is established.

One of the most powerful, practical and effective means that I have personally found for taking conscious control over your thoughts and emotions is best achieved through the art of meditation.

meditation, to put it simply, enables the practitioner to experience a profound sense of inner well being, joy, and what is referred to as Nirvana or experiencing a close personal interconnection with the Source, whatever you may perceive that Source to be.

For more :

Personal Empowerment tools to further expand your awareness…

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Explore The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation,,

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Awesome! I LOVE this stuff!! Resonates so very deeply with me ... am fascinated by these Universal Laws. It's what really, really excites me!





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This picture is beautiful David :-)...THANK YOU !

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Blessings Abound ~

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Me too Amoran!

If we ride these waves of excitement


Passionate LOVE


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The Good Force be with you!

Thanks, Admin  AyAnna K, for sharing! Good posts & keep it up!

I create & re-create a New Heaven and a New Earth for My holy people!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) *

Namaste YahWeh


Many Blessings to you and yours

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Liked it NO LOVED IT Thank you very much

Thank you Alicja, for BEing and LOVING here  :-)


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