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The story of a probable future event that may or may not happen, but will definiely change the world. Oceanna, Pleiadian Christed woman,

The Day That Nothing Happened:
The story of a probable future event that may or
may not happen, but will definitely change the world. 
Oceanna, Pleiadian Christed woman,
through Hannah Beaconsfield
May 24, 2011
We are Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess, which does not refer to a religious position. It is the best way we can define our energy and our areas of activity. We wish to give you a view of the current situation in your progress toward a new consciousness/density level.
We will confine ourselves to the accelerated period of time in your recent past starting with the fall of the “twins” (9/11). This point resonates with ending duality. The last ten years have been marked by a tremendous increase in extraterrestrial activity surrounding your planet, reflecting the way you rally around the areas on your planet that have experienced disasters. The “Samaritan” impulse is programmed into your species to insure its survival. It is similarly reflected in your family units in order to insure the survival of your gene pools.
Your extended intergalactic family has been rallying around you to support your transformation. The opposing factions within your Earth population have also stepped up their activities. Not since your world’s inception have there been so many light beings in residence here. And in response, the dark side, which must relinquish its power and become integrated, is increasing its activities and hanging on with a degree of tenacity that was not expected.
For those of us who are in a position to view future probabilities and intuit which scenarios have the highest energetic support, this has been a very surprising period in your history. We have felt there were several points in the last ten years at which a scale shift could have occurred. The negative energies, however, have dug in and have presented a much greater opposing force than many predicted.
One reason for their resistance has been the level of comfort, wealth and power they have acquired and are reluctant to relinquish. We are not denigrating these riches, but such possessions act as anchors for the dark ones who refuse to give up the ship. In an attempt to break the power standoff, your off-Earth extended family is uniting to bring about a change to the vibrational signature of your total planetary unit.
The action we are planning has a heightened feminine, integrating directive that we hope will be effective. Even the word “action” is too strong, to masculine a description. What we are planning is more like a nudge, a bit of help for the chick that is having difficulty getting out of the shell. The need for a balancing of energies with a more equal feminine presence is becoming a necessity. It was formerly expected that the rise of true feminine equality would come about as a result of the transformation. This is why our energy is coming through as a channeled guide at this time. Our energy veers toward the feminine and will help you to balance. (Just to be clear, we wish to affirm that our use of the words masculine and feminine refers to the energy characteristics of Earth’s duality.)
The details of your expansion into a light world are not carved in granite, as some of you believe. Consciousness and her offspring, reality, are more fluid and malleable than elements of your masculine-oriented world are willing to admit. When you recognize and work with the fluidity of consciousness, you assume your true power in how you influence the flow of your reality. The concept of a malleable reality is feminine, and we hope its integration will allow your new species to move ahead with less judgment and much more benign support for each other.
In the chaos of your world’s changes and the challenges of integrating disparate aspects of life, we do understand how you can go off on riffs of perception that may be counterproductive. We know your imaginations get caught up in the excitement of conspiracy plots, hidden enemies, the fun of solving mysteries and the glory of being, above all, Right! How could you not try to seek the truth, when you are so handicapped by the limits put on your perceptions? You have chosen these limits to expand your consciousness, like metaphysical weight lifting. The expansions are allowing you to see that your old patterns of thinking, perceiving and believing are no longer serving you.
There are those among you who have come to your world with an agenda to expose what is hidden that needs to be brought to light. There are those who have an agenda to rally groups of people to support changes. These lightworker “investigators” and “activists” did not come in with the intention of using fear in their work. However, living on the Earth plane can be unbalancing. They need vigilance to insure they are working from their original intent. Another pitfall that investigators and activists face is the Terran-type belief that they must convert all others to what they believe. On the contrary, other people have their own agendas. They simply absorb or reject the information presented to them and proceed with their own work.
You are building a world culture capable of assuming an equal position in a multi-world culture. We are speaking of joining a multi-world culture that is at or above the density level to which you are ascending. You need to have a better level of balance and integration in order to take your place as an equal.
Getting back to the plan we have in mind to help you move toward these goals, we will co-create an event that will sonically alter the vibratory signature of your planetary unit. (The channel calls this “The Big Hum” – we try to be more dignified.) This will be done only with the agreement and assistance of the Earth spirit herself and the mass subconsciousness of all her inhabitants. This is the only level on which all the participants are free from the roles they play in 3D existence and are able to align with the Source of All to choose for the good of all.
The plan utilizes a perfectly natural force on all worlds, sonic energy. We will alter the harmonics such a tiny fraction that we feel only God will notice. We will give you a very simple analogy, using the vibration of color in place of sound. Imagine you have a room in your home that you are so familiar with that you take all its aspects for granted. You have white walls, maple furniture, a beige rug and other accoutrements like lamps, vases and knickknacks that have all merged into a place that is always as you expect it to be; you call it your living room.
You enter this same room one day and someone has painted one wall a pale, but warm yellow. At first you don’t notice anything (the channel wants us to add a smart remark, “Of course, you are a man!”) you sit down to read a book. You start to feel better about anything that might have been bothering you. The room feels pleasant. You like your home. Just a small shift in the vibratory signature of your living room and your thoughts, feelings and, projecting even further, your actions change.
If we are successful or unsuccessful with our plan, either way your course will be altered just enough to shift to a more benign path. Why do we say either way? That is the nature of the conceptual world of your ascended species. We will be giving a nudge to the vibratory signature of your ascension and also a gentle push to you as individuals just by writing this information. Like a homeopathic remedy, the concept is now in your energy spheres. Even if no one reads this, including the channel that is writing it, it is now an influence within your world energy sphere.
This approach to reality is akin to the new, more integrated mind processes. You can call it mysticism or metaphysics – maybe you call it marshmallow thinking, but it is the future. The concrete world of yes or no will open to an expanded understanding of yes and yes. All is.
As Oceanna, a Pleiadian priestess, we are giving you a picture of the expansion available to you when you are freed from the rigidity of your 3D perceptions. We are aware, however, that the shift to these new levels will cause feelings of insecurity, instability and fear. We are here to support you. One of the advantages of a more integrated world consciousness is that the modifying effects of the feminine elements allow for more empathy, kindness and understanding to help you move through the fears of your transformation. We offer you this empathetic, loving support now and always. Be at Peace.
©2011Hannah Beaconsfield - Material may be reprinted with appropriate credit.  *
Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.
Books by Hannah Beaconsfield:  Welcome to Planet Earth * A Guide for Walk-ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers * Light Technology Publishing *  ISBN 0-929385-98-5 *  Order: 800-450-0985  *
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May 16, 2011 Matters are quickly leading you to a time of changes, that will enable our promises to you to be fulfilled. It has taken immense time to create the opportunities that provide us with progress towards our goals. With opposition from the dark Ones we try to stealthily move towards our objectives without their knowledge. The sheer size of our tasks makes that almost impossible, but unlike our allies we can operate without being seen. Both our craft and its occupants can be cloaked with invisibility, and that gives us a distinct advantage when we enter the "lions den". It has been quite useful when needing to be present when dark Ones have held their secret meetings, and it does not matter where they take place as they cannot prevent us being there. We cannot always act on what we learn because as we have explained previously, there are karmic issues involved that you as a civilization have to experience. You often set the stage without realizing it and it is important that you see the outcome of decisions you have made. If you really understood that even your thoughts mould your reality, you might be more careful in this respect.



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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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