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Who Are The Pleiadians and Where Do Pleiadians Come From?

Pleiadians come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and are
extra-terrestrials that most resemble humans. Pleiadians were first
contacted 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien named Samjese. Billie
Meier's contact with this Pleiadian woman resulted in a worldwide
phenomenon to uncover more information about who these Pleiadians were
and where they came from.

Today, we know more information about their origins and their home planet.
Through various contacts (with Pleiadians and other alien races) alien
enthusiasts know how Pleiadians look, where they are from, and what their
past interaction with humans signifies to our race as we begin our
development ages into the spiritual world so we may find our way through the

higher planes of celestial wisdom and join the Arcturians & Pleiadians.
Humans are said to share common physical traits with Pleiadians which can
be traced back to both the Pleiadian and Human Ancestors from Lyra.

Pleiadians' Origination
Because of savage wars, Lyrans were forced out into the mystery of
the galaxy. Soon, the Pleiadians found their new home in The
Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in
the Constellation of Taurus the Bull, which is 500 light years from the
planet Earth. Since the wars on Lyra, Pleiadians remain on Erra
seeking the ways taught by their friends, the Arcturians. There are
seven stars in the Pleiades Cluster, which are: 1)Taygeta 2) Maya 3)
Coela 4) Atlas 5) Merope 6)Electra 7) Alcoyne. The Pleiadians are a
very ancient race of humanoids. They discovered Earth many years
ago (225,000 B.C.) and have played a large role in our ancient
evolution, but have remained silent watchers of our planet since their
departure in 10 A.D.

The Pleiadians currently hold chairs on the council which over see the
for the higher truths of the universe and remain a peaceful race of
extra-terrestrials. Although they have not reached the heights of their
friends, the Arcturians, they continue to develop the mental skills
necessary to eventually reach their goal; however, their state of mind
have allowed them to develop the ability to transition in and out of our
dimension. Some speculate that their entire civilization has moved
beyond our space and time and exists beyond our understanding.
Their main source of transportation is their intergalactic spaceships
which are also known as Beamships. These Beamships have a similar
look and feel to the Grey Alien UFOs which are commonly identified
during sightings. Since Billie Meier's contact with the Pleiadian woman,
many books and articles have surfaced to shed light on this race of
aliens that we seem to identify with very closely. As our trek takes us
into the teachings of higher spirituality, we find that many civilizations
outside our world have already mastered and understood the benefits
of becoming one with the Infinite Powers of the Universe.

If Pleiadians are humans, why are they in the Pleiades? There are many
subjects that intrigue and captivate, but nothing is more interesting than
knowing and understanding the history behind the galactic forces that shape
our galaxy today.

The Pleiadians today are a hybrid of the indigenous human population that
has always resided on the planets of the star constellation Pleiades and the

refugees that came from the planet Avalon. Avalon is the first known human
world that experienced a horrific destruction at the hands of the Reptilians

and the Greys. A galactic war broke out in the far reaches of our galaxy
which led to the Reptilians completely destroying the Lyran home planet
Avalon. From there, the inhabitants set out to seek safe refuge on distant
planets far from the controlling grasps of the Reptilians. While seeking a
passage, the Lyrans encountered one of the most powerful races known to
our Universe, the Arcturians. Since then, the Galactic Federation was
to ensure that complete destruction of planets was not allowed and allow for
a balance of power in a galaxy controlled by the "evil" Reptilians and
The majority of Lyrans (Avalon inhabitants) sought refuge on the planet
Erra found in the Pleiades constellation. There, Lyrans would advance in
ways taught to them by the Arcturians and become the race we know today
as the Pleiadians. Some Pleiadians found themselves here on Earth and
decided to settle with the ancient cultures of the past. This is why some
Earthlings feel a strong calling and a deep connection to outer space
(Lightworkers / Starseeds). Essentially, the Pleiadians are a race of
humans that have been disconnected from their home planet Avalon but
have now undergone an enormous calling to reach the higher planes of
spirituality and fight the "evil" agenda of other races through the positive

powers of the Universe. Today, there is no account for the Avalon home
planet and its location, but has been rumored to have been abandoned for
millions and millions of years now. Because of past history, Pleiadians
struggle with the hardship of emotional distress and anger towards other
races that seek to conquer less advance planets. This presents a massive
hurdle for Pleiadians because of their desire to seek the way of the
Lightworker. Pleiadians today, possess advance technology that allow them to
protect their new planet Erra from the Reptilians (as well as galactic peace
agreements arranged through the Galactic Federation) and also offer a
protective shield of battle space cruisers for the defence of planet Earth
in the event of another Galactic war.


The Pleiadian Council was formed approximately 200,000 years after the first
Great Galactic War. The aftermath of the Galactic war in the Lyra system
sent the humanoid Lyraen civilization throughout the galaxy. Historically,
event has been the most dramatic and desperate time for humanity to date.
Many of the Lyraen refugees made their way to the Pleiadies star cluster, a
The Pleiadies Star cluster contains over 1000 stars and spans 8 light years
across. The Lyraen refugees used large transport ships to depart to the
Pleiadies systems, beyond their equipment they had very little left after
war. The planet Erra, which orbits the star system of the star Taygeta, was
currently inhabited but extremely remote and had a very small and slightly
primitive population. There are many other planets in the Pleiadies Star
Cluster, however most are uninhabitable (Taygeta has 10 planets orbiting the

star). Other refugees went to the lesser planets in the Pleiadies known to
as Semjase, Ptaah, and Quetzal.

After a period of over 200,000 years the Pleiadian civilization began to
flourish. Not only were the four main planets of Erra, Semjase, Ptaah, and
Quetzal thriving, but Pleiadians were beginning to explore and terraform
other planets in the Pleiadies star cluster and beyond. At this time the
Pleiadians formed the Pleiadian Council of Light (also known as the High
Council, locally).

The Pleiadians Light Council provides Spiritual, Tactical, and Governmental
guidance to the Pleiadians. The Council consists of 12 members per
division with 12 divisions in total creating a total of 144 elected High
Members. There is hierarchy among the divisions with the Grand Council
of Light being headed on the planet Erra.

The Council performs many different tasks overseeing the entirety of
Pleiadian relations with the rest of the Galaxy. The Pleiadians Light
is an essential member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and has a
enormous impact on the decisions made for the galactic whole.


Like the Arcturians, the Pleiadians are continually seeking the ways of the
"light" and finding ways to accomplish the heights of ascension to become
with the forces of the Universe. Because Pleiadians are physically similar
humans, we have taken light to the fact that they are able to relate to us
many ways, and therefore, teach us through their practices. One of the
Pleiadians most accomplished methods of discovering truth is by becoming a
Lightworker and bring forth into reality that which we know to be true love

A Lightworker can be defined as anyone involved in working with the energy
of Light and Love. Lightworkers use this energy for personal healing,
transformation, planetary healing, and advancement of consciousness and
awareness. Lightworkers transcend the ego self and work to help
others and bring happiness and joy to the lives of others. Many ask what
one must do to become a Lightworker? Anyone can become a Lightworker.
A Lightworker is simply one who has recognized the energy of Light and
Love within and how it relates to the greater whole. When this recognition
is self evident one truly may understand what it is to be a Lightworker.
However, there are differences between Lightworkers, like Pleiadian, Sirian
and/or Arcturian Lightworkers.

When the great extra terrestrial races of the universe decided to be a part
of the incarnation soul cycle on the Earth, they became what we know as a
Starseeds. Starseeds have come from all around the galaxy to assist
humanity with its development of consciousness and spiritual advancement.
These Starseeds did not necessarily come down in a space craft to live
among us, but rather incarnated through a birth cycle into the human race
on earth in order to perform their mission.
Pleiadian Starseeds (and other races) are individuals that have been able to
recognize past lives (or future lives, the
spiritual realm is nonlinear) as a part of the Pleiadian race and feel a
strong connection to this former home. These
Starseeds may incorporate more than one incarnation and life on Earth.

What is the mission of Starseed Lightworkers?

The magnificent advanced civilizations have been around much longer then
humanity on Earth. As we enter the Age of
Aquarius there has been an increase in Starseeds and Lightworkers here on
Earth. The mission is to take our race on
Earth into the next level of spiritual development. Becoming a Lightworker
is one method of seeking such development.

Star Stuff?
According to Physics the actual chemical compounds of a human body are made
up of "star stuff." Our material bodies are made mostly of Hydrogen and some

Helium. When a Star fuses together Hydrogen and Helium the heavier elements
are created. The heavier elements are dispersed throughout the galaxy by
supernova explosions which later gathered to form our planets and other
heavenly bodies. Therefore from a material standpoint all of us have
essential came
from the material produced by stars. The Spirit, however, is what gives form
to stars and seeks expression in the physical form.


Sensual & Sexual Energy | Pleiadians
Discovering the everlasting...

Who Are The Pleiadians
Pleiadian Aliens, who are they and
where do they come from?

Pleiadians are very common to humans in physical aspects and in our
ability to feel emotion and express emotion; however, Pleiadians have long
taught their kin about the powers that every Pleiadian possess through the
practice of Sex Cultivation. For those who are not familiar with the term
transmutation, Pleiadians believe it to be the power and ability to channel
their sexuality/sensuality into outlets that produce mental and spiritual
growth. What Pleiadians have been able to harness is the distinct
difference between their sexual expressions and their sensual emotions.
Sexuality is the Doing or Being expression (action), as opposed to,
Sensuality which is the inside feeling or personal feeling (emotion).

Pleiadians teach humans to truly seek the practice of Sex Cultivation to
better harness the mental and spiritual powers given to us by the Infinite
Intelligence. Their main focus is their discipline in their sexual
toward one another, so much so, that they are able to experience complete
and whole sexual interactions, which in turn, make Pleiadians feel secure -
in themselves and in their sexual expressions. Because of this disciplined
approach to sexuality, they are given the personal growth of sensuality.
This is why, if you were to meet a Pleiadian, you would feel the aura of a
great sensual being. In essence, whether we speak about sexuality or
sensuality, we see that Pleiadians allow sexuality to permeate every aspect
of their lives. Sensuality or sexuality to them is life; it's the complete
and full
channeling of that energy through their embodiment.

That philosophy is brought into their society by how they structure their
relationships on their home planet. Earth relationships take on a sense of
entitlement, however, Pleiadians allow for more fluid relationships between
partners. They understand that attachment is not in their best personal
interest because it allows for obstruction of personal growth beyond their
physical 3-dimensional body.
Therefore, the act of Sex Cultivation, allows for the energy to move and
transform, which translates into feeling
sensations which lead to life directions and respect. Pleiadians direct
energy thoughts concerning sensuality to increase
the rate of movement of energy and receive the inward benefits of more inner
peace, harmony, and personal pleasure.
Because of Sex Cultivation, Pleiadians also receive the outer visible
benefit of less aging signs (perfect beauty).

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