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Hello. Wanting to share this with you all and see what you think/feel.



Two weeks ago, I was prompted, in meditation, to go into the sun (first time ever). 

As I did, a violet light, outlined by aura and the sun was hues of bright orange, with streams of deep peach and gold . The next day, the sun was actually a deep orange-peach color (for 2-3 hours after sunrise...many people noticed and commented on it). 

The following day, the sun was more white than yellow. This was about 2 weeks ago.

Now the past 2 days have been even more different and speak to me (in the way nature does, you know), for about 2 hours after sunrise.

The sun is farther south now, than usual and the coloring is streaming a white, white light... In the early morning, it's color against a cloudless power blue sky, is such, that it makes the sky look grey.

 As the sun rises, moving westward, the sky looks "normal" , though the sun still holds a white hue; as if someone unplugged our sun and screwed in a light bulb.

Yesterday, during sun rise meditation, the experience was so intense. There was a feeling of missing the other energy, gratitude for the job this sun is doing and a deep feeling, yet to be identified.

Today, I sat with my back to the sun, feeling the heat energy and simultaneously communicating with this energy, that that I knew to be solar energy before and we were all connected. Waves of resonance rippled through me and there was a stellar communion occurring.


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Dear AyAnna,


I was immediately reminded of ELENIN and its influence when I came to this passage: The sun is farther south now, than usual and the coloring is streaming a white, white light... In the early morning, it's color against a cloudless power blue sky, is such, that it makes the sky look grey. 


I have not been researching this phenomenon much, but took some notes in my calender which tell me that on October 12th, FULL MOON, there is said to be an alignment of 'Earth, Elenin and the Sun and October 16th to 17th Elenin is closest to the Earth. Maybe we can find out when it is visible?


As for me, I have been noticing that the stars are calling my attention very much recently. Antares and Arcturus, Aldebaran and Sirius and the constellation of Orion - the summer triangle, Lyra, Cyngus and Aguila, ... I am still looking for Andromada - lol!


I will try out what you describe with communicating with the sun with by BACK turned to it ... it reminds me of an experience I have had ...


Love and LIGHT and THANKS for sharing,


Sonja Myriel


Hi Sonja. Thank you, so much...helps to share. Tonight, when drawn outside, could feel communication, trying to come through.


After a while, began to feel/hear a hum and began toning it, far beneath my usual octaves of toning capability. Elohim~Ray 2...  Sounded like the tool used by tribal aborigines in the outback (can;t recall the name rt now). 


Was led to this info and then remembered a mentioning of the Dogon tribe trying to re-create the sound, of their star returning...  Also connected to the Sekhmet post and videos you posted there.




Check this out:


The Dogon Tribe
Robert Temple’s ground-breaking book, “The Sirius Mystery”, looks in detail at the belief of the Dogon, an African tribe living in the Mali republic in the sub-Sahara, that Sirius is a binary star system.  This information is impossible to obtain without using modern telescopes.  Not only that, but the figure of 50 years that they allegedly claim for the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A is absolutely accurate. The Dogon claim that this ‘sacred knowledge’ was given them by a race of god-like extra-terrestrials that came to earth from the Sirius system itself.


Robert Temple

Temple’s treatment of this material is thorough, and he draws upon a wealth of ancient mythology to show corroborating data throughout the ancient world (1).  However, other scholars doubt the claims of the Dogon.  They argue that the Dogon were fed this information when contact was first made with Westerners (2).  As such, Temple’s scholarly work has been side-lined by the scientific establishment, unfairly in my opinion.

A lot is made of the elliptical symbolism used by the Dogon to describe their sacred tertiary star system.  They clearly identify this system as Sirius.  Let us suppose that they have a long religious tradition, dating back to their Egyptian roots, then imparted through Greek migratory patterns.  This tradition did indeed describe Sirius and this elliptical binary star system, but the Dogon were already separated from mainstream civilisation during the period we are interested in, namely the 1st century AD.  They, like the Middle Eastern world, watched the heliacal setting and rising of Sirius each year, in the hope of seeing the appearance of the binary dark star, Nibiru.  During the first century AD, it appeared, as promised.

They watched the red star appear near Sirius, and possibly watched some of its motion through the constellation of Canis Major.  The perihelion passage was marred visually for the Dogon, just as it was for the Romans, Egyptians and Mesopotamians.  The sense of the motion having occurred around the Sun was thus lost.  It is easy to see how the Dogon would attribute the star’s appearance to Sirius the Sirius system itself: the red star appears near Sirius, moves across it and disappears.  To the Dogon, the ‘Nommo star’ must have appeared to move along its elliptical orbit, brightening whilst coming towards us, and than receding back to Sirius. The tradition of the Sirius system as being the home of the gods would have been visibly played out in the heavens for the Dogon observers.

A piercing bright red star appeared near Sirius in 25AD and the seemed to move around it before again disappearing.  The Dogon, disconnected from the rest of the civilised world, interpreted this star as that of the Nommo, and thus believed that they had seen the invisible companion of Sirius appear in the sky.

In her review of Temple’s material, d’Arc summarises aspects of his research that finds relevance to this argument: 
“The Dogon are aware that “an infinite number of stars and spiralling worlds exist” and that all types of creatures live on other “Earths”.  In addition, they say that the Nommo, the people who come to Earth in their spaceships, will come back again when their ‘star’ appears in the heavens as “testament to the Nommo’s resurrection”.  (3)

The Dogon also say that the third star in the system will appear to us, a star that may actually turn out to be a brown dwarf.  This faint, red star could not hope to ever be seen from the Earth, however.  So did the Dogon seen Nibiru and thought that they were seeing the ‘star of the Nommo’?  Is this inconsistent with their knowledge of the Sirius system, or does this explain further pieces of the puzzle?

What is stunning about this Dogon oral tradition is how it was not stamped out by the various xenophobic purges of the following 2000 years.  It retains the knowledge of an elliptical, binary star system, with the lesser star being tiny, but heavy, as is the white dwarf Sirius B.  It includes slightly confusing information about a third tiny ‘star’, which the Dogon say will appear in our skies.  The appearance of the Nommo’s star is connected with a return to the Earth of the ‘monitor of the Universe’, which is very similar to the idea of the Nefilim, or Watchers.  The problem is that the Dogon claim that the Nommo originate from the Sirius system, yet appear on the Earth with a visible star in the sky.  Temple has quite reasonably interpreted this as a spaceship appearing from Sirius.

But there is another possibility.

Sol’s passage through the Orion Molecular Cloud

Our Sun is moving in the direction of the Solar Apex, an area of the sky near the bright northern star Vega.  The stars in the Sun’s vicinity circle the galactic core, as does the Sun, in an undulating motion similar to a carousel horse.  But the current direction of the Sun is a little ‘peculiar’, as discussed by Graham Hancock in ‘The Mars Mystery’: 
“Superimposed on the Sun’s predominantly circular (albeit up-and-down) trajectory about the galactic nucleus there is also what astronomers refer to as the ‘peculiar’ solar velocity: 
 ‘This direction…lies…roughly halfway between the bright stars Vega and Ras Alhaque, almost exactly opposite the molecular clouds in Orion.’”  (4)

The angle of direction with respect to the galactic plane is 30 degrees.  There’s that figure again, so important to the Egyptians (the angle of latitude of the necropolis at Giza) and the Sumerians (the Way of Anu).  Hancock continues: 
“Moreover, this place in the galaxy towards which the Sun is vectored is located opposite the molecular clouds of the Orion nebula…Lying in a region of space through which the Sun and the Earth are estimated to have passed roughly 5 to 10 million years ago, it forms the feature of the Orion constellation, beneath the belt stars…which the ancient Egyptians saw as the phallus of Osiris, the god of rebirth.”   (4)

This area of the sky also takes in Sirius and the Pleiades, the star cluster known as the Seven Sisters. Robert Temple has identified Sirius as the place of origin of the Nommo, and the Pleiades is recognised as a source of intergalactic travellers by modern Ufological lore, despite the relative youth of these stars.  This seems to be an important area of the sky as far as extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet are concerned.

Intriguingly, in Hope’s review of Temple’s theory she notes that the Dogon believe that their Siriun benefactors will one day return, and that their ‘star’ will again appear in the sky: 
“It is not surprising to find the same belief among Dogon tradition – that their Siriun visitors will one day return – a ‘certain star’ will once more appear in the sky and will be a testament to the Nommo’s resurrection.”  (5)

Temple and Hope consider the Dogon drawings of the Nommo vessel, in the form of a luminous circle, to be a spacecraft descending in a whirling pattern to Earth.  But an alternative interpretation is that these pictures actually represent Nibiru as it appeared to the Dogon, and everyone else, roughly 2000 years ago.  This would tie in better with Hope’s reference to a ‘certain star’ appearing in the sky, especially when taken in the context of the Nommo resurrection.  This train of thought may indicate a connection between the Anunnaki of the Nibiru system and the Oannes of the Sirius system.  Is it possible that the Anunnaki originate from the latter, before colonising the former?  In other words, the Anunnaki were originally space-farers from Sirius before settling the Nibiru system, and thence onto Earth. Could this explain the bizarre astronomical data contained within the enigmatic mediaeval Voynich Manuscript? (6,7)   This might go a long way towards explaining the confused muddle that these ancient myths represent. 

Close-up of the orbital trajectory, a celestial reference that mystifies those who have tried to decipher the Voynich Manuscript's code. 

This page from the Voynich Manuscript seems to portray an orbital trajectory between a cluster of 7 small stars and the Sun.  Are these the Pleiades, or a Dark Star reference, similar to the Talisman of Orpheus?

The above cylinder seal also comtains the same 7 stars imagery with the upturned crescent, in the context of the Nommo/Oannes figure, and the Age of  Pisces! Does this signify the future return of Nibiru and its moons during the time of Christ?


Now that's interesting!


So, Nibiru should be visible near Sirius / Orion?! ...


I have posted your comment now in a discussion on Sirius and the Dogon ... I guess I will have to watch the stars in the early morning hours in one of these days!


... I have also checked out the Sekhmet post ... everything will be falling in place when we are READY for it!


Love and LIGHT and joyous toning and meditations :-)


Sonja Myriel



This is the Hum, I heard, from stars (or Venus, perhaps) on early morning of 10/6/2011~Awesome!!!!


Thank you Sonja~


Ah - yes! And through toning we are going into RESONANCE with these  natural sounds and vibrations, right? I knew this - but your post has made it oh so clear again to me :-) THANK YOU, dearest si-STAR :-)


Sonja Myriel






Thank you Sonja, for your energetic resonance and natural attunements~


Looking at the circle above, there are waves (look like heat, but energy) flowing from it, in circular patterns~


Thank you for this and the fabulous new group~


you are Light, embodied beauty :-)




You are welcome - and thank YOU :-)


I have actually done this -sitting in the sun with my BACK turned to it :-)))


YES - it's interesting ... should be repeated more often - lol!


Sending you a loving si-star's hug and kisses :-))


Sonja MYriel



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