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Fourth Entry



Hello, I am the one who Bob came to assist. I could see him coming towards me, but just as he reached out to take my hand, he disappeared. Actually, he stayed where he was, and I disappeared from his reality. Then I got busy, or lazy, or fell into my ego. Whatever happened, that moment ended and I could not return for quite awhile. With a date like 1.2.12, I think it is a good time to try going to New Earth again.


Of course, the correct word is not "going," as New Earth is not a place. New Earth is a frequency. Therefore, to experience New Earth, I have to calibrate my consciousness to that frequency. Achieving the calibration is not too difficult, but maintaining that resonance while my mind says, "This is impossible. I can't just go to New Earth by changing my consciousness." Then, of course, the doubts lower my consciousness, and I have yet another failed attempt. Not that I have made too many attempts. I have been "busy" doing other really important things!!! How could any thing be more important than experiencing New Earth?


I think that that is a question that I must answer with complete honesty. So here goes, complete honesty... How could anything be more important than experiencing New Earth? To be totally honest, I will have to allow this question to settle into my heart and mind for there is no easy answer. I guess I can begin with the first thing that comes into my mind, which is, "I am not quite ready. I feel as if there is more that I need to do in this reality. I guess I want to experience this year of 2012 and see how it goes. I have waited and planned for decades, for this "time" and awaited planetary ascension for myriad lifetimes.


Therefore, since I have waited this long, I can wait a bit longer. I don't want to miss anything. I want to experience the conclusion of the "movie" from a front row seat. Will NESARA actually happen? If so, how will it feel to be FREE of all debt for the rest of reality? Will the Galactics actually land? If so, how will our world respond? Can I really experience my reality on the Starship as clearly as I experience the one who is writing this entry? I don't want to go to the back of the book and read the ending. I want to experience every word, every day, every event with my mind clear and my heart open.


Or, maybe I am making excuses because I don't want to leave my people, my home and my ocean. Am I afraid? I must ask myself this. No, I don't feel at all afraid now. However, if a Starship lands in my front yard, will I be afraid, or will I be joyous. I want to wait and see. I want to experience the fulfillment of what I have spent my life dreaming of. I have to think some more, as the real answers to my question are very deep. Be back later.



While I was away I remembered that I was thinking in a third dimensional manner. I was thinking as though I could only have one reality at a time. In fact, I was thinking as though time, as I know it here, is in every dimension. I know that that is not true, but the habit of my third dimensional thinking was triggered by my emotions of thinking that I had to make a choice and "give up" something to get something. In other words, I was thinking from my time-bound ego and not from my timeless, Multidimensional SELF.


I can see that third dimensional habits are not easily released. What other third dimensional habits will I need to release to be able to consciously experience New Earth? I know, also, my mundane mind will not be able to answer that question. I, also, know that my Multidimensional Mind can instantly give me the answer. Therefore, all I need to do is call upon my Multidimensional SELF.


Until now, I would channel the information by asking the ONE to connect me with Higher Dimensional Beings. I have come to the place where I know that many of those Beings are a component of my SELF. I also realize that those Higher Beings are also a component of everyone who holds a form on 3D Earth. I am endeavoring to find a way to perceive my "Guides," such as the Arcturians, not as Beings above me but as Beings inside of me. I have been trying to release the polarized awareness of thinking in terms of sequential realities aligned in a hierarchical fashion, with my self in the lowest realm.


I know that my true Being is Multidimensional and resonates beyond the third dimensional illusions of time, separation and limitation. Therefore, instead of channeling a Guide, I am endeavoring to expand my consciousness to encompass the expressions of my SELF that resonate to a higher frequency of reality. I will begin by calling upon the ME that resonates to New Earth. I know that this exercise can be more difficult than I think. I am asking my time-bound ego to merge with an expression of my SELF that it can only conceive of as being "from my past and before I incarnated" or "in my future and after I ascend."


Therefore, I ask my third dimensional mind to please take a rest. I am thankful for my 3D brain as it got me this far. It will not become obsolete because I AM a multidimensional Being, and I intend to keep a physical expression for as long as necessary. I don't really know what that statement means, but I am willing to adjust to living in the unknown. I think I can do that because I have a feeling that the unknown will be joyful and filled with love. In fact, the present is pretty good too. I know, also, that I can let go of a lot of aspects of my physical life, in fact, I already have.


Now, I am ready to converse with a higher expression of my self. I allow my heart and mind to open to commune with the Flow of the higher expressions of my SELF...


"Hello, I AM the ONE who resonates to New Earth. I know, and remember when, I/you/we were in the timeline of the last year before transition into New Earth. It is not that that event has already occurred and you missed it. That event occurred beyond time, so you, our time-bound ego, is having difficulty understanding that concept. To differentiate which of us is speaking, I will be called 5D SELF and you will be Grounded One. Is that acceptable to you?"


"Yes, 5D SELF, my sequentially thinking brain appreciates that. Also, these names do not include the hierarchical lower and higher definition. I wonder if you can tell me about making the transition from physical Earth to New-Earth? Is the transition different with every telling, or is there a constant within this process?"


"Yes there is a constant process, which intermingles and flows freely into and out of the many versions of New Earth and physical Earth. There is no sequence, and the best word in your vocabulary to explain this process is "practice." When you first learn a new language you need to practice speaking it if you wish to retain your new skill. When you first have experiences of New Earth, please practice returning to us again. It is not important that you replicate your former visit.


You are no longer the person that you were when you first visited New Earth, as your entire biochemistry and neural circuitry changes every time you calibrate your consciousness to that frequency of reality. When you experience even a brief moment in this frequency, you create a great change within your entire Being. Change and creation, which have the same meaning to us, do not travel through time, but Flow within the ONE.


When any member of your frequency of reality maintains calibration with our world, even for a few of your seconds, a ripple of creative change moves through your entire world. You see, while you are opening a Portal into our frequency of reality, you are also opening a Portal through which we can send quantum bursts of our resonance into your reality. We often send energy into your reality. However, because of the Law of Free Will, when a member of your reality opens a Portal into our world, we can respond by sending a massive burst of higher frequency energy into your frequency.


This burst of multidimensional light and unconditional love ripples through all third dimensional worlds. Still, many of our grounded ones will be able to experience only the fourth dimensional octaves of our energy gift. Fortunately, many of you are accustomed to perceiving the fourth dimension because that is the frequency of your dreams. Hence, even though you may not be aware of what a huge impact your brief venture into New Earth created while in your waking life, you are beginning to understand what is occurring via your dreams.


Please continue to practice visiting us. We are here and clearly see you even if you do not see us. Meditate as often as you can to continually expand you consciousness. Your meditations will also assist you to download and activate your multidimensional thinking. We can perceive that many of our ascending ones are having dreams that are guiding them into their ascension process. These fourth dimensional experiences of your dream body are greatly assisting you to release you addiction to time. In fact, an entire lifetime in the fourth dimension could fit inside of one dream. Furthermore, countless versions of infinite realities easily fit into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.


Your great adventure is beginning. Have fun.



Fifth Entry

Fifth Dimensional Touch


The last two nights I have been saying before I go to sleep, "I want to go to New Earth tonight and remember my experience." I did not remember my experiences when I woke up, but during the next day I found new concepts in my mind that were not there before. For example, yesterday while I was talking with someone about wanting to have a physical feeling of New Earth, I realized that that would not be possible. Again, I was thinking third dimensionally about how we experience life in our physical world, but the experience of life in a reality based on separation and density would be very different from the experience of reality based on unity and a high-frequency Flow.


I suddenly realized that touch in the fifth dimension would be very different. For example, when we touch something here, our separate, physical hand meets a separate person, animal, plant or object. Therefore, when we have the experience of touching an object, we feel only the surface of that object. Or, if we touch another person or animal we feel only the surface of that being. However, in the fifth dimension we are not separate. We all extend our auras beyond the form that we are currently using. Furthermore, every "thing" is created with our thoughts and emotions and carries these thoughts and emotions as well as the experience of any interaction it had with any life forms.


Consequently, there are not two clearly defined surfaces that interact via physical touch. Instead, there are two auras that merge because an aura does not have a surface. An aura has an emanation that expands and contracts. Hence, our experience of touch is not surface against surface but an emanation merging into an emanation. In fact, all of New Earth and beyond is emanations merging and interacting within the Flow of multiple possibilities. These possibilities that shift and change with our every thought and emotion. Also, in the fifth dimension and beyond the polarities of fear/love, you/me, good/bad, etc., do not exist. Most important, our ego "shell" no longer exists to create and perceive these polarities.


Without the third dimensional thinking of our ego, the cumbersome nature of a hierarchical system based on separation, comparison, competition and desire for what we "don't have" no longer exists. These limiting concepts are replaced with, and healed by, our Multidimensional SELF. Long ago in "time" our Multidimensional SELF extended a component of its stream of life down the frequency spectrum and into the third dimension. Now our SELF is pulling this stream of life back into its higher expressions.


When life is felt aura-to-aura there is no sense of separation. Hence, there is no comparison, competition or desire. Instead, there is unity, cooperation and fulfillment of unified purpose. That which was once felt as desire is replaced by the Flow of the unconditional love, which guides us as we share our experiences of an ever-expanding concept of reality. This Flow resonates beyond the limitations of time, but cannot be accessed while we are living within the limited concepts of third dimensional thinking. Fortunately, the multidimensional light which increasingly Flows into our Being turns-on the forgotten 97% of our DNA. Hence, this higher frequency light activates our innate, multidimensional systems of consciousness, cognition, emotion and perception.


When I went into meditation this morning, I had the perception of "Bob" extending his hand to me. The meditation stopped there for some reason. I suppose it was because I needed to back up a minute in order to go forward. By that I mean that I had to fully understand what was happening before I could proceed further. Yes, I know that is third dimensional thinking again, but at least I am catching myself in the act of 3D thinking more often now. That is what we all need to do in order to dislodge the HABIT of being our ego in a physical body.


With my ego disengaged, I now confront the illusion that it is impossible for me to experience a reality by simply writing about it. However, as I write, I see. I see the world that is inside of me, and I can temporarily release my attachment to the world that appears to be outside of me. I close my eyes a moment to remember the vision I had during my meditation and extend my hand to touch Bob's outreached hand. Yes, sure enough, I experience this touch via my imagination, for my 3D body is merely a bystander. However, as Bob and I touch, I feel a warmth that flows from his hand into my hand. In fact, this warmth is flowing from his heart into my heart.


I hear my third dimensional mind wanting to doubt this experience, but I push it aside by reminding it to stay in charge of typing. Given its own assignment, ego is temporarily silenced, and I proceed with typing my inner experience. I feel Bob actually pull me up, which I know is a metaphor, but my brain needs to make sense of this experience in some way. This "pulling" is much more an energetic experience than a physical one. I am still addicted to the concept of a higher-frequency being UP instead of IN, but I will "practice" getting used to a new way of thinking.


I am now in New Earth. My experience feels like being IN New Earth rather than ON New Earth, which is unexpected. I don't really see a ground or a sky or, even Bob. I just feel like I am IN a different reality. However, I am totally aware of my grounded self who is typing. I feel my separate fingers as they touch the separate keys and the slight resistance of each key as I touch it. Simultaneously, I am inside my imagination being in New Earth. I am reminded of how I experienced life like this very often when I was a child-before I knew better. I usually had two realities running, the one outside of me that was NOT safe and the one inside where my Guides were always with me.


I guess I never totally grew up-thank Goddess! I take a moment and thank my child for forgetting to forget her inner life, then return to my experience. I say experience rather than vision, for I know that it is REAL. I know that if I could remember to carry this experience with me through my mundane life, I would be calm and peaceful. At the same time, I know that I will forget what I am experiencing. Maybe that is why I like to write it down. Then I can go back to it when I forget. So, I go back to it right now. I turn my mind around to see inside, and turn my heart around to FEEL inside.


I am in New Earth again and taking some long exhales to expand my consciousness enough to activate my multidimensional perceptions. As I do so, I feel the kundalini rush up my spine, opening my Third Eye. I blink it several times to calibrate my perceptions to the higher-dimensional reality. When I do so I feel the kundalini move down through my body and into the earth reminding me to share my experience with Gaia. I feel the body of Gaia inside of me and recognize Her consciousness as she "holds my hand" in support and camaraderie.


I have to stretch my imagination to embrace holding hands with a planet, but again I remember that Light Language is based on pictures, feelings and metaphors. With Gaia in the picture, Bob appears again with a huge smile on his face. He is speaking to me telepathically, so I have to take a moment to translate before I can write it down. The 3D fingers connect to the 3D brain, so I have to translate the multidimensional Light Language into third dimensional English...


"Hello. I am Bob. Can you feel how touch is so different here? That is one of the first things I noticed HERE. I send that word to you in caps for everywhere is HERE in this reality. At this frequency of Earth, there is no time to create space and no space to create separation. We are all HERE NOW, and you are merged with the WE. I know it will take you awhile to remember how to be HERE on New Earth and, simultaneously, on Matrix Earth. So take some "time" to get accustomed to this reality. I can feel that your earth vessel is hungry, so give it some food and come back when you can.


The vision fades (good, I was tired) and I head for the kitchen.



Sixth Entry

We are ONE Here


I think it was yesterday that I saw the same opening door that I saw on 11-11-11. However, it was not possible to write my way through it, as writing focuses my attention and intention, but I held it in my mind. I moved into New Earth this morning, in my imagination, but then a family dilemma arose and yanked me back to the third dimension.


I see this situation as a reminder that our physical self needs to be continually cleared of the effluvia of the third dimension. We have had myriad lives in the physical plane and collected many fears, habits and sorrows. Fortunately, we no longer need to know exactly where these energies came from. All we need to do now is to identify these energies by their signature frequency, for example the signature frequency of sorrow, fear, anger, confusion etc., etc.


If we can breathe unconditional love into these energies, we can jar them from their hiding places and direct them back to the ONE. We can focus on the feeling, and rather than engaging in it, we can fill that energy with unconditional love and breathe it out of our earth vessel and Home to the higher dimensions. Then, the energy we have transformed with our unconditional love will create a trail of "bread crumbs" (like in Hansel and Gretel) to show us the way Home.


Fortunately, there is no wicked witch in this story, as we can refuse to participate in that which lowers our consciousness. Conversely, there are situations in which we must participate. Those situations, which are our Initiations, are the manifestations of issues that we chose to experience in order to remember who we are and why we are here. These initiations are our teachers and force us to see the unseen and hear the unheard. An initiation cannot be completed by our ego, thus forcing us to call upon a higher frequency expression of our SELF.


Once we have connected with this higher octave of our SELF, we can remember and rec-connect with the innate talents that have been lost during our long sojourn into duality. During an initiation, we are called upon to totally Surrender all control to our Higher SELF. Surrounded by the Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love of our true SELF, we can venture deep into our subconscious to recover, heal and release repressed fears and trauma to "lighten the load" for our return to Lightbody.


We are on the Path of Ascension. Hence, we are no longer victims! Therefore, whatever happens in our life is a manifestation and/or an initiation. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine which is which. Our initiations were agreed on before we took this earth vessel. However, we forgot to read all the fine print of that contract and often blame someone or something else when initiations arise.


After 11-11-11, I was told by the Arcturians that NOW we are 100% responsible for EVERY manifestation in our life. The key to accepting this huge responsibility is to unconditionally love, accept and forgive our self. Then, we can allow our wounded ego to release its issues to the surface of our consciousness to be healed. We must remember that we are not that wounded ego. We are beautiful, multidimensional beings that include the lowest resonance of our expression. This lowest resonance is our wounding. We earned that wounding by volunteering to enter Gaia to assist Her and to heal the many mistakes that humanity has made while living on Her Earth.


We are ALL within that humanity. We are the Human Family, and we are here to heal all that our Human Family has created. We are no longer separate individuals who can point the finger at "others." There are no others in the fifth dimension. Realizing that fact accelerates us into Unity Consciousness and opens our High Hearts to the energy field of Unconditional Love. Through the power of our Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love any progress into the higher dimensions that ANY of us experience, is felt by ALL.


With that said, I am ready to remember what Bob told me the last time we met. He said, "We, the citizens of this timeline of New Earth will stay in this resonance until enough of you from your timeline can hold this resonance. At that point, you will replace us, and we will move on, into higher frequencies of reality. The members of your timeline will then take our place as the helpers, educators and guides for the New Ones coming to New Earth. In this manner, there is always a welcoming committee for those who have newly returned to this threshold of fifth-dimensional Earth. Eventually, another wave of ascending ones will replace you, and you, too, will venture into higher expressions of reality.


"Please remember that there are infinite versions of reality. It is here on New Earth that you will be able to debrief your third dimensional experiences and fully remember your true, Multidimensional SELF. In order to assist others, you will need to access and use your multidimensional thinking, emoting, perceptions, communication and creativity. With these innate skills fully "online" you will be ready to explore realms of reality that are presently beyond your imagination. I give you my hand, so that you can extend your hand to others, as well.


"We are all connected in the HERE of this NOW for we are all ONE."



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