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Article & Info on No - v 10 Spiritual Heart Activation - New Moon Re-balancing - Finding Your Center After Turmoil



Selacia Article & Info on Nov 10 Spiritual Heart Activation


New Moon Re-balancing    

Finding Your Center After Turmoil    


by Selacia        


After weeks of hateful rhetoric and violence, today's new moon signals the opportunity for some fresh starts and re-balancing. The world is watching, after yesterday's US midterms, to see how America will respond to the wake-up call regarding the need  for an inclusive more heart-centered society. Record numbers of women winning election to Congress sends a message about big changes ahead. There is no quick fix for division, yet there is new hope for mending wounds and discovering how to bridge the huge divide. As America looks at itself - hopefully learning its lessons about divisiveness - it can rebuild and modernize its democratic model long admired around the world. Continue reading to understand what these things mean for you.


On a personal level, this past couple of years were likely difficult to process. These past several weeks have been like an intense roller coaster for all who are consciously awake to the turmoil unfolding in our world.  


Sensitives Feel This More 


Sensitives feel it more. When there is a tragedy with loss of life, or mean-spirited rhetoric designed to fuel hate, sensitives process this on a number of levels. Some processing is in the background outside awareness; other processing can be so palpable and unsettling that it keeps people up at night.   


For you as a divine changemaker - most likely having been alive during some previous historical revolutions - there can be energetic flashbacks from deep within your subconscious regarding tyranny, injustice, and loss of life. These memories are sitting there in the akashic records of your DNA. They are there because the DNA is an eternal akashic record of one's experiences.    


Even if you have been far away from recent disturbing events, your emotional and mental bodies experienced wounding as you processed things internally.  


All Human Hearts Are Connected 


You are part of the human family, after all, and with awakening all hearts become connected.         


Whatever personal issues you are facing, too, become amplified in such moments.

Keep that in mind as you go about your life. Do what you can to purposefully separate out in your mind your own issues from society's. Allow yourself to learn, too, from those times when your issues are mirrored back to you by what's happening in the world.  


For humanity to heal, each of us must heal. There is an energetic exchange going on all the time in the background. When I do 1-1 DNA healing for people globally and we clear something also held in the mass consciousness, there is a healing for humanity as a whole.  


Healing of Humanity's Heart 


Humanity's heart needs healing, as does yours. Wounds of the heart - which everyone has over time living on the Earth - reduce access to the enlightened spiritual heart. It is the spiritual heart we will focus on connecting with Saturday at the monthly global meditation. A mega heart healing and spiritual heart activation will be facilitated for all.  


What's Needed Now


What's needed now - from all of us - is a long-term and big-picture view of how we want to live together on the Earth. We must take into account the sustainability of the planet and the next generations. We didn't come now to simply take care of ourselves, then leave the planet in a dire condition for clean up by others. We are bigger than that.


When we witness things that divide us and stir hate, we have an obligation to speak up. In my upcoming 2019 Predictions eBook I'll be giving specific examples of what individuals can do to take back their power and create a loving world.  


Meanwhile, I suggest staying awake to what's unfolding around you and within your circles. Since radical changes take time, do your best to be mindful of the seemingly small incremental changes occurring. Decide which ones you feel are beneficial for where we are headed - then put your energy into helping them materialize.  


New Moon Tip 


New moon tip. Time to shift something in your life. Invite a fresh perspective on something current or insights about what is blocking you. Trust what you get and take action. Even one step of action towards your goal counts a lot at this moon.


If you are making intentions, consider adding to your list:

Transform self-judgement to self-acceptance.

Be open to seeing what's important for spiritual growth and success.

Embrace others as they are vs how they should be.

Put the love inside self into love-in-action in the world. 



Copyright 2018 by Selacia - a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.


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Spiritual Heart Activation Global Meditation - Nov 10

In these times of polarity and planetary changes, it's more important than ever that we access our high heart, the spiritual heart. Join me and The Council of 12 for our Nov 10 Spiritual Heart Activation global meditation. This is will be a potent time for healing the heart on both a personal and planetary level. Don't miss this meditation - registration below!   




Background on Meditation 


Spiritual Heart Activation meditation with Selacia and The Council of 12 to connect you with your high heart, the spiritual heart. Your enlightened heart knows how to love and how to receive love. It naturally connects you with compassion for yourself and others. It is not conditioned by the world. Held the week of an intense Scorpio New Moon triggering sensitivities, this is an opportunity to elevate your experiences with love and relating to current tumultuous events. By connecting with your spiritual heart, you can make a radical shift in how you relate to others and key loved ones. You also can connect with a heightened sense of purpose about being alive in these challenging times.    

Receive quantum energizing of your desired breakthroughs and healing of old issues preventing harmony in relationships. Connect with helpful insights about your life path, including key things to pay attention to now so you can thrive and experience joy. Have validations involving a key relationship, helping you to know what's needed for greater success.

Participate in a powerful planetary healing facilitated by Selacia and The Council of 12 - assisted by energetic forms of dolphins and whales. Using sacred sound, crystals, and essential oils, the process is designed to help you achieve breakthroughs, harmony with others, and more inner peace. This healing will focus on healing wounds within humanity as our world moves through unprecedented revolutionary shifting.

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Join us to: (1) have your spiritual heart activated (2) to receive potentially life changing insights from your spiritual heart (3) to have your own personal experience with a key spiritual guide who can help you progress on your path (4) to receive balancing and spiritual refueling for your next steps (5) to participate with others around the world during a powerful healing for the planet.

Attend live or with mp3 for an unforgettable experience with Selacia and The Council of 12 as they facilitate spiritual openings and deep clearings of stuck energy.     


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December 1 - Year End Meditation

January 12 - Eclipse Season Meditation

February 2 - Chinese New Year Meditation

March 16 - Equinox Meditation




for the Nov 10 Spiritual Heart Activation Meditation.





Mystic Journey Bookstore - Angels Across Time  


November 17 with Selacia * 7-9pm * Registrations In-Store  


Angels are part of your light team. Give them a more active role. Selacia will connect you with angels and messages helpful to your current life path.


Today's planetary energies are favorable for "angel talk," "angel reconnections," and becoming more familiar with your angel helpers. Some of them may have been around you for lifetimes! With energies like we have today, your natural intuitive gifts can come forward more easily - helping you to have tangible connections with these helpful beings.


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Because of the unusual times we live in, new angel guides may have come around you this year. You may not have names for them - perhaps just a sense that you have a new guide or two that helps you during a crossroads or key life change. Consider that at least some of your angels are like "old friends" - for they have been with you in other lifetimes and understand you well. If they are back around you now, this is no accident.


Selacia will help you connect with angels instrumental to your path of light.


This workshop is for you if you have ever felt a keen interest in angels or specific Archangels like Michael and Raphael. Most likely you have long time bonds with these angels, their guiding you over a series of past lives. Join us to discover more about your ancient connections with these celestial beings!  


Not in Los Angeles and interested in conneting more with your angel light team? contact Selacia for a 1-1 DNA session available from any location.   


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Below are some insights from Selacia's Predictions 2018 eBook - if you don't already have it, order now.   


If you have it and feel a need to renew your personal energy after our recent turmoil and division, read the section "7 Ways to Renew Your Personal Energy."  


Work with this renewal process regularly over the coming weeks and months.  


Use this to help balance after volatility in the outer world.

Use this when your personal life seems upside down.

Use this when you simply feel on overwhelm.

Use this when you have more questions than answers. 

Use this when you have insomnia.  

Use this to balance yourself before interacting with the world.  


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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