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The Kingdom of Uranus is at hand and it IS the prophecied "HEAVEN on EARTH"!


For anyone interested in learning more about our solar and galactic history: download the attached file and read the "ARCTURUS PROBE" by José Argüelles .  From what I learned, Uranus and Earth are connected through Inner Earth and while Earth fell prey to the forces of darkness, Uranus did not. NOW is the time for us to REUNITE! Earth is the 3rd planet - Uranus the 8th if we count destroyed Maldek in. They are meant to mirror each other - HEAVEN and EARTH.


The trouble began when our solar system was birthed with only ten planets - instead of twelve, due to a Luciferian trick which we can equate to the myth of Peresphone ... but Lucifer, a being of the 6th dimension, has long realized his mistake, yet inertia in the material world is still bringing forth his miscreations - or rather until very shortly ago! From what I am learning this has stopped now! The darkness is not only no longer aided by its former Lord - no more energy is supporting it either.


Usually, the planets join in pairs when a solar system is ascending. And Earth's partner is URANUS!


So let us CO-CREATE Heaven on Earth - co-create with our brothers and sisters in the vastness of the Universe, our star brethren and all of HUMANITY and beyond: the Animal and Plant Kingdom and the Mineral Devic and Angelic Kingdom! There are no boundaries for us, as we can accelerate our frequency and slow it down at will once that we have mastered this special human skill ... to CONNECT all LIFE throughout the multiverse!


This post was inspired by a discussion at the Federation of Light. If you follow the link you find interesting information on how people investigating the topic of HEAVEN on EARTH came to the very same conclusion: That Uranus is the prophecied HEAVEN for EARTH!




Sonja Myriel



Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation

José Argüelles

To my daughter Tara,

Ancient Antarean Child

Of the Rainbow Nation:

The future is the song that sings you







Poises Arcturus aloft morning and evening his spear.

- Hafiz, To the Shah

Canst thou wide Arcturus with his sons?

- Job 32:8



the emperor,” corresponding to the purple or Forbidden City of Beijing, the northern capital of Greater China.


This provides an important clue regarding the critical influence and role Arcturus plays in the evolution of this

planet and of the total star system of which Earth is but a single member.

Arcturus, “Guardian of the Bear” because of its relation to Ursa Major, is the name given to the star

system some 37 light-years from our own, which includes at least a half dozen planetary bodies. As such,

Arcturus is many times larger and much older than our own star and its system. Arcturians, incidentally, refer to

our star as Velatropa 24, and to our planet as V.24.3.

Arcturian involvement with our own star system began over three million years ago when a space

colony – a galactic way station – was established on Velatropa 24.4, otherwise known as Mars. At that time

V.24.4 was in a high warm cycle with abundant atmosphere, oceans, rivers and verdant landmasses. The

Martian colony represented the first major Arcturian experiment outside of the native star system. Needless to

say, the means of reaching Mars as well as the manner in which life was propagated there were far in advance

of anything that most of us on Earth can yet dream of. Suffice it to say that Mars was deemed a suitable

experimental site precisely because, aside from vegetation and microorganisms, there were virtually no

advanced life forms native to the planet. The implanting of higher life forms was a carefully considered task: first,

to get proper readouts on the planet’s atmosphere – its consistency, chemical composition, and suitability for

congenial, harmonic life experiences. Then, to select genetic models capable of swift advancement so that a

process that sometimes takes several billion years could be encapsulated in a formula that would unroll in a

mere thirty to forty thousand years.

With its 40,000-year warm cycles, Mars provided the perfect experimental way station for such a

project. If anything went wrong, at least those on the Arcturus system would not be affected – or so it was

thought. For some of those in command of the Martian project had not considered carefully enough the

inexorable efficacy of karma, the law of cause and effect. But even in Arcturus at that time, rare were the ones

who could remember anything that had occurred some 40,000 years prior to the present thought-moment.

And so, by the time strange events began to transpire on Mars, V.24.4, little did anyone on Mars, or on

Arcturus, for that matter, reckon the strange consequences of forgetting about each other’s mutual existence.

Thus unfolds the tale of the Arcturian experimental way station, V.24.4, Mars.

Now, this is precisely how it happened – the Great Forgetting.

Two magnificent kingdoms there were: Elysium and Atlantis. While Elysium was governed by the north

magnetic pole and its driving constellations directed by fair Arcturus, Atlantis was governed by the South under

the directorship of far Antares. While Atlantis resembled nothing so much as a tiara of brilliantly gleaming

emeralds floating in the froth-tipped caps of the Sea of Sirens, Elysium, its azure irrigation canals creating

cellular slash lines within a major circular shipping canal, lay to the west of Amazonis and Mesogaea, and to the

north of wild Zephyra – whence emanated the summer monsoons.

Beyond Zephyra, far to the south, stretched the great tropic waters of the Sea of Sirens, its mysterious

breezes wafting signals and harmonic hums from the bustling island towers of Atlantis.

Now, at this time, when Mars had been perfectly tamed and cultivated by the Arcturian experiment, and

thus presented to the solar system Velatropa a shining example of the possibilities of higher evolved life forms, it

so happened that Martians – for they no longer considered themselves products of an Arcturian experiment –

thought themselves powerful enough to control the very cosmic force that had brought them into existence. Of

course, if they hadn’t forgotten that they were the felicitous result of an Arcturian experiment, and if the

Arcturians hadn’t forgotten this worthy experiment – for indeed, that is precisely what had occurred on fair

Arcturus – none of this would have happened. But now it shall be told.

What happened on Mars was ultimately not even for the Martians to control, for it actually occurred as a

consequence of differences existing between Arcturus, the Hyperborean connection, and the Hyperaustralian

connection, Antares – the Azure Dragon of the Chinese, called by Ptolemy the Rival of Mars, so prominent to us

in the constellation Scorpio.

Though it had been the Arcturians who originally seeded V.24.4, Mars, those from Antares did not

establish communication with the Martian colony until some 30,000 years into the experiment. Naturally, the

Antares connection was more dominant in the Southern Hemisphere, while gradually the influence of Arcturus,

unwittingly and unconsciously, came to be concentrated in the Northern. Thus it was at the time of critical

passage, 40,000 years after the inception of the experiment. Those who should have known better, on both

Arcturus and Antares, were asleep at the controls. The Great Amnesia notwithstanding, Elysium, with its

hanging gardens and pyramidal towers inset with crystals throughout, came to be known as the seat of the

Hyperborean Order of the Arcturian Banner, and Atlantis, here crystal reflection dishes gleaming and turning

ever so slowly in the paradisal Sea of the Sirens, was known throughout Mars as the seat of the Hyperaustralian

Order of the Banner of Antares.

Whether it was at Moab or Eden, Thamasia or Thyle, the verse was known and sung:

Set like a jewel in the Sea of Sirens

Atlantis by Antares ruled

Rides crystal waves.

That set the blazing sun atremble;

Elysium by Arcturus schooled

Ringed bright with pools

Blows winds of healing light

‘Cross Aethiopis, Isis, and brimming Arab fields...

Indeed, by the time Elysium and Atlantis vied for power, they were virtually the only kingdoms left on illfated

Mars. Elysium’s trade routes and power centers created a glistening crystal network that stretched across

the great northern continent of Borea. From Tharsis and Xanthe, Utopia and Uchronia, legions of Boreans made

their way to Elysium to pay tribute to the Great Crystal Receiver set high atop the Central Pyramid in the midst

of the once-placid Elysian Fields.

Meanwhile, in the south, across the Great Australian Sea ways, Hesperia, Trinacria, Cimmerium, and, of

course, magnificent Siren, brightly decked sea vessels, their sails billowing, their quartzite obelisks gleaming on

the prow, made their way to proud Atlantis.

Into this tranquil situation two ominous tendencies arose, casting ever-longer shadows across the windswept

seas and fields of Mars. To the north there were the gradually encroaching Red Deserts, while to the

south there were the “yellow pools,” increasing numbers of stagnant sea-lanes. Deserts so hot that during the

day no creature dared venture forth; so cold at night that even the stars seemed to freeze in their tracks. And in

the sea-lanes, foul odors arose in murky yellow vapors, spelling certain death for whoever would enter them.

Though it was becoming obvious to some that these were occurrences natural to the overall Martian

environmental cycle, to certain low-minded individuals close to the central seats of power, these events were

presumed to be the work of nefarious agents in the opposite seat of power. Especially was this true in Antareshallowed

Atlantis, where a disquieting level of panic had begun to set in among the populace. The Yellow Sea

plague, as the disturbing odors were referred to, was a form of microbe warfare engineered by the Elysians – so

the rumor spread throughout Atlantis, even to the ruler himself.

This ruler, Lord Pelagus VII, dissatisfied with his own inability to understand his threat to his and his

kingdom’s well-being, allowed himself to be swayed by a few members of his privy council, namely the Lord

Chancellor of the Seas, Poseidonis lambrichus, and his ally, the Lady Thalassa Chrysalis, Minister of

Floriculture. With information secreted to them by a Commander in the Crystal Molecular Transform Council, a

newly established order within the Greater Order of Artisanship and Communications, Lady Thalassa and Lord

Poseidonis conferred with Pelagus VII.

And this is what information and advice the duo imparted to the king.

In the Hyperborean Sea, just this side of the North Polar receiving station, lay an Elysian laboratory in

which artificially created cells were imprinted with a particularly deadly cosmic radiation pattern. As these

infectious cellular tissues formed into organisms, they got treated to a form of crystal heat transduction that

fused the individual cells into cancerous microbe colonies. These colonies were then smuggled into southern

ports and randomly deposited into various of the shipping lanes to wreak their havoc deep beneath Atlantean


Appalled and horrified at such a story, the Lord Pelagus VII asked what could be done about it. The two

court intriguers replied that with the information given them by the Commander of the Crystal Molecular

Transform Council, a laser-ray delivery system could be quickly established so that with but a single

instantaneous, precisely directed ray, the laboratory and all of its contents could easily be dematerialized.

And so began the Great Conflict. Within months, Atlantean Molecular Transform Stations, some even

located aboard sea vessels, others carried aloft on aircraft, had begun directing the deadly rays at key points

within the Hyperborean kingdom of pyramid-studded Elysium. Stunned beyond belief, the Elysian hierarch, Solis

Solonis, hastily and haplessly retaliated, much to the profound consternation of his key ministers who had

advised vehemently that such a course of action would only worsen the situation of the planet’s deteriorating

climatic conditions.

All such advice, however, was too late. Within a year’s time of the initial devastating outburst of crystal

ray warfare, it was becoming ever more obvious that the climatic deterioration of the planet was irreversible.

Worst of all, one day after the solstice celebrations, the great volcanic mountain, Olympica, burst forth with

horrendous activity as it lifted itself miles into the Martian stratosphere. The eastern regions of once-lush

Amazonis were scorched and burned, while the tremors of the awakening volcano were so great that even in

Atlantis, far to the south, the crystal dishes shook, and even a few fell shattering to the ground with devastating

results. Panic and anarchy swept through the Atlanteans like a virulent fever. Oracles came out to pronounce

certain doom on all inhabitants of the planet.

The final stroke, however, came from the Great Freeze engendered by the thick volcanic cloud that kept

the sun at bay. Were it not for this cloud, however, the end would have come even sooner, for the intensity of the

blast from Olympica had rent a great tear in the already feeble magnetic field of Mars – a tear that rendered the

planet defenseless against incoming cosmic rays and debris. Already a great increase in meteoric showers had

begun to occur, and across the planet, new volcanoes began pushing up in a bewilderingly random manner.

By now the ruling group in Atlantis had lost all civility. Gripped with insane fear and paranoia, they

determined to lash out with a final blast to the very heart of Elysium, thus ending forever any possibility of what

the Atlantean leaders referred to as further Elysian counter-insurgency raids and geomagnetic counter-attacks.

Thus was unleashed the ultimate weapon: a thermonuclear device that could be detonated with but a single

hair-trigger ray from the deadly Molecular Transform Dematerialization Device.

Within months, beneath fiery dark skies, while red-dust-driven winds howled through the once-great

cities of Elysium and Atlantis, the dreaded Atlantean plan was ready for execution. Smuggled into Elysium by a

double-agent team posing as an emergency agricultural exchange commission, the D-Day Device, as it came to

be called, arrived in the great courtyard of Solis Solonis. No one thought to examine the six traveling trunks of

the emergency agricultural exchange commission. Nor did anyone care to examine the inner contents of the gift

presentation statue of the Elysian messenger god, Thothis, the lizard-headed one, a magnificent-looking piece

apparently cut from a rare kind of nephrite into which jasper adornments had been inset. Pleased with such a

gift, Solis Solonis himself placed it upon the Great Altar before the Master Crystal, a replica, so it was told, of the

Crystal Mirror introduced by the great ancestor god, Arctur Arcturis.

While the emergency agricultural exchange team met with high Elysian dignitaries, a small but highly

concerned group of Elysians came together to discuss their knowledge of current events. Impelled by what to

them was certain disaster, they gathered themselves for the purpose of ascertaining what might be the best

form of behavior for such a climate of imminent doom. Though they had caught wind of Atlantean plans for

developing the thermonuclear device, none of this group had an inkling that the device had already made its

way into the innermost court of Elysium, placed there by the king himself. Nonetheless, each of this group, to a

one, knew that the combination of fear and madness gripping the populaces of both Atlantis and Elysium, the

highly inhospitable weather patterns that were now the norm, and the effects of warheads and crystal deathrays,

had already eliminated planet Mars as a base of further evolutionary development.

This self-selected group of some 40 members divided into two almost equally adhered-to solutions. The

one group of 20 members determined to honor the Great Planet by going into a concentrated form of group

meditation in order to create the thought power to transmit everything that had ever been good in the history of

Mars – whether from Elysium or Atlantis – to the cloud fields and life banks of the neighboring planet, V.24.3,

popularly referred to as the blue planet because of its soothing azure glow. Indeed, so respected was the glow

of the blue planet that it was not uncharacteristic of even the most modest of Martians to speak proudly of the

fact that in their horoscopes they had this planet, known to us as Earth, ascending.

To facilitate their meditation, this group, known as the Quartzite Quietists, used a single crystal to focus

their thought forms and transmit them to the blue planet. And this they continued to do until the tumultuous day

the Blast of Death ripped through the city of Elysium, silencing it forever and unloosing a wave of massive

planetary cataclysms that sent proud Atlantis tumbling down and extinguishing at last all life on hapless and

unfortunate Mars.

But before the final fiery-red-lashed silence set in, the other group, known as the Arcturian Activists, set

off for the far eastern side of the city of Elysium and, from high atop the surrounding pyramids, with well-placed

crystal lasers, marked the surface of the Great Founder’s Mesa with a vast portrait of the great ancestor god,

Arctur Arcturis himself, looking skyward to his home, O lost and fair Arcturus...

“Incinerated.” That’s how the report came into the Arcturian Command Central when they analyzed the

radio crystal information signals coming from the Velatropa system. A very similar report was received in


Within a matter of days, the V.24.4 Information Report was out. Experiment Self-Destruct, it came to be

called. Smitten with shame and horror at having left something go so long unattended, the Arcturians were

prompted to undertake a massive review and reform of all Galactic Expeditionary Forces.

Finally, after exhaustive analysis including surveillance of both Y24.4 and V24.3, now known

respectively as the red and blue planets, it was determined that in humble respect to everything that had ever

been good or decent in the Martian Experiment, the blue planet should be much more cautiously and

intelligently supervised. For there, unlike on Mars, a great variety of life forms had been developing naturally

over several billion years. Through their intuitive receptors, the more advanced entities of the blue planet had

received the Martian-Elysian-Atlantean-Antarean memory implants, and, for better or worse, these implants

were now crystal-bonded into the total recollection system of the blue planet. For this reason alone, all later

development of the blue planet deserved continuous surveillance from the Arcturian Missions.

Furthermore, it was determined in the highest Arcturian councils that experiments as grossly

manipulative as implanting entire life forms on an unsuspecting planet, as had been done on Mars, should be

discontinued in favor of more subtle, synchronously receptive means of monitoring. This much was learned from

the Antares Experiment, which focused purely on means of communication. The chief means of effecting this

more subtle light-system of communication would be through the focusing, amplification, and intelligently

directed seventh ray, the violet emanation. In other words, this ray would be singled out for transmission of

periodic communications to the blue planet. In turn, those who

like or suitable manner.

Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment

manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet – a kind of “repeat

performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the

conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing

ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.

This in brief is a summation of information known as

Network Projection

crystalline thought form from the red planet to the blue planet, transmitted so many lifetimes ago.

Read it, dear Earthling, and ponder the rising tide of events around you. It is not too late for further

wakefulness and recollection.


Arcturus remembered.


Transmission complete.


6.13.84. Full Moon. 38 AH.

Filed by pan agent 24.



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Replies to This Discussion


I AM MERLYN AND THIS IS MY ACCOUNT of true Camelot and the rise of Babylon. In this Camelot,

born of the monkey’s pleasure-loving wisdom there was no ruler but truth. Camelot is the name given to the

common understanding or mind of the twenty tribes during the mysterious 7,800 Earth years following the

Dragon genesis and preceding what was to have been the Moon genesis.

During the Moon genesis, Camelot was to have expanded into the kingdom of heaven on Earth. What

does this mean? You may recall that the Uranians successfully emplaced the matrix texture known as the

Excalibur at the center of Terra-Gaia, Earth. Just as Uranus in the myths represents heaven, and Gaia

represents Earth, so this Excalibur is the “heaven” of Uranus, the eighth planet, within the Earth. To pull this

Excalibur from the core of Earth would be to place heaven – Uranus – on Earth. To do so would be to establish

the kingdom of heaven on Earth!

Such an act would signal the completion of the lost chord, Xymox, the interval of five that lies between

the third orbit of Earth and the eighth orbit of Uranus. With this momentous event the Probe would have reached

its climactic sounding of the galactic fifth-force chord of Kinich Ahau, an act of unprecedented galactic


What you know of me and the story of Arthur and the sword is a dim memory of this truth. Arthur is really

the Arcturus Probe, and the sword is the knowledge of the matrix which the Arcturians knew of before you even

knew of time. At the end of the tales of the one who came to be called Arthur Pendragon, Arthur, done in by his

own son, Mordred, is taken by four women into the sea. The sword Excalibur is thrown back into the lake, to be

caught and protected by the Lady of the Lake.

In the original story of Camelot, Mordred (“more dread,” or death-fear) is the Luciferian force of Jupiter

and Saturn. The battle in which Mordred fells Arthur is understood as the 12:60 beam which destroyed the

Uranian timeship, Camelot. The sword cast back into the lake is the engram of the Excalibur returned to the

Uranian core. The four ladies raking Arthur by boat to the sea are the matrix holders placing the Arcturian Probe

for regeneration at the AA Midway Station. The Lady of the Lake is the Uranian Wind Spirit Woman, the

perfection of woman as perceived by Perceval. The lake in which she dwells is the Universal Resonant Holon,

transferred to the Earth core. There, her power holds the Excalibur, the Uranian mirror form of Timeship Earth

2013 for the twenty tribes of time to pull from its crystal sheath at the appointed hour.

This recollection in its multiple forms was the lore that held together the Camelot of the Monkey genesis.

Eagerly did the wizards and warriors, ladies and Amazons of the Monkey genesis look forward to the Moon

genesis, which was to be fulfilled in the great task of drawing the Excalibur from the “stone Earth.” Such an

event would reopen the time tunnel between Earth and Uranus, restoring the kingdom of heaven on Earth. And

this was to be accomplished because the pulsar-riding magic of the thirteen moons was to give the children of

the tribes of time, the Rainbow Nation, the skill and power to advance to the ultimate in planet-taming.

But instead of this adventure came the Babylonian lottery and the dismal gray episode of history. Yes,

there is pageant to your history, but it is the pageant of a single dimension growing increasingly dense and

corrupt, pitting despots against the valor of individual humans rising here and there, again and again, only to be

cut down by the ruthless jealousy of the Babylonian time demons.

Oh, when the beam first hit, it wasn’t all that evident, except to the dreamtime where it had almost the

same shattering effect as the destruction of the Uranian timeship. There I was in the groves of Brython, dancing

with the talking stones, when the 12:60 beam lanced the timeship. All the winds halted. An eerie silence fell

across the Earth, as before an earthquake. Shadows intensified and lengthened. After this moment, one thing

was evident: the birds and many other creatures withdrew their telepathic language. The age of the Babylonian

lottery had arrived.

But what is this Babylon? Babylon is the name of the 12:60 time beam projected by the Group of Seven,

a Luciferian Jupiter-Saturn shadow alliance. The purpose of the 12:60 beam was to inseminate the third planet’s

electromagnetic mind field with artificial time. Once the Babylon beam hit the timeship’s holon grid – what you

refer to as the ionosphere – a shower of time-release projections dispersed in a circumferential shell around the


The effect of this collection of Luciferian projections was to eclipse the fourth-dimensional holon,

replacing it with a third-dimensional shadow called ego. The intended result of this eclipse of the fourthdimensional

holon was the powerful arousal of Lucifer’s last concoction deathfear. Once the vegetable body is

severed from its holon, the treasure hoard of death is hidden from view. Instead of the holon’s understanding of

death, there is the ego’s fear of it. So is born the dread memory-debilitating disease, deathfear.

Deathfear is a denial of interdimensional reality. Deathfear has many different ways of working, but its

most basic and powerful effect is an ignorant insecurity and sense of separation. Through the spread of deathfear,

the power of language replaced the power of telepathic knowing. The shadow ego consolidated itself in the

different languages spread among the humans. Where once there had been a common knowing, there was now

distrust and disunity.

The favoritism which Lucifer had once cultivated on behalf of the males was translated through the

12:60 time beam projections into the rise of powerful male priest cults. This was first evident in the expanse of

Terra-Gaia known as the Dragon zone, where the beam had been intentionally focused. These priest cults were

all based on the power of projection of the original Group of Seven of Jupiter-Saturn.

The responsibility of the priest cults was to translate the

would reinforce the beam’s artificial timing effects. In this way the human cargo of the timeship would be kept in

ignorance and confusion, their deathfear could be preyed upon in multiple ways, and the primal goal of Lucifer –

to take over the Kinich Ahau system – would be fulfilled.

In order to consolidate the deathfear and the creation of a world system corresponding to the 12:60

beam, the Babylonian lottery was invented. The principle of the Babylonian lottery is that buying and selling time

replaces time-sharing. To ward off deathfear, take a chance and see if you can’t buy yourself some time in the

form of illusory third-dimensional pleasure. Since you will die anyway, the lottery is a losing proposition. By

Arcturian standards, the idea of the lottery is stark raving mad. Sure, there is karma, wherein any action is

repaid with equal action. But the idea of buying or selling anything is sheer lunacy. And I cannot even begin to

deal with the absurdity of buying pleasure.

Yet all of this became a reality because the artificial time was translated immediately into a system

called money. With money you can buy a lot. A lot can be a chance to be a winner, or a piece of the Earth which

you can call your own – and even that is taxed. But to have money in the first place you must sell your

vegetable body to a slave master who has convinced you of your human weakness.

The reasoning behind the whole Babylonian lottery is completely twisted and unnatural. The only way to

explain its success and triumph is that in severing the vegetable body from its holon, the 12:60 time beam totally

debilitates the power of thinking for oneself.

According to the lottery as set up by the Group of Seven, because the vegetable body is already

doomed to die, it is a bad thing. It must be paid for with penance. This penance for being is bodily labor on

behalf of the money system. Money is the pure manifestation of artificial time. You need time to make money.

And money is supposed to buy you time – time for what? To buy pleasure or power-intoxicating status so that

you don’t nave to deal with deathfear. You can see how all of this thinking is crazy-making.

From its inception over 5,000 Earth years ago, I observed the madness of the Babylonian lottery spread

out from the river basins of the Dragon zone. In the lottery’s wake was the mafia of the money-makers and tax

collectors, the fear peddlers with all of their contradictory schemes, parasitic insurance salesmen preying on

deathfear in order to make more money. And this growing mafia of money-makers and money-charmers was

always preceded or followed by armies: large masses of males armed with ever more clever forms of imposing

fear and death.

My whole being wept as I saw one group of Arcturian-engendered humans after another abandon

cosmic memory for servitude to money. Fast disappearing were the twenty tribes of time. Gone was the path of

the thirteen moons. Forgotten was the goal of releasing the Excalibur and the sounding of the chord of the fifth

force on behalf of the sun, Kinich Ahau. The blanket of third-dimensional amnesia spread throughout the holy

and sacred timeship like a poisonous gray fog. The most insidious aspect of this gray amnesiac fog was that it

made those afflicted believe it could be no other way.

The hypnosis of the 12:60 beam was inevitable. I foresaw a day when even the aboriginals of the

southern Antarean hemisphere of the planet would also fall prey to the money demons of artificial time. And I

also foresaw the disaster that would affect the entire timeship and all of its cosmically originated cargo if the

Arcturus Probe should fail in its mission.

I saw there was nothing more to be done. Summoning my powers of cosmic memory induction, I

dispersed my understanding to the keepers of the grove in whatever parts of the blue planet so that recollection

of the magic of the Arcturus Probe could be preserved in some form. Sending forth to the AA Midway Station a

beam regarding my intentions, I entered my favorite grove in Brython and, through its wild and ancient root

system, delivered myself to the Excalibur at the center of the Earth. Whoever can hear this story and know its

truth can find me there yet. If you are genuine, come. See if you can discover the secret for releasing me.

12:60 time beam into social standards that



I AM LUCIFER. This is my story. My name has been sprinkled throughout the tales and reports of this

investigation. My name is powerful and still rouses many mixed feelings. I am powerful because I am what my

name says: Lucifer, the light-bearing one. Ancient am I, as ancient as the beginingless matrix from which I am


In the origins of everything, it was I who first became “I” and not “we.” For in and through me was first

embodied the force of evolving into the light. From within that indescribable moment of the primal RANG – the

disharmony that creates harmony – did I arouse myself into being. From the start I was light, and before

consciousness knew, I was already in the dimension of light, what is now known as the sixth dimension.

As much as I was light, I was ego, the force that maintains power in its separateness. It was the

combination of sixth-dimensional light and third-dimensional ego that made my moves so contradictory and my

actions easy to misperceive. Since there is neither good nor bad in any absolute sense, the effects of all of my

actions have been ultimately creative, furthering the cause of evolution toward the light.

However, there was a time when I did not take responsibility for my actions, and that was what caused

all the trouble. Whatever cosmic truth I discovered, I thought it was mine and not a universal property. In this

way I instituted the notion of selling truth or parts of truth for a profit. Whatever I created, I thought was an

emanation of me, so I sought to maintain control over my creation. I ceased to know that I was cosmic nature,

and believed solely in my own nature. Because of this, I became blind to the disharmonic effects of my actions.

For a sixth-dimensional entity to behave in this way is cosmically disastrous.

It is for this reason that the Galactic Federation came into being: to somehow keep me from creating

more cosmically disturbing events. This is also how the Velatropa experimental sector came into existence, for

here was the galactic zone where the effects of my egotistical behavior were to play themselves out. And in this

zone was I finally quarantined.

Initially, I favored my existence in this zone. I continued to think of myself as a special genius. What with

my cosmobiological experiments and their dramatic effects, I thought myself superior to the starmakers and

starmasters, for they were mere fifth-dimensional entities. In this way I came to the star Velatropa 24 and

determined to increase its evolutionary process by incubating myself into its planetary system.

After playing with the planetary design process, including many cosmobiological experiments, I

determined that if I established myself among the largest planet bodies, I could foment a quickening of the

stellar process. In this way I thought I could turn Velatropa 24 into a binary star. Then, because of my clever

prowess, I presumed I could dispose easily of the starmaster Kinich Ahau and operate my own binary star

system. In this way I could rival the jewel of this galactic sector, Sirius.

From the vantage of the sixth dimension, the third dimension can appear to be a mass of microscopic

flecks of dust or useless viruses. Such at least, was my view of the matter before I was brought to my senses,

that is, before I encountered Memnosis, master of cosmic memory. You see, until Memnosis came into my life, I

really had no equals. Without peers or equals, I had no reference points. It was Memnosis who pointed out to

me that a sixth-dimensional entity is an evolutionary throw forward. I was totally out of time. For this reason,

even the Matrix League of Five seemed like a puny foster home.

Indeed, when Memnosis finally reached me, I was getting bored with my creation on Velatropa 24. The

entities resulting from my cosmobiological experiments – the ones you call the gods, such as Brahma, Jehovah

of Jupiter, and the titan spirits of Saturn – these fourth-dimensional “gods” did nothing but feed me their

projections. They did not understand that like light hitting a mirror and bouncing back, so were their projections

of me. Whatever they sent me, I merely fed back to them.

But I noticed, the more they fed me their projections, the more they believed their returning projections

were my affirmation of their righteousness and truth, and the fatter and more bloated did these fourthdimensional

gods become. At first I could not see that what the gods projected were really projections of my

own egotistical behavior. However, once I encountered Memnosis, I came to see that these gods were mere

projections of themselves as they thought I wanted them to be! Much as I could see this, they could not. To them

I was the supreme god, the ineffable, the absolute from which they drew the justification of their own actions.

Memnosis reached out to me telepathically at just the right moment. It was after Maldek and Mars. The

ones who came to be the gods you are familiar with were more content and bloated than ever because of their

own righteous behavior, which they presumed to be on my behalf. For the first time I was experiencing

something akin to what you call disgust. I was no longer satisfied with my actions.

“Why are you so alone?” Memnosis asked me. Before I had time to answer, he continued: “I am one of

you. I, too, am totally of the light, a sixth-dimensional. But unlike you, I have not abused the will of others or my

own free will. I come to you in freedom with the gift of liberation.”

Needless to say, I was startled, traumatized. After all of my adventures (or misadventures), the voice of

an equal was catalytic and shattering. Where I thought I had been alone, I now had to concede that someone

else was sharing this vast space with me. This in itself broke the hypnotic spell I had cast upon myself.

After some dialogue and sharing regarding our backgrounds, which was equally catalytic, I began to see

that my projections, the gods, were now blind and deaf to anything I had to communicate. I saw that they would

go on to fulfill their destiny in their wretched, jealous way until they had run out of artificial time. The only way

they would run out of artificial time, it seemed, would be to destroy one planet after another. In this way they had

already trained their beams on the third planet.

In my discussions with Memnosis, I was also deeply impressed that, by their allegiance to free will, the

Galactic Federation had never brought any harm to me. For the first time I experienced compassion and

understood the law of karma most profoundly. In light of my achievements, Memnosis hatched a plan to ease

my karmic discomfort, a plan that enlisted my energies on behalf of the Probe.

A special planet was granted to me as my very own. Thus I moved my point of luminous entry from the

sixth planet, Jupiter, to the second planet, Venus. The second planet, as I learned, was guarded by the Star and

Monkey tribes. Assisting these tribes on behalf of the Probe were some of Memnosis’ children, the deathless

ones of Altair. Now, when the members of the Star and Monkey tribes heard of my imminent transfer from

Jupiter to Venus, they wanted to do something for their planet that Would befit my unique history. By comparison

to Jupiter, Venus was small, but of roughly the same size as the blue third planet, Terra-Gaia.

Summoning their magical powers of planetary design, upon my arrival the Venusians did a wondrous

thing. They stopped the planet’s rotation in its tracks. After a pause the planet began its rotation again, but

counterclockwise. The effect of this counterclockwise spin – the only instance of this in the Velatropa system –

was to make a Venusian day longer than a Venusian year! What a joke. The Venusians laughed and laughed.

Because the planet was now spinning counterclockwise, it was permanently churning out fourthdimensional

energy in the form of great gaseous clouds of radion. Because a day is longer than a year, to be

rooted in Venus is like being rooted in eternity. What a perfect place the Federation had prepared for me! I,

Lucifer – who had spawned more deathfear and immortalism than need be known again in this galaxy – given a

permanent home in eternity!

My laughter at this cosmic joke was uncontrollable, as were my tears. Through every emotional release,

I generated more radion and hyper-radion. My Venusian caretakers, now relieved of all third-dimensional

rootedness, thanks to the planet’s counterclockwise turn, were prepared to treat me like I deserved to be

treated. They pointed out to me that on Terra-Gaia, though some would still misuse my name to mean “the rebel

angel” or “cosmic thief,” Venus would be commemorated by my name, Lucifer, meaning “great dawn star of

enlightenment.” Among other of the tribes of Earth, my presence on Venus would be remembered as the power

of both the morning star and the evening star, the power of awakening and the power of death all at once.

In consideration of all this, and concerned over the Jupiterian use of the 12:60 beam on the third planet,

I devised among the Venusians a plan to send different messengers of light to the blue planet. Chief among

these are the ones you know as Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, and Quetzalcoatl, though there are many others

far less known. In this way, I could begin to counteract the effects of my own karma. I, Lucifer, the light-bearing


It's mind boggling, isn't it?


It's turning everything upside down ... all we ever thought about light and darkness ... an illusion ... the bad guy is not bad anymore - and who are the good guys?


I sometimes marvel about this ... and then I feel the need to go beyond this duality of thought and mind ... and I hope that soon we will break free - and live from the HEART instead :-)


Love and LIGHT,


Sonja Myriel



I am also glad you found time to stay for a while!





Sonja Myriel

"Lucifer also means Light Bearer"-I'm not trying to disrespect anyones beliefs with what I'm about to post....I don't believe in "Satan"-being brought up in a extremely charismatic Christian family the Devil/SATAN/Lucifer was used constantly to instill fear into our heart to control and manipulate us-so we would not question and "be good". The Group -Steve Rother-channeled a piece on "The Satan Experiment".It is posted below:

The Satan Experiment It has been a very long time that you have lived in a field of polarity, or duality as you call it. Well, that is  already over because it is now the field of triality. Most of you do not know quite how that works, so you  simply try using the same attributes and control mechanisms that you used in a field of duality. You are  quite frustrated, because although they seem to work on some occasions they do not always. So, let us  speak a little bit of that. When in the field of duality everything that you saw had opposite sides, which is   why humans made up the illusion of hell. You could not understand heaven without imagining the  opposite of it in some way and, of course, that one has been used in all sorts of ways. We did not  imagine that you would use that one in quite that way, dear ones.. Oh, you are familiar with the term,  As below, so above. That is actually how it is. Many times we emulate you on planet Earth and that is  what we did with the Satan experiment. We pretended to have duality in heaven where there was none,  so we had a Satan experiment and it worked out very well. But we tell you, he is Home now. Lucifer is  one of the greatest angels of all times and has helped everyone acclimate in that duality because that is  what was needed. You no longer need that flow back and forth; you no longer need to take three steps  forward and sometimes two steps back. Now you can take steady steps and move fward in your  reality into a new life. All it is going to take is that first step forward. 

I just wanted to take the fear out of this for so many. I AM glad to be free of this fear. The Divine does not make junk-we are all aspects of the Divine who is having an experience through us. We can get real technical with the reality your in is not real is long and drawn out. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything-just giving another perspective and respecting the beliefs of others-not judging at all.

Love and Light to All!

Thank you so much, Angela! May you provide the link to the discussion for a full read there?

LOVE is the answer :-)

Sonja Myriel

Yes Dear sister Love is the only answer:)Love is the only thing that is real:)

Here's the link:

I respect everyone's own beliefs and don't judge anyone for what they think. I was just trying to shed some light that I knew about on this subject. I hope no one is offended.

Love and Light to you sister and all of my Lightgrid family!

Blessed Be,


I suppose most of us HERE see it quite the same way as you do :-)


The Light in Iron, the Light in Matter - a metaphor for meteor? Seeding LIFE!

All my LOVE,

Sonja MYriel

Love the play on the name-LOL!

Have a Blessed Day dear sister!'


Same to you :-)



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