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The 9th Pleiadian Collective: Solving World Problems from within
Posted by Tu' Laria Su' Laria on May 17, 2011 at 2:54am

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Solving World Problems From Within
Wendy Kennedy channels the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective in response to the question voted on by the viewers of Conscious Life News:

“How Can We Use Collective Consciousness to Solve Problems in the World?”
Ah yes, hello dears. This is the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and it is a pleasure and an honor to once again have an opportunity to connect. So we are very, very excited about the question that’s being posed to us today, and that is “how can you use collective consciousness to solve problems in the world?”
And, this is going to be one of the greatest challenges for you for this year – for 2011. And, that is to shift your perspective about how you operate and how you create your reality. You think that there are things that you have to do outside of yourself in order to create change. But, in reality change happens from within. It is a state of beingness that you hold; it is a frequency.
As you are a creator being, your part in the co-creative process is to hold frequency. The universe matches in form. So, as you start pulsing out a specific frequency and are maintaining that frequency, you start seeing it reflected in your physical reality.
So, as you go here for the coming year, you’re going to find that it is not so much what you do in the world but rather the state of being as you move through it. Now, we’ve said this time and time again. And, to be quite frank, we can’t say it enough because you are so conditioned in mass consciousness to think about what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to go out and change the world. No! What you’ve got to do is to change from within.

The Pleiades Star Cluster
You are connected to all that is. If you want to consider it the divine matrix, you can call it that. If you want to consider it collective consciousness, you can call it that. But, you are connected to everyone and everything in this universe. It’s impossible for you to be disconnected. But, the beauty of the 3D game is that you project yourself into a reality in which you maintain the illusion that you are separate. It’s very, very unique. This is why it is so fun for you to incarnate into 3D because it is so unlike your natural state of being where you know that you are connected to everyone and everything.
So, here you are in the midst of things and you think that you are separate. What a wonderful game! But, also there are some challenges, as you all are well aware, to feeling separate. So, as you go, it is going to become more and more important to you to see yourself as being connected to all things. And, that’s when you can create the greatest change.
Because you are holographic in nature, what happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm. So, as you create change within, the information about how that change is created and generated, how you go through the process of integration is then shared with collective consciousness. When enough of you start to hold that resonant frequency, what happens is that you create a template.
If you want to think of it like having a recipe on how to make a cake, if you’ve never made a cake before, then you are not really certain where to begin. What are you putting into it? You may not have a clue. You may not have a clue and you may be putting the wrong things into it. So, it doesn’t taste very good. But, eventually, you get the hang of it and you figure out how to bake a cake and you’ve created the recipe. So, it’s much easier for someone else to come along and say “Ah, how do I make this?” And you say, “Here’s the recipe.” This is what happens. You put the information into the collective consciousness as a template and it makes it much, much easier for others to repeat the experiment, as it were; to find that frequency.
The only place that you can create change is from within. So, as you remember your divine state, that you are always connected to everyone and everything, once you get still within you connect to connect to collective consciousness. Nothing is outside of yourself at that point. And, because everything is a part of you, you are able to create change. This is how alchemy is done. Whether you are talking about alchemy of DNA or whether you are talking about changing silver into gold. It’s all the same.
When you start working with changing matter, you have to be connected to it as a part of it, as it is a part of you. Because, if it is your perception that it is outside of yourself, you will never, ever be able to alter it.
The last thing that we want to say here about creating change, is that you all get very triggered and activated, thinking again that there is something that you have to do in order to make that change. And, again, we point you inward.
If you are looking at the state of the world and you see a lot of manipulation going on, specifically in your governments, in your political situations, and you feel very activated by it. Look and see in your own life where you are either manipulating or being manipulated. Because, if it is in your conscious awareness that this is going on in the collective consciousness, then it is somewhere in your own personal field. Deal with it in your own life.
As you deal with the problem in your own life, and enough of you start to make the shift and make this adjustment, you’ll start to see it reflected in collective consciousness. This is how true change happens. It does not take a majority of you in order to make this change. It takes a very, very small number of you to generate tremendous change. Because, again as we said, you will create a template. And, it makes it much, much for those who are on the fence, as it were, to align themselves with the new frequency.
Have fun creating. The way the game is structured down here is through attraction and reflection. Everything that you need to know about the programs that are running in your own personal vehicle, in your own personal field, is reflected back to you through strangers, through loved ones, through co-workers, through enemies. Your belief system that you are pulsing out, your emotional system that you are pulsing out, is reflected back to you.
That is the most powerful universal law that you have at your disposal right now: the law of reflection. So, use it. The things that you want to see changed in the world, how is that being played out at your personal level? And, make a change personally. As more and more of you begin to do this, you’ll see tremendous change in the world.
It is always a pleasure to share our perspective with your dear ones. And, we are watching and sending many well wishes.

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Thank you for this wonderful message.

Love Lynette
Thank you Lynette...that you are here is a blessing indeed :-)

Have a beauty day





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