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How to Develop the Midas Touch
By Dr Joshua David Stone.

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As we all know the Midas Touch is the ability to turn everything you do into Spiritual Gold! It is the ability to be successful at anything and everything you work on. So the key question is, what are the mechanics and/or psychological and Spiritual mechanism to develop this ability? My Beloved Readers, this is a multifaceted question and there is no one quick answer. However, I will attempt here to lay out the key principles that will allow you to develop this ability within self if applied as directed.

The simplest answer would be become an "Integrated Ascended Master." This is easier said than done. It is, however, the focus of all my work. The first key to developing the Midas Touch is you must fully own your personal power at all times. Second, you must develop unconditional self-love and self-worth and an attitude of self-deserving of the bounties of GOD. Third, you must be unconditionally loving and forgiving to others at all times. Fourth, you must dedicate your life completely to GOD, your Brothers and Sisters, and service. Money or material wealth cannot be your main goal; GOD Realization and Demonstration at all times must be your main goal.

Next, one of the unbelievable keys to developing the Midas Touch is that you must transcend negative ego thinking and instead as much as possible think with your Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha mind. Next you must let go of all your attachments and only have preferences, so if anything is taken away or doesn't happen you are still happy. Next it is essential that you constantly examine your motives in everything you do to make sure they are GOD-centered and not self-centered. Next, you must constantly pray to GOD, the inner plane Ascended Masters and your Angels for help in all ways and all things. Most people do not pray. Next, constantly do positive affirmations, positive visualizations, repeating the names of GOD, mantras and sacred names and power words of GOD. Cultivate Faith, Trust and Patience in GOD and in GOD's laws. Develop the attitude of being a Spiritual Warrior at all times and being persevering in your quest for God Realization.

Next, to have all, give all! If you want GOD to not hold His abundance back from you do not hold your love and giving back from your Brothers and Sisters. See every person, every animal, every plant and every rock as an Incarnation of GOD, including yourself. Co-operate with others at all times, do not compete! Do not judge or criticize yourself or others, but do have unconditionally loving Spiritual Discernment. Be balanced and moderate in everything you do. Be 100% happy in other people's success and prosperity, even if it is something that you want and do not have and want.

Maintain absolute mastery over your mind at all times and do not allow any negative thoughts to enter it. Be optimistic, not pessimistic at all times. Look at everything that happens in life as a Spiritual test and lesson, not a bummer or problem. Do not allow yourself to indulge in any negative emotions. When they start arising stop the process and immediately practice attitudinal healing, and cultivate spiritualized feelings and emotions. Develop even-mindedness at all times so whether you have profit or loss, pleasure or pain, sickness or health, victory or defeat, praise or criticism, you remain the same. Release all guilt and practice self-forgiveness, look at mistakes as positive and not negative and just learn from them. Properly parent your inner child with firmness, and love. Take care of business and do not procrastinate or be lazy. Develop a flawless character in everything you do and most of all be in integrity at all times. If ever there is a disagreement with others, strive to take the selfless path. Create Unconditional Love, Oneness, Peace, and Harmony in all your relationships and put this above money or material concerns. Maintain absolute mastery over your subconscious mind so it serves you and you do not serve it. Maintain self-mastery at all times, and never allow yourself to be a victim or effect. Strive to live a simple life regardless of the Spiritual leadership, success, or public recognition you receive. Be generous with others if you want GOD and life to be generous with you. Strive to always demonstrate the Purity of GOD in your every thought word and deed. When you make a mistake, admit it no matter what the circumstance and forgive yourself, learn the lesson and do not think about it any more. Always apologize to others if your mistakes affect others. Practice humbleness and humility at all times. At all times be vigilant against the negative ego's thought system. Practice positive self talk all day long. Eat a good physical diet, get enough sleep and take time to have fun and recreation.

Form a co-creative partnership with GOD and the inner plane Ascended Masters and always remember, GOD helps those who help themselves. When negative things happen in life, say, "Not my will but Thine, thank you for the lesson" and pray to GOD and the Masters to heal and correct it. Strive for pristine clarity in everything you do, including every detail of life, no matter how small. Every morning when you center yourself to start your day be sure to place your bubble of protection around yourself. Start your day also by praying to GOD and the inner plane Ascended Masters for help in all ways and all things to make this day of the highest service to GOD, your Brothers and Sisters and your Spiritual Path. Always remember that it is your thoughts that create your feelings, emotions, behavior and what you attract and magnetize into your life. Respond to everything in life, do not react. As you walk through your life spread unconditional love, joy and happiness in everything you do. Whenever you see something not going right, whether in your life or on the news, pray to GOD and the Masters to fix it, and forgive, love and bless the situation. No matter what happens in life, never give up, never give up, never give up. Be absolutely relentless in your search for complete God Realization for self and others. Always remember you are working for GOD, not for self. Since you are a part of GOD you are working for self automatically when you work for GOD. Practice the selfish/selfless balance at all times, knowing when to be Spiritually selfish and when to be Spiritually selfless. In every situation of life try to respond appropriately the way GOD would have you respond. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. Avoid gossip! When you have crosses to bear in life, bear them with a smile and positive attitude and do not coddle yourself. In other words, develop a certain mental toughness as well as tremendous unconditional love and compassion for the suffering of others. Always walk the extra mile for your Brother and Sister. Lastly, my Beloved Readers, to develop the Midas touch, practice demonstrating the Presence of GOD at all times!

My Beloved Readers, if you practice these basic principles with all your heart and soul and mind and might to the best of your ability and constantly pray to GOD and the inner plane Ascended Masters for help, I personally guarantee you that you will develop the "Midas Touch"!

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Thank you, wonderful article.

Love Lynette

Dear Lynette,

Thanks for appreciation....




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