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Galactic Grid Now Infusing Earth Crystalline Grid



Galactic Grid Initiates Connection to Earth Crystalline Grid

During the January 4, 2011 New Moon Solar Eclipse


Powerful New Streams of Information Enter Crystalline Grid

for Dispersion to Humanity 


A profound event of galactic proportions happened on this day


A message from Reshel and Group through Pat Crosby



Dear Earth Partners,


Tonight we have our first connections of your recently completed

and radiating earth crystalline grid with the galactic grid.





Tonight, Jan 4, 2011, 9 - 10 PM Eastern Time (New York) - during the new moon solar eclipse - with Pluto in Capricorn - developing the 2012 opening.


(The emphasis on Pluto and 2012 and something about 12 years is referenced by the Guides for reasons yet to be revealed - they emphasized12 years in this transmission without going into details about the meaning. See references at end of article. Channeler's note.)







The Galactic Grid is a fine mesh lattice work of high frequency multi-dimensional optical strands of energy encircling our galaxy in a precise lattice pattern. The Galactic Central Sun serves as the heart of this expanded realm of consciousness.

This grid covers all the stars surrounding the Central Sun - including the star system you call your solar system.

(See videos below for illustrations.)


The Galactic Grid fits like a nylon mesh stocking completely surrounding the entire makeup of your galaxy composed of all the planetary systems surrounding the Central Sun.


The earth grids  - including the recently completed crystalline or Christ consciousness grid which have been in place a few years now - are connected - for the first time - to the greater Galactic Grid of your galaxy.


You can understand the crystalline grid on earth as of the frequency of scintillating white platinum and golden diamonds. It is brilliant with adamantine scintillating  particles.  It is in place now and interlaces 144 dimensions with the the Gaia matrix grid system and with enlightened human consciousness and greater galactic consciousness.






The galactic grid lattice has incredibly fine small openings.  It is made of dark dark light - as this dark dark band of light has the highest multi-dimensional information carrying capacity over any other frequency you are currently able to perceive or know about with your current brain activation levels.


To multi-dimensional human perception, the Galactic Grid appears as the color of dark rich milk chocolate at this time.







Now know that this completely formulated grid system is opening to receive and pull into its distribution pattern much information from higher source awarenesses.  This newer and higher frequency information will begin to seep into and through the crystalline grid. Sensitive and evolved humans will intersect with this grid and receive the transmissions from this grid. These humans will then be guided to transduce these transmissions into the greater human knowledge bank as individuals in this populations are ready to receive. It is a very beautiful stepping-down process of the ultra high frequencies coming from the galactic grid. 


This crystalline grid is in place to facilitate the movement of the planet from third dimensional duality consciousness to multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.


Receiving nodes in the crystalline grid that line up with earth leyline power spots will facilitate even richer downloads of galactic information to come through that connector portal.  


Light workers will receive transmissions of this information. The more evolved any particular human channel is, the more of this intertwined information she/he will be able to receive, decode, and translate into human language.






With this connection of the communication and energy streams of light packets and streams of information from the galactic grid to the crystalline grid now in place, planet earth will now be able to receive the conveying of information, knowledge and wisdom from the galactic grid. The connection is a communication and transformation conduit.


Receiving and unpacking these streams of high frequency quantum knowledge is only limited by the receiving capacity of the human anchors - those who are the transducing receivers of the fine filament streams of galactic energy knowledge. This knowledge may be transduced in words, knowing, or energy radiations from the individual human's system.  Whether you know consciously or not of your transducing function, the energy WILL flow through you into the planetary energy pools if this is part of your soul function.


The hundredth monkey effect applies. Once a critical mass of light workers has downloaded some of this information, the information will spread throughout humanity in a quantum flash.

Are you able to see now, why you, Oh Noble Light Workers, are SO important in the unfolding of the plan for your planet, solar system, and galactic development. Never underestimate your worth and value to planet Earth. Your great worth as a light worker and transmitter do not depend in any way on your role as a 3D human. You may or may not be conscious of your light worker service.


Earth has been a dim spot in the galactic makeup for awhile (as measured by earth calculations). But now the earth is lighting up as she is able to receive more rapidly accelerating frequencies and encoded messages in light.







Tonight (New York time zone) the first connectors of this Galactic Grid to the crystalline earth grid were gently set in place and connected.  Ever so gently, a trickle of information was allowed to flow into the earth grids from the galactic grid.


The beginning of this infusion of energy from the galactic grid to the earth grid must start extremely slowly due to the vast difference in size, frequencies, and extent and kind of knowledge between the two grids.  More than a tiny bit of galactic information flowing into the earth grid would quickly overwhelm the capacity of the current earth grid and the humans connected with it at this time.  


Tonight's event was an opening - a beginning.  With time, more information will begin to flow through this galactic pipeline.  In time, more connectors will be set in place.  For now, one small connection is enough to be handled by the earth energy fields and the population.


Even though it is a minuscule fraction of the whole potential of the galactic grid consciousness, galactic records, memory banks, etc., this small infusion of this supercharged energy into our earth crystalline grid is the beginning of gently streaming magnanimous amounts of new information onto your earth planet - in mini packets of quantum light.


The decoding of these new inputs of information will begin by lightworkers who have prepared themselves to receive these infusions of these new energy laden streams of light, and who allow their higher selves and guides to translate the information into humanly cognizable bits of information.


Then groups of humans will begin to make sense of these new bits of information, and begin to weave them into a broader blanket of understandings at a much more aware multi-dimensional inclusionary level.






This is NOT a cyclic galactic occurrence. It is a NEW creation in the unfolding of the creation in our galactic center.


As we engage with this subject matter, and take it in, the multi-dimensional sensory receiving antennae spread all through our cellular and DNA systems and our makeup is awakening and tingling with these new ultra high frequency connections.  Our receptors for these vibrations have been dormant for an extremely long time, as these connections were not previously available to humanity in its present form. Some receptors are being newly seeded in.  (This is an ongoing process - as humanity is being upgraded frequently.)


However, since the time of galactic connection is now happening, the hard-wired in connectivity receivers (put in place eons ago by the grand designer of all that is) are now activating.  Tingling sensations are an acknowledgement of the successful transmission of the energy streams into newly activated territory.






The eclipsed energies today actually served as a shut off valve for some former brakes that were put on this part of our human consciousness from accessing these higher realms of galactic knowledge. This was done so humanity could complete its study of the limited bands of consciousness (3D) it was focusing on for the past extended periods of time and light.


Eclipses serve many purposes and have many effects.  


The annotations of eclipses over the past millenia by your earth astrologers and astronomers have noted many of these effects.


But we tell you now, that this older discussion will be of limited value and become quickly dated as your human grid, your planetary grid, and the new galactic grid connections begin to grow and solidify in their power and server capacity of delivering newer and higher frequency information directly into your human mind-emotional-physical-spiritual matrices.






The time of unfolding of new energies is here, My Friends.


The years of preparation that you have put in have readied you to receive these new energies.

We salute you and appreciate so much that you have been busy busy busy clearing your personal energy fields of the older denser energies of thought, emotion, and actions propelled by locked-in closed-loop circulating energy fields, confined so that you were helped to fully experience the energy patterns of the dualistic 3rd dimension.


We also remind you that the above was and is your soul choice to experience the phenomena that can only be experienced in this sort of energy system and selected by souls ready to embark upon these grand adventures of living, breathing, and partaking of the unique experiences only to be found in 3D.


As you have heard from so many different avenues, the time of ascension is at hand.  We mean by this that the connection and integrating of other dimensional energies is happening as we give these words and as you read these words.  All is new - and fresh paradigms are pouring rapidly into your world on an ongoing unfolding.






We remind you stay in your truth, in your sacred heart center, to love God above and beyond all things.  By God, we mean the unconditional love that is beyond all understanding. The Great Mystery. The All that is.  


Do not diminish your great opportunity to soar into new dimensions by using the conditioned "educated" components of your human mind to box galactic multi-dimensional quantum information into containers it does not match.  Do not even try to fit square pegs into round holes. Your old paradigms will not fit.


Call upon us to assist you to assimilate this knowledge and bring it into your human understanding.  We stand by and watch in awe as you continue to grow in your galactic understanding as the covers of 3D are pulled back - ever so gently - so you can assimilate, clear and adjust - to the greater sights and visions of galactic dimensions and consciousness.


Please continue to dump garbage and old baggage overboard. In this way, you are clearer, lighter and brighter to receive these newer higher frequency vibrations from the galactic grid infusions into your earth crystalline grid.  As you clear, you will be able to more freely - and to increasing degrees - connect to the crystalline grid.  Lighten ship if you wish to continue to ascend in your vibration. 


(Light worker Pat received a very powerful encoded  meditation from the portal of Lake Titicaca.  This meditation is specifically for lightworkers to assist you in healing broken, twisted or snarled energy strands in your human-light matrix.

You can access it freely at )







We will give you more information as time unfolds - as your receiving capacity increases, and you are able to handle these transmissions physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Know that the earth paradigm is RAPIDLY opening to greater complexity on one hand, yet greater simplicity on another, as confusing blocks of distorted information are dissolved into light - creating new openings for clearer expanses of knowledge and information to be receivable by you.






We acknowledge so many in the realm of humans who have been exhorting, cajoling, teaching, preaching, advising, writing, speaking, travelling, telecasting you to let loose your connectors to the old energy - increasing the frequency of your thoughts, words, deeds, actions.  Clearing and detoxifying your bodies of earth so that you can increase your frequency to intersect with and eventually become bodies of light. 


Light Workers of Planet Earth: Your time is at hand!


The success of your diligent loving labors is now to behold. Your work is so much more than you are aware of.

We thank you profusely, Dear Ones!   


Keep up the good work!  You are honored, appreciated and loved even more than you can ever know.


We remain your steadfast Friends,


Reshel and Group through Pat Crosby


January 4, 2011




Received and transcribed by Reshel channel Pat Crosby.

* Reshel identifies herself as the feminine aspect of Lord Metatron - who oversees all so that it is created in Love.







I am having to stretch my current human mind quite a bit to catch the meaning of the images, words and information I am receiving as I write this in trance channel state.


The guides will give more information as my human mind digests this first infusion of this information, and grows to hold more of this fascinating new subject matter.  


This subject matter is new for us humans as well as for the galactic beings involved.


This information was allowed to flow into the planet during the time of a light worker planetary meditation.  Because so many lightworkers were connected to the grid, there was enough human energy connection in the grid to allow this beginning connection of the galactic grid to the crystalline grid to be initiated. 


Sometime the guides are giving me a concept that has no English word equivalent.  Hence, I solve this problem by creating a new word on the spot that best matches the concepts I am shown and the collection of English words the guides are telling me - plus the jumble of images - that best match what they are trying to communicate.  


Access the clearing multi-dimensional meditation from the Lake Titicaca portal for light workers at








Milky Way Galaxy and Central Sun


Galaxy Images


What is the Central Sun






Pluto In Capricorn


Mayan Numbers and Galactic Grid Reference

The Sacred Pulse of Creation - The Sacred Numbers of the Maya
Aluna Joy Yaxkin, September 1994


Lake Titicaca Portal and Light Codes





 Milky Way in 3D


Hubble Photos - 500,000,000 million stars in our galaxy.  Excellent.






Copyright 2011.  Pat Crosby.
Creative Commons License Applies.

(You may redistribute without charging, non-commercially, and without profit, as long as entire article and credits to author and websites are included intact and as written.)



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Thank You!!!! Most wonderful! beautiful! bountiful!

The unveiling has begun ... I am deeply touched, knowing that we are all part of this, looking forward to finally be given the keys to UNDERSTAND!


Thank you, dear SohiniBen, this message is like a first answer to my many questions - an answer, which holds the promise to bring more and DIRECTly inspired answers soon :-)


Sonja Myriel

Dear Sonja,

I also liked so much....

With Love, and Peace,


Dear Param,

Because we are blessed getting some new daily.....

With Love and Light,


Dear Friends,

You will have to go thro' the links what has been given in the Article for more details below......

What is the Central Sun ? Logos Logoi


What is the Central Sun ?

Loosely speaking, the Central Sun is the center of our galaxy. Every galaxy has its own Central Sun.

The word "Sun" here does not necessarily mean a single star like the one Earth is revolving around. Let me explain. Assume for a moment that mass is equivalent to consciousness. The planet Earth has a larger mass than a human body, so the Earth houses a larger consciousness than a human body. In turn our star, at the center of our solar system, is heavier still and harbors a still greater consciousness. The next level of massiveness is the Central Sun which is at the center of our galaxy and represents the greatest single body of consciousness in our galaxy.

You see the hierarchy appearing, from Human to planet Earth to Sun to Central Sun. These steps on the ladder of consciousness are sometimes referred to as a "Logos". The highest level of the hierarchy is All-That-Is, the ultimate Logos holding all consciousness.

What does a Logos do? One of its tasks is to receive Energy (love, awareness, light, life, etc) from the Logos above it. Then absorb, process, translate this Energy and pass it on to several Logoi below it. Much like a mother bird prepares the food before passing it on to her young. There is also a feedback from the lower Logoi up to the higher Logos, returning the experience, insight and wisdom obtained in the lower realms. There is thus balanced two-way traffic, and it doesn't make too much sense to talk about "lower" or "higher". It is an energy cycle described, among others, by the symbol of Merkaba.

Such a "body of consciousness" is referred to as a Logos or a Sun. The word "Sun" in Central Sun should thus not be taken literally. It does not matter whether it is a star, a black hole, a white hole, a cluster of some of these, or anything else.

Wikipedia: "Heraclitus established the term Logos in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the cosmos."

Using familiar names, our planetary logos is called "Gaia". Our solar logos is called "Sol". Our Central Sun or Galactic Logos is called "Hunab Ku". Levels further up are sometimes loosely referred to as Great Central Sun and Great Great Central Sun.

The following names are also used:
Planetary Logos = Lord Buddha
Solar Logos = Helios
Galactic Logos = Vesta
Universal Logos = Melchior
Multi- Universal Logos =Melchizedek
Cosmic Logos = Mahatma

Note: The third chakra, the Solar Plexus, functions as an energy distributing and regulation center for the 7-chakra system, and can thus also be considered a Logos.

Enjoy this book:
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
by Carl Johan Calleman



What an amazing journey we are all on. I am humbled by the amount of info that crosses this site which keeps us all up to date & in the loop of not only our Human Form, Spiritual Growth, Mental Stimulation, Emotional Upliftment, & the expantion that goes well beyond Gaia, but of the Universal Life Force as well & all it contains.....

I am so thankfull for each & every one of you that share with the intent to Uplift, Love, Heal and Radiate Light. I truly feel the ONENESS here.

Blessings of the Highest


Yes...glorious being

Thank you SOhiniBEn


Yes, I could feel that something really special was going on during the solar eclipse on January 4th when the Sun was only visible for the time I was reciting the "Tube of Light" Invocation ... which was for the main part of the Solar Eclipse! It came out when I took out the printed papers - and vanished about a quarter of an hour later when we had to move on because our feet had become frozen - LOL!


Since that day I'm experiencing a cleansing process which sweeps over to my friends and family ... it has never been that intense before! And we are really MOVING!


I have been doing some research lately and one of the most important insights which I have been given is that we should use our time wisely to CLEAR all passt issues. Thus, I strongly recommend to become aware of past, present and future during our lightgrid connections and let the Violet Ray do its work, especiall to cleanse old PAST issues - for us personally but also on a planetary level! The Violet Ray is much needed in those areas were wars were taking bplace. Old battle fields where many soldiers lost their lives ... by sending the Violet Ray into the Past and to these places we help Mother Earth enormously!


I shall broadcast a message on this tomorrow.


THANK YOU ALL so much for your active participation here at lightgrid and during our connections!


As we are truly ONE body of LIGHT our sharings are lifting us up and the discussions we post are all connected!


Blessed Be,


Sonja Myriel




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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