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Early Semitic cultures called the moon god Sin and the sungoddess Shapash. Every evening She disappeared under the earth in West and appeared again the next morning in East. She was worshipped at sunrise, noon, and sunset. Shapash  was the daughter of El and Asherah. Known as the torch of the gods She served as a messenger of the gods because she traveled easily across the face of the earth.  She guarded the dead in the Underworld at night as well as watching over all the earth in the day.  

The Akkadian sun god,Shamash, was the Mesopotamian male equivalent of the female Canaanite Shapash. She may also be related to a preeminent deity atEbla named Shipish, and to Shams or Chems, a pre-Muslim Arabic sun deity worshipped at sunrise, noon, and sunset.

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Oh - YES, YES, YES :-)))

Soooo beautiful - I love both, the picture AND the information! Will google Shapash now and see what I can come up with ;-)


Sonja MYriel

Thank you...Thank you Dear Sonja!!! Love you xxxx

Baal Myth

In the Epic of Baal, Shapash plays an important part in the plot, as she interacts with all of the main characters, and in the end she is favourable to Baal's position as king.[4]  ... After Baal is killed, she helps Anat bury and mourn him,[7] and then stops shining. Following El's dream about the resurrection of Baal,[8] El asks Anat to persuade Shapash to shine again, which she agrees to, but declares that she will continue to search for him.[9]


The last part reminds me very much of AMATERASU - so I will post a discssion on her, too :-)

THANK you so much, dearest Arleem, for this post,

Sonja Myriel

Shapash, Shapshu

Shapash is the goddess of the Sun. Called the Luminary of the Deitiesthe Torch of the Gods, She sees all that transpires on Earth by day and guards the souls of the dead in the underworld by night. A major deity of the Ugaritic pantheon, She assists `An

at in Her search for Ba`al. Like the Akkadian Shamash, She is a deity of justice, often serving to mediate for the deities in disputes. She is related to 

Shamsh, Chems, an Arabic Sun-goddess worshipped at sunrise, noon, and sunset. She may also have been a preeminent deity at Ebla named Shipish. The Akkadian/ Babylonian sun god Shamash or Shemesh, also a bringer of light, upholder of law and order, and prophetic oracle, was originally a goddess, as demonstrated in personal names Ummi-Shamash which means My Mother is Shamash.

An actual ancient prayer:

Me, I spoke to my Ba`al; 
to Shapash, the eternal Sun; 
to `Athtartu; to `Anatu; 
to all the gods of Althaya

amazing....Dear Sonja..I like the Prayer

Goddess Names and the Cultures

Aine (Celtic), Amaterasu (Japanese), Anp (Lakota/Native American,  Bast/Bastet, Buto   and Hathor (Egyptian), Ningal and Shapash 
(Canaanite), Sullis (British), Tefnut (Egyptian), Theia (Greek)

so so interesting, I love all these posts, thank you for these Gemstones of Learning!

also synchronistic to me that the ancient Semites called the moon god Sin...hmmm....Like the Biblical saying "We are all born into Sin..." or maybe I'm reaching a bit too far here, who knows? :)


Every day this week I have meditated as the sun first appeared on the horizon in the morning....Love sun-gazing sooo much

Keep the chi flowing!  ---Rick




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