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Hi Everyone

I`m hoping someone can tell me the difference between the Planes and the Dimensions.

For example in Theta Healing you go to the 7th plane of existence which is Creation, and you can go to 144 dimension which is The Unified Whole .

What is the difference and how do they relate to each other.

Love to you all, Lynette

P.S. Thank you Sonja for creating this group xxx

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An excellent question!

Let's see who can help us ...


Sonja Myriel

Don't forget about density, thats one of the things people get mixed up with dimensions.


A density is a vibration, more or less as we are with ascension, about 99% of humanity is at 4-5D, the 4th or 5th level of density, that is the standard level of density at present.


A dimension is a place you can travel to, very similar to another plane of existence if you want to see it that way. They do not have linear structures as we would see it. They can be inside of something else, have a door attached to it in a place of no consequence, they can be a world inside another world, or a portal to it can be linked to an item or object. Dimensions can also be of any frequency, a higher vibration or of a lower vibration also.


And thats where planes come in. They are more linear. Like densities they can exist like a frequency on levels but also can exist anywhere like dimensions yet have structure,  you could say they are a hybrid of density and dimension in that regard.


The main point is there is no real description or differentiation between anything as it all connects and describes each other also. If you want to though, you could break them down thus; Density=Vibration, Plane=level, Dimension=Place.


This is just my perspective on this, others may have a different view. I hope this helps.

Dear Faith, twinflame of AAMichael

Thank you for your reply. It`s a lovely concise explanation.

Love Lynette xxx

This is what I found on the site of Lightworkers,I though it might be interesting all in all :

A Closer Look at Over-Souls, Planes and Dimensions
by Dhyana Markley

I recently received a message from a friend who made a wonderful shift
and recognizes that he now sees the physical world more as a frequency
and himself as an extension of his Higher Self. I realized that many
of you may be going through similar shifts and might like more
information to ponder to see if it rings true for you.

I know it is frustrating to try to understand different terms for the
same thing so, below I will use the term SUGMAD (Soog mahd) to mean
the All That Is or that which is a greater Creator, higher vibrating
and more complete BEING than Creator God or Creator Source. Just
hearing, speaking or singing the name SUGMAD has always been uplifting
to me and opens my heart. SUGMAD can only be experienced directly, by
each individual. I cannot tell you what to expect. Use care in dealing
with your Mind, which is not equipped to understand SUGMAD. You may
create a conceptualized image so that your Mind can wrap around IT,
but that image will be but a very poor reflection of that which IS,
SUGMAD. However, one thing is constant in experiencing GOD/ SUGMAD/
ALL THAT IS and that is the blissful experiencing of unconditional
love as you come to rest within ITs heart.

So, in response to the motivation of my friend's comment and from my
current level of consciousness, which is ever growing, expanding and


(IT=Over-Soul, Creator God, Creator Source or SUGMAD; It=A Fragment Of

The greatest/largest Soul fragments out of Creator God are called Over-
Souls. Most Souled individuals describe their Over-Soul as their
Higher Self even though there are many versions of a "higher self",
each a vibrating body higher than the one(s) below. There are many
Over-Souls made manifest via Creator God and Creator Source, but there
is only one "Highest Self or Over-Soul" from which YOU and your other
Selves were/ are made manifest and to which you, as a Soul fragment,
are directly attached.

As I said, there are many Over-Souls but not nearly as many as there
are individuals with a small piece or fragment of an Over-Soul. It is
the fragment of the host Over-Soul which connects It to Its creations,
just as the Over-Soul's larger Soul fragment connects IT and ITs
creations, to Creator God, Creator Source and SUGMAD/All That Is. In
other words, you NEED an Over-Soul as a conductor to hook up with
Creator God, et al, but you do NOT need a Master, priest, psychic or
anyone else to help you reach GOD. Your Over-Soul will ALWAYS allow
this hook up. This is why most people don't even know there is an Over-
Soul which acts as a transformer or conductor of the love, desire and
intent to reach and Rest Within The Heart Of God..

Any Over-Soul can create as many bodies as it chooses and send them
out from ITs "Self" to serve and to experience various things to gain
knowledge, experience and wisdom. When the desired lessons are learned
or the task(s) accomplished, the bodies are reabsorbed or merged back
into the original host Over-Soul to share what It has learned with
that Over-Soul and all who manifest from IT from that moment on. Over-
Soul also makes ITs Self constantly available to share all of the
information IT has with Creator God, Creator Source and SUGMAD, who
then share it with other SUGMADs or whomever wants or needs the
information or experience. It is in this way that the whole of
creation learns and grows constantly.

Over-Soul exists upon the 60th Plane which is way beyond the physical,
emotional, mental and psychic Planes and Dimensions most of us are
familiar with, so IT cannot be trapped within these lower worlds by
accident or on purpose. Each Over-Soul also exists WITHIN Creator God,
Creator Source and SUGMAD.

Although the term "reincarnation" is not true as it is currently used
and understood, it has served a great purpose in enabling the human
mind to perceive and understand why s/he sometimes remembers multiple
lives. It has also been a good "bridging" term to help us to a higher
truth. Something closer to truth and better terms to describe these
remembrances and bridging would be the words "Ancestors" and
"Descendants" since each Descendant or successive version of our Self
manifests as a totally new Being out of Over-Soul. Each successive
life is a NEW life but does, as veils are removed, have access to the
wisdom, life experiences and information gathered by Its Ancestors
within Its same Over-Soul. It is also important to remember that there
are many other "yous" existing at the same time in many, many other
Planes and Dimensions, so the information to which we potentially have
access is tremendous.

True, there ARE progressive lives and life experiences because Over-
Soul wants to constantly continue ITs learning and gathering of
experiences, but the exact same fragment of Over-Soul that lived one
life upon Earth will not manifests again because when each lesser
fragment is merged with the Over-Soul upon death of that expression,
It truly IS merged and becomes ONE with the Over-Soul. There are not a
thousand or hundred thousand smaller fragments that make up the Over-
Soul. Until It is made manifest and sent out from Over-Soul, all
fragments ARE the Over-Soul. EXAMPLE: This is much like when a female
becomes pregnant. Once her creation is fully developed and ready to
go, she gives birth to an offspring. All but one sperm cell was of the
Mother in this creation. Soul, which was filled with all of the
traits, skills, and knowledge It would need in Its newly manifested
life was added by Its host Over-Soul.

Now, if each smaller manifested fragment of Over-Soul were not veiled
and was to remember all that Over-Soul knows, that Soul fragment would
freak out from an overload of information and not be able to
accomplish the tasks set out for It by Over-Soul. It would also wonder
why such a powerful and knowledgeable BEing as ITs Self was doing in
such a pitiful state. So, each individual Soul is programmed with just
the information It will need to accomplish Its assigned tasks. Then,
as It grows wiser and more experienced, therefore able to handle a
greater input of information, It will be given more information which
will aid It to accomplish even greater tasks. This method enables the
greatest efficiency of intent and action in each expression of YOU
while helping the individual maintain mental and emotional balance.

There comes a time when each of us will realize that WE ARE OVER-SOUL
because we are so totally connected to IT we become IT while still
functioning in a physical body. From that moment on you will
completely accept all responsibility for your life, your thoughts,
your words and your actions and realize that you have created your
life in its fullness and can blame no other. At that time you will
also have access to ALL information, not only that held within you as
Over-Soul but information held within the Group Consciousnesses, the
great Libraries of the higher Planes, Creator God, Creator Source and
even the SUGMAD of this Grand Creation. Some of you will even be able
to go beyond this Creation, so please do not limit your knowings and

Although many people are not aware they even have an Over-Soul or
Highest Self, the time of disconnect from our personal Over-Soul and
all others of creation, is over. The cyclic time of Oneness has begun
again and those not ready or willing to go forward into Oneness, will
fall behind and remain in a lower vibrating existence where they are
comfortable. In other words, they will not ascend at this time.

When you finally realize yourself as Over-Soul, you might start
experiencing dreams or other ways of discovering that other yous are
dying. When this first happened to me I was stunned. I KNEW it was me
dying each time and exactly how I died. Not my normal "other life/past
life/future life" dreams or visions. Luckily I didn't feel the pain of
dying each time, but I was there, in the actual experience in total
consciousness and could hear and see what was said and done. This went
on for several weeks. Recently two more "mes" chose to return to Over-
Soul. I was rather detached about the earlier ones because I could see
that they had fulfilled their purpose, but with these two latest
ones.... well, I was hoping to really get to know them better and was
looking forward to their continued support with some projects we are
currently working on. Bummer.

So far I have been doing the reabsorbing and my next unions/reunions
will probably be of a much greater coming together, such as with my
Twin Ray. Still, even this is by choice. One can continue upward and
onward without waiting for all of the other parts of ITs Self to catch
up. Eventually ALL will combine/merge, then, perhaps, later come to a
higher decision to separate once again at an even higher level, only
to go out once again to serve All That Is. In these manifested bodies
IT will continue to explore and gain even more experiences in roles
with greater responsibilities. This service and the information
gathered will fit within The Divine Plans of Creator God, Creator
Source and SUGMAD. This form of manifesting Souls will continue until
SUGMAD decides to un-create or destroy ITS entire Creation to then
ponder upon what IT has learned. The Great Over-Souls are not
destroyed or un-created at this time, but released to freely volunteer
for roles in new Creations of other SUGMADs. The only things that
really change within this format are the various bodies One uses.

It is important to remember that nothing is ever lost. We just change
into ever higher aspects of our Self and eventually become One with
All That Is. No one is ever lost unless It has become so Dark that It
pollutes everything It touches and shows no remorse. Even then It is
given many, many chances to recognize the Light of Its Soul and to
return to an upward path before It is uncreated.

There will also come a moment or NOW when the greatest YOU will
realize that you can INTEND to create other "yous" which you will send
out from YOU AS OVER-SOUL, to accomplish specific goals. NO, you don't
have to observe the words and actions of those other "yous" in every
moment any more than you would pause to observe yourself doing
something. Contemplation upon the experiences YOU (and they have) will
come at a time when you feel so inclined OR it will become a knowing
is nothing to fear, but it is necessary to know.

It is the creations of ALL individual Souls that continually create
and recreate the Group Consciousness which affects the overall
experiences that we agreed to share on each Plane and within each
Dimension of creation. Of course, you as an individual can choose to
step away from that group experience and create your own world to
reside upon or within... or not.

There is a statement of fact that Masters often use: "You are in this
world but not of it."

This means that when we are functioning in lower vibrations of fear,
hate, anger, war, etc. we will experience our world as a victim, in a
horrible place in which everyone and everything is out to get us. If
the same individual were to think, feel and act in a higher vibrating
way, detached, in a 'been there, done that' way, the lower vibrations
of others would not affect them much, or at all, and they would be
experiencing the same world as "victims" but in a completely different
way, all the while allowing others to have their own chosen
experiences. Each individual will always continue to create the world
they hate and fear or the world as they love and see it from their
higher perspective.

The Original Divine Plan or basic pattern of our creation was written
in such a way as to give all Souled individuals Free Will. No one,
even SUGMAD, knew what was going to happen because every thought,
word, feeling and action of each Over-Soul and Soul fragment was
creating and changing everything in every moment. Duality was allowed
to go to extremes and the Dark, with great patience and subtilty,
ingrained itself into everything, every creation. Only now, at the end
of this Yuga, has Creator God finally stepped in and said, "That's it.
That's enough. It is all over and time to wind things down. Your Free
Will will be put on hold for a while and we will all do ONLY that
which is for the good of the whole of my Creation."

That is what is happening now. I realize that at times it doesn't seem
as if the dark ones are less powerful now, but they are. The dark has
truly lost its battle to enslave all of this Creation. We, as
individuals and as One with All That Is, have learned all of the
lessons duality had to teach us and we are grateful for the gift.

All manifestation is but a reflection of a vibrational match between a
person's state of consciousness and un-manifested potential. It is
that momentary match which creates their future experiences. In other
words, we are creating every moment of our lives with the vibrational
energy we imprint upon un-manifested potential. In the lower worlds
the resulting manifestation takes longer than in the higher realms,
but the creation technique is the same... intent filled with emotion
or desire sets an imprint on un-manifested potential which eventually
manifests in a form of physicality.

While it is true that all of us enter various frequencies to
experience them and many of those experiences are filled with pain,
sorrow, despair, and suffering, they may also be filled with
happiness, a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and enlightenment.

However, it is now time for the great extremes of experiences to be
brought into balance so that Soul can move forward into ever greater
learning without so much pain and suffering. The time of suffering is
now over... finished... put it in the trash! We have now "been there
and done that" and we don't have to continue to do it anymore. The
records of all of our experiences now rest within our Over-Souls and
the Hearts of Creator God, Creator Source and SUGMAD, so do yourself a
favor and drop old attitudes, patterns and programs that create
suffering... drop anything that will not fit into the true concept of
joy and Oneness within All That Is.


All you need to DO now is BE... BE grateful for all of the experiences
you have had and are yet to have and BE the best you that you can be
in every given moment. Also, DO everything in the name of SUGMAD and
that which is not for the good of the whole will not manifest. Do
everything that you can think of to keep your heart open at all times,
especially when you are frightened. And don't forget to breathe
deeply. This will help to keep you in balance when stressed.


Most people mistakenly use the terms Planes and Dimensions
interchangeably because they truly don't understand the differences
between them and therefore adopt and perpetuate the terms used by
others who also don't know the difference. I would like to correct
this misuse of those terms.

Planes are like plateaus, each rising higher in vibration than the
Plane just below. They are stabilized resting points of a fixed
vibrational bandwidth.

Within the bandwidth between these major resting points (Planes),
where the major work for that level of consciousness is done, lie
thousands of Dimensions of varying energetic vibrations where the
individual goes up and down in vibration according to their thoughts,
words, feelings or actions in each moment. As the individual
experiences these "Dimensions" of varying energetic vibrations, s/he
learns and eventually chooses to function mostly within the higher
vibrations of that plane.

It might also be noted that, most individuals and manifestations above
the bandwidth you are personally function within will probably be
invisible to you. This is not true for all individuals, because those
with higher function of their spiritual bodies can jump Planes (and
Dimensions) spontaneously or via conscious will. These bandwidths are
harmonic frequencies within which you can function and create, subject
to the Law of Harmonics.

Also, some Dimensions lie at a 90% angle to other Dimensions. This is
one of the main reasons for the misunderstanding of Planes and
Dimensions. Although some Dimensions are to similar to the main ones
we function upon, others are so different they seem like a jump in
Planes, even though they are still within a Planes specific bandwidth.

Of course, portals exist which enable individuals to enter a
Dimensions from other Dimensions. There are also portals which exist
that lead to other Planes and the spiritually evolved individual can
open and use them at any time, as long as they are harmless and have
free access to that Plane... in other words, if they are established
there. Shifting between Planes is always done with conscious or
unconscious intent from your open Heart Center.

Since shifting between Dimensions and Planes is a perfectly normal
action of Soul, Mind does not need to know about it for Soul to do it.
Most individuals shift without even knowing that they are doing so or
how they did it. Since many Dimensions (especially) and some Planes
look similar to our current created manifestations, shifting Planes
and Dimensions is so easy and natural that unless something startling
happens that causes someone to wonder "What happened? Why does
something look or feel different than it did a moment ago?" most
people will never realize they have spontaneously shifted Dimensions.
Even fewer fully realize they have this ability. Most will vigorously
tell others that it cannot be done.

When the individual is able to function a high percentage of the their
NOW existence in the higher vibrations of the bandwidth of the highest
Plane upon which they are established, then s/he is given an
Initiation, usually an Inner and Outer Initiation but always an Inner
Initiation, and established upon the next higher Plane. Each true
Initiation is a powerful shift into the next higher vibrational

It is NOT my intention to negate anyone's reality or to discourage
anyone's path, however, some people will tell you that they are
getting many Initiations within a very short period of time. If this
were true, the Initiate would be jumping from Plane to higher Plane
and become established there without having the opportunity to fully
integrate consciously the information learned from within that Plane
and to gradually experience the life changes and challenges this
greater consciousness will bring to your old life and world as well as
your old consciousness. You must release everything that will not fit
into the new life your new consciousness will create and this is very
painful and stressful to most people. It will be much like the OVER-
LOAD I spoke of above, regarding downloads of massive information to
the Soul fragment from Its host Over-Soul. From my experience, this
RARELY happens because of the stress of the major changes in the life
of the Initiate with each Plane Initiation. To jump three or four or
more Planes in a very short time, an individual's Ancestors would have
had to have fully integrated this information in previous lives. This
is possible, of course, probably more possible in these End Times than
ever before, but I restate, true Initiations done this fast are very
rare and very challenging to the receiver.

Many self-proclaimed gurus who do the Initiations are pretending they
have the power to give such Initiations. Even if the "Initiator" is
personally allowed to receive this powerful flow, very few can share
it with others without creating major problems for that chela or
student and creating a karmic debt for themselves.

True Initiations usually take years and sometimes a lifetime before
all lessons within a specific Plane are realized. For the most part
these "initiations" (note the lower case "i") are but small spiritual
steps and not true Initiations. OF COURSE THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS,
especially since this is the last Yuga of this great cycle and it is
time for all to fully awaken so they can ascend. Only the host Over-
Soul knows for certain if an Initiation is valid, for even an
"accident" can cause a greater understanding and uplifting of

There will, however, come a time when Initiations are no longer needed
or relevant since they are primarily a vibrational stepping stone to
help encourage you and to help your mind acknowledge and accept the
vibrational changes happening in your ever changing life.

Every individual with a Soul fragment may choose to exist temporarily
in a higher or lower vibrational consciousness and can drop back into
lower Planes or rise and visit even higher Planes than the ones you
are currently established upon. However, in each higher Plane you will
be given a Guide for that Plane to make sure you don't get into or
create any trouble for yourself or any others. In Planes above the
5th, until such a time as you become HARMLESS and can be trusted to
travel alone, in other words, until such time as you have earned the
right and privilege to be established upon that Plane, you must have a
Guide with you to travel there. That is a key point.

For the convenience of the Mind and communication with others, I
number the Planes, 1 through Infinity. However, it is foolish to live
established upon the 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th or 7th Planes and waste
your time thinking about what another you is doing or what is going on
upon the 22nd, 33rd or 60th Planes. Please keep your attention upon
your HERE AND NOW, while always striving for a higher consciousness
and greater spiritual experiences. This is what is truly important for
each manifested life.

Just as there are groupings of Dimensions within the bandwidth of a
Plane, there are also groupings of Planes within Grand Divisions. Your
Mind might not accept this information and besides, it is not very
relevant to your current NOW experiences. Leave that to your Over-
Soul. There are too many Dimensions to number them. Just know there
are usually thousands of Dimensions within the Bandwidth of each
Plane, regardless of what any Earth scientist might say.

Also, to travel in the true God Worlds of Creation, your baggage must
go whether it be physical, emotional, mental or even old spiritual
baggage that will not fit into your more perfect future. You must
leave everything behind that does not help to move you higher in
vibrations. You cannot take garbage into the spiritual realms.

If you are wondering why so many people have lost their jobs, their
homes, their retirement funds and even their friends and loved ones,
it is because those individuals were or are still attached to people
and "things" and need to rediscover the simplicity of just BEing and
KNOWing that they, as their Highest Self, have already worked out all
of the details for the best possible ending for every experience.

All anyone need do in this Now is live it in the highest and best,
most loving way that you can. Drop anything that will not allow you to
BE your highest and best.

Know you are not alone, Dear Ones, and that you are greatly loved.

Dhyana/Diana Markley

For additional related information, the link below is a message from
Sehaji Master Kata Daki about the Soul and Over-Soul.

This message may be freely shared as long as it remains in its
entirety and all credit is given to its creators. Thank you. Dhyana

Dear Galina

Thank you for your reply, I haven`t had time to fully read it yet, I shall be lying on the couch reading it tonight.

Love to you, Lynette xxx

This is amazing as I had a dream last week , where my guide took me somewhere and kept saying 144 I can say utterly amazing how we are all really evolving, it is really a beautiful journey Aho! xxxx

Ah :-)

144 is also the number connected to the 14400 beings who have come to earth together with Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of the Days to help RAISE Vibration :-) Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of the Days


Sonja Myriel

PS.: And not to forget the  144 Crystalline Unity Grid of Divine Love :-)

The Ascension & the 144 Crystal Grid



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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