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Hello Dear Friends,

I come to you now Softly and Gently. I kneel before you and I spread my arms wide in an Embrace ...

Gosh, where to even begin? I "knew" there would be several more stories about the recent Birth of Gaia's Cosmic Node ... that story can be found here.  However,  I never thought I'd be drawn now to discuss the following with you.

Please understand, I have just spent a very long time outside with Nature and the Trees ... discussing what I was "remembering" ... and whether it is appropriate to Share. I feel very strongly that I have been asked to do so, despite my reticence.

For you see, Dear Friends, I feel so very much at Peace and In Joy and Love in this Now Moment .... Recent Events with the Cosmic Node and the Lion's Gate are truly Perfectly Balanced!

And, I am told that by Sharing this with you, we shall be able to maintain that Balance in a more Stable Way.

This somehow puts what has recently transpired into a much, much, much larger COSMIC Perspective.

Please do understand, Dear Family, that these are only my own very personal memories. Maybe your memories are different ... and that is perfectly OK! Many timelines are merging now and "reality" is such a flexible and malleable Being .... I only wish to share that which I personally know and understand - from my own perspective. You may agree or disagree and that is fine, too! I am not here to debate anything with anyone. I wish to only explain the following to you:

A Beautiful Goddess Angel just came to me ... and asked if I was "ready" to remember ... I wasn't quite sure what She was referring to. She knelt over me with such Care and Embraced me so very lovingly ....

And some very Ancient Memories began to form ...

For you see, Dear Friends, as I remember it, about 5 Billion Years Ago in linear time (of this Universe), there was an "event" ... it was a Timeline Event.

At that time ... so very long ago ... in a parallel Timeline and parallel Dimension, it was the Golden Age for other races ... the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Sirians .... and many others.

Things happened ... not such good things ... and there was a very long time of major Interstellar Warfare. Just think "Battlestar Galactica" ... that's pretty accurate.

There came a time when the Light was "cornered" by the Dark.

They were very desperate Times.

Our scientists in this timeline had developed a theoretical "quantum weapon" ... it was untested and unproven. No one really knew if it would work and if it did, what it would do.

There came a pivotal moment in that Time when it appeared all would be lost ... and decisions were made ... and this quantum weapon was deployed ...

It did what we thought it would do ... and so much more ...

It ripped a large hole in the Fabric of Space-Time and destroyed many Sacred Connections in the process ... there was much devastation. However, it also did something else that we didn't realize it would do ... it created a Star!

As the worm hole developed and collapsed into the Fiber ... a connection was made to another Timeline and Universe within the Cosmic System ... a connection was Forged to this Universe where we are Now.

And, a Brilliant Sun was born.

I know this Sun by the Angelic name "Imyranth". She is our Sun Soul - the Star of our Solar System - "Sol" or just "Sun" as most here lovingly refer to her.

The detonation of this quantum weapon is the reason why inter-stellar nuclear weapons are no longer allowed by Source Creator ... the Damage was too much ... almost beyond repair.

We bent the "rules" of the "game" to Fracture Point ... but by the Glory of Nature and the Cosmic System ... by the Genius of Imyranth (Sol) and Gaia Terra Shan, by the Love of our Brothers and Sisters - the Dragons, Faeries, Galactic Suns and Universal Centers ...

Nature has healed Herself. It has taken some time. But then again, what is 5 Billion years to a Galaxy or a Universe ... maybe only a small portion of a lifetime at the Cosmic Level.

The Recent Events I have described - the Dragon Chamber, the EarthStar, the EarthFlower Bloom, the Cosmic Node, the Dance of the Hydra ... it all shows me that we have been successful in making some very Significant Reconnections back to Ourselves and to Source Creation at the COSMIC level.

Nature is Healing Herself!

Please do take a moment to stop and think about this.

Nature knows what She is Doing.

We are once again "Synchronizing" the ENTIRE Cosmic System - regaining the Balance.

The Chaos and Divisions resulting from  this "Event" still run so very deeply in us all on so many levels - hence all of the "karmic" playing out of our current "human crises" here on Earth ...

However, Nature has never left us - She loves her Children and supports us in all ways - she is Patient, Kind and All-Loving.

This, to me, is why what we have recently witnessed is so very Sacred, Profound and Joyful!

As Father Source recently told me, "Remember, Amoran, you are not 'rewriting' the fiber as much as you are REWIRING it ... ."

And, I am now asked by the Tree Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the very Earth Herself , Gaia Terra Shan, the Sun, and the Galactic Centers - by the Entire Cosmic Union, to remind you, Each and Every One, how very Sacred and LOVED you all are!

We are truly on our Way ... it has been a very "long" road. There is still so much to do. However, we are asked to Relax; to Remember; to allow our Balance to Return to Ourselves as it now Returns to the Heavens above.

Thank you, Dear Family, for allowing me to Share this with you. For, I have no others to talk about such things with directly in human form.

May we recognize the Significance of what has so recently transpired at such a fundamental level:

We have truly witnessed the Rebirth of the Dragon Goddess into this Realm.

We are Truly Blessed and Loved, Always, in All Ways.


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Dear Amoran,

I am so happy that you are sharing your remembrances and visions of our reconnecting. This one needs time to soak in and perhaps to spark some remembering of my own. I shall reread it a few times.

With love and gratitude,


Dearest Ishema,

Your Presence by my side through so many things these last several years has truly been an inspiration to me. It has allowed me to "recover" my courage to "share" that which perhaps my human self is reluctant to do.

I know deep in my SoulHeart that it truly is for the Best Benefit of All.


Blessings of Love to you, Always, in All Ways,


Dearest Amoran,

I truly understand your reluctance to share what is so new to us. I lived in a non-metaphysical world for the first 30 years of my life. I still tip toe with great delicacy when I introduce anything that is not generally understood. I greatly admire your courage!

I do not understand the visions you have of these subtle planes and beings as I don't see or hear them myself, even though I have read about some from traditional metaphysical sources.

This post set me to thinking about the nature of the atom and the significance of nuclear explosions. Djwhal Khul made statements about the first atomic bomb, that it marked a significant point in humanity's development. I thought this a strange statement at the time because of the destructive power it released. What seems to be true is that releasing the power of the atom is a whole new level of creativity. 

I have also read in many channelings that our watching Guides are not allowing any more nuclear explosions because they are destructive beyond the Earth. They are saying that nuclear energy is a power to be respected and used responsibly.

Much love,


Hello Dear Friends,

If you will permit me, I wish to address you all collectively in this reply. Ishema's comment has prompted me to write a bit in this Way.

You have all Touched me so very, very Deeply with this Sharing. It truly is a Blessing.

When Sonja asked me back in April of this year 2014 to consider starting a group where we could share our stories and connections to Nature, I was a bit hesitant. Starting such a group is big thing ... at least to me. What would I say? What would I share?

I spent quite a bit of time out in Nature and asked to hear her Thoughts on the matter. The Cosmic Union came to me and said "We support this idea! There is much to say; much to share! We ask you to be a Voice - on our Behalf. We desire to connect to our Human Brothers and Sisters more in this Way."

And, so it all began ... first the Dragons ... and then Goddess ... and many, many Hammers! Birds and Trees and Faeries ... and then Galactic Suns and Stars ... what an incredible Story the Universe has to tell! After all, we ARE the Universe - we ARE the Multi-Verse - the Cosmic System, experiencing Itself.

I am guided to share a bit of background about my own personal awakening. I have only shared this privately with a few select folks over the years ... but I am now asked to be more "public" about it. And, that is perfectly OK!

I am currently 44 years old in this life. When I was a teenager (13), my beloved Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Slowly, over an 8 year period, I watch my Best Friend slowly suffer until she transitioned when I was 21.

Her passing shattered me ... I contemplated suicide several times. My human family was literally ripped apart ... family ties and connections were destroyed. Thankfully, those connections have now been repaired - slowly but surely over these last 15 years.

When I was 30, "things started happening" ... I was home recovering from major knee surgery. I was in tremendous physical pain and all alone ... well, it was just me and my beloved all white cat, Lila.

Although almost 10 years had gone by since Mom left, I was experiencing her Passing like it was just yesterday. I began to "hear" my mom's voice in my mind.

I thought I must be going crazy! Hearing ghosts ...

It wasn't only that I was hearing her voice ... it was what she was SAYING to me:

"Beloved Son, explore reincarnation!"

Now, please understand, my mom in this life did NOT believe in reincarnation. She was a devout Catholic ... one life and one life only and done and such - heaven or hell. End of story.

What she said to me scared me, quite honestly. But she would not leave me "alone" about it ... she begged and pleaded ... and then something else happened ... the Trees started talking to me! Wow - I thought I needed to be put away in a padded room somewhere safe ... surely, I was going crazy!

However, I had TRUST - deep inside I knew that I had to TRUST my Guidance; I had to have FAITH.

I started past life therapy with a trained therapist and did about 12 sessions. I then began doing my own regressions on my own ... I did this many, many times. The Memories started to flood back to me ...

The first past life I remembered I was a beautiful blond girl with braids. I was wearing a blue "Dorothy-like" dress (like you see in the Wizard of Oz).

I was a German girl. My name was Marta. I lived on a small farm outside of Weimar, Germany in the 1920's and 1930's.

Marta was Jewish.

Marta was one of the first victims of the Holocaust - she died in the gas chamber of Buchenwald in 1939.

I have "re-lived" her death scene in the "shower" many times. My mom from this life, was also Marta's mom then ... both Marta and her mother died together that day in 1939 as the death camps began to process their victims ....

WOW! I mean, what a way to start out my Path ... just remembering being a woman was fascinating enough ... but despite these first memories, I TRUSTED ... my Guides and Angels were with me throughout all of this ... it was all revealed and explained to me in the most Gentle and Loving way possible ...

And then the trees, flowers, plants and trees were chatting away to me ... and Gaia's voice ... and then the Sun and Moon and Stars ... and now Dragons and Faeries and Goddess herself ...

It has been a long process. It has been one small piece at a time that has fallen into place over these last 14 years ... finally, a much, much larger picture is forming. For this I am very Grateful.

It's all about TRUST and LOVE, my Dear Family. TRUST in yourself - in your Soul - TRUST in the Universe. Nature Knows!

What we remember and when we remember is all perfectly timed. We may not "like" what the story has to say, but when it is time, it is time. It can not and will not be "rushed." I ask that we all have FAITH and TRUST in the process.

I  now gently reach out my Hands to you all lovingly - please close your eyes and receive my hands as we embrace across the Fiber of Space and Time ... All is truly well and as it should be.

My Heart sings with Tremendous Joy at the Reconnections which are taking place at both a very personal and Cosmic level.

My Deepest Love and Blessings to you, All, Dearest Family.

I remain, Your Brother,  Amoran.

Thank you Amoran for sharing more of yourself.

Of the stories you told me, and there were several, your life as Marta touched me most deeply. I will paraphrase what I remember. You needed to go through this experience and come out of it with forgiveness for the sake of the people who were involved in this ancient hatred. I believe it caused a crack in the darkness that began the process of letting in the light. 

Today the bombs are flying again around the same issues, but I believe that much healing has taken place, and the Light is pouring in.

When I think of the sacrifice of that lifetime I am reminded of the tenderness of your heart. I think the two are linked.

Much love and gratitude!


Oh Amoran, I didn't know about Marta and reading this now has touched me deeply - goosebumps rising ... And I whole heartedly agree with Ishema - the LIGHT is now pouring in due to people who remembered and were able to FORGIVE just as you!

I was composing a song for peace in th bathtub today - in German. I might share when the time is ripe :-)


Sonja Myriel

Blessings, Dearest Sonja - I shall look forward to your composition!


Much love,



Your words have moved me so very deeply, Dear Sister Ishema. For, what you say is such a true reflection of that which I know in my Heart of Hearts.


My Gratitude and Love to you,



Thank You Brother.............I am grateful for your sharing of experiences with us. I hope you sharing will inspire others to as well!

Have a beautiful weekend.

Brightest Blessings!


WOW, I will feel into this some more ... as ABOVE so BELOW, is it not? ... It makes so curiously much sense, lol! And HEALING Mother Earth's and humanity's wounds is like HEALING the wounds of this Galactic outbreak of war of another timeline - shich brought this timeline forth to try THIS way of BALANCING out the karmic debts ... right?

Another big WOW - and many,many more thoughts ... about what all this really means!

THANK YOU so much for sharing, dearest Amoran - and thus providing another piece of the puzzle which gives each of us allowance to dive DEEPER into our own memories, too - and bring them forward ... step by step ... and trust more and more with every step we take that we en-vision is TRUE MEMORY!!!

All my LOVE, dear brother,

Sonja MYriel

Beloved Amoran of the Stars,  I have read your experience and it is of great value to each Heart that reads and partakes of the Essence of Purity with wihich you speak.  Our Sun, Sol, is soooo benevolent and to think it was born in this manner is just simply perfect.  Your relating of your experiences so touches my HeartSoul, as many of us were part of that experience and have come back to Heal this Timeline and Our own Inner Beings to reflect the Golden Rays of that which we ARE.  My Heartfelt Gratitude to you for this sharing.  In the Glorious Radiance of the ONE,  IAM, MirIAM

Beloved Star Sister Barbara,

As I read your words - all laced with such Beauty, Wisdom, and Grace - a beautiful "Shiver" runs throughout my entire BEing.

Last night, when the Trees asked me to share this, I had a "normal" human reaction, I think ... "WHAT?"

They and their Star Brothers (Moon Soul was also Present), were quick to comfort me, however, and they told me "not to be concerned." There are now others ready to receive this message - others Who will know and Understand ... other Brothers and Sisters who will also Remember - then ... and now - and our Collective Purpose, to heal this Timeline ....

How my heart sang with Joy today upon receiving your reply. You are a marker for me! :))

A Loving and Warm Embrace is extended to You, Dearest Soul Sister!

Another happy family reunion - many more to come, I am sure.

Loving Blessings to you, Always,




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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