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You Can Now Revise Your Life Along Divinely New & Higher Lines ... And ... The Acceptance Of Differences By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Melchizedek...And...No More Self Punishment By Ann Albers

You Can Now Revise Your Life Along Divinely New & Higher Lines By Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see you being brave and wanting to feel inspired as you go through your day of fulfilling various work and family duties while paying bills, and working to be healthy in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Through all that you are seeing the world in its varying forms—staying well-informed, yet not allowing any one situation to vex or dishearten you entirely.

And we are aware that amidst these new energies, you increasingly feel another form of motivation, as you realize that you can, if you wish, revise your entire life along new and higher lines.

The first question the modern person will ask is, “How?” and we would say, the How is up to you, according to the imagery and energy-shifting skills you prefer to use or to learn now.

Many are finding in moments of meditation that they are stepping into a new view of themselves they have never seen before.

Sometimes this is a memory of life in the higher realms, in which they see that they are able to move energy by imaging clouds of color or Light. 

Or they see that they are able to release interferences and density in their energies by imaging them dissolving into a cloud of Light or a brilliant flame.

You do not have to name each interference or heaviness in order to release them, you are finding.

You simply have to look at the outer situation and realize, “There is density here. I want to dissolve this at its root,” even if you don’t remember the original intention that put you in that circumstance.

Photo by Maureen Keefe

Others are discovering a new connection to Nature and a new intrinsic understanding that the same energy that flows through the trees, grass, or water runs through your individual essence as well.

And realizing that beyond that connection, there is Oneness that has not quite been realized before.

Some of you are stopping for a moment, as you find yourselves remembering something unhappy from your past—something that someone said or did that made life harder at the time—and feeling that you would rather not judge or hold anything against that person anymore.

There are not only better things to focus on, but there is an understanding that what has come before need not define the present moment, and that others also have their blind spots and pain to heal and overcome, that has nothing to do with you.

These energies are empowering much inner understanding now, that in the past would perhaps visit only a few very advanced spiritual masters.

They would speak of their discoveries, sounding quite ethereal and elevated, yet their experience was not quite real to those who had not yet stepped into the vibration these dear ones had taken on.

Nor does meditation alone bring you to it, as invaluable as it is.

Keeping an open heart, and staying present in the heart, is meditation, as you know—a powerful form of it, for you live then in your essence, in the Present, in the Flow of that which runs through all things.

And as we speak of an open heart, we mean more than a willingness to love in conscious ways that which appears to be neutral or positive to the mind.

We mean a spirit of openness, of Allowing, of Accepting that which Already Is, even when it reaches you in ways that feel less than ideal.

Video - "Elohim/Solar Angel Light Portal Transmission" By Steve Nobel


You hold the beauty of quantum potential in one hand—both your playground, and your workplace—and the loud though tired raging of an old Earth paradigm in the other.

And we would say, that while your confusion and your tiredness are understandable, they do not define you in any way.

You are still a queen or a king, still a conqueror of density and a birther of new worlds, still an alchemist intent on drawing gold from every experiment.

If you are able in the denser moments to remind yourself that there are no boundaries now such as your mind once told you, you free yourself from feeling that any one situation is stuck or immovable, or very, very slow to change.

If you can remember that the most brilliant song you ever sang while in the Joy of the higher realms does not even approach the power of the beauty of the New Earth song. So free yourself to feel empowered rather than weakened by whatever might be going on around you.

And if you can remind yourself as well, in those times when Earth’s food doesn’t seem appealing, the air doesn’t feel pure enough, the clothing you are wearing no longer suits this New Being you are becoming—

if you can remind yourself in those moments that that is a good and beautiful sign, and not an indication that you will experience uncomfortable growing pains forever—you do yourself a great favor of self-nurturing and inner Love for your journey.

We will not fill you with platitudes about how “suffering is good for the soul.”

We are aware that those of you who are healers (and that is most of you) understand that suffering is no longer a requirement for inner learning and growth, if it ever was.

Nor will we say, “This discomfort you are feeling is a good thing!” because what is called Good or Bad is likewise a part of the paradigm you are leaving behind.

We would only say, You have come here to release the old and herald the New in Joy and excitement.

And yes, some days, you will feel birth pains. Yet you are doing it nevertheless.

If you can refrain from the judgment or dwelling on thoughts like “Life is rough,” and just remain neutral on the subject of whether you even like your life at present or not, that is a great step forward.

Nothing can defeat you, dear ones, as you decide to guard your emotional energies and mental processes with the awareness of a thousand brave Angelic warriors.

They are within you, fighting for you and your right to rise above circumstance, at every moment.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Caroline Oceana Ryan -

Video - Healing Meditation With Angels" By Melanie Beckler



The Acceptance Of Differences By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Melchizedek

I, Lord Melchizedek, bring into your awareness a key stage of mastery that you will move through and embody when you are ready. Each level and stage of mastery encourages your unification with and expression of the Creator through your being whether you exist within an energetic or physical body.

Your experiences on the Earth, what you create, how you react, all allow you to move through different stages of spiritual mastery, retrieving wisdom, knowingness, trust in self and the Creator as well as feeling deepening freedom. You could liken stages of mastery as lessons that offer enlightenment.

While there are specific embodiments which take place, each person experiences their manifestation within their being and reality in different and diverse ways. Thus, mastery for each person appears unique and yet everyone is striving to reach the same goal.

When you experience unification with the Creator, you embody the entire universe of the Creator, the presence of infinity and a limitless awakening; full freedom can be the only way to describe this. Freedom for your spiritual being, soul and soul group, which will powerfully impact your existence on the Earth.

As a physical being you have a powerful role in your journey of mastery as many deep-seated shifts that require to take place are played out within your being and your physical reality. Everything you do, say and think has the potential to make a difference to your reality, ascension, mastery and the evolutionary divine plan of the Creator.

Do You Embody Acceptance?

This is a powerful question to ask yourself, answering with honesty and integrity. It is most likely that you do embody acceptance to a certain degree although not fully.

To embody acceptance is to live your life from the space of loving acceptance within you. It is to accept yourself, others, your life, experiences, and the world completely.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or believe in. It doesn’t even mean you allow, understand, or tolerate. Acceptance doesn’t invite you to resign yourself to certain outcomes of manifestations.

The acceptance, I, Lord Melchizedek, speak of is to be present without judgment, to receive and to acknowledge. When you accept a person you are present with them, letting go of any judgments that may arise within you, receiving all they are or are not sharing/ expressing, and acknowledging them which is welcoming them to be themselves in every given moment, knowing you are allowing yourself to be truthful. This is the same for any experience, part of your reality or aspect of yourself.

Video - "Archangel Sandolphon Transmission: Clearing & Revitalizing Your Etherical Body" By Steve Nobel -


Acceptance is a powerful stage of mastery because it encourages you to see, sense or acknowledge yourself and reality with greater clarity. You begin to recognise things beyond your previous perceptions, ideas, and beliefs. Embodying acceptance opens your being and world to you creating freedom, love and the truth of the Creator.

When you commit to embodying acceptance you begin to experience internal shifts, awakening enlightenment and a deepening clarity of yourself and the Creator.

You may also begin to see/ perceive things in a different way. In truth, you learn or remember how to see the world and yourself through the eyes of the Creator, a magical and empowering experience. Imagine viewing yourself and the world from unconditional love, infinity, and an eternal bond.

The Power of Differences

Each soul or spark expressed from the Creator is the same as the Creator and yet is unique. No person on the Earth is the same however many similarities may be apparent. Each person/ soul is different and yet born from the same source. Differences are a part of the Creator; they are a core function and an essence of life / ascension.

Gazing through the eyes of the Creator the differences that manifest within all aspects of the Creator are exciting, informative, expressive and create growth or a journey of self/Creator discovery. When we accept that differences are a key aspect of the Creator, we begin to recognise differences within and all around us with awe and understanding.

Do You Embody Acceptance of Difference?

With the realisations that difference of any form or kind are an expression of the Creator, so you can begin to evaluate your beliefs and the way you view yourself and the world in your current reality.

Do you perceive differences are negative, something to be feared or a source of separation? Do you judge others for their difference or judge yourself feeling separated from others?

This requires tremendous thought and contemplation. How are you perceiving yourself and the world around you? With an understanding of acceptance and a new understanding of differences what changes could be made to your thinking as you perceive the world around and within you?

Many choose to isolate themselves or others because they judge them as being different in some way or another. Disagreements, wars, misunderstandings, abuse, seclusion, suffering, loneliness, and fear are all a product or manifestation of judging differences. In truth, differences have the power to bring unity and oneness to your being and the world.

Observe the differences you recognise within your being.

Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

Observe the differences you recognise in the people around you.

Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

Observe the differences you recognise in the world.

Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

It is important to remember the acceptance of differences doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or believe in. It doesn’t even mean you allow, understand, or tolerate. Acceptance doesn’t invite you to resign yourself to certain outcomes of manifestations.

The acceptance, I, Lord Melchizedek, speak of is to be present with difference without judgment, to receive and to acknowledge them. To then speak, react or create from a space of unconditional love within you. Something new, insightful or illuminating may then appear to you as a result of your acceptance.

If acceptance is difficult then understand that healing may be required in order for acceptance to manifest. You may wish to call upon your community of guide to assist you with the necessary healing.

There is no need for you to understand what healing is required and why. Simply allow healing to take place when it is needed and bathe in the benefits.

Gradually you will change your perception of difference and thus shift your reality and ascension. There is so much to experience. It is time to embrace the unique expressions of the Creator.

A Final Note

While my communication to you describes a stage of ascension and mastery you are ready to embody, it also presents to you what is needed in your world now to create healing, peace and the manifestation of the truth of the Creator.  

Imagine if a large percentage of the world and world leaders adopted acceptance of difference, what would be created for all to experience? This is a time where powerful shifts and transformations are possible.

With love, truth, and peace,

Lord Melchizedek 

More Lord Melchizedek -

To watch the video of Natalie's message, or download a free audio of her message, click on:

Video - "The Feminine Sun Meditation - Invoking The Divine Rays" By Steve Nobel -


No More Self Punishment By Ann Albers

Hi Dear Friends!

Today the angels share a more enlightened view on learning than the old paradigm of punishment – both for self and others, and I'll share my journey out of anger (at self and others) and into love. Let us, as Gandhi said, "Be the change we wish to see in the world."

Love you all!
♥ Ann

The Angels Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

For every choice, the soul knows there is a vibrational consequence. For every action, there is a ripple of energy that travels throughout the universes. With every thought, a vibration is experienced throughout creation. There is nothing ever said, done, or thought without affecting the entire cosmos. You are that important! Your thoughts, words, and deeds are important – each and every one of them.

With every loving thought, word, or deed, you elevate the cosmos. With every self-punishing thought, word, or deed, you block the love of the Source and instead attract others who would willingly take out their pain on you as well.

Can you imagine a world in which there was no self-deprecation, no self-punishment, no self-criticism, but only self-love?

Can you imagine a world in which a mistake is not punished, by rather met with a simple explanation of the consequences and a loving guide to help you through navigate these consequences and learn from them?

Can you imagine a world in which criminals were not loathed but rather seen as needing compassion, education, and a loving system to remove them from harming others, and reform them?

Can you imagine a world in which you looked in the mirror each morning and said to yourself, "Good morning precious, beautiful, divine soul?. Whether you meet your goals today or not, you are trying. Whether you feel your best or not, you are no less Divine! I love you dear God within me! I love me, my human self. I will do my best today." Can you imagine?

Your world would return to being the school of love and diverse expression that it was originally meant to be.

We know that the world you live in is far from these realities. Nonetheless, all change begins with a soul willing to imagine first, and then do better.

What if, for example, when your children were acting out or misbehaving you were to avoid yelling, screaming, angry reactions and instead say calmly, "I love you, but we don't behave that way. If you continue I will have to take you to your room for a timeout."

What if, for example, instead of killing your war criminals, you required them to see the painful results of their actions in families, nations, and individuals so they could witness the suffering of humanity that they triggered, rather than simply returning hate for hate. Even the hardest hearts eventually melt when they witness enough suffering, and only then will the soul have incentive to emerge. If you go to any of your war memorials on this earth today, you will see visitors from "both sides" on only one side – the side of love – with tears on their eyes, realizing that humanity must not repeat the atrocities of the past.

You can kill a soul. You cannot kill the spirit within it. You cannot kill an ideology. Until the spirit learns – truly learns – that hurting another hurts one's self, there will be no true change. Enlighten your criminals dear ones. Show them that their pain has caused another's. Let the common bond of your humanity unite you rather than allowing the darkness of hatred to divide you.

So, what does this mean for you, in your every day, personal life?

Perhaps you don't have children and you aren't in the legal system? How do you promote a more loving world that teaches only choice and consequence rather than hatred and punishment?

As always you start with yourselves. You change the world vibrationally, by changing your own reactions and behaviors. You become less punishing, less critical, less hateful towards self and others. You look in the mirror and congratulate yoruself for being on earth. When you make a mistake, you give yourself a hug (quite literally!) and tell your inner self, "It's ok. Let us just do better next time. What can we learn here?"

When you see someone on the news who has committed heinous crimes against humanity, instead of saying, "How could you, you monster, you beast! You deserve to be punished! You deserve to be tortured! You deserve to die!"... instead you say, "My God I am so sorry for the horrible pain inside of you that drives you to behave in such unthinkable ways." You pray for the elevation of their soul. You surround them with light. You imagine the light rising up within them.

You can easily become part of the solution instead of vibrationally solidifying the problem. Hate cannot cure hate. Unevolved reactions cannot cure unevolved behaviors. Only love, dear ones, Divine love – the kind that can bear witness silently to the invisible kernel of light within each soul – only this can cure the world's darkness and pain.

Hateful punishments fuel the fires of darkness. Lovingly dealt consequences, coupled with education, elevate the presence of light.

As your dear Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Treat yourself with loving kindness. Stop punishing yourselves and others with hatred and anger. Instead elevate yourselves and others by bearing witness to the invisible light within, by being compassionate even when realizing the consequences of un-evolved behaviors, and by praying and sending love to all hurting hearts.

In this fashion, dear ones, you WILL change the world, starting with yourselves first.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Judy Satori - New Awakenings - Expand The Divine Love & Joy In You !


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

The angels once told me, "Ann we had a hard time helping you make the decision to come to earth. You wanted to, but you were concerned that earth was too an angry place for an enlightened soul." I knew I had come to share light many times, and many times I've been brutally killed for it. I wondered to myself, "How could I be so enlightened if I feared anger? "Exactly," they said!

I didn't realize during all those lives that I was one willing martyr, who was punishing myself for perceived imperfections and failures in lives more distant past.

So, I entered the world with a fiery personality and embraced anger firsthand – within myself! I also witnessed anger and frustration in the family. Both parents worked hard to give the family all they could, but you can imagine that back when women weren't supposed to work, it wasn't an easy thing to juggle a two career family.

When I was young I cried. As I approached the teen years, I didn't take it so well. I got pissed off. I ran up to my room after some such episodes and beat my own arm with a hairbrush just to take out the energy of anger I felt at bearing witness to such unnecessary tension. Nowadays kids cut themselves. I'm glad I didn't know that back then. There were times I was so upset at the upsets, because I was so sensitive, that I wanted to die.

Looking back, I understand the reactions of all involved. Now we have beautiful relationships with one another. We've all grown. But that childhood anger stayed within me for quite some time. I easily became angry at myself when I didn't meet my own irrational standards of "perfection" in my early adulthood.

While some would blame my upbringing, I learned later that I carried within my soul that desire to be nothing less than what I knew I really was, and an accompanying sense of frustration when I wasn't. My parents had simply triggered the sensation I carried in my spirit – one of "not being good enough" and I had signed up for them to do so, so I could see it, feel it, and heal it this lifetime, once and for all.

After my marriage and divorce, which were, thank God, both very kind, I became ax-murder mad when I found out a boyfriend was lying and cheating. The angels once again, lovingly pointed out that I was really angry at myself for ignoring my own intuition. That was a hard one to embrace... but it was true.

Slowly but surely, over the years, I saw that all anger at others was first and foremost anger at myself for not loving myself, trusting myself, and taking care of myself. All my self-punishment was based on the erroneous notion that I could fail to be anything less than the light that IAM, that we all are. It was born of the illusions of separation from Source.

I look back and cannot believe I was that person. Any anger now is short, catalytic, and guides me to change. I can't hate even those who have hated or hurt me – not even the ones who have wished me dead. As I cleared the pains of the past, and learned to love myself in the present, little by little, the anger towards self, and therefore others, simply disappeared.

I still see behaviors in this world that sadden me. I have deep compassion for the souls who are on the receiving end of the world's wounded souls. I have also compassion for those who are so wounded they feel it ok to hurt others.

I live in a different reality now – a more peaceful, accepting, and allowing one than ever before. While there may always be occasional bursts of righteous anger, it is now a teacher of self-love, rather than tool for defending my own weaknesses. Self-punishment has long since been replaced by self-love.

Here are some pointers to stop self-punishment and replace it with self-love...

1. Change self-criticism to self-love

Every time you catch yourself saying something negative about you, change it. Say at least three positive things about yourself. Train yourself to look often and acknowledge what is good, beautiful, and true within yourself, rather than habitually looking for what is wrong. At the end of the day acknowledge yourself for what you have done right and what you have learned.

2. Use anger as a teacher, not a tool

Anger, in its pure form is an energy that catalyzes us to change. It is in its essence, neither positive nor negative. It is just a force. It says, "Do something differently! Think differently! Change!"

When you are angry ask, "What do I have to change inside of myself to find peace in this situation?"

You may have to speak up with love to someone who is behaving in hurtful ways, "I love you but I next time you yell at me, I will leave the room. I love you but if you continue to criticize me, I will leave this relationship." Choice, consequence... with love – first for self and then for the other.

You may have to change an attitude. I used to get really mad at dangerous drivers in traffic. The angels pointed out that my anger was born out of a fear that they could hurt me. They reminded me kindly that there are no victims, and that if I intended to have a safe drive and believed in God's grace to help me do so I need not fear, nor be angry at bad drivers! They suggested I send them love and pray for the protection of all on the road instead. That feels much better.

You may have to get help changing your reaction patterns. Sometimes anger is triggered in irrational ways and we know it, but we can't easily shift on our own. That is why there is therapy, EFT, EMDR, hypnosis, the work of Dr. Joe DIspenza, and thousands of other techniques available for helping us change our reactionary brain patterns.

3. Pray, both for the hurting and those who hurt others

It is easy to pray for the more obviously hurting souls in this world. It is far more challenging for most to pray for those who hurt others. Nonetheless, they are the most in need. You don't have to wish them well, but you can pray:

"Let the light of love rise up within them. Elevate their spirit above this pain and darkness. Let them become conscious of their wounds so they can stop hurting others and stop hurting their own spirit too!" Imagine a tiny spark of light glowing within them until it fills them.

I have done this many times for angry, wounded souls and the transformation is remarkable. Either they step into greater light or stop bringing their darkness into your life. Years ago, for example, friends had an abusive felon move next door to their new home. You can imagine their dismay. They couldn't change this guy, even with kindness. He was drunk and came over spewing garbage with nearly every word. So, we prayed. We bound him in light, surrounded him with light and prayed for God to elevate his soul and drive out his darkness. In his case, he wanted to keep his darkness, so the light drove him out of their lives. He foreclosed on his home and moved out within four months.

Light is always the answer. Love is the answer, even when shared with firm boundaries. Learning loving consequences is a much higher alternative than hateful punishment, for both self and others.

In a world that craves its witch hunts, crucifixions, and punishments, let us be the tiny sparks of love that fan the flames of a better world, starting with a commitment to stop punishing ourselves, and to simply, lovingly, learn from our own choices.

Love you all!

Visit Ann's Message Archives -

Video - "Christine Day's Transmission For New Awakening & Enlightenment For All !"

 Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Healing, & Forgiveness that are Divinely Perfect For All of You,

Steven Hutchinson

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What an awsome compiltation, Steve! Thank you so much for sharing all this vital information here with us <3

Today's NEW MOON invites us to take exactly these steps now: Of full SELF-ACCEPTANCE and LOVE, COMPASSION and EMPOWERMENT!

With the brightest NEW MOON BLESSINGS from the White Light CREATRIX and the VIOLET LIGHT GRID,

Sonja Myriel

Another recent message which falls right into place here ... Pamela Kribbe on your life's mission and full acceptance.

Sonja Myriel

Thank you so much for sharing your Love, Wisdom, & Blessings Sonja.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love & Light that are Divinely Perfect for you,


Yes to all of this; read, received, meditated and savored on, and out into action- practice. Mahalo

Yes, what wonderful synchrony, Steve, thank you as I will pass it on to a client I just gave information on Steve Nobel's transmissions and more, and here it is! Love & Light, Laurel Ann

Thank you both so much for sharing Laurel & CreativeTea.

Lots of Love & Light Blessings for all,




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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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