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Forgiveness & Taking Beck Your Power By Ann Albers ... And ... Shedding The Fear Of The Planet By Natalie Glasson ... And ...Drinking The Sweetness Of God's Love By Shanta Gabriel

Forgiveness & Taking Back Your Power By Ann Albers &

The Angels

Hi Dear Friends!

This week the angels go deeper into the subject of forgiveness and how to take back your power so powerfully that forgiveness is not even needed. I'll share examples & practical tips.

It is time on earth to grant ourselves spiritual freedom... right in time for Independence Day here in the US!

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

This week we journey deeper into our discussion of forgiveness, so you can free yourselves from the pains of the past and reclaim your birthright of Divine Joy!

If you embrace this discussion beloved souls, then reclaiming your Divine joy will be so much simpler, for beneath every single upset, every single frustration, every feeling of anger towards an insensitive, abusive, or unconscious soul there is only one feeling, one thought, that binds you to pain.

There is only one illusion beneath all upsets that keeps you prisoner to the past, and this is the belief that someone or something else "caused you" to forget the love that you are.

You are always lovable. You always want to be loving. 
The hurtful behaviors of others expose the areas in which you don't love yourself, or you find it difficult to be loving.

You may object and say, "Angels! You don't understand! I was raped! I was beaten! I was abandoned! I was lied to, betrayed, belittled... I have a right to be upset at the other person!" We would reply, "Yes you do." There is absolutely such a thing as righteous anger. The soul knows it deserves to be treated with love.

However, with all the love in our hearts we would say that after the initial outrage passes and when the anger remains, there is a deeper upset within. You are – deep in your spirit – upset that negative and painful behaviors have triggered you to forget how loved and loving you truly are.

If you could feel the love of God for you, and the true nature of your loving soul, then in an instant the pain of your past would burn away as if a match was touched to a piece of tissue.

The light within you is that powerful. 
When you can't feel your connection to it, you hurt, you blame, and you obsess over the past. It is very human. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Hurtful actions are not and never will be "OK." However if you can embrace this concept: that your deepest desire is experience yourself as loving and lovable – eternally connected to the Source – then you can free yourself and release yourself unto the joy that is yours!

Say to yourself, "I am upset at the pain in my past, but even more so, I am upset that it triggered me to forget my connection to the Love that lives within me. I cannot change the past. I cannot change those who hurt me. I can however, choose now to focus on reconnecting to the Presence of Love within. This is what I want more than anything." It is dear ones. It is the One Love that your spirit craves beneath all desires.

The people that hurt you are your catalysts or your supporting actors in a drama where you wish to become the hero, the Christ, the light and love of your own life. You wish to remember your power, your light, your love, and your grace. The painful ones have exposed areas in which you forget.

Now that you know this you can say (in your mind) to those in your past:

"I see my light clearly now! You showed me where I felt impure, and yet now I know my innocence remains untainted! You showed me where I felt unworthy - but now I see the lie in this belief! I deserve love! You showed me where I felt unlovable, abandoned, betrayed, and yet now I know my I AM Self, (or Godself), always loves me, never abandons me, and will not betray me. I will choose to focus on the ONE love that can never leave me – the love of the Divine."

Breathe deeply, and then declare as we assist you:

"With the sheer power of my intention and will, I now command the light of the Divine to Rise Up within me and erase the illusions that I could ever be unlovable, tainted, unworthy, abandoned, imperfect, or betrayed!

I wish to feel your love for me now God! Angels, I wish to feel your love for me now! Right now - I will to feel my worthiness, my innocence, my perfect, and my light!"

Breathe and with gratitude, expect to feel this love, until you do.

When your will to feel the love within you becomes strong enough, and when you are ready to breathe and allow for this, your past will be burnt away in the light of a greater truth... You ARE loved. You ARE worthy. You ARE innocent, untainted, pure.

You cannot be betrayed by the Divine. You cannot be abandoned by the Divine any more than a wave can be abandoned by the ocean. You ARE precious, loved, assisted, guided, and now that you know your light once again protected by the very vibration of Divinity within you.

Sit with God every day, even for just a few minutes. Demand to feel the Presence within you, within your heart, and with willpower, conviction, & gratitude. Breathe and Expect and allow God's Love to arise in your awareness from your heart. Focus on any feeling of love great or small and breathe as it amplified.

Dear ones, all you truly want is to feel loved and to feel loving. When others make this difficult, return to the Source of all love. Plug yourselves back into the experience of the One who will never leave you, always loves you, and will fill you with a love that is beyond human. In that space, forgiveness is no longer even an issue. You are free.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Goddess Kuan Yin Transmission: Clearing Cruelty, Spite and Envy with Light and Compassion" By Steve Nobel -


Message From Ann Albers .....

Hi Everyone,

In my thirties I joke that I learned self love through a series of very unloving relationships. In one particularly difficult one, I dated a man who was deeply wounded from childhood. I never knew when he was going to explode, throw things, or cut me to shreds verbally. I was afraid it would escalate. When he finally left me because "I was too much work," I felt very justified in my upset and anger.

I didn't want to feel this way so I prayed, "Dear God help me forgive." "Forgive yourself Ann," the angels said. This bothered me. "Forgive myself for what? For being stupid. For dating him? For giving him money and help and assistance when all he did was slam me and steal from me? For being a pathetic little girl who always ran back to give more, hoping he'd learn to love?" I was so mad at myself, as I pondered this train of thoughts!

The ever-loving angels replied, "No, Ann. You weren't stupid. Loving is never wrong. Sharing is never wrong. You simply forgot to love yourself. You allowed his behavior to show you where you felt unloved. You allows his behavior to show you where you forgot to love yourself."

I knew they were right. I had forgotten to love myself when another didn't. I had forgotten how to be loving as I allowed my own anger to surface. 

He didn't "make me" feel unloved. He showed me where I didn't love myself. He didn't "make me angry." He showed me areas in which I didn't love myself enough to do the right thing for myself, and thus, I became angry. He showed me unhealed areas from a childhood, in which my family had quite a lot of stress that exploded in my direction. I couldn't even blame my parents for that. The illusions I carried in my soul from lifetimes caused me to incarnate into that situation. The soul is in charge, always.

He was simply showing me the unhealed and illusory areas in my own soul – the areas in which I'd harbored feelings of being unloved, unworthy, etc. As I learned to see it this way, the entire relationship started to feel like a gift, albeit one in a seriously unpleasant package.

It took time and effort to love myself more deeply. I started to be diligent about self care. I went to others who were able to nurture me – massage therapists, energy workers, and healers. I focused every day on the things I loved about myself. Finally, one day, deep in the forest on the side of a mountain, Mother Nature herself healed my heart.

I had hiked up beyond a trail on a mountain side, peppered with a forest of ancient juniper and cypress trees. Exhausted from the vigorous climb, I stopped to take a drink of water. There in front of me, the thick, gnarled branch of a grandmother juniper reached out like an arm welcoming to lay down in her kind embrace. I gingerly set my pack down and laid on the branch, balancing carefully on the cliffside. Immediately I was drawn into her loving energy. Warmth and love engulfed me. I burst into tears and cried my heart out, allowing the feelings of disappointment with my own choices melt into the forest floor.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but when I got up I felt loved. I felt loving. I knew that this other person was simply my teacher. I actually felt gratitude for the dance. I liked who I was. I saw my illusions that contributed towards our dance, and now I saw beyond them. I was loved. I was loving. Finally, I was free.

When someone else hurts you, it is the hardest thing in the world to take ownership of your own pain. Their actions aren't OK. You don't want to go back for more. You don't have to like them. But you can say to yourself, "I just forgot I was lovable. I just forgot I was loved. I just forgot I was loving. Dear God, let the light of your love rise up within me once more and remind me who I really am." As you feel that truth, the past really does slip away into one more adventure of the soul that strengthened you, and guided you more deeply into the truth of who you really are.

In the Presence of the Presence of God's love, the pain of the world is quickly burnt away.

Here are a few tips to help reclaim that loving truth that lives within you...

1. Sit with Spirit to Feel the Love Within

My favorite prayer, from my heart when I am hurting is:

Dear God, let the light of your love rise up within me once more and remind me who I really am. Help me feel your Love within me, for me, and through me."

Sit. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on your heart. Focus on any feeling of love for anything or anyone, and when you have found that, focus only on the feeling. This opens the door for Divine Love to pour in more deeply.

When you feel the slightest glimmer of love in your heart, keep breathing and amplify it with each breath. Imagine its fire is burning brighter.

2. Love yourself as you have not been loved

I call this taking an “antidote” for the poison. After reconnecting with Love within, you want to put that love in action in your life.

If someone has abused your mind or emotions with unkindness, tell yourself a hundred wonderful things. Write yourself a love letter from God or your angels, or yourself if you can. Write a list of every wonderful quality within.

If someone has left you, or betrayed you, don’t leave or abandon yourself. Use your will power to do things that make you happy, to sit with spirit, to watch inspirational videos or read books that remind you that you are perfect, precious, and pure.

If someone has abused your body, treat it with the utmost reverence and kindness. Tell it you love it, that it is pure, that you are sorry it was treated horribly. Give yourself massages with oil scented with something beautiful like rose or neroli. Treat your body like a temple to help it remember its perfection.

When you can truly give yourself the love another could not, you have reclaimed your greatest power of all – to simply be the real, loving, You! 

2. Pray for those who hurt you

Pray, "Dear God, lift these hurting and hurtful souls into the light of your love. Remind them who they really are. Help them stop hurting others as a way to diffuse the pain within themselves." Then imagine them encased in a bubble of light.

This is hard to do because we think praying for the hurtful ones is giving them a "free pass" to have it easy and to feel loved even when they've been abusive. In truth, praying like this and sending light helps to flush the darkness up and out, where they have to look at it, learn from it, and grow – if they are willing.

If they are not willing to grow, loving prayers like these can cause a vibration that reveals their darkness to others. I once prayed with friends for a very abusive neighbor of theirs. He chose not to grow. Instead the light we sent him, unbeknownst to us, catalyzed a foreclosure and he moved within months. In the meanwhile, however he ceased to harass my friends.

No matter how upset you are you’d truly rather be loving, than be unloving. Doing so will help you feel the power of the light within.

The last few newsletters have been pretty intense and deep conversations. Forgiveness of self and others isn't easy work, but the freedom and joy that result are truly worth the effort!

Love you all!

Visit Ann message archives -

Video - "Activating Your Soul Path & Purpose" By Solara Ann-Ra


Shedding The Fear Of The Planet By AA Metatron

Via Natalie Glasson

AA Metatron's Message .....

I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We, angelic beings, are the loving heart of the Creator and we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold.

We are a symbol to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold within your being, which is your essence and truth. Allow yourself to open your heart to us and the symbol of love that we exist as, know that as you do so you are awakening to the powerful love that you naturally manifest as.

The Impact of Fear

When you allow yourself to become unbalanced or out of alignment with the Creator you see that an additional energy or existence manifests, this is the energy of fear which brings forth a mind of or concentration on illusions and false impressions. It is almost as if you create a reality for yourself that is a complete illusion as it does not hold the truth of the Creator.

This reality feels so real and can mean that you question the existence and will of the Creator, because through fear you blame external sources for any pain or misfortune you experience. The false reality that humanity creates is one that offers numerous lessons and realisations of growth that lead the individual away from their false reality born from fear to the truth of their being and the Creator.

It can be a terrifying experience when you realise that the reality you experience and have created for yourself through your mind and thought processes holds so many illusions and fears. This notion can cause a period of disturbance, in this time it is essential to request the truth and purity of the Creator to flood into your being and reality bringing forth a mind of truth, balance and perfection.

When you are aligned to and embody the light and consciousness of the Creator it is as if you are viewing a crystal-clear lake; everything has a reason and a purpose in your reality and being.

After experiencing a reality and state of mind that is crowded with fear and illusions, to exist as the truth of the Creator with clear thoughts of love and clarity within your reality can be somewhat overwhelming as if you are standing naked within a reality that is bare, but once this is overcome you begin to see the immense wealth of love that is available to you and within you.

In my opinion, Archangel Metatron, this is the greatest journey of all; the shedding of fear and the reality of illusion, because it allows the truth of your being to be shown and examined, with the opportunity to gain a complete oneness with the Creator.

Through my communication today I wish to assist in the shedding of fear and illusion within your reality and from the planet Earth also. This has the possibility to create such a transformation within your being and on the Earth, allowing tremendous healing light and divine consciousness to anchor.

Please be aware that the delusions that I am speaking of within your reality are the delusional beliefs of the mind, it is these that need to be examined in order to manifest a reality that is born from the truth of the Creator.

The Process of Shedding Fear for Yourself and Humanity

I Archangel Metatron and the Angelic Kingdom stand before you as the truth and purity of the Creator, allow yourself to feel and acknowledge our presence as we blend our energies into the atmosphere around you, creating a haven that is protective, calming and healing for your entire being.

Allow yourself to affirm, ‘I am open and receptive to the truth of the Creator.’

Feel as if all your channels and senses are opening and activating allowing our sacred angelic light to pour from all directions into your being, flooding to the centre of your heart chakra and soul.

The angelic beings gather around you to share their light and loving vibration with you now. Allow yourself to trust in your ability to accept the purity of our love and support, bathe in our light completely as it encapsulates your being in a light that conceives liberation and freedom from all limitations that fear and false beliefs manifest.

We are raising your vibration, anchoring greater light into your being and lifting you from the lower vibrations and any addictive thoughts of fear. Allow yourself to be elevated through the power of the love that we share with you, feel a significant rise and shift occurring in your entire being.

We now invoke the truth of the Creator to descend from the core of the Creator into your being. Allow this pearlescent and translucent light to shine so brightly into your crown chakra at the top of your head. The light so vibrant and powerful instantly brings forth the perspective of truth and begins to dissolve fears.

Affirm, ‘With every thought that I generate I am creating my reality and embodying the truth of the Creator and my soul.’

Feel, sense or acknowledge that with our support the pearlescent and translucent light shines deeply and powerfully into your third eye chakra and bathes your mind in a light that is simultaneously powerful and soothing. Feel that fears and false beliefs are being shed or are falling away from your mind guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. The light is so powerful, you are aware of the Creator’s presence and truth alone.

Affirm, ‘With every word I speak I express the truth of the Creator and my soul.’

The pearlescent and translucent light of truth flows into your throat chakra and clears all fears and false beliefs that you have spoken in your current life time and past life times, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Feel or acknowledge your throat chakra opening up to the truth of the Creator and projecting truth into your reality.

Video - Shedding The Fear Of The Planet By AA Metatron" Via Natalie Glssson

Affirm, ‘Within my heart chakra the truth of the Creator exists, from my heart chakra the truth of the Creator flows, positively influencing my reality with a pure love.’

Let the light of the Creator to flow into your heart chakra dissolving and allowing all fears and false beliefs to be shed, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Let all attachments to fear be severed and healed with the power of the angelic kingdom’s love, let your heart chakra open with an abundance of love and purity pouring in all directions.

Affirm, ‘My solar plexus chakra and emotional body now hold the purity of the Creator’s truth, a deep cleansing has now occurred.’

The pearlescent and translucent light of truth will now flow into your solar plexus chakra just above your waist, let the light assist in the shedding of all fears and false beliefs held in this area as well as those linked to your emotional body, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. Let all emotional attachments to fear be severed and healed with the power of the angelic kingdom’s love.

 Affirm, ‘My sacral chakra is the truth of the Creator; I am the truth of the Creator.

The light of truth pours into your sacral chakra below your waist, let the peace and tranquillity of truth anchor into your sacral chakra, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul.

Affirm, ‘My root chakra holds the truth of the Creator which manifests with love into my entire reality.’

Finally, allow the Creator’s light of truth to flow into your root chakra at the base of your spine, many fears can be held in this area or anchored into your physical reality. As we allow the pearlescent and translucent light of truth to flow into your root chakra, we allow all fears and false beliefs to be shed with ease, guided by the will of the Creator and your soul. We ask that the root chakra assists in anchoring the truth of the Creator into your reality in the most appropriate way and with the most divine timing.

Affirm, ‘The Earth and its humanity now exist as a beacon of Creator truth, all fears and false beliefs have been shed guided by the will of the Creator.’

Let the light of truth flow from your root chakra down into the Earth, feel this pearlescent and translucent light of truth blend with the energies of the Earth, sinking through the layers of the Earth’s physical and spiritual of energy. The light of truth from the Creator links into the soul of Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to take a moment and visualise yourself existing as the truthful light of the Creator and then Mother Earth existing as the truthful light of the Creator, emanating and radiating pearlescent and translucent light.

Let your light and the light of Mother Earth radiate to surround the entire planet.

Acknowledge that this sacred light is dissolving fear and false beliefs held within the many energy levels of the Earth. The light is assisting humanity in reaching a state of mind and existence where they are ready to shed their fears and false beliefs guided by the will of the Creator and their souls.

You may wish to imagine or acknowledge that every soul on the Earth is existing as you are now; as a beacon of truthful light on the Earth. Due to this every person’s reality is gradually transforming from a reality of delusion to a reality of truth and oneness with the Creator.

Allow yourself to comprehend the impact that this would have on your reality and the realities of humanity. This is a practice that you can achieve as often as you wish.

When you wish to return to your existence on the Earth imagine your energy flowing in all directions from your being especially into the Earth and know that the energy of truth and love is in abundance within your reality.

This is a blissful service to all, thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron.

More Archangel Metatron -

Free audio download of Natalie's message -

Video - "Healing The Bloodline Meditation" By Steve Nobel


Drinking The Sweetness Of God's Love By Shanta Gabriel & Archangel Gabriel

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel encourages us to use our imagination to open to and receive new levels of Beauty and Love within us.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

Ask to be a receptacle for pure Light, then allow the empty chalice within you to drink in the sweetness of Divine Love.
Shanta's Message .....


This is one of my favorite Gabriel Messages. It describes the beautiful experience of receiving Divine Light and allowing the power of Divine Intelligence and Love to permeate your energy system.

When we are willing to ask for the blessing of Divine Light, our hearts can become an open vessel to receive. This willingness is a huge step in our evolution, especially when life seems so difficult to understand in these fast-changing times.

When I was in a dark time a number of years ago, one of my teachers told me that confusion was a great gift because it leads to Clarity. That was difficult to hear, but when I allowed myself to just be willing to receive, it felt like doors in my mind opened to the awareness that was lurking behind the clouds of confusion.

The next step is to give ourselves the space and time we need to allow this experience into our being. Creating a Sacred Space in our home is a brilliant activity for our spiritual practice, as it creates a container to hold all your deepest, heartfelt intentions. This space becomes a sanctuary for me when I need to remember what I truly want to experience in my life.

See this video  - on creating working altars on my Web site.

Even if we can only sit for five or ten minutes to breathe deeply and set our intentions for the day, we have the opportunity to receive Divine Light into every cell of our bodies. We are creating new crystalline structures within us when we do this practice.
We are also receiving the Divine Intelligence and Love inherent in the Light frequencies. I imagine the area around my heart and thymus to be a beautiful holy chalice that can receive all that I need for my highest good.

Many years ago my guru, who was from India, spoke of the experience of God's Love as Amrita — a sweetness at the back of the tongue during meditation. He said this is one way that we know we are receiving the high frequencies of Divine Love into our beings.
My devotional nature especially loves this practice, for when I take the time to create a space where I can receive this gift, my heart is flooded, opened and blessed with Divine Love.

I love the visual practice given by Archangel Gabriel to become an empty chalice, a holy vessel open to receive a waterfall of Golden Light from the most Divine Source. In this very receptive state, we are able to welcome the power of God's Wisdom and Love into our beings, and have a very real experience that we can remember as truth for us.

Divine Presence,

I ask to be a pure and holy vessel for your Love. May I open new channels within me to receive more Wisdom, more Strength, more Compassion and, especially, may I receive your Love to the depths of my being.

Allow me to have a visceral experience of your Presence within me and open to the sweetness of the Love that is available for me to receive with every breath I take. Help me to remember how supported I am and receive it deeply within my being.

Thank you for blessing me, inspiring me and guiding me so I may truly know that I am never alone, and that Well-Being is my only reality. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "Vlog 124 - The Activities of Light Never Become Obsolete" By Patricia Cota-Robles
Archangel Gabriel's Message .....
When you ask to be a receptacle for pure light, you are saying that you have space within you, and that you are willing to fill this space with love and all that which is God. You are saying that you want to be filled with Divine Light, and assist the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.

This is important for everyone, and it does not interfere with other work or with family life. Recognize that your purpose on this planet is to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so that all beings may live in greater Harmony, Peace and Love. This mission requires assistance from all. Each person who turns toward Divine Light assists this purpose and raises the collective consciousness of the planet. The way to bring Peace on Earth is through one person at a time. So always remember how important you are to the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

Being a receptacle for Divine Light expands your mind and creates new ways of responding to situations in your life. When you become a receptacle for Pure Light you are in prayer for yourself and others. Whenever you pray you open the door for more Light to come through you. Prayer is a great form of purification, and raises your vibrational frequency as well as others through you. The higher your vibration, the more Peace and Love you will feel.


Visualization can greatly assist the process of becoming a Holy Vessel. Give yourself time to sit quietly, away from the world. Flowers and candles can uplift the energy around you and help you feel more expansive.
Take some time to breathe balanced breaths, until you are in a calm and relaxed state. Pray to the Divine Presence that you may be a receptacle for pure light and then imagine that your body becomes a beautiful golden chalice. See it empty, or only partially filled with Divine Light.
Imagine that you are sitting under a waterfall of God’s Golden Light. This Golden Light has great power and contains both Wisdom and Love.
Imagine that you are drinking in this precious Light, and as it fills up your golden chalice, you are absorbing love and wisdom into every fiber of your being. The more full your vessel becomes, the more loving and blissful you feel. Make your chalice very large, so your entire energy field is expanded.

Take time every day to sit in Divine Light and Pure Love. Drink in this Light, then let it shine into the world, so all may know the truth of God’s presence. You will find yourself becoming more loving, expansive and clear. Decisions will be easier as you feel connected to a greater Source of Wisdom within your heart.

This simple exercise holds great power, and whenever or wherever it is done, it will allow you to be attuned to your God Source at all times. The more often you do it, the stronger you will become. The greater the level of Strength, Light and Love you are able to hold within you, the easier it will be to serve God and to assist others in their evolution.

You will be one who is a bridge between Heaven and Earth when you remember your inspiration for today:

 Ask to be a receptacle for pure Light, then allow the empty chalice
within you to drink in the sweetness of Divine Love.


Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
June 30, 2019
Video - "Lemurian-Pleiadian Transmission - Temples of Alorah" By Solara An-Ra

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You lifted my soul with this. I was in tears. And you filled me with joy. I love and appreciate you. Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing your uplifting feelings Pamela.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Happiness,




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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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