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I've been packing and moving households, as well as moving my parents (who have lived in a guest house for many years) for a couple weeks now, which is tiring. Although it was already late, it was an incredibly clear night, and I wanted to view the stars.

It truly was a glorious night, and as I settled into the hot tub to sooth my aching body, I decided I should focus some energy on Gaia. I've been working on myself and other people, and doing readings, channeling, and clearings here and there, but I haven't been doing anything just for her.

Before working with any angels or dragons, I focused on my internal light. When I got to the Diamond Light, I was burning bright and intensely illuminated. I was already deeply rooted to Gaia's core with open chakras and sitting in a pillar of light to the Galactic Central Sun.

I asked Archangel Metatron to merge with me and I felt his energy permeate into, through, and around me, and straight into, through, and around Gaia in the conduit that was already open.

As I was not overloaded, I asked all the archangels to join him(or many of them), and the energy shifted to many colors and subtle frequencies. As the energy poured into Gaia, it shot back outward from her core through her surface as she applied the energy how she chose.

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you'll know that this type of energy work would overwhelm me in the past, to the point of uncertainty about my physical well being. The energy would be so strong, flowing and pulsing through me, that it was like I was being electrocuted in a continuous stream of high-energy, and visually I'm lit up vibrantly in waves of color. Now that I've been doing this for a year or more, I'm no longer overwhelmed. It feels more like I've turned up the volume a little, but is not much more than I'm already feeling when my internal light is unrestrained.

I held this angelic energy for 10-15 minutes until it naturally balanced and subsided into greater normalcy.

I have been getting nudged in many different ways to work on Germany again. Considering I was in the groove, I decided it was a good time to do so.

I took dragon form as Obsidian and before heading to Germany, I sunk my talons into the ground here at my home and pulled any and all "less-than-desirable" energy from the area and opened my mouth to a fountain of violet flames as the energy was transmuted into loving flames.

I rallied the dragons arriving through the dragon portal, and zipped off to Germany. Several of my friends, in dragon and light warrior forms, were part of this group.

Flying above the German countryside, I landed in the geographic center of the concentration camps constructed by the Nazi's in WWII. This center point is not a concentration camp, but is the center point of the disbursement of them, which is also the center point of ley lines that run through those camps and on to centers of power for the old elite (the Vatican, London, etc). Camps were built on specific ley lines and crossing points as part of a bigger picture effort for global control. 

As I did at home, I sunk my talons into the ground and started pulling and breathing violet flames outward. I asked that all the imprints of pain and suffering be released into me and the other dragons around me doing the same thing.

As I asked for this a large hurricane of energy was forming around me to gather up whatever came out (I was in the eye of the hurricane and it was very large compared to the energetic tornadoes I normally see).

At this point I reversed the pulling and instead blew violet flames into the ground as a pillar of flames erupted from Gaia.

Above me I could see a spectral cloud looking eerily like Hitler's head forming. Kind of like the giant head/face in the dust cloud from the movie "the Mummy." There were smaller thought forms zipping around as well.


I separated from Obsidian as my Dragon Man self, "Tok," and flew to this face with my sword in hand. As I arrived, about to penetrate the edge, it dissipated.

I asked that ALL of the imprinted energy forms, or thought forms combine into one thought form, or "dark" being so we could just take care of healing in one quick dance of light and dark. This included ALL of the old energy and lingering Hitler/Nazi programming which has continued to this day.

As I asked, the many thought forms that were around started to converged together, and a portal opened on the surface of Gaia. This was all very dramatic, Hollywood style imagery, but it was like a "dark portal" or portal from some dark place, maybe a fourth dimensional hiding place or something.

The being which was forming, was gaining mass and size as thought forms poured from this portal into it. Soon "it" was towering over me, hundreds of feet tall and loosely humanoid in shape, but lacking detailed features, for it was also smoke-like or not-quite physical looking.

It, and the portal were surrounded by dragons and angels, and I had already asked our galactic brothers and sisters to attend as well, so there was quite an audience for participation and support.

In flight, I charged into this being along with other light warriors, dragons, and angels, with the intent that the iridescent flame of my sword, and the diamond light in my core would transmute this energy into loving energy.

As I penetrated the "being" I was inside of dense darkness, and it felt like "it" was trying to suffocate me, to snuff my light out like a candle flame running out of oxygen.

I just let the light burn even brighter, for no darkness, or lack of light, can put out this flame.

The flow of energy and light was just exploding out of me and a laser beam of energy was blasting from my third eye as well. I had no fear, no doubts, I just let the light do the "work" and soon this darkness started to burn away in the light of flames.

As this enormous thought form was transmuted, another being came forth from the portal, but this time it didn't appear to be a thought form as such, but more of a substantial individual being. It wasn't human, or humanoid, and it was not a happy camper. It was also surrounded by light beings and it flew upward as if to escape.

However, with our Galactic brethren at the ready, it was simply engulfed in a bubble of light, like an animal in a trap.

I flew up to this being and asked if "it" wanted to join the light, and it just snarled at me from the confines of this bubble. It was now in the hands of the Galactic councils to heal or return this being to source.

The portal on the surface was still humming, so I landed on it and plunged my sword into it's energy vortex. When I went to pull it out, it felt like it was stuck there, so I just held it gently until the light filled it and the portal closed, releasing the sword.

I stood there face to face with Obsidian and asked if there was any more deep dark stuff inside of myself to heal. As a part of me, and as an omni-present being, Obsidian would certainly know.

He gave me that knowing "look" and I took my sword and inserted the tip into my own heart. The energy flowed in, through, and around me, and I became this white-hot, shimmering iridescent light being. The flames flowed and cleansed me. I could feel all of this in my physical body in the hot tub as well.

I felt very "clean" after doing this and I pulled the sword back out. I asked Obsidian if I should do the same for his ethereal body. He nodded yes and I plunged the sword into his heart. I watched and felt the same process cleanse his bodies. I "jumped" back into him and felt the flames racing through me.

I exited back to being Tok and it was strange seeing Obsidian's massive black body illuminated in iridescent white.

We traveled back to my hot tub and I was still white hot, however Obsidian was returning to his visage of the night sky.

It was now time to work with a dear friend of mine to help with her awakening and the release of pain and darkness. In my state, I was well prepared to do this for her (the details of which don't need to be shared here). I did ask several angels to help manage the energy so I wouldn't overwhelm after doing big energy work just prior.

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Image found on discerningvibes.wordpress

After all was over, I just laid in my hot tub staring at the stars. I felt totally and completely drunk on energy, most definitely in an altered state of multidimensionality. Even just scanning the sky by moving my head or eyes, everything would blur, and it felt as if I was outside of time.

It was a good night, and other than lack of sleep, I feel good this morning.

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Thank you so much for all that you do, Paul!!!



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