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Soulmates How To Know If Two Souls Are Connected?

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by Spiritual Unite

Life is full of connections. Everybody we meet on a daily basis forms a connection with us – and us with them – even if it lasts only as long as it takes to ask the time or where the nearest train station is.

But these are generally personal connections. Intersections of two personalities influencing in small ways the path that each takes through their life.

So how about spiritual connections? Those deeper relationships made not between people on a personal level, but created and fostered by the soul in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

How can we know if two souls are connected?

Heightened Energy

The difference between a personal connection and a spiritual connection can be felt first of all through our energies.

When we meet someone with whom we have a spiritual soul connection, our energies begin to excite and expand.

This often manifests itself as a sort of buzzing, vibrating or tingling feeling and, depending on the connection, can leave us feeling excited, aroused, fearful or even nauseous.


Because the spiritual plane is most easily accessed through dreams – when the constraints of the physical body unburden the subtle body – we are often made aware of our spiritual connections through dreams.

Dreaming of someone does not necessarily mean that we have a spiritual soul connection with them. Sometimes we just dream about people.

But shared dreams are different. Shared dreams between people indicate with almost absolute certainty that there is some kind of spiritual soul connection between them.

Instant Chemistry

Another pretty good indicator of a spiritual soul connection is the presence of instant chemistry between two people.

This is not only personal chemistry that indicates compatible personalities, but also physical chemistry and emotional chemistry where your goals, needs and desires line up almost perfectly within these realms.

Feeling as if we have known someone our entire lives after actually knowing them for a matter of minutes or hours is a universal sign that there is a spiritual soul connection between them.


But if we really want to be certain if there is a spiritual soul connection between us then we should engage in meditation to find out.

One proven technique is to enter a meditative state and concentrate on the heart chakra.

Most spiritual connections extend from the heart chakra – though not all do, some extend from the third eye chakra or the crown chakra – so we should concentrate our mind on the centre of our chest and feel where the energy pulls.

Follow that energy and let it flow through the mind. Pay attention to the images, the sounds, and other sensory input that this energy imbues us with.

We are trying to get a feeling for the energy signatures of every connection we have.

And if we discover an energy signature that feels like the energy the other person gives off when we are with them, then we have just experienced the essence of our spiritual soul connection with them.
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Thank you SohiniBen,

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