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33rd Day Of Our Meditation With Ascended Master Goddess Charity....In Seven Sared Weeks....


Dear Friends,

I have taken this article from one of our Members: EL* Eleen and her site

She has worked a lot on this Archea......


33. Goddess of Charity:

With a divine quality of infinite
mercy, this great Cosmic Goddess radiates the electronic pattern and
pink rays of Divine Love, as the main cohesive action in our
transformation upon the Earth. Working alongside the qualities of Faith
and Hope, she helps to balance the 3-fold flames of the heart and bring
forth the quality of the Christ Principle within. Love is the key to our
ascension and charity is the consequence of love and the practical
application of love in our lives. Charity amplifies the feeling of
forgiveness through a state of gratitude which allows us to love
unconditionally. Love can be seen as the consequence of charity.
Call to the goddess of Charity to help you to fully receive and
to really feelthe Love of God in your being and the world.

Beloved Goddess of Charity

Beloved of Akasha and Asun's Soul Journey Dispensation, I, Charity, greet you; I greet you in the Holy Name of the Twelve Aspects of Deity, the Twelve Aspects of the Mighty 'I Am' Presence that began its journey on Earth fourteen million years ago as the Twelve Sacred Seeds of Life. God bless you, Beloved Students of the Light. I am Charity and I greet you this evening, not only in the name of Love Supreme, but I bring you greetings from my Beloved Twins, Beloved Faith and Hope. Faith, Hope and Charity… I will have faith and I will have hope and be charitable to you that you have heard of Us before tonight. What you may not have known is that in Our last embodiment on the Earth We were triplets and all three of Us gained our Ascension in the Fifth Golden Age of Life. God bless you, Beloved of the Light.
… So it is, let us understand, that today you can have so much Light, and today I wish to show you how you can have more Light and how important it is to feel that Light, so that the blending of your Higher Mental Body expressing in you and through you finally completes itself as that great Presence in you. And one day the blending is complete, and it is the only you that is experiencing life in this world.
I come to you today and I ask each of you to call to your Beloved Higher Mental Body, your Christ Self, to fill you, to bring down in through you the Light of its Love. Now, I want you to also understand that your Higher Mental Body, when you make this call, your Higher Mental Body automatically reaches up to its Presence, your 'I Am' Presence. It reaches up to the physical Sun, it reaches up to the Great Central Sun, and it reaches up to those of Us whom you include in your call.

So, my Dear Hearts, as you enter into the Command to Life, and you sit yourself in full relaxation, and you address your own God Divinity and you make the call:

"My Beloved Higher Mental Body, Christ 'I Am' of my Being, I call forth to you and to Charity, I call to the Mighty Saint Germain, I call to the Ascended Jesus Christ, to all the Ascended Masters, and I call forth the Light of your Love to come down my Lifestream, into my brain, down into my heart, into the flesh of my body, into my emotional body, and finally going out into the world through the radiation that pours out through me. This is what I call forth. I call forth the Light of Your Love pouring down through me and through my feeling side of life and out into my world through the radiation that flows out from my body.
"Secondly, I command that you assist me to feel, to have the feeling, of the Light of your Love. I command my feeling side of Life to feel the Light of that Love. Now this is something that is very important to me. I realize I Am upon the Path of Resurrection, and I realize that my Christ Self cannot just come in and occupy one hundred percent of itself in my physical body, for my physical body cannot withstand that kind of vibratory action.
"Therefore, my Beloved Higher Mental Body, Charity, Mighty Saint Germain, Beloved Jesus the
Christ, I call forth that Mighty Violet Consuming Flame in a three-fold activity -- especially in a
three-fold activity -- where the Rose Pink Flames rise up through my body along with the Violet Flame Love, and the Cosmic Blue Flame spirals around my body through the Violet Flame. So the activity of that three-fold Sacred Fire Love passing through my being, purifies, harmonizes and balances so that now my call to my Higher Mental Body and the Ascended Host for the release of that Cosmic Light of its Love can come down my Lifestream in the greatest volume of Light that my physical body, my emotional body, can withstand at this time safely. And so that the radiation that naturally pours out from me carries the Light of that Love.
"My Beloved Higher Mental Body, Charity, Mighty Saint Germain, Beloved Ascended Jesus the Christ, I call forth Your feeling of the Light of Your Love expressing through me, and I command that You help me to feel the Light of Your Love growing within me, my mind, my body, my heart, through my physical flesh body, through the emotional body, and out into the world. I realize, if I can feel this greater Light passing down through me and moving out from me, it is the feeling of this Cosmic Light that gives me the power behind every great quality -- especially the power to accomplish.
"So, my Beloved Higher Mental Body, Great Host of Light, I Am upon the Resurrection Path, and that I may carry and may go through the Resurrection, the Lifting, I realize that this whole process of Resurrection is a purifying, a raising, a lifting and a blending of Cosmic forces within my outer self.
And as those Cosmic Forces of Cosmic Light of Love, and the Sacred Fire Presence, builds and builds and builds, from the inside out, that in this process, the density that Charity spoke of is going to be lessened and lessened and lessened. And the Light of my Christ Self will express through my mind, my brain, my physical embodiment, my feeling side of the life and the radiation that pours out from me. As that Light of Love expresses in greater terms and I have the feeling of that Light, it is the feeling of that Light that gives me the power to accomplish anything, as long as it is constructive. It is also that feeling of Light that can give me the feeling of my rightful inheritance and supply and God's perfect health in my body."

…There are two things that you are being asked here tonight. To increase your relationship with your Christed Self, your Higher Mental Body, with the command that it increase -- and any of us included in your call, that we increase the Light coming down inside you, the Light of our Love. And that you command your feelings to feel that Light and command us to give you the feeling of that Light. As this Light builds up within you, as you start to feel that Light, that feeling will transform itself as inspiration -- but not inspiration without knowingness; not inspiration without illumination.
It is a terrible thing to be inspired and not to have the wisdom and the knowingness to fulfill that inspiration. And that is what the feeling of Light can do. The feeling of Light gives you the power to accomplish anything as long as it is constructive. And all you have to do, when you turn your attention to God, your Mighty 'I Am' Presence, your Christ Self, and any of the Ascended and Angelic Host, and call us to pour the Light of our Love down your Lifestream, inside you, and out into your world, and to give you the feeling of that Light, remembering that it is the feeling of that Light that gives you the power to accomplish anything, and the wisdom of how to accomplish it.
And my Dear Heart, there is nothing that will open the door to God's Supply -- you should have all the money and supply that you need in your lives, my Dear Heart! The Light does not know
limitation! The Light does not know poverty! The Light does not know lack! And when you can feel the Light within you, you have opened the door for the greatest amount of money and supply and health in the body, illumination and the manifestation of everything you could ever desire in your life. So have I not brought something magnificent to your attention? And critical is call it in, understand it is coming from the inside, pushing out. Command your feelings to feel that Light; command us to help you to feel that Light. And trust that as you do this every day, the feeling of that Light is going to show up inside you, as enthusiasm, as ideas, as wisdom -- and most important, the power to accomplish anything that you put your mind to, as long as it is constructive.
This is my gift to each of you. I hope and I have faith, along with My twins -- Faith, Hope and
Charity -- that you will call upon the three of us to overlight you and to give you every assistance that you require to be happy in this, to be fulfilled in this, and the least amount of Time and Space is necessary to feel this great Light that we ask you to call forth from your own Beloved Higher Mental Body Christ Self or any of us. But remember, our Light is the Love of Christ. So that is why we ask you to call to your own Presence for the Light of its Love to come down inside you, and push out from inside, to push out into the world.
This is my gift. God bless you. You are on the homestretch towards the Light. You are so loved and you are so much greater than anything that has been in this world for ten million years. God is the Light and the Love within you. For Myself, for My Twins, Beloved Goddess of Faith, Beloved Goddess of Hope, and I, Goddess of Charity, enfold each of you in a three-fold activity of Faith and Hope and Charity. May you open a place within your heart every day, and call upon your own God Presence and Us to come to you and to fill that place with our Cosmic Love's Faith, Hope and Charity. I Am grateful for your audience, I Am grateful for your receptivity. May the Light of God within you prevail in all your journey back to Life, back to Love, back to God.

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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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