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This channeling through Natalie Glasson is really worth printing out! Here is the link for you - please enjoy!

Throat Chakra Activation by Anthena Arcturus

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Welcome Back! I am so pleased to talk about the Scared Reiki Throat Ceremony that I use. Have you ever said something then regretted it? Caught yourself gossiping and wish you had not? Do you feel like you need to be forgiven or want to start out clean? This powerful Reiki Throat Ceremony will help you. I encourage you to try this.
Hello! This is Penny Weaver and today I want to speak about the Sacred Reiki Throat Ceremony. As we've talked before and I want to remind you, it is so important at this time to have ceremonies and rituals in our lives. We benefit from the repeat, more than once, three times, just to keep repeating! It is about making sacred habits of meditation, ceremonies, to strengthen all of our goals and our connections to the highest of all holy.
So this is a Sacred Reiki Throat Ceremony and I want to speak a little bit about the importance of the throat. Take a moment and think about it as you tune in to your throat. Your throat is a channel where everything that you eat or drink passes your throat. Everything that you say passes your throat. Everything that is said to you actually goes through your throat chakra and your throat channel. What this means is, the physical, mental, emotional, and the spiritual. Your throat chakra is an amazing component of communication. You receive your intuitive information through your throat and you send your communication out through your throat. This is true in especially what you say physically and the whole vibration of what you are saying. What you are saying then is reverberating through your physical body, and through your aura and out into our planet and out into the universe. Hence the throat is extremely significant. Not a wonder that so many people get sore throats.
Today we want to anoint and dedicate your throat to your divine path, your Soul Calling. So just for a few minutes, put your hands on your throat and send love and light to this area of you. People ask me, "How do you do that? How do you send love and light?" Well, you send it by thinking about it. Remember that energy follows thought. So you're going to think love and light to your throat and you're going to experience that energy there.
Next you will want to meditate and pray on your throat, getting information about what needs to be forgiven, how you want to dedicate your throat before your ceremony. Now comes the tools that you will gather, it's always fun to find a special goblet or cup to hold the liquid that you are going to use to anoint, strengthen and empower your throat. At this time you want to decide what liquid you want to use.
You can take a special - I would suggest you use special water and I would suggest that you put with your hands and your minds an intention on that water. Draw your Reiki symbols and hold that water goblet in your hands. It's good to put some lemon juice, just a little bit of fresh organic lemon juice to purify.
Remember; keep it simple, it's always good to have simple ceremonies and rituals. The simpler they are, the more powerful they are. So you will prepare a special goblet, glass, or cup with this water. Meditate on what it is that you want to clear. Then you will take a sip and first thing that you want to do is you drink the water, purify your throat and verbalize. Be in a place where you can speak to yourself or maybe you and some friends will do this. That will be even more powerful. You speak the truth of what it is that you are forgiving, that you are letting go. At this moment you forgive yourself, forgive others, and you let others forgive. You go through that process and release the pain. Release any suffering and the atrocities that you have done to yourself by eating, drinking or saying the wrong things and let that all are forgiven and blessed. Please drink your water to purify your channel. You drink some more water to dedicate and honor this beautiful channel of your throat to your sacred path. Do this with specific words and create a particular chant for yourself. Sometimes you can meditate and let the words come to you. The first word that comes to you can be used then chant it over and over. Doing so will open up your throat chakra.
So those are some ideas on working with your throat and using a ceremony. You’re dedicating your throat to the new energies and new life into your soul sacred life.
May all the generosity, the blessings of our planet and the universe come to you easily and effortlessly!
If you would like to share this with your friends, here is the link to do that! They will receive my messages as well.
Until we meet again, many blessings.

Penny Weaver
The Energy Advisor




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