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Throat Chakra Activation by Anthena Arcturus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 10-09-12

Beloved Earth beings, souls and aspects of the Creator, I come forward to you now holding and sharing the light and wisdom of the Acturians. From the star of Arcturus I extend my energies to your being guided by the wise Acturian Masters to support you at this sacred time in awakening your throat chakras. My energy and love are with you always and I act as a bridge connecting your energies with the bright light of Arcturus for further spiritual awakening and awareness.

I wish to make you aware that it is at this time that you can ask for your throat chakra to be activated by the Acturians overseen by myself and Archangel Michael. Your throat chakra is an important energy point of expression within your being, closely linked to your heart and soul it acts as a prominent expression of the Creator aspect held within your being. Your throat chakra vibrates naturally at the vibration of truth akin to a well of self-expression and divine sacred wisdom. We often only think of the heart chakra or soul as holding tremendous wisdom but the throat chakra is divinely connected to the source of truth that is the Creator as are all your chakras. The throat chakra has always observed your soul and heart expression as well as expressed the wisdom of the mind, there is so much wisdom held within the throat chakra which is akin to memories or energy patterns of vibrations that have passed through the throat chakra. More so the throat chakra is one of the greatest tools you hold to express the light and wisdom of the Creator at a physical level. When you move beyond the dimensions of the Earth the throat chakra plays less of a role within your reality although it continues to act as an expression of energy but also acts as an amplifier of the heart and truth that radiates from within. It is important to acknowledge the presence of your physical body as well as the presence of your chakras, for they will change as you evolve and shift through dimensions adjusting to what is needed for your further expression of yourself.

While the activation of the heart chakra is essential at this most sacred time, there is a need to focus upon the activation of the throat chakra, at a physical level the heart can only express to a certain percentage. The throat chakra is a tool for further or amplified physical expression of the love and truth of the heart. In truth the time is coming for both the heart and throat chakras to work in unison as one. Even when you do not speak or express sound there is a constant vibration like an unheard sound that radiates from your throat chakra. Depending on your focus the vibration your throat chakra creates can originate from the mind, heart chakra or even emulate the vibration of the physical body. If the heart chakra and throat chakra work in unison then the throat chakra radiates a vibration that is equal or the sameas the heart chakra, therefore expanding the space, presence and power of the heart chakra tremendously. The heart chakra becomes more expansive and is able to express love and wisdom with abundance, supported by the throat chakra which is able to express the sound or energy vibration of the heart chakra akin to a constant buzzing sound thus creating a twofold expression of the heart. The heart chakra can create physical expression of the energies it holds but the throat chakra can create an instant impact upon your physical reality and the realities of others. It holds the ability to manifest and amplify the heart chakra on a greater level.

It is a time when the love vibration of the Creator is so essential and needs to be recognised by you as a source within your being, anything that can amplify or expand the flow of your loving vibration is essential. The aim of the light beings upon the inner planes and the Creator is to create an era of love upon the Earth. In truth they are asking you to recognise the abundant love that you hold as well as realising your wonderful expression abilities.  To manifest love there is only a need to focus upon two things, to recognise that you hold an abundance of love within your being and to realise that you are akin to an expression machine, you have ample and diverse ways of expressing and experiencing the love of your heart and the Creator on the Earth. We wish for you to rejoice in this realisation because in truth it sets you free, offering you the freedom, guided by the will of the Creator to express yourself beyond boundaries and limitations, there is no greater experience or achievement.  Your throat chakra at this time holds the key to unlocking the divine expression of your heart and soul thus setting your heart and soul free to exist beyond limitations and boundaries. Your heart chakra is waiting for this freedom of expression, waiting to bring forth a wave of love that is greater than you have previously experienced.

From the Acturian point of view, when we observe your throat chakra we see it as an eye which has been turned vertical. This eye when you gaze into it takes you to the very point of your origin not as your soul but as the Creator. It is a unique link that is almost like your umbilical cord connecting you to the origins of the Creator, constantly sharing life force energy and support, retaining a connection with source. It is often that the throat chakra isn't recognised as a link to the origins of the Creator and so can become blocked or tainted by lack of connectionwith the heart chakra or the lower vibrational consciousness of the mind. By allowing the heart chakra to merge becoming one with the throat chakra, a deep cleansing of the throat chakra is experienced allowing the throat chakra to return to its natural existence of holding a divine connection with the origins of the Creator. This is one of the reasons why the throat chakra is seen as an amplifier, because of its connection to truth it magnifies any energies expressed or locates the most powerful truth to ensure its manifestation or expression.

We are encouraging you to activate your throat chakra in unison with your heart chakra so that you may stimulate the link existing within your throat chakra that connects you once more to the origins of the Creator. It is my wish to share with you a practice to further activate your throat chakra and to align your throat and heart chakras in unison.

First allow yourself to relax and release any tension held in your neck or shoulders.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to focus upon your breathing.

Think of the sound and tone, 'Om,' begin to tone Om but with your mouth closed so you are humming and can feel the vibration flowing from your throat, achieve this until you feel energy building in your throat chakra.

'Ma,' is the tone of the great feminine vibration, tone Ma with your mouth closed focusing on your heart chakra, with your hands on your heart as an awakening and activation.

Focus upon your throat chakra and imagine that you are melting into your throat chakra. You may wish to visualise the vertical eye of beautiful colours allowing yourself to melt into the colours of light.

The light becomes brighter cleansing your throat chakra, taking you into the space of the Creator's light.

Let your mind ask for your throat chakra and heart chakra to be united as one in true Creator expression, then just observe without expectation.

You may need to practice this activation in order to experience the full benefits of greater freedom of your heart vibration and expression. I am here to guide, support and assist you. If you wish me to come forward to achieve a healing upon your throat chakra before you begin the practice then simply call upon my energies and breathe my light into your throat chakra.


With divine inspirational blessings,

Anthena  Arcturus


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thank you my friend. i was just thinking about my throat it feels clogged. when i try to swallow its hard to do sometimes.

THANK YOU so much, dear angel sister!!!

Thanks a lot!



Thank you for this perfect timing activation which I feel I have held back for a long time. It is now time to open my throat chakra for the work ahead, which I have been holding back. What a great help and reminder...I accept this now. Laurel Ann

Wow! I did the activation yesterday before I went to sleep and it was really DEEP going ...! The Blue of the Throat Chakra reminded me of Blue Tara ... and of the Blue Green Ray, the ninth Ray of Joy, Harmony, Balance and Confidence ... I remembered the Servant ascpect of this Ray - and the necessary Self Mastery to BE of Service ... and I remembered the 8th Ray, the Seafoam Green Ray, which helps us cleanse all aspects of our lives which still prevent our ascension ... This Ray resides in the High Heart, the Thymus Chakra ... and it all made sense ... all the information which has recently come through - it all made sense ... and when I read about the Pineal Gland and the High Heart in Suzanne Carroll's latest message, I realized where I AM ...

THANKS again for posting this precious message, dear Angela,

Sonja Myriel

I can't wait to have alone time to do this! I read it then posted but didn't get to do it -lol!

Love and Light dear friends!


Dear Angela,

I came with the same Article to post and was searching for the link and I was already with you here....

Thanks a Lot...

This is very good Article from Natalie Glasson....


Dear Angela,

Our Throat Chakra is very essential that it should be pure and Energized....

Because the Ultimate truth is here and that will give us good expression of energy also.....


You are very correct Sohini! I need to do this due to my hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease-well-the Hashi's is's my immune system attacking the thyroid-but we will see!

Love and Light!


Comment by Arleem 3 hours agoDelete Comment

The Throat chakra is associated with thyroid gland, upper lungs and respiratory system. The throat chakra brings out your inner truth. The throat chakra allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. It is directly connected to the ability to express inner creativity. Both teaching and learning are affected by the balance of the throat chakra. Some signs that the Throat Chakra is out of balance are: Difficulty expressing oneself Poor learning ability Habitual lying Fear, doubt, uncertainty THROAT CHAKRA - Color The color associated with the throat chakra is Blue. Blue is the symbol of inspiration, devotion, infinity and religious goals. It produces calm and peace. The throat chakra is the focusing point of the spoken word, and the expression of feelings via communication. All the blue stones - sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, chrysocolla and sodalite - are used with the throat chakra. (see throat chakra gemstones) Healing and the throat chakra For healing, these stones are said to aid the treatment of any blockage or disease of the throat. It is also helpful when inflammation occurs, since blue is a cooling color. It is also said to aid with internal bleeding and nervous conditions. Deep blue indicates intense power, and light blue (or azures) symbolize high ethical inspiration.

Ok...So, I did this with kids staring at me and all-lol! I asked for help from Anthena as she stated. I still am raspy-but I feel as if I need to continue to do this exercise....a lot of blockaage from swollen thyroid. There  are days were it feels like I have a ball stuck in my throat-I know it's the Hashi's then...I'll keep trying!:)

btw-my girls thought I had lost my mind-lol!

Dear Angela,

I have also Hypothyroidism....

So My Throat chakra needs Healing and it is very good for me also to practice it....

Since 15 years my Throat is also giving me trouble...




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