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The X Grid of Light Formation with Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, Christ Maitreya and Melchizedek

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron.

Take a deep breath with me and place your focus in your Personal Heart. I will form a Grid of Light around you to bring the energies of the most important Light available to you on the planet at this present juncture in the history of Earth. Great healing and acceleration can be gained from this grid formation. The purpose of this exercise is to work with the energies of the Planetary Logos, the Galactic Logos, the World Teacher, and the Creative Force in its male aspect as Metatron.

You will be immersed in the energy of Great Beings of Light while you exercise this Grid of Light Formation. You will serve Earth and all souls as Beacons of Light accelerating yourself in embodying your Divine Mission bringing peace and harmony to the world and to your personal lives.
Anchoring the Energies of Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, Christ Maitreya and Melchizedek to Pull the Energies of the Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light to Earth


We will make a grid formation which will look like an X. Visualize yourself in the center at the crossing point of the X. Metatron is standing in the direction of northwest, to your left, beaming Purple-Magenta colored Light to your heart. Breathe and bathe in this Light for a moment.

Visualize yourself turning to face Metatron. A Purple-Magenta colored Light is emanating from Metatron's body to you. Metatron places his left hand on your Personal Heart. Breathe this Purple-Magenta Light into your heart. Pause and feel your entire body begin to emanate this Light. Pause and take a deep breath.
You will turn right to face Sanat Kumara next. Sanat Kumara is standing at the Northeast point of the X formation. He will begin beaming Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light from his Personal Heart Chakra to you.

Visualize that Sanat Kumara places his left hand on your heart. He sends beams of Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light to your heart. Bathe in this Light and feel his love as you fully absorb the Fuchsia-Pink-Magenta Light which pours out of his left hand placed over your heart. His love fills your heart and emanates throughout your body. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment.

Sanat Kumara removes his hand and stands to your Northeast. Now turn around clockwise to face the opposite direction. You will stand facing Ancient of Days. He is beaming Purple-Cobalt-Blue Light to you. Imagine making a connection from your heart to the heart of the Ancient of Days. He places his left hand over your heart. Love begins to pour from the heart of Ancient of Days through his hand to you. Much gratitude and joy fills your heart. Pause and bathe in his loving energy.

The Ancient of Days moves his hand and takes his position in the direction of Southeast as you face south. This is the line of X that starts with Metatron at one end, you in the middle and Ancient of Days at the other end.

Now turn around to face Christ Maitreya whose energy is emanating the range of colored lights from the Cobalt-Blue of Ancient of Days to the Teal-Green of Christ Maitreya.

Visualize that Christ Maitreya places the palm of his left hand on your heart chakra, beaming his signature color of Teal-Green mixed with the Cobalt-Blue of the Ancient of Days. Bathe in this Light. The energy essence of Teal-Green of Christ Maitreya falls on one point of the line of the cross, with Sanat Kumara at the opposite end and you in the middle. Breathe and bathe in the Light. Pause for a moment.

As you stand in the center of this X formation begin to turn clockwise to face Metatron once again. Then take another half step to face due north.

Imagine that the energies of Sanat Kumara and Christ Maitreya at each end begin to merge into you at the center. Then imagine that the energies of Ancient of Days and Metatron begin to merge at the center into you.

The Fuchsia-Pink and Magenta move to the center from one end and the Teal-Green and Cobalt-Blue merge from the other end to the center; Purple-Blue of Ancient of Days and Magenta-Purple of Metatron merge at the center into you.

Visualize a pillar of light forming around you. I call upon the energies of Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos, to descend upon you inside the Pillar of Light. Feel yourself merge into the energies of Melchizedek. His Light begins to emanate through you pulling the energies of Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days and Christ Maitreya inside the Pillar of White Light. The Purple-Magenta of Metatron, the Magenta-Fuchsia of Sanat Kumara, the Purple-Blue of Ancient of Days, and the Blue-Green of Christ Maitreya begin to merge and mix together inside the pillar with you and Lord Melchizedek. Pause and bathe in the combined energies of all five Great Beings while standing inside the Pillar of White Light.

Imagine that the energies of Lord Melchizedek are fully lowered inside the Pillar of Light and carry the color range of bright Cobalt-Blue mixed with Turquoise. The Pillar of Light extends from you all the way through all the Thrones of God. The Cobalt-Blue-Turquoise is permeating everywhere inside the Pillar of Light which extends all the way to the Thrones of the Divine Mother. Melchizedek Energies fill the entire Pillar. Visualize yourself merging into the energies of Melchizedek. Pause and bathe in the energies.

This exercise will facilitate the anchoring of the energies of Melchizedek on Earth. The Planetary Logos, the Galactic Logos, the World Teacher, and the Masculine Principle for Existence in the form of Metatron are present. Once you are fully immersed in the energies of Melchizedek, you will begin to spiral upward.

We move through the energies of Soul, Oversoul, Monad and Council of Twelve, to reach the Throne of the I Am That I Am and the presence of the I Am. Bathing in the presence of the I Am That I Am and Sanat Kumara, we then move to the energies of YHWH at the Golden Throne of YHWH and the presence of Yahoweh-El. The energies of YHWH are opening up to Earth with much greater intensity. The essence of YHWH is moving to lower its vibration to reach to the collective consciousness of humankind. Yahweh is now being as accessible as the Throne of the I Am That I Am has been in the past. The Throne of the I Am That I Am is now fully immersed into the energies of the Crown Chakra and seated right inside of the lotus of the Crown. This means that the Pillar of Light which brings Light from the twelfth and thirteenth dimension to this third dimensional reality is fully established. It also means that the Soul sitting on the Eighth Chakra is fully lodged into the Seat of the Soul between the two chakras of Solar Plexus and Personal Heart. We merge into the Golden Throne of YHWH.

We spiral and spin upward to the Throne of God-Source. We merge into the Cobalt-Blue Light of God-Source and the presence of Ancient of Days. We spiral upward to reach to the Throne of Ellah, the White Light of Ellah is permeating everywhere and the presence of Lord Melchizedek is fully permeating here. Spinning and spiraling, we merge into the Throne of Ellah.

We spiral upward into the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source and the presence of the Seven Lords of Light. Blessing the Throne and being blessed by it, Pure White Light begins to pour down upon us.

Another important planetary event at his juncture of Earth's evolution is that the energies of Undifferentiated Source are pouring down to the Throne of Ellah are. A bridge of Light is being established to reinforce the connection between the Thrones of Ellah and Undifferentiated Source. Undifferentiated Source is immersing itself into the energies of Ellah to raise the vibration of this throne and all the lower ones to a higher point. All this has been made possible as a result of the collaborative work of those of you in the service of Light with the Masters of Light. The Throne of Undifferentiated Source which had always remained as Pure White Light is now over lighting the Throne of Ellah. That is an important outcome. Bathe and breathe the Light at the throne of Undifferentiated Source.

Spiraling upward to the Throne of the Paramatman, immerse yourself into the Light and the presence of Maha Lord of Light. The Throne of Paramatman is extending and widening its sphere of influence to create a bridge from the Paramatman to the Undifferentiated Source. In this way the energies of Paramatman are pouring down into the presence of the Undifferentiated Source. As a result your consciousness can withhold the vibration for the Thrones of the Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to be established directly above that of the Paramatman. Every exercise which you participate has enormous potential to change the world by spreading the Light further from the microcosm that you are to the Macrocosm and vice versa.

We pull the energies of the Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light into the Pillar of Light and move their energies all the way down into your conscious body at the center of the X Grid Formation. We are pulling the energies of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to fully merge into you and through you to the physical Earth plane.

From a planetary point of view this Grid of Light holds great importance as it facilitates the establishment of a throne for the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light in realms of reality between the Throne of Paramatman and the Throne of Absolute. Also the formation of this Grid of Light, with you as the anchor for all five Great Beings, means that the energies of the Planetary Logos, the Galactic Logos, the Universal Logos and the Creative Force of the Masculine as well as the World Teacher are embodied in your physical body and anchored on Earth. These are all the impact of this grid from a planetary point of view.

When you receive the energies of Melchizedek into your body and immerse yourself in the vibration, you become the vehicle for the anchoring of the energies of the Universal Logos on Earth. Light in its purest and brightest can then pour upon Earth through you. This helps the planet and its acceleration to greater Light. At the same time it raises your personal Quotient of Light.

You become the conduit for bridging the Light of the Planetary Logos, the Galactic Logos, the Universal Logos, the Masculine Principle and the World Teacher and building a Pillar of Light to receive the Light of all the Thrones on Earth. This becomes a potent alchemy for turning base metal into gold. Why would this be considered alchemy? Because it raises your Quotient of Light exponentially and that is the epitome of turning base metal into gold.

The next alchemical step is to consider each Great Beings to represent one of the five elements; Sanat Kumara as the Earth Element, Ancient of Days, the Water Element, Christ Maitreya, the Fire Element, Melchizedek, the Air Element, and Metatron, the Ether Element. When you embody each element and are over-lighted by each Being, you would become the vehicle to bring the Five Elements into balance and harmony. When you can be the balancing mold for the Five Elements through the five Great Beings from planetary to cosmic, then the scope of your power increases exponentially.

True alchemy is the ability to exert one's power over the Five Elements and the ability to influence the elements to work on your behalf. Through the Five Elements, this world was created. By influencing the Five Elements you can change the nature of your reality and superimpose your desired outcome upon it.

Bring your attention back to visualize yourself moving through the energies of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to reach the Throne of Absolute. You are now standing before the presence of our beloved Divine Mother. I ask the divine Mother for her intercession on your behalf, for the manifestation of all intentions, events and circumstances, plans and programs which are of utmost benefit to you personally and to your Divine Mission. I ask for all events and circumstances which transpire in your life at both the mundane and sublime levels, to be fully harmonized and energized to merge and unite in Oneness.

I ask for this gift at the Throne of Divine Mother on your behalf, on my own behalf and on behalf of every being who has worked with you, every being whose Light has been embodied and anchored by you, every being whose mission and purpose in spreading the Light has been made possible because of you. I call every such being to come and assemble to ask and intercede on your behalf before the Throne of Divine Mother. Every Master, Ascended Master, living Master, Avatar, every human being whose Light and Quotient of Light has been increased; every human being who has been healed and touched by your Light; every being incarnate and disincarnate and all aspects of Light that have been affected and assisted by you and through your service is now invited to stand in this circle, around the Throne of Absolute before the presence of the Divine Mother. Look around you and see that multitudes have come. Realize that this is what you have done.

You may be wondering what level of initiation you are able to hold and what Quotient of Light you are vibrating at. Suffice it to say that you are at a point of holding and anchoring the energies of the Seven Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light, and most importantly, at the point of holding and embodying Pure and Innocent Feminine Child Aspect. I ask every one of the Great Beings involved in this Grand Plan to gather together with one voice, one heart, one mind, to seek the most beneficial Divine Reality to become your Ultimate Reality from this moment on.

With one voice, one thought, one mind we call forth the Template and the Blueprint for that utmost beneficial reality which serves your greatest Divine Plan, your personal life, the Earth and all humankind. We call the plan with the utmost potential for Pure White Light, for Infinite Light, for the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child, for the Feminine Principle and the Creative Force. We call upon the Blueprint and the Template which will be most beneficial for you and your personality aspects in your mundane level of existence and in your personal and public life together with the Divine Template and Blueprint that most beneficially serves the Light and your Divine Mission. This is interceded upon by the presence, the minds, the voices, the thoughts and the intentions of everyone who has gathered in your name, everyone who has been affected in one way or another by the Light that you shine upon this entire Universe.

I ask every one of us to pray on your behalf and intercede on your behalf. I ask everyone to kneel down before the Divine Mother. We call from the Pool of Creation, through her intercession, the Seed of the thought forms, ideas, designs, concepts and realities which will most beneficially serve you to unfold immediately as of this now moment.

I ask all the beings who have assembled to say prayers for you and intercede on your behalf for your physical health and for great financial abundance. I ask each individual being who has assembled to pray for the utmost beneficial template to bring physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soulful and energetic health and wholeness, abundance and prosperity for you. I ask each of these individuals to intercede and pray on your behalf that your life be made easy; that simple ways and shortcuts be found with every situation. I ask them to pray for the removal of hardship and to complete and conclude the expression and experience of dross.

I ask these Beings to intercede in all ways to open doors for you, to help you find shortcuts, to bring abundance, prosperity, resources and materials, as and when you need them, with great peace, harmony and gentleness. I especially ask for the strengthening of your nervous system, your emotional body, your mental body and your physical body. I ask them to pray for complete health, wholeness, and perfection on your behalf.

When your body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit are whole and perfect, abundance follows. Money, resources, people, places and things come to your aid and your service. Where there is Light there is no darkness. As you raise your own Light you become powerful. As you become powerful you master the Five Elements. When you completely master the Five Elements, manifestation of thoughts, designs, ideas, and concepts become instantaneous. What takes a lifetime to accomplish can be accomplished in a year, a month, a week, a day or a moment. Your thoughts become focused and your mind becomes receptive to greater possibilities. You will find shortcuts and ways to simplify your life. You will see where you are lacking, where you are in hindrance and remedy it the moment that you see the need. Your mind becomes sharp and your wisdom becomes great.

May you receive a thousand fold what you give. May you receive a thousand fold in joy. May you enjoy this life from moment to moment. The greatest fortune of all is to be in physical embodiment and enjoy it. There are people who enjoy this life as an act of self-service. Such people are engaged in serving the needs and desires of their body with no regard for others. While enjoying life at all stages and in all ways is commendable, the highest act is to enjoy while in service of others. When life is lived in the total joy of living to serve, then life is lived to the fullest; the full enjoyment of a life dedicated and devoted to one's Divine Mission.

Time and space are one continuum. This continuum splits into two when it reaches down to the solidity of this world of matter. We ask that you continue to experience life in harmony. We ask that your life, your powers, your energy and your force field be moved to supersede the limitation of time and space.

In the company of the Divine Mother, we go to the Pool of Creation. As you bathe in the Ocean of Creation, she will call forth the Template and the Blueprint which has been energized and magnified for you. Feel the energy as she calls the ionic charge of the new Blueprint to be immersed into the Pool of Creation to reach you. Bathe in that and pause for a moment.

We have shifted the time-space continuum and sown the parameters of a new alternate reality to begin to unfold over, above and beyond all plans. Be patient and sit in loving surrender watching what will unfold, before you from this day onward. What has been intended for you affects this Earth, the Five Elements, and the time-space continuum.

You are at the point where the utmost Light is unfolding before you. Utmost Light is running through your body encapsulated into physical form. Imagine that to be a joyful event. An event which helps you say, "I love what I do, I live in gratitude." Yet it is understandable that when you spend a day anchoring energies, your head begins pounding, your stomach nauseous, your back hurting and your muscles aching. Under duress you experience depths of negative emotions because the pain in your body is bringing these negativities out to the surface.

You may live that day in gratitude from an overall point of view knowing that you have been serving the Light; knowing that the pain, the agony, the trouble and the trauma is all endured for a good purpose. You may live in gratitude for the service that you render yet that is not a day which you enjoy. The greatest grace is to be in physical embodiment and enjoy life. By this I mean having a Five Body System that can handle the physical challenges, a mind that can handle the mental processes, an emotional body that can harness the emotions and a physical body that can move that great a current of energy and Light without being detrimentally impacted. Then from moment to moment you may be able to enjoy every iota of what you do. Then you can be present witnessing what goes on within you, what goes on around you, how you receive and anchor the Light, what you do to impact the Light. That is the ultimate joy and the most important attainment of all times.

That provides ultimate joy; that is ecstasy without agony. Many of you have experienced great agony while growing spiritually. You have learned gratitude even while experiencing such moments of agony.

You live in gratitude in between moments of pain and agony. I want to see that you can live in ecstasy even while you are in pain, the pain of growing stronger. I want you to live in ecstasy while the intensity of Light is pouring upon you, searing your Crown Chakra and your energy centers. I want you, at every moment to remain aware of the Love that is in the air, the Light that is shining upon you, the beauty that abounds around you, be it the ocean that stretches in front of you or the mountains that rise up to the sky.

I want you to make time to take a glance at the beauty that surrounds you. This Earth is a beautiful planet. There is joy to be experienced everywhere; that kind of joy and gratitude which you can experience on good days when you take time and allow yourself to be. I want that kind of joy and gratitude for you every day. Most especially the days when you are busy working in the mundane world and anchoring energies in the sublime. I want you to experience joy and gratitude while you are Materializing Spirit and Spiritizing Matter.

I call you to rise from the Pool of Creation to stand before the Divine Mother and to begin our journey of descent. Blessing every being that has assembled in your honor and your service we ask them to continue their support showering their Light upon you. We ask them to continue their prayers and invocations from this moment on into eternity.

We come down through the Throne of Creation to the Throne of Absolute bidding farewell to the Divine Mother. With gratitude we come to the Throne of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light. Pause here and stand before the Throne of the Maha Lord of Light. Set out your personal intentions here with the Maha Lord of Light. Stand before his Throne and ask for what you want in the name of all that which has already changed, in the name of all that which has already been anchored.

We move on with great gratitude. We ask the Seven Lords of Light to support our intentions and to allow us to be the element for their own intentions on behalf of Earth and all souls. Allowing us to be the anchor for their energies and intentions we become the Beacons of their Light here on Earth. Pause for a moment and allow the shower of Light and energy from the Lords of Light to you. Visualize yourself spiraling down to the Throne of Paramatman, Undifferentiated Source, Ellah, God-Source, Yahweh, I Am That I Am, down the higher chakras of your body, back into the consciousness of the body. Continue visualizing the formation of the X and see the Pillar of Light fully formed around you. Place yourself in this grid when you start the day and when you end your day.


* Call the Pillar of Light and the Four Beings; Sanat Kumara, Metatron, Ancient of Days and Christ Maitreya. Call the energies of Melchizedek to lower itself inside the Pillar of Light and merge into you.
* Call all the Thrones, I Am, YHWH, God-Source, Ellah, Undifferentiated Source, Paramatman, the Lords of Light, the Maha Lord of Light and the Divine Mother, to embrace and embody you.
* Remember to call this Grid of Light to yourself every morning as you stand to set out your Grid of Protection. Set out this grid formation around you first. Then call the following protection grid.
* Call the Angelic Forces of Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel to stand around you in the direction of North, East, South and West.
* Call upon the Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-El to stand around protecting you throughout the day and night showering Platinum Light upon you.
* Call upon three thousand members of the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light to stand in a circle around the circle of Yahoweh-El. Visualize them with their Scepters of Power held above their heads, showering Pure White Light upon you, bringing Pure and Innocent Vibrations of White Light to you and through you to Earth.
* Call upon the Celestial Guardians of the Seed of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child to form a circle around the Angels of Pure White Light. These are highly evolved Beings of Light who are called to guard and protect the seed thought-form of the Pure and Innocent Feminine Child. By calling upon them to stand in your grid formation, you allow yourself to be the Beacon of Light for the anchoring of that seed and the emissary of the Light of the Divine Mother on Earth. Your Divine Mission is enhanced when you allow yourself to be the emissary of Divine Mother's Light. Your mundane life is enhanced and becomes enjoyable when Divine Mother's Light is showered upon you day and night through the formation of this grid.
* Call upon the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Violet Flame to form the final layer of protection around you and the Beings in the grid. Call to Quan Yin and St. Germain as the Guardians of the Violet Ray and Flame to stand in the grid and supervise the shower of Violet Light to you and through you to Earth and all souls.
* Finally, call upon the Great Silent Watcher to form a bubble of Turquoise-Blue Light around the entire grid formation. The Great Silent Watcher is a mighty and powerful cosmic Being who held the seed thought for this Earth in her heart until it became manifest as Earth. Ask her to hold the seed thoughts of your personal intentions and bring it to manifest form. Ask Divine Mother to supervise your intentions and give you her blessing for their manifestation or for the manifestation of something even better.

Make a point to remember to call the X Grid Formation and the protection grid around you every day. Adopt the discipline of calling both grid formations to form around you daily. Ask Metatron to remind you and give you strength and resolve to do this. You will be serving the world and your own Divine Mission by this practice. Your spiritual growth will be accelerated. Your mundane life will become more comfortable and obstacles will be removed from your path. Imagine the strength, might and power of this many Great Beings acting on your behalf daily. Use their power and might in your favor. Use your power and might in their favor. Together we will change this world to experience our Heaven on Earth.

I stand with great joy and gratitude for all that we have achieved together and all that we may yet achieve in time.

I am your very own Metatron. So it is done. Amen

Nasrin's Waves of Bliss

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SOnja... Thank you seems small for my expression, right now. Know sister that I am filled with a gratitude to you and all present here for this life enriching, alchemy, experience.

I am calling Metatron for remembrance and resolve to do this, daily. It is Living the Light Grid.

Namaste Sonja, dear heart


Namaste, dear SiStar :-)


Your feelings have been transmitted :-) Love you :-)



Sonja Myriel

I'm just about to invoke the Ascended Masters with the X Grid work when i saw your reply :-)).

I am in tears of gratitude to be, again, reminded of our (and all of our) Divine connections. Thank you again...that we are is so beautifully spectacular :-)))

I love you and the all that is us

Namaste Heart of beauty


Most beautiful Sonja, and so perfectly timed to repost now during this grand elevation on earth for humanity's conscious heart to awaken to the glory of life in this body now universal to all on this timeline for healing Mother Gia as well as the self.

A wonder you are dear Sonja to a tired spirit!

~ Biggest Hug ever





Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!

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