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The Doorway To Your Soul By Shelly Dressel & The

Goddess of Light

Shelly's Intro .....

Your soul is you through all your incarnations both on the earth and throughout the universe and omniverse. Therefore, it is massive!  You have the ability to create amazing change in your life by working with the consciousness of your soul.   

In all of these teleconferences, we move to the All That Is through your soul so that you constantly open the pathway from you to soul.  In this channel, we take it even deeper.

When you are in the All That Is, the Goddess creates a space where you deeply aligned within yourself in this lifetime.  From there it is as if you open a door to look at your soul consciousness. 

She asks you to consider a pattern or a problem that comes for you again and again.  Once you have that vibration, you can look at your soul and see if there is an alignment with other existence.  In other words, are problems that you  now have anchored in a past life?  We looked at several different experiences including people, the information you are seeking and potentials.

This channel is a way to clear the past, clear this life and open to new potentials.  Through it all, you are strengthening your alignment with your soul which creates greater balance and greater love.

Goddess Of Light Transmission .....

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As my energies flow within this group and into each one of you I can feel how we gather together as a group.

Nama sika, I am the one; Venia benya, I am the whole.

These words mean a great deal to each one of you. The more that you grow within yourself allowing your consciousness to expand, learning how to clear out what no longer serves you. Every time that you are able to really become conscious of who you are and what your life is in this now moment, you are affirming Nama sika, I am the one that is this person, I am the one that is this soul incarnated upon the earth. Venia benya, I am also a part of everyone else who comes together as this group. It is important that each one of you remembers you are not alone.

Take a deep breath in so that you may breathe down within you, letting that breath of energy and light move through you so that you may anchor once more within the earth.

As your energy connects with the earth it’s as if it spreads out in different directions.

Allow that energy of Gaia to flow back up within you. It moves through the energy bodies within your body and then send it out through the top of your head allowing it to flow upwards until you link with your higher self.  Here within this space take a moment to look around. Take a moment to experience your everyday activities as they are from this higher perspective.

Your higher self is that place where you can create what is taking place in your everyday life, where you can gather that new perspective as that is needed for your life. You then allow your consciousness to continue to stream upward, it continues to move until that thread of energy and light goes back into soul or back into source for who you are.

Feel as if you are merging with your divinity. For some it may be as if you can see your soul, for others, it’s just an energy that you feel. No matter how you open to this perception understand that, as your divinity you are immense. You are the unconditional love that is your soul that is you in this lifetime and in every other lifetime supporting you right now and always.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge there is that movement or that shift that takes everyone into the All That Is.

As you move into the All That Is you will feel your energies expanding even further. I invite you to look around at this space.

Every time that we gather together it is a time of transformation. Sometimes they are very, very, very subtle transformations taking place and sometimes they are huge.

As you take in this space in front of you, I invite you to ask to know your soul essence as if you see your soul expanding in front of you with the intention that it might come to your awareness some of the other lifetimes that you have experienced. For most of you they are so many and they may be a blur, therefore ask to know if there is a lifetime that can be shown to you that is of benefit to you in this now moment.

For this this evening I ask that you feel as if you are opening up a doorway and through that doorway you’re able to look and see different experiences. Is there anything that has been going on within your life that seems to be a repeated pattern that comes up again and again?

As you think about this take a moment to consider, it happened and how did it look the first time in your life and then you shifted that situation, perhaps did some healing work and then you found yourself again and said, “Hmm, this either look exactly the same or the characters might be different but the energy is the same”.

Perhaps these two experiences are enough and perhaps some people have even more times than the trice that’s happened in their life, so I invite you to just connect with the energy of what that may be and how it looks in this life and now look through that door and ask to know, “where did this all begin or what is the foundation that is occurring in this lifetime, what do I need to know?”  

And as you ask that question and you are looking through this door at the potentials some of you see immediately where something comes up and you can as if you are watching it on a television you can see a lifetime playing out, others of you simply have a sense it was sometime in the past, it was sometime in the future. It was actually this life.

In this now moment as all of this is going through your consciousness, I ask you to let your energy flow through that doorway into the space of your soul and go back to when it all began.

As I say this some of you may have images, some of you may just get a feeling.

As you tap into the beginning whatsoever that may be, I invite you to then have a sense of connecting with that situation and if there are roots that were planted in other lifetime do as if you gather that energy and you’re bringing up those roots pulling it up by the roots ~whew~ and let that go.

In this lifetime you are clearing out, many, many, many past lifetimes. As you clear out the past then feel as your vibration, as your soul goes in that space with unconditional love and then moves through rolling through the rest of your divinity and coming up through you in this lifetime.

Take a deep breath in, feel unconditional love allowing it to move through you howsoever it may.

For some of you it feels as if that one time was complete, but for many others there is something still hooked in. So therefore take a look back through that doorway and as you consider relationships in this lifetime ask to know, are there relationships with either one or more individuals in your current life that is causing you frustration and as you look through that doorway at the expense of your soul, did it begin at another time? Are the roots in another lifetime?

Be it conscious or unconscious reach out to wherever those roots may be and as if you are pulling up those energy, pulling up the roots and everything just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, clear it out.

And as you clear out the energy between you and that individual, you feel the love wash through you from your divinity, it clears out those past lifetimes and it comes up into you in this now lifetime. Feel how love washes over you and if there is that sense that there are still cords within you have a sense of cutting those cords or pulling those cords from you ~whew~ let them go. As you do so even more of the love flows within you.

Is there a particular, I’m trying to think of the word, is there a particular trade or knowledge that has been an ideal for you in this lifetime, that you either been studying for, working towards but yet it seems as if there something missing. Look through that doorway and look at your divinity, ask to know, “have you looked at this before? Have you worked with this energy before? Do you have the answers already?” and as you do so, I’m seeing from many of you this like light that is illuminated within your divinity as if a part of you is standing up and saying “here I am, here is the knowledge that you seek” and then you reach out connecting with that vibration and it begins to flow into you. It flows within your heart center and it moves up and down through your body, in particular though if you are learning or seeking information, we invite it to move through your mental body so that this knowledge and this information will be readily available to you as you look for it in this life.

Take a deep breath in.

Feel the presence that is you.  For so long people have looked to God or other leaders as being huge and expansive as they are, however, you are too. You are just as huge as the Angels. You are just as huge as God and Goddess. We are here in support of you to help you understand who you are, to see what this experience is for you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you open to this understanding of yourself as soul, then open to understand yourself in your everyday life. Ask yourself the question, why do I do and you can fill in the answer and in this space you may immediately get a response or you may see, sense or feel like this vibrational pattern that emerges around you. As you look at your life and you think, “Why am I so stuck? Why am I doing this again and again? So first of all, we just cleared a lot of that, however if that pattern is still within and around you then you may see it as this pattern, ~whew~ clear it out.

It’s a good idea to clean house from time to time. As you allow your focus to once more come back within you then again feel that flow of the energy and the light as it is moving through you.

Feel your expansion, feel your balance, understand that you are this person living this life with all your experiences, understand that you are also this massive soul energy that is here present for you, filling you with unconditional love and giving you a place where you can clear out or enhance as it supports you.

To read the full transcript or watch the video of Shelly's transmission - click on:

Video - "Judy Satori's Past Life Meditation" -


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